Using Social Media Tools


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Using Twitter, Branchout and Socioclean

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Using Social Media Tools

  1. 1. Using Social Media Tools By: April Rosenblatt Career Development Advisor II
  2. 2. Why do we need to use Social Media?
  3. 3. Using Social Media to Look for Jobs Facebook – BranchOut • How to accelerate your career by using BranchOut • In todays economy there are two competitive advantages that you must have. The first is a positive online presence, and the second is a “social” layer of your career. By social we mean real relationships, your family and friends on Facebook. • BranchOut provides both in a way that is 100% professional.
  4. 4. Why Should You Use It ?• Automatically imports all of your Facebook contacts and will send a request to connect via BranchOut to each of them for you in seconds• You can upload your resume and it imports the information into your BranchOut Profile for you• Allows you to see where you Facebook friends work so that you can use them to network and gain information about their companies• Use the search bar to find the people, jobs and companies that can help you achieve your career goals.
  5. 5. Twitter Nation• Twitter is a social network where you post short bursts of thoughts and information• It has become the single most talked about Web site since Facebook and grew 1,382% in the past year..• Twitter revolutionized social media by making it simple for the world to communicate in real time.• Think of it as a cross between text messaging, instant messaging and blogging
  6. 6. How do I Create a Profile?1. Consider using a simplename close to your own.2. Upload a professionalphoto.3. Fill in your bio includingyour education, job title,industry etc.
  7. 7. How do I Find People and Companies to Follow? • Search by name on Twitter (look for Companies you want to work for) • Find existing users in your e-mail address book (connect with friends & co-workers) • Look for common interests on • Just look at who your friends are following Once you’re up and running, it should look like this: (assuming you’re Barrack Obama)
  8. 8. Twitter- Tweet Your Way to a Job?• About 300 to 500 jobs are posted on Twitter per minute, the task of filtering information becomes difficult — that’s why we have hashtags.(#)• Hashtags: Words beginning with a # to help you track specific conversations.• They can help you focus on the tweets you want to see• Hashtags such as #jobs, #jobadvice, #jobhunt and #jobsearch offer both job openings and general job search advice
  9. 9. Words to tweet by: You are what you tweet• Keep in mind that everything you tweet lends to — or takes away from — your online persona.• Make sure your Twitter stream represents you as a professional individual that has important and unique thoughts to contribute. Your goal should be to become an industry expert — or at least tweet like one.
  10. 10. • Getting involved with industry chats is a way to show your interest in a particular field and represent yourself as a knowledgeable person. Check out this Twitter chat schedule to get a head start.• Also, if your search isn’t going so well, get involved in job-related chats, such as #jobhuntchat, #careerchat, #internchat and #hirefriday for friendly advice.• Besides scouring job search hashtags, job seekers can also follow Twitter accounts dedicated to posting job openings and follow Twitter streams of companies they might want to work for. • Example of a Twitter account that posts open jobs: -!/jobingflorida
  11. 11. • Don’t be afraid to research the companies that you want to work for to find out who currently works there and who is involved with recruiting.• While you’re searching for a job, recruiters are searching the web looking for job candidates.• Take student Connie Zheng as an example — she’s already been hired for two jobs through Twitter. “I got my PR internship at Text 100 using Twitter, as well as my entry-level position at Burson-Marsteller using Twitter,” she explained. She advises job seekers, “Use Twitter as a research tool to identify who the appropriate HR person or recruiter is at the desired company.”
  12. 12. Businesses on TwitterStarbucks ComcastSouthwest H&R BlockDell Home DepotZappos Whole FoodsLittle Debbie Dunkin DonutsHertz KodakFord Red CrossGM RubbermaidHonda Nationwide
  13. 13. • Applications that make using Twitter easier, more productive, etc.• TwitterFon• A great way to use Twitter from your iPhone.
  14. 14. How Can I Keep My Online Persona Clean?
  15. 15. • Socioclean was founded to keep social reputation clean in this growing world of social networking.• Social networks introduce privacy risks and personal information leakage, which is becoming a bigger problem everyday.• Most users are not aware of the data in their social profiles and how it might affect them negatively.• Allows you to scan your online profile for any inappropriate content that might hurt your online social reputation.• Clean your online profile for various social networks for free.
  16. 16. Set up a Google Alert for yourself.. So you know as soon as information is posted about you on the internet.
  17. 17. You are invited to download my PowerPointpresentation. It has hyperlinks to all the resources I have discussed! A link to the presentation has been put on the Career Center Facebook Page.