Human cloning


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Human cloning

  1. 1. • Viewpoint For Human Viewpoint Against Cloning: Human Cloning:The process known as Human Cloning is interferingTherapeutic cloning is with the natural process ofhelping the world with curing procreation. If someonediseases. Scientists can modifies a person’s genes theysave the lives of peoplethrough cloning human are doing so to create smartercells, tissues, and even human beings but won’t thatorgans. have a huge impact on the average humans who haven’t If cloning continues to be been through the process?allowed being able to clone Cloning is the result of addinghuman body parts willguarantee a genetic match more differences within ourand prevent organ rejections world of many races andand no use of cultures. Some might think weimmunosuppressive drugs can’t afford one more divide.required.
  2. 2. Human cloning is a blunt form of eugenics that “copies” an existing genome-while inheritable genetic modification allows the creation of what’s known as “designer babies”.Cloning human beings although unsafe has shown that when clones are created and born it’s difficult to keep them completely healthy.This entire process cannot be developed without putting the physical safety of clones and the
  3. 3. • There are studies that result in at least 95% of mammalian cloning experiments failed due to miscarriages, stillbirths, and other life threatening anomalies.• Precautionary Principle: Requires that people must consider the consequences of their actions before they carry them out. Human Cloning embraces the virtues of “re-making Eden” or enhancing what the world has already provided.• Allowing Human Cloning will open the door for genetically modifying all other species.
  4. 4. • Did you know that Dolly, the world’s first cloned sheep, was discarded about 200 times before one survived?• The process of cloning animals is unethical, results have shown the defects that occur in clones.• 98% of clones are Malformed, Stillborn, or Die directly after being born.
  5. 5. • In Cloning there are Rudolf Jaenish’s opinion on two types: human embryonic stem cell research is that it could• Reproductive Cloning: help reveal the the attempt to create mechanisms behind an exact replica of a biological growth, & enable human being. a customized approach to• Therapeutic cloning: treating Diabetes and Offers potential cures Parkinson’s. to some of mankind’s most devastating diseases.
  6. 6. • Using the technology of cloning body parts and organs, Scientists are certain they could use it to reverse heart attacks.• Through treating Heart attack victims, scientists can clone their healthy heart cells by injecting them into the areas of the heart where damaged has occurred.
  7. 7. • Breakthroughs in Human Stem cell research.Through this process Embryonic stem cellscan be grown to produce organs or tissues torepair or replace any damaged ones.Scientists are not 100% confident in curingcancer cells but they can learn how toswitch cells on and off through cloning. Itis believed cloning is the key tounderstanding differentiation in cancer.
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