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Marketplace Lehigh Valley
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Marketplace Lehigh Valley


Published on

How the web has changed and why local businesses in the Lehigh Valley should join Lehigh Valley Market Place.

How the web has changed and why local businesses in the Lehigh Valley should join Lehigh Valley Market Place.

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  • 1. Market Place Lehigh Valley 484.809.4872
  • 2. Quick History of the Web 484.809.4872
  • 3. Growth of Web sites 484.809.4872 Netcraft’s  Web Server Survey Web 1.0 | Web 2.0 | 2.5
  • 4.
    • Millions of Users per Year:
      • 16M in 1995
      • 361M in 2000
      • 1,018M in 2005
      • 1,650M in 2010 484.809.4872 Web 1.0 | Web 2.0 | 2.5
  • 5. How Consumer’s Find Local Business (2 Year Trend) 484.809.4872 “ Nielsen Online Custom Survey and WebVisible, Inc., 2008”
  • 6. So What’s the Problem?
    • Consumers are going online to find you
    • People use search engines to find you
    • Search engines must sort through all the Web sites in the world to find you
    • You have a limited amount of time, money, and resources to allocate to your Web site 484.809.4872
  • 7. The Solution:
    • Market Place Lehigh Valley is your solution
      • The Wikipedia for local business
      • Can serve as your only Web site or can connect to an existing site
      • Promotion of the site becomes promotion for your business
      • Easy set up
      • Low cost 484.809.4872
  • 8. Wikipedia
    • Almost every term you search online will result in Wikipedia landing in the top of the SERP (search engine results pages), why?
      • Over 8M articles in 200+ languages
      • Over 50M monthly users
      • Updated daily by volunteers
      • Lots of links, internal and external, to and from
      • Good, readable, keyword rich, URL’s 484.809.4872
  • 9. Market Place Lehigh Valley
    • Will feature a variety of diverse businesses and services
    • Focused on a specific geography
    • Will be updated regularly
    • Links to existing sites and from them
    • Use of ‘Pretty URL’s’ and meta tags 484.809.4872
  • 10. Current Status
    • Right now we are adding businesses
    • With a diversity of businesses, the site reputation will increase and its SERP will improve
    • People will begin to find the site on a more regular basis when searching for local business as a result of increased use
    • People will begin to use the site to search locally and it will be promoted as the place to search local, reputable businesses. 484.809.4872
  • 11. 484.809.4872
  • 12. 484.809.4872
  • 13. 484.809.4872
  • 14. 484.809.4872
  • 15. 484.809.4872
  • 16. In Closing
    • Great way for your business to get online
    • Low cost, low maintenance, minimum time resources on your part
    • This program is a non-dues revenue program for the Chamber
    • Exclusive to Whitehall, Slate Belt and Nazareth Chamber Members 484.809.4872