2013 year in review


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2013 year in review

  1. 1. 2013: Ross & Tina’s Year in Review
  2. 2. Tina is happier with this year’s holiday card as compared to last year, which she refused to send.
  3. 3. 2013 starts off with Stanford winning the Rose Bowl. Ross is happy.
  4. 4. Ross orders a huge ham, realizes it is too salty, and leaves it in the fridge for 3 months until it expires
  5. 5. Ross and Tina’s sister, Steph, spend days making an LED vest for Coachella. After the electrical components are all put in place, Ross decides it is time to turn it on. Steph is hesitant. Ross reassures her. They turn it on, and it starts smoking and burns a hole in the vest. Oops…
  6. 6. The finished product is awesome though. Then Steph damages it in her suitcase on the way to coachella. She was probably too scared to wear it anyway out of fear of catching on fire…
  7. 7. Ross and Tina go to Hawaii. Ross gets sunburnt on the first day and is no longer allowed to apply his own sunscreen. Tina gets a cool hat.
  8. 8. Ross and Tina go paddleboarding daily. Tina never wants to leave. Note: This is not in Hawaii
  9. 9. Ross and Tina’s dad try to crash a wedding. Tina realizes that she married her father and that her kids will not be good dancers. (VIDEO)
  10. 10. Tina graduates from medical school. She is going to be a Dermatologist.
  11. 11. Ross continues his tradition of yelling “release the beast” at all graduation ceremonies.
  12. 12. More importantly though, the big head is born. It becomes very popular.
  13. 13. Our wedding photographers’ wedding
  14. 14. Chase’s graduation
  15. 15. Alissa and Braden’s wedding
  16. 16. Spencer & Maria’s wedding
  17. 17. The big heads didn’t make it to Preston & Alyssa’s or Kelsey & Nick’s weddings, but we still had fun without them.
  18. 18. We move to Boston and finally send out our thank you cards for our wedding. 10 months after the wedding is still in the window period.
  19. 19. Ross finally finds use for the hatchet, and he gets Tina’s friend, Noah, to do some work cleaning up the yard. Noah is a surgeon. He probably should not be doing this. (VIDEO)
  20. 20. Ross rewards Noah with a drink. The beer fails tomix with the margarita
  21. 21. Ross finds his favorite ice cream store in Boston.
  22. 22. Tina started residency. She mostly sleeps when she is at home.
  23. 23. Ross starts HBS. He mostly goes out drinking while Tina is sleeping.
  24. 24. Or forces Tina to wear stupid costumes when she is awake.
  25. 25. Ross likes HBS, especially because he gets to play a lot of sports.
  26. 26. …a lot of sports.
  27. 27. And he gets to pretend to be a fashionable model.
  28. 28. Or maybe he really is a model (VIDEO)
  29. 29. Ross also gets to pretend like he is in college again
  30. 30. Ross and Tina win a lot of indoor soccer championship t-shirts this year.
  31. 31. Ross uses these t-shirts creatively.
  32. 32. Tina and Ross go to their second concert together ever – Lauryn Hill. Their first concert was Pitbull. Others question their taste in music.
  33. 33. Tina and Ross spend their first Christmas away from home ever.
  34. 34. Tina’s family comes to visit for Xmas. We all go to Connecticut to visit Tina’s cousins and to sleep in the triple bunk bed.
  35. 35. Ross does all the Xmas shopping. He buys Tina’s brother, Mark, a new sweater. He buys himself a new sweater.
  36. 36. Ross buys Steph the “Christmas gift of the year” (VIDEO).
  37. 37. We are happy. Happy New Year!