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Bulletin 48 25


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Bulletin 48 25

  1. 1. 9th Jan. 2012CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 25 “Boys’ Town and its Services” SPEAKER: : Dr. Roland Yeow, Boys’ Town Lunch meeting of the 4th January 2012 Find your bulletin on the facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week “Golfer : do you think it is a sin to play on Sunday ? Caddy : The way you play, sir, it is a sin on any day” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks Banner Exchange PP Bezan did not have her club’s banner,President Tapan Rao extended best wishes for a nevertheless, President Tapan presented her withHappy New Year, and welcomed members to the our Club banner.first meeting of 2012 and of “Rotary Awareness Our member, Rtn. Roland Jossi was pleased toMonth” celebrated by Rotary in January. He present to President Tapan with a banner from thequoted Rotary International President Kalyan Rotary Club of Shanghai, after his recent visit toBanerjee, who stated in his message for the China. We celebrated Roland’s birthday at the time.month of January - “Now is the time to focus ourenergies on our clubs, and on the way people seethem. It is time to show our communities that theRotary of today is not the Rotary of theirpreconceptions. Rotary is a way to connect, to domore, to be more – it is a way to take our idealismand our vision, and turn them into reality.“President Tapan thanked Vice President AshiSarwal for chairing the last weekly meeting of 21st 2December 2011.
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week and provided some statistics on the family backgrounds, admissionRotarians and guests reasons and other profiles. Dr. Yeow also spoke on the challengesDirector Koh Juay Meng Rtn. Irina Francken introduced faced by Boys’ Town, particularlywelcomed our guests and visiting the Guest Speaker, Dr. Roland for its new building fund and therotarians Yeow who is the Deputy steps being taken to meet these Director in charge of the challenges.- Guests : Programme Development of President Tapan called upon PPMs. Sally Low Boys’ Town. She advised that in Raymon Huang to extend theMr. Matei Iurascu 1992/93, Dr. Yeow stayed in Club’s vote of thanks to Dr. Yeow.Mr. Antero Makinen Boys’ Town as his parents were PP Raymon noted that Boys’ Town unable to control him. However, had big plans for the expansion ofVisiting Rotarians : with the advice and support its facilities as well as its variousAG Erich Schneider – from Boys’ Town, Dr. Yeow outreach programmes for the boysQueenstown became a doctor of technical and their families. He added thatPP Bezan & Laurence Brandicourt sciences. Rtn. Irina added that the Club had been helping Boys’– Paris-Avenir, France Dr. Yeow respected what Boys’ Town for a long time, and to this Town had done for him, and end, he had proposed to President returned to Boys’ Town as an Tapan to adopt Boys’ Town as theToast example of what was possible to Club’s Major Project for this Rotary achieve with youths. Year. PP Raymon hoped that theRtn. Willi invited PP Bezan Dr. Yeow gave a brief Board and the generalBrandicourt from the Rotary Club introduction of Boys’ Town membership would support thisof Paris-Avenir to address the formation by the Catholic proposal. He added that PresidentClub. We learnt that the Paris- institution of the Brothers of St. Tapan had also proposed that theAvenir club has 30 members and Gabriel, which oversees the New Generations Committee lookwas formed 30 years ago. PP welfare of boys in the age group at forming an Interact Club at Boys’Bezan advised that her club was a of 11 to 18 years old. He spoke Town.mixed club, with an equal of Boys’ Town’s mission, visionnumber of men and women and values imparted to the boys.members. She added that the He showed photos of Boys’club conducts an annual concert Town in the 1950s to its currentto raise funds for projects, which development. Dr. Yeowwere mainly for the handicapped highlighted the programmes andand young adults. PP Bezan services offered at Boys’ Town.warmly invited members to visit He described a typical day ather club should they be travelling Boys’ Town and invitedto Paris. members to join the boys atRtn. Willi called on members to 4.30pm in their sports andjoin him in raising a toast to games activities. He indicatedRotary Club of Paris-Avenir the number of youths andcoupled with the toast to Rotary families assisted by Boys’ TownInternational. 3
