Overcoming my disability


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Overcoming my disability

  1. 1. Freeman 1 Overcoming my DisabilityI am writing my junior paper on overcoming my disability. The reason I chose this topicis because when I was born I was born premature and I only weighed 2 pounds and mybody was in bad condition, and now my mom can’t have any more children because shedidn’t take good care of me. And when I got older the doctors told me that I would neverlearn how to do this or that. The type of disability I have is called Cerebral Palsy andcerebral palsy is “group of neurological disorders that affect the part of the braincontrolling body movement and muscle coordination. It is caused from injury to the brainduring fetal development or infancy, and may occur as a result of injury during thebirthing process”( mynchen) I have overcame that part where it talks about affecting thebrain when I was in elementary school I was in ESL classes until 6th grade of middleschool and people would pick on me for not being in a regular class so I begin toimprove and I was able to be put it to regular classes just like everybody else. That didn’tjust happen by it self I had to be determined to work hard and I did. The first thing I thinkyou should know is what are the early signs of cerebral palsy “Babies with cerebral palsyare frequently slow to reach developmental milestones, such as learning to roll over, sit,crawl, smile, or walk. This is sometimes called developmental delay”. You can say I wasin the developmental delay position because when I was five years old I was not walkinglike most five year olds are suppose to be so that was a sign to my mom that somethingwas wrong with me. So when she took me to the doctor they said I had Cerebral Palsy.The next thing I won’t to tell you about cerebral palsy is the different types of surgeries.“Surgery is often recommended when contractures are severe enough to cause movementproblems. In the operating room, surgeons can lengthen muscles and tendons that are
  2. 2. Freeman 2proportionately too short. First, however, they must determine the exact muscles at fault,since lengthening the wrong muscle could make the problem worse.”(mychen) 1. Type ofsurgery is Orthopedic Surgery for Cerebral Palsy. Orthopedic surgery is used to treat tightmuscles.(children.webmd.com) why is it done – to treat promblems from cerebral palsyand it depends on which muscle groups are affected.(children.webmd.com)I got to anorthopedic clinic in Durham every year to get check up’s on my legs to see how I’mdoing. What to expect after surgery- “joints that were previously stiff can move moreeasily. However the affected muscle may be weak.”( children.webmd.com) another typeof surgery is called selective Dorsal Rhizotomy it is the most common nerve surgery forsymptoms related to cerebral palsy during Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy a surgeon cuts theskin over the lower part of the spinal cord”( stlouischildrens) I had to have back surgeryin order to even walk when I was 5 years old, and I was not able to lay on my back for3-4 weeks can you imagine laying on your stomach for that long and not being able to layon your back but god carried me through it. I even had surgery on my Achilles tendonand they took my Achilles tendon and stretched my muscles and tied them back together.It worked for a while I was walking normal but eventually my leg would go back to theway it was before I had the surgery; my doctor told us that I would never be able to walknormal. Another type of surgery people with cerebral palsy may have is “Stereotaxicthalamotomy involves precise cutting of parts of the thalamus, which serves as the brainsrelay station for messages from the muscles and sensory organs. This has been showneffective only for reducing hemiparetic tremors” (mychen). So if you know someone withcerebral palsy should try to understand what he or she goes through each and every day,because it’s not easy especially if you have to go through it by yourself it can be very
  3. 3. Freeman 3difficult when you is the only one in your neighborhood with a disability, people tried totake advantage of me because of my disability and I didn’t like it so I had to learn how tostand up for myself and once I did people started respecting me more, and the moreconfidence I had the more people kept on accepting me for who I was so as you can see Ihad to put in some work that just didn’t happen by itself . Cerebral palsy can be managedin different ways. “Cerebral palsy can not be cured, but treatment can often improve achilds capabilities. There is no standard therapy that works for all patients. Instead, thedoctor must work with a team of health care professionals, first to identify a childsunique needs and impairments, and then to create an individual treatment plan thataddresses these types of situations (mychen) Another way cerebral palsy is managed is by“A doctor, such as a pediatrician, a pediatric neurologist, or a pediatric psychiatrist,trained to help developmentally disabled children. This doctor, often the leader of thetreatment team, works to synthesis the professional advice of all team members into acomprehensive treatment plan, implements treatments, and the following patient’sprogress over a number of years” (mychen).Dr. Ronald Spier works at my high schooland he’s worked with a student that has Cerebral Palsy and I interviewed Dr. Spier andasked him some questions and this is what he said.1. I asked how Geraldo doing with hisdisability and Dr. Speire said Geraldo is doing an excellent job adapting to school basedon his disability. 2. What are some challenges for Geraldo and Dr.Speier said one of themain challenges for Geraldo is getting from the first floor to the second floor to changeclasses. Sometimes the elevator is not working at all or not working properly. At thatpoint he has to have assistance carrying his walker while he climbs up or down the stairs.Of course, there are classes that have to be adapted to his abilities, specifically,
  4. 4. Freeman 4participation in physical education. Since he prefers to be very independent, he hasadapted very well. 3. What are his weaknesses and Dr. Speier said since he likes to beindependent, he does not often ask for help from people who are here to help students.This may limit his participation student programs and activities. 4. What inspires you themost about Geraldo and Dr. Speier said since I have known him for several years, I aminspired by his ability to adapt to any situation. I have worked with him during the timeswhen he had his operation’s, and he has always responded very positively when somepeople would quit. He is an inspiration to all students and teachers. 5. What have youlearned from helping Geraldo and Dr. Speier said I have learned patience. He is verypatient and I am impressed with this characteristic.so as you can see through myinterview with Dr. Speier anybody can overcome their disability if they want to it mayjust be in different ways but you can overcome it. “Philip Denison is a six year old boywith cerebral palsy his co-ordination is improving and all the stretching and repetitivemotions are helping his weakened muscles. He tries a lot more things and he has a lotmore confidence said his mother Donna Denison”(Ncwiseowl) Now that you heard someof the negative things I had to go through with cerebral palsy lets look at the positivethings I have been able to do. 1. I have been able to join NJROTC witch is a militaryclass that they offer at my high school, and by me doing ROTC I can now run 3miles andit has helped me strengthen my physical area in many different ways, I excelled very willin that class and I been it that program since my freshmen year 2. I had the privilege to goto Canada with my church to help feed the homeless. We did a lot of painting andworking on house so that people who don’t have a place to stay can have somewhere tostay and we stayed in Canada for a week. 3. I also had the privilege to speak in front of
  5. 5. Freeman 5hundreds of people and share some leadership speeches that I’ve wrote and try to teachthem to become better leaders. I also told them how I overcame my disability. So I havebeen very blessed to overcome my disability, and I have god to thank for it.