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Ancillary log

  1. 1. Ancillary Log<br />Poster/Advert<br />Start Date Task Finish Date Comments 5/1/11Research other album promotions8/1/11I researched various adverts for albums in magazines and online and chose elements of each that I liked to have placed on my advert.9/1/11Mock-ups9/1/11I have created mock-ups of what I would like to have on my poster and what conventions will be included11/1/11Start creation by placing the main focus18/1/11This task took longer than I thought because I decided to change the main focus from the mock-ups I created and went for a new idea which I think looks more eye-catching and will also be a good base for my digi-pack when I start to create it.19/1/11Place Text onto the Advert19/1/11For this task I placed the text elements onto my advert like the name of the band, the album name and the other conventions such as the website, label name and software companies like ITunes, which can be found on other adverts I researched. 20/1/11Create Background20/1/11I decided to create the background for my advert last because I wanted to choose the most effective background that fit with the rest of the poster.23/1/11Touch-ups23/1/11After creating the majority of the advert I then looked to see if there was anything I needed to touch-up just to make the advert look neater and more professional.20/3/11Feedback20/3/11To gain feedback from my advert I placed it onto Facebook to ensure that I gain useful feedback form my target audience this tasks didn’t take a large amount of time because it was easy to place onto Facebook and I did this task later after finishing because I wanted to make sure that all the task were finished before I gained feedback.<br />Digi-pack Time Log <br />Start Date Task Date Finished Comments27/1/11Research27/1/11Before creating my digi-pack I wanted to research other digi-packs and CDs cases to get a better idea of what I should include to make the digi-pack look effective.28/1/11Mock-ups28/1/11After researching other digi-packs and having the genre and tone of the video and song in mind I decided to create mock-ups of what I would like my digi-pack to look like so I could get a better idea of what looks god and what doesn’t.29/1/11Layout of Digi-pack 29/1/11The first task I carried out was to set up the layout of the digi-pack on Photoshop like where each panel would be and the size of each one.1/2/11Create Cover6/2/11The creation of the cover changed from the original mock-ups because I changed the original layout of the advert and the two links together because I wanted to have the cover of the digi-pack the same as the poster, although there is a slight difference.8/2/11Create the back cover13/2/11I decided to create the back cover of the digi-pack next because this was another panel that I researched to see what other bands have included on their back covers and this task took quite a long time because I changed the original idea from my designs to something different that I thought would work better overall with the rest of the digi-pack.14/2/11CD panel14/2/11The next panel I created was the CD panel where the CD will be placed on the digi-pack and this task didn’t take a large amount of time because I used a still from the footage I have previously filmed. 15/2/11Bottom Left panel18/2/11The next panel was also different from my designs and again to create this panel I used a still from my video which I then edited.19/2/11Top middle panel22/2/11When I created this panel I also created the top right panel because the same image is spread across each of them. For these panels I used stills from my video and have also used lyrics from the chorus of the song which I placed in the colours include on the cover and these were also the last panels I created.23/2/11Top right panel27/2/11This panel again was competed with the previous panel.1/3/11Touch ups 1/3/11After finishing my digi-pack I then looked over at what could be touched up just to make it look neater and more professional this didn’t take a large amount of time but was crucial in making my digi-pack look well put together.15/3/11Feedback17/3/11I placed my digi-pack onto Facebook in order to gain the feedback from my target audience and so that i could see what was good and what wasn’t about my digi-pack.1/4/11Changes 1/4/11Form my researched I the made any changes that were suggested by the feedback I received and this task didn’t take a large amount of time.<br />