A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Thirteen


