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Phil health.dah

  1. 1. Phil Health Employed Members Benefits Inpatient coverage: Phil Health provides subsidy for room and board, drugs and medicines, laboratories, operating room and professional fees for confinements of not less than 24 hours. Please refer to the table of rate ceilings/maximum allowances for inpatient coverage. Outpatient coverage: Day surgeries, dialysis and cancer treatment procedures such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy in accredited hospitals and free- standing clinics. Special benefit packages: • Coverage for up to the fourth normal delivery! • Newborn Care Package • TB treatment through DOTS • SARS and Avian Influenza Package • Influenza A (H1N1) Package Exclusions/non-compensable
  2. 2. Phil Health Services Phil Health President and CEO Dr. Rey B. Aquino led the ribbon- cutting rites with Louie Locsin (left) and Rep. Abigail Binay THE Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Phil Health) recently opened its Service Office in Makati City to bring basic services right into the heart of the country's busy financial district. Located at the Ground Floor of ITC Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, the Makati Service Office will start providing such services as claims processing and payment, membership registration and ID generation, and information dissemination today, May 4. In his message to guests during the inauguration ceremonies, Phil Health President and CEO Dr. Rey B. Aquino said that with Phil Health’s aim to achieve its universal coverage mandate by October this year, the volume of transactions in the service offices is expected to increase. He added that PhilHealth's recent move to increase benefits will also translate into more daily transactions with members and stakeholders, thereby prompting Service Offices to be ready to address these demands. Aquino also thanked Luisita "Louie" Locsin, wife of Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin (1st Dist., Makati) and Rep. Atty. Abigail Binay (2nd Dist., Makati) for helping achieve universal coverage for the city. "Makati City is a good, classic example and we hope that in the coming weeks, this office will be fully operational already," he said. Locsin, on the other hand, thanked Phil Health for choosing the city as one of its prime office locations, adding that the city government is ready to provide 100 percent coverage to its residents. "You have a very big task ahead of you," she said, and posed a challenge to jointly promote Phil Health, assuring that "the premiere city of Makati will be your premiere partner in health."
  3. 3. Binay appreciated PhilHealth's new outlet in Makati saying that the move will spell greater convenience for city residents needing basic transactions with PhilHealth. "We are looking forward to working closely with PhilHealth and to a better partnership, as well," she said. The Makati Service Office is under PhilHealth's NCR South Branch. It is among the most recently-opened field offices of PhilHealth in the country, following that of Parang SO in Shariff Kabunsuan, ARMM and the Service Desk in Basco, Batanes. Health Maintainace Organization An HMO is a Managed Care Plan that provides its members with comprehensive medical care services on a prepaid basis. HMOs require that you choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and provider location from those participating in the HMO provider network. The PCP manages your health care treatment by requiring referrals for specialized services. All HMOs have a uniform basic benefit plan; however, some may offer additional benefits or may not include coverage for certain providers, such as chiropractors. Consult the specific HMO for details. All HMOs have unlimited policy maximums. See the Managed Care Plans map for the available HMO plans in your area. Benefits of an HMO A person who belongs to an HMO program will have access to a "primary care provider" who knows the person's personal, family, social, and financial situations well enough to coordinate his/her care in an effective way that will use fewer services. Your primary care provider is available to see you for basic care and for an illness. Primary care providers run tests or prescribe treatments before passing you on to a specialist.
  4. 4. HMO Services HMO (Hospital Medical Officers) Services is involved with many aspects of the junior medical staff at Austin Health. We have a joint recruitment and appointment program with Northern Health and rotate doctors to many hospitals including, Bendigo Health, Echuca Regional Health and more recently Horsham. We have the largest intern training program in Victoria, with currently 65 interns completing their Internship in 2006, as well as employing many doctors to fill positions in the Medical, Surgical and General streams. We provide specialized information to doctors, The Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria, Department of Immigration Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs and many internal departments.
  5. 5. CENTRAL LUZON DOCTORS’ HOSPITAL- EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION San Pablo, Tarlac City S.Y 2010-2011 College Of Nursing HEALTH ECONOMICS Submitted by: Zarate, Daryl Jane A. BSN II-C
  6. 6. REACTION: The story was very meaningful for me, because even though there’s an argument between their families, they still love each other; they had secret marriage because Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris. Then Juliet took potion for her to become temporarily dead. But when Romeo knew it he killed himself by drinking poison. The lesson was Romeo loves Juliet very much that’s why he did that. It was inspiring because Romeo showed his love for Juliet. That he is ready to do anything just for his love once. Then when Romeo became dead, the fight between their families had done and they became friends. The lesson is when you really love someone you should to everything just for him. Even if there’s a lot of Problems that come in to your relationship you should be strong enough to face it. That’s the true essence of love.