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Laughter tears spiritual journey
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Laughter tears spiritual journey


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  • Free Will Smite me oh mighty smiter
  • Who is God for You? SEND ME A SIGN
  • Emperor’s Club
  • Discernment
  • Transcript

    • 1. Laughter, Tears & CinemaDivinaWhat movies and television can teach usabout the spiritual journeySr. Rose Pacatte, FSPDirector, Pauline Center for Media
    • 2. GraceIn God we live and move and have our being –Acts 17:28One faith, one baptism
    • 3. Let us prayTake, Lord, and receive all my liberty,my memory, my understandingand my entire will,All I have and call my own.You have given all to me.To you, Lord, I return it.Everything is yours; do with it what you will.Give me only your love and your grace.That is enough for me. St. Ignatius ofLoyola
    • 4. What’s your drama?• What challenges have brought you here today?• What values guide your life?• What values have you internalized?• Character: human formation• Who is God for you?• What role does conscience play in your life?• The spiritual is built on the human (charactereducation)
    • 5. The classic stages of the spiritual journeyinclude• Self-awareness• Reflection• Dialogue• Discernment• Decision and action• Find God in all things• Following the Spirit• Collaboration with Jesus• Ordering relationships• Living in true freedom
    • 6. Spiritual movementsof the soul• The connection between the artists personalspiritual journey, vocation• Living in continual discernment can add meaning tothe artists life and work• Attentiveness/awareness to the flow of one’s interiormoods, desires, feelings, and the thoughts thataccompany them
    • 7. Spirituality• Need for vigilance because we are being influencedall the time for the good and what is not good; evil,that which takes us away from God is within andwithout through persons, culture, etc.• Spirituality, living in relationship with God and others,isn’t magic but will sustain us when things fall apartand we can respond with interior freedom and love
    • 8. The Spiritual Journeylasts a lifetime: the arc• We choose God (moral integration)• It’s going well … then … (has God abandoned mewhen I am trying so hard?• The more we walk in God the more light we receive(grace, help, inspiration)• Living in grace, love, good because our fundamentalchoice is for God
    • 9. Who is god for you?
    • 10. The glory of God is the human personfully aliveThings only make sense when we are focused on God
    • 11. Your Values:empathyOverarching ideals that guide your life
    • 12. Clips• Millions• Amazing Grace• The Mission• Desperate Housewives
    • 13. Conscience Conscience is the locus of decisionmaking, the place in which we areconfronted with our own moralidentity More precisely: conscience is(1)theexperience of (2)responding to themoral call (3)in freedom
    • 14.  Experience from the Latinexperior, to journey (theGreek root is peiros, trial) Conscience is not athing, a static, fixeddimension in the person,but something thatgrows with us, better inus, in our personalhistory and the world wecreate for ourselves andothers around us
    • 15. Conscience is “being-at-home-with-oneself”(Thomas Aquinas, reditio adseipsum)Conscience is knowing aboutoneself (scire) most deeplyWhere we discover ourdeepest sense of moralidentity: we do not have aconscience, we are ourconscience (Klaus Demmer)Slides on conscience kindness of Prof. R.Dell’Oro, LMU
    • 16.  Sin is homelessness(aversio) Alienation◦ from oneself◦ from others◦ from God In sin we un-do ourhistory
    • 17.  Conscience is themost secret coreand sanctuary of aman. There he isalone with God,whose voice echoesin his depths(Gaudium and Spes,16)
    • 18.  Conscience is not a monologue with oneself, but a coming tooneself out of a dialogue --con-science → cum-scire Response to a moral call◦ There is an objectivity to conscience◦ We are not constructors of the good, we are summoned toobedience by it Response to God himself◦ Hearers of the Word (Karl Rahner)Slides on conscience kindness of Prof. R.Dell’Oro, LMU
    • 19.  On his part, man perceives andacknowledges the imperatives of thedivine law through the mediation ofconscience. In all his activity a man is bound tofollow his conscience faithfully, in orderthat he may come to God for whom hewas created. It follows that he is not to be forced toact in a manner contrary to hisconscience (Declaration on Religious Freedom, 3)
    • 20.  Conscience is autonomous: not an externalconstraint, but an intimate voice◦ Difference between super-ego and conscience Conscience presupposes freedom◦ Difference between legal and moral norms We can never act against our conscience◦ Even the invincibly erroneous conscience isbinding (Thomas Aquinas)
    • 21. Who are you? How do I build a fundamental and primaryoption for God in my choices? Does this choice before me make me grow inthe fundamental choice I have made for God? The real dilemma: between minimalisticobservance and complete commitment toGod
    • 22. Growing in the spiritThe connection between the artists personal spiritualjourney and vocationMoral integrationThings only make sense when we are focused on God
    • 23. God is the still point in the turningworld- Discernment of spirits asks us to stop and listen, todiscriminate how God is calling.- Where do you find energy, excitement, and life asyou think about what you want to do?- By inviting God into the process of decision making,you come to know that what you most deeply want iswhat God wants for you.
    • 24. Growing in the Spirit• Awareness, self-awareness• Examen of consciousness• Discernment• Silence• Prayer
    • 25. Discernment of spirits• Discernment of spirits is the interpretation of“motions of the soul.”• These interior movements consist of thoughts,imaginings, emotions, inclinations, desires, feelings,repulsions, and attractions.• Spiritual discernment of spirits involves becomingsensitive to these movements, reflecting on them,and understanding where they come from andwhere they lead us.• Reference: Discernment of Spirits
    • 26. Consciousness Examen• Recall the presence of God• Look at your day with gratitude• Ask the Holy Spirit to help you review your day and understand yourchoices, actions, feelings• Review your day• What did I do today?• How did I feel?• What challenged me?• How did I overcome that challenge?• Reconcile and resolve• OUR FATHER• Reference: Consciousness Examen
    • 27. Fullness of charityLove God and do what you wantCinema divinaLectio divina
    • 28. To live in GodThe Goal of our life is to live with God forever.God, who loves us, gave us life.Our own response of love allows Gods lifeto flow into us without limit.
    • 29. To live in GodAll the things in this world are gifts from God,Presented to us so that we can know God more easilyand make a return of love more readily.As a result, we appreciate and use all these gifts of GodInsofar as they help us to develop as loving persons.But if any of these gifts become the center of our lives,They displace GodAnd so hinder our growth toward our goal.
    • 30. To live in GodIn everyday life, then, we must hold ourselves in balanceBefore all of these created gifts insofar as we have a choiceAnd are not bound by some obligation.We should not fix our desires on health or sickness,Wealth or poverty, success or failure, a long life or a shortone.For everything has the potential of calling forth in usA deeper response to our life in God.
    • 31. To live in GodOur only desire and our one choice should be this:I want and I choose what better leadsTo Gods deepening his life in me.St. Ignatius of Loyola