  4. 4. Boys’ town collection New MemberPP Raymon called upon President Tapan called uponPresident Tapan to present to Director Koh Juay Meng toDr. Yeow a cheque of $2,400 to introduce his candidate, Rtn.Boys’ Town. Members were Winston Khoo, who is 33 yearsinformed that the cheque was old and in his family business offrom the Patrick Hernon Trust freight forwarding. Directortowards two bursaries for Boys’ Juay Meng added that Rtn.Town. Winston, after some deliberation, advised his commitment to be a member. Rtn. Winston’s classification is “Freight Forwarding: Logistics”. Upon his induction, President Tapan invited Rtn. Winston to address the Club. Rtn. Winston advised that he was the second generation in the family’s business of 27 years. He added that he was schooled in Australia. Rtn. Winston mentioned that he was not previously involved in social work, however after meeting with Director Juay Meng and learning about Rotary, he was interested in joining the Club.SACA Report : December 2011 at SACA, 81 Dunlop Street, Singapore By Rtn Gerald AbeyawardenaSimilar to the previous year, this was a VSC October 2011 (Vocational Month) Project which was delivered inDecember 2011 to suit the availability of participants. Sergeant-At-Arms Rotarian Gerald Abeyawardena, aPartner & Senior Management Consultant of Leadership Development specialists SenseiInternational, carried out the programme as a joint project between VSC & Sensei International, assisted byLinda Teo, Manager - Customer Care. The participants were a fresh batch of volunteers, mainlycounsellors, on the SACA “Befrienders” programme, providing emotional support & guidance to offenders.Despite the good feedback last year, the second programme was revised to further increase itseffectiveness.The objectives were to familiarise Befrienders with coaching skills & give them a practical framework theycan apply in their work & personal lives. They saw the application of coaching skills & critical techniques likeActive Listening, Non-verbal communication etc. before practising these hands-on in pairs, against the mostpopular coaching framework, the GROW model.The SACA Programme Coordinator said that participant feedback obtained after the programme was verypositive. Participants found the programme useful & relevant, enjoyable & practical. 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Ask Januarycelebrants: ourselves these 4 questions Rotary Awareness MonthJanuary 9 – Suresh and act upon them:Hathiramani, Kawata Nobuhiro First: Have I spent some time January 19thJanuary 12 – Florian Edelmann in self-examination? Club AssemblyJanuary 13 – Suman Aggarwal Second: Have I spent quality time with my family? January 25thAnniversary Celebrants Third: Have I given my best to Meeting cancelled in view ofRC sends best wishes to my work? the Chinese New YearWedding Anniversary Fourth: Have I given some festivitiescelebrants: time to someone near andJanuary 13 – Willi & Hannelore far?Hess February The Guide, in fact,January 15 – Gerald & Binali encompasses the 4 parts of World Understanding MonthAbeyawardena the Object of Rotary.January 16 – Kavita Sing h & Karam February 23rdButalia World Understanding and Next week Peace DayThis week January 18th 2012January 11th 2012 March Reception Desk duty: HaiderReception Desk duty: Joseph Nawaz, Brian Jones March 22nd – 25thChia, Win Lu Htut Sunshine Box duty: T K Chew, District Assembly and PETS atSunshine Box duty: PP Philip Jean-Philippe Lionnet Grand Paragon Hotel, JohorLeong, Director Koh Juay BahruMeng Speaker: Our very own The Four-Way Test member, Rtn. Rewa Mirpuri Of the Things we think, say or do:Speaker: Dr. Peter Topic: To be advised * Is it the truth?Goh, Advance Surgical Group * Is it fair to all concerned?Topic: “Can Type II Diabetes * Will it build goodwill andMelitus be cured?” better friendship? * Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Committee Meetings Queries, comments and articles request can be There are no Committee Meetings in view of the sent to Club Assembly which will be held on Jean-Philippe Lionnet Thursday, January 19th 2012 at 6.00pm at Holiday bulletin@rotary.org.sg Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre 5