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Bulletin 48 24


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Bulletin 48 24

  1. 1. 26th Dec. 2011CROSSROADSRotary Club of Singapore Vol. 48 / 24 “A Family Christmas” – A Christmas Message” SPEAKER: Rev. Kenneth Huang, Pastor from Faith Methodist Church Lunch meeting of the 21st December 2011 Find your bulletin on the facebook page of “Rotary Club of Singapore” Joke of the week “Priest : You may not know. But every night I pray for you Blonde : Well you don’t have to, I am on the phone” From the book of Humour compiled by Rewa Mirpuri HAVE MANY LAUGHS AND HELP THE NEEDY http://www.rotary.org.sg/bookofhumour.html 1
  2. 2. Introductory remarks Banner Exchange VP Ashi invited visiting PP Ilvi Joe-Cannon from theVice President Ashi Sarwal welcomed members to Rotary Club of Tallinn, Estonia to say a few wordsthe 3rd meeting of “Family Month” celebrated by about her club. PP Ilvi advised that Estonia was aRotary in the month of December. He extended harbor town, like Singapore, with a commercialPresident Tapan’s apologies for being unable to background. She added that her club, Tallinn, waschair the meeting, as he was away. He added formed in order to invite women to be members.that President Tapan had, in fact, called and PP Ilvi presented the Club with a book on the historyrequested him to extend his Christmas and New of Estonia, and VP Ashi reciprocated by handing toYear greetings to all members. PP Ilvi with a copy of the Book of Humour.VP Ashi also warmly welcomed the GuestSpeaker, Rev. Kenneth Huang, Pastor of the FaithMethodist Church. 2
  3. 3. Welcome of visiting Speaker of the week importance of family as seen in the second question of “The Guide toRotarians and guests Daily Living” - “Have I spent quality time with my family?” whichRotarian Ronald Wong welcomed VP Ashi called upon PP Raymon reinforced the commitment to theour guests and visiting rotarians Huang who introduced the family – our intimate Community Guest Speaker, none other than of Life and Love”. Besides the- Guests : his youngest son, Rev. Kenneth importance of family, Rev. KennethMs. Huay Jing Huang. PP Raymon informed added that Rotary affirmed theMs. Monica Lim that he has two sons who are importance of selflessness and theMs. Angie Low Ministers of the Church, and as empowering of others. He addedMr. Antero Makinen advised by PDG Dr. Ivor that this was also what theMr. Thomas Nouvian Thevathasan – this was such a Christian Faith teaches that JesusMr. Zhang Hong blessing. PP Raymon added that did when he came into our world he advised his sons to be as that first Christmas. Rev. KennethVisiting Rotarians : fervent as expected to be, but spoke about his family andPresident Ugo Perkmann - never fanatical, which they have extended some usefulMeran, Italy heeded. Tongue in cheek, PP advice, which he described as “10PP Ilvi Joe-Cannon – Tallinn, Raymon also noted that having Commandments of Living atEstonia two sons who are pastors, also Home”. (A copy of Rev. Kenneth’sToast came with drawbacks, such as a presentation is available from the loss of identity and they do not Secretariat.)The Toastmaster Rtn. Jeremy listen to him anymore! PP Rtn. David Ong warmly thankedHan, also a new member, invited Raymon advised that Rev. Rev. Kenneth for his ChristmasPresident Ugo Perkmann, father Kenneth has been a pastor of 16 message and reflections on familyof our member, Rtn. Dr. Thomas years with the Methodist Church live. He suggested thatPerkmann, to address the Club. in Singapore and prior to serving perhaps, PP Raymon might bePresident Ugo advised that as a poster, he worked as a called upon to speak to the ClubMeran was in the region between lawyer. Rev. Kenneth would be on how to bring up pastors! Rtn.Austria and Italy. He added that appointed as Pastor-in-Charge of David also thanked Rev.it was also the location where 12 Kampong Kapor Methodist Kenneth, as a non-Rotarian, foryears ago, the “Iceman”, a 4,000 Church from 1st January 2012. reminding members of the Guideyear old mummified man was In addition to various other to Daily Living and Rotary’s mottodiscovered under the ice. responsibilities, Rev. Kenneth “Service Above Self”.President Ugo advised that he helps to oversee the Christianwas in Singapore to celebrate the Ministry carried out in thegraduation of his son (Rtn. Methodist Schools as theThomas), who receives an Director, Ministry in Schools.Executive Master ofAdministration. In his presentation, Rev. KennethRtn. Jeremy called on members stated that Christmas was ato join him in raising a toast to holiday when families (should)Rotary Club of Meran coupled come together to catch up withwith the toast to Rotary one another. He was pleased toInternational. note that Rotary affirmed the 3
  4. 4. Boys’ town collection Club calendarsRtn. Joseph Chia advised that PP Dr. Yap Lip Kee announcedClub had given in previous years, that the Club’s 2012 calendarstwo $1,200 scholarships for the were available at $10.00 each,Boys’ Town from the Patrick which could be used for fund-Hernon Trust Fund. He added raising towards the Committees’that the interest received from projects. He appealed tothe funds was low, thus the members to assist by clearingTrust has held fund-raising the calendars in order to garnerevents such as golf tournaments funds for projects.to garner sufficient funds forthese scholarships, however,due to bad weather, a golftournament was not held thisyear. Rtn. Joseph advised thatrepresentatives from Boys’ Townwould be at the next Rotarymeeting on Wednesday, 4thJanuary 2012. He called onmembers to donate towards ascholarship, so that the fundscould be presented to the Boys’Town representatives at thismeeting. VP Ashi also appealedto members to support thislong-standing Club project. 4
  5. 5. The Guide to Daily LivingMARK YOUR DIARY Before doing the things we COMING ROTARY EVENTSBirthday celebrants want to do, consider first, theRC wishes Happy Birthday to precept of the guide. Ask Decembercelebrants: ourselves these 4 questions Family MonthDecember 27 – Xavier Sanjiman and act upon them:January 4 – PP Alfred Wong, IPP P. First: Have I spent some timeBalachandran in self-examination? December 28thJanuary 5 – Erich Vosshage Second: Have I spent quality Rotary Meeting cancelled inJanuary 6 – Roland Jossi time with my family? view of the festive seasonJanuary 7 – Laveen Daryani Third: Have I given my best toJanuary 8 – PP Peter Wong & Indi my work? JanuaryTulsi Fourth: Have I given some time to someone near and Rotary Awareness MonthAnniversary Celebrants far?RC sends best wishes to January 19th The Guide, in fact,Wedding Anniversary encompasses the 4 parts of Club Assemblycelebrants: the Object of Rotary.December 28 – Keith & RachelHarrison FebruaryJanuary 1– VP Ashi & Amita Next week World Understanding MonthSarwal, Louis & Amabel Lim, January 4th 2012Robert & Agnes Schlesinger, Dirk February 23rdHaas & Yan Wang World Understanding and Reception Desk duty: MarcelJanuary 6 – K.K. Tan & Gwen Peace Day Schobinger, Dr. ThomasThis week PerkmannDecember 28th 2011 Sunshine Box duty: Goh Bock Seng, Garry Taylor The Four-Way Test Of the Things we think, sayMeeting is cancelled in view Speakers: Ms. Sally Low & Mr. or do:of the Holiday Season. * Is it the truth? Roland Yeow from Boys’ Town * Is it fair to all concerned? Topic: To be advised * Will it build goodwill and better friendship? * Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Season’s Greetings Queries, comments and articles request can be sent to Presidident Tapan and the Board of Directors Jean-Philippe Lionnet wish all members a Merry Christmas and bulletin@rotary.org.sg a Happy New Year! 5