Guidelines for New and prospective members

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Guidelines for new and prospective members of Rotaract. …

Guidelines for new and prospective members of Rotaract.

Prepared by Rotaract Club of Roseau

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  • 1. PresentationTo New and Prospective membersPrepared by theRotaract Club of Roseau
  • 2. What is Rotaract?Rotaract is an international service organization developedby Rotary international to provide young men and womenbetween the ages of 18-30 an opportunity to enhance theknowledge and skillsthat will assist in personal developmentaddress the social and physical needs of theircommunitiesto promote better relations between all people worldwidethrough a network of friendship and service.
  • 3. History of Rotaract created in 1967-1968 under the leadership of RIpresident, Luther Hodges. On March 13 1968, the Rotaract Club of NorthCharlotte, North Carolina, USA was the first tobe chartered.
  • 4. Objective of Rotaract To develop professional and leadership skills To emphasize respect for the rights of others,based on recognition of the worth of eachindividual To recognize the dignity and value of all usefuloccupation as opportunities to serve
  • 5. Objective of Rotaract (cont’d) To recognize, practice and promote ethical standards asleadership qualities and vocational responsibilities To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs,problems, and opportunities in the community andworldwide To provide opportunities for personal and groupactivities to serve the community and promoteinternational understanding and goodwill toward allpeople.
  • 6. Types of Rotaract Club Community based University based
  • 7. Club Level StructureBoard of Directors•President•Vice President•Secretary•Treasurer•Directors•Immediate Past PresidentBoard of Directors•President•Vice President•Secretary•Treasurer•Directors•Immediate Past PresidentCommunity ServiceCommitteeCommunity ServiceCommitteeInternational ServiceCommitteeInternational ServiceCommitteeClub ServiceCommitteeClub ServiceCommitteeProfessional ServiceCommitteeProfessional ServiceCommitteeFinance CommitteeFinance Committee
  • 8. International & DistrictStructureElected byRotaract clubsAppointed by theDRRDistrictGovernorDistrictGovernorRotary Club PresidentsRotary Club PresidentsDistrict RotaractChairpersonDistrict RotaractChairpersonDistrict RotaractRepresentative (DRR)District RotaractRepresentative (DRR)District Rotaract Committee(Rotarians)District Rotaract Committee(Rotarians) District Rotaract CommitteeDistrict Rotaract CommitteeRotaract Club PresidentsRotaract Club PresidentsSelected by Rotary Clubs of theDistrict. Elected at the R.I.ConventionAppointed at thediscretion of theDistrict GovernorSelected by theDistrict Governorand DistrictChairmanElected by club membersRI Rotaract Committee(Rotaractors and Rotarians)RI Rotaract Committee(Rotaractors and Rotarians)RI Board of Directors andR.I. PresidentsRI Board of Directors andR.I. PresidentsAppointed at the discretion of theR.I. PresidentPolicy making arm of RI
  • 9. District 7030 - History In 1986, the district was established under theleadership of Rotarians Mike Moncherry, EarlJohnson and Tom Alexander. The district was formalized in 1987 as District405. In 1992, the name was changed to District4050. Finally in 1993 it was named district 7030.
  • 10. Governing Policies Statement of Policy Club by laws Club constitution
  • 11. Rotaract Activities Community Service Club Service International Service Professional Development Finance
  • 12. Types of meetings Executive Business Formal Informal
  • 13. Basic Protocol at Meetings All questions/comments are made through thechairperson Floor members are required to stand when addressinga meeting Before making a contribution, the president, specialguests, Rotaractors are always greeted Each member is referred to by the post they hold inthe club e.g President John / Rotaractor Small Some clubs do not allow Guests to address meetings.Provisions are made to address concernsthrough host
  • 14. Rotaract Membership Active Inactive Honorary
  • 15. Making the most ofMembershipWhat would you like to accomplish? Serve the community Provide good leadership Build friendships Improve public relations Advance professionally Become a fund developer Develop international contact
  • 16. Membership -What can youdo Volunteer for the community service committee Chair a committee or serve as a club officer Plan the next social activity or membership drive Volunteer to contact media for club and projectpromotion Help match Rotaract interests with Rotarian expertise Help set up an exchange team, host Rotaractors fromanother country or participate in an internationalmeeting
  • 17. Membership – How to getstarted Become active in club meetings and social activities Find out how you can attend a Rotary club meeting Participate in regional Rotaract meetings andconferences Volunteer for service projects Help plan meeting programs Visit other Rotaract Clubs when you travel
  • 18. Membership Responsibilities Attendance of at least 60% of club meetings Payment of club dues Participation and promotion of club activities Promotion of the ideals of Rotaract Uphold the policies and integrity of Rotaract Ongoing education on Rotaract/Rotary Rotaract Ambassador
  • 19. Benefits of membershipBecome connected to your community.Work with others in addressing community needs.Interact with other professionals in your communityBuild international contacts and friendshipDevelop leadership skills.Rewarding way to spend timeCultural awarenessImprovement of public speaking abilitiesGroup travelingPersonal development and growthWindow to the world
  • 20. Rotaract & RotarySignificance of Rotary sponsorship Provides an opportunity for Rotarians tomentor dynamic young men and women inproviding service Rotarians serve as resource persons forRotaract projects Establishment of Rotaract clubs gives youngpeople can opportunity to develop life longskills thus becoming better citizens of theworld
  • 21. Rotary Programmes Youth Exchange Group Exchange Study Rotary Volunteers programme Scholarships Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Interact 
  • 22. 4 way test Is it the truth Is it fair to all concerned Will it build goodwill and betterfriendship Will it be beneficial to all concerned