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Making Money with Kindle Ebooks


Published on …

There are many way to make money online, but if making money with Kindle e-books is your thing, you'll need to make sure you plan accordingly. I'm not saying I know every trick to make money with Kindle books, but I know enough to warrant you watching this video and ever checking out the link above.

This Kindle tutorial will help as you navigate the waters of publishing your book on Amazon.

Here are 5 things to think about when writing a Kindle book:

1. Choose a topic that people are buying books
2. Utilize bulleted lists and chapter summaries to increase page count
3. Use "price pulsing" to get downloads and reviews.
4 .Use the description section as a sales letter
5. Formatting is key to readability and good reviews

Leave me a comment if you've got more suggestions for Kindle marketing.

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About Travis
Travis Ross lives in Colorado with his wife Jennette and their five children. To learn more about what he's up to and get more information of his training materials, visit his site at

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  • Transcript

    • 1. MAKING MONEY WITH KINDLE E-BOOKS 5 THINGS TO CONSIDERFREE Training Series From Rossome Marketing
    • 2. CHOOSING A TOPIC• Mistake One - going with your “passion”• Mistake Two - choosing a low competition niche• Goingwhere the competition is means going where the buyers are!
    • 3. INCREASE PAGE COUNT• Use bulleted lists in content• Use chapter summaries at the end of chapters• Don’t over do it• Creates value for the reader and increases your pages (makes you book more attractive)
    • 4. USE “PRICE PULSING”• Pulsing the price can increase sales and reviews• Discoverability (recommended books and such)• Amazon likes books with reviews
    • 5. WRITE A GOOD DESCRIPTION• Don’t waste your description• Use it as a “sales letter” and describe benefits• Don’t write how great your book is or create and author bio here• If a buyer lands on this page, you need to SELL YOUR BOOK!
    • 6. FORMATTING MATTERS• Stick with a word processor that can export into a .doc format• Allows you to edit long term• Use Open Office for free to avoid paying for Microsoft Word
    • 7. WANT MORE? of all, LIKE THIS VIDEO! (yeah, some shameless self• First promotion...hehe)• Sign up at my site to get a free report on how to take advantage of the Pinterest phenomenon• Subscribe to this channel to see when I upload new training videos• Leave a comment below and share your tips!
    • 8. THANKS FOR WATCHING!Travis Ross lives in Colorado withhis wife Jennette and their fivechildren. To learn more about whathe’s up to, visit his site at: