A breif and cast & props list


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A breif outline of the story along with a list of potential cast members and props for the music video.

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A breif and cast & props list

  1. 1. Zombie love – cast and props A brief outline of the story My partner and I have not given are characters names as for the majority of music videos on the market, the audience don’t know the names of characters. We have really challenged other forms of media on the market such as music videos like ‘Thriller’ (by Michael Jackson) and the comedy film ‘Shaun of the dead’. In this, zombies are portrayed as being nasty, ugly and ghastly. We decided to make our music video appealing to a wide range, teenage audience. So we have introduced both our zombies as being kind, charming and not terrifying. Throughout my research, I have not come across zombies who have a heart warming personality. By doing this, I feel the music video will be very unique and capture the attention of out target audience. Unlike other representations of media, both zombies will be the good/nice characters and will have a sympathy factor. This is due to the evil mad scientist and surgeons taking them away from their home and trying to hurt them in their laboratory. Both zombies are in love with each other which brings romance to the video. This is symbolised throughout the whole music video. At the beginning, their love is portrayed with symbols such as them dancing together and touching affectionately (holding hands). They stick together and stay side by side whilst they are tortured in the laboratory. They help each together escape and live happily ever after. This is a typical theme to a happy love story. So the video is not too soppy with this romantic factor, we have introduced two other genres, comedy and thriller. I feel the comedy simply comes from the fact that my partner and I have introduced unusual characters and have a distinctive story line. We will add different forms of comedy such as having both zombies pull funny faces when being experimented on in the laboratory, to make it appealing to a teenage audience. We won’t add too much comedy as we want it to keep its romantic appeal. I think the thriller of our music video is moderate but effective. The thriller does not come from the zombie themselves as we have given them kind personalities. They are not evil. It is exposed in the main laboratory scene as this is where the zombies are being experimented on. We want the video to keep its charming appeal to suit a wide range of teens, so we won’t make it gory. I think our music video will be very unique and interesting due to the three genres used and the unusual characters. The song to our music video is ‘Haunted house’ by Axe girl. I feel the music and lyrics of the song matches well with the story line. We will shoot the video in two main sets. One being a graveyard and the other being a set of a laboratory which my partner and I will produce ourselves. Cast list Ben Brason – The male zombie The male zombie appears in every scene. The beginning scene where him and his lover, the female zombie, are introduced within their graveyard home. The middle (second) scene, which is the main scene in the music video, involves the whole cast. This is where both zombies are experimented on by the evil mad scientist and two surgeons in a laboratory. He is then represented in the last scene where both he and the female zombie manage to escape from the laboratory back to their graveyard. My partner and I will perhaps split this part into two separate scenes. The first half will be both zombies running away (escaping) and the second half will be the zombies back in their graveyard home.
  2. 2. The male zombie will wear basic clothes and we will use talcum powder and brown face paints to give him a dirty and dissimilar look to the human appearance. He will have a kind and caring personality and will be appealing compared to evil zombies who are usually portrayed in horror movies. Roseanne Howlett – The female zombie Like the male zombie, the female zombie appears in every scene. She will also wear basic clothes and we will use similar make-up on her (talcum powder and brown face paints). She will also be kind and caring. She is very similar to the male zombie. I think this helps expose the chemistry between them and the fact they are the same. They are both zombies. Sam Clark – Evil mad scientist The evil mad scientist will appear in the main scene where both zombies are experimented on in the laboratory. He is in charge of experimentation on the zombies. To give him a scientist-like look, we will give him a white lab coat and face mask to wear. I feel as well as a scientist look, this will also help to make him look evil. The face mask will help bring focus on his eyes which we will ask Sam to show a chilling appearance with. He can do this be staring evilly towards the zombies. Other symbols will use show his evil and scientist character are surgeon-like tools such as a pizza cutter. This looks similar to a surgery tool but I think comic appeal will be shown due to it only being a basic pizza cutter. To show that he’s in charge, we will use two surgeons which will act as his servants in the surgery. He will make them perform torture on the zombies. Hermione Hotson & Michael Foxwell - Surgeons Along with the evil mad scientist, the surgeons will appear in the main laboratory scene. My partner and I think the outfits for both of them should be similar to the evil mad scientists outfit to create a surgery atmosphere. This we will create surgery masks for them to wear and will give them clothing to wear which will suit this scene. For the comedy side we may borrow a red nurse’s character for the male surgeon (Michael) to make it a bit daft so the scene has a funnier value. When choosing our mad scientist and two surgeons, we looked at the height. The evil mad scientist (Sam) is taller than both of the surgeons. This way, there is a representation of dominance. The evil mad scientist is in charge. Prop list/costumes/ mise-en-scene (majority used in surgery scene) • Lab coats x2 – For the evil mad scientist and female surgeon (Hermione) to wear. • Red nurses outfit – For the male surgeon (Michael) to wear. As a male is wearing it, it will help to add comic value to the scene. • Plastic surgeon masks x3 – For the evil mad scientist and both surgeons to wear. This will help a better surgery-like disposition. • Eye liner pencil – For the surgeons to draw guidelines on the zombies heads ready for surgery. • A pizza cutter – Acts as a surgery tool which the surgeons and evil mad scientist will pretend to use on the zombies. • A torch – This will be flashed on the zombies at the beginning of the scene to create a chilling atmosphere. • Tables x2 – The zombies will lay on these during the experimentation. The tables will act as surgery tables. • A white sheet – This will be places over the tables to give the scene a more surgery-like appearance.
  3. 3. • A white back drop –This will help create a surgery-like appearance. I feel both the white back drop and white sheet will make it more distressing. The white will make it more bright and stressful towards the zombies. It will also help to bring focus on the zombies, surgeons and evil mad scientist. • Lights –To make the surgery scene bright and more uncomfortable for the zombies, we will use bright lighting and face the lights towards the zombies. • Make-up – My partner and I will wipe talcum powder over both zombies faces to give them a different look. The white will make them look more pale as we want to symbolise they are zombies and not human. Before doing this, will put foundation on their faces as this will help the talcum powder to stick. We will use brown eye shadow to add a dirt-like effect as they are living in a graveyard so will get mucky. We will also use red water colour paints to give a bloody effect when they are being experimented on in the surgery scene. • Zombie’s costumes – As are zombies are nice, we want them to look nice. So instead of using torn rags as their costumes, we will give them more modern clothes such as punk tops and jeans. This will also make them appear trendier so help suit our teenage audience. • Grave stones – In the graveyard scene, the grave stones will help the audience realise the zombies are living in a graveyard. • Fishing nets – When the zombies are captured, the surgeons will use fishing nets to capture them to add humour. • Music (Haunted house by Axe girl) – This is the music we plan to use for our music video. I feel it has the correct mood for our story idea. The lyrics help to add the right tension for the video. As my partner and I have not yet begun filming, this prop list may alter slightly in the finished production of the music video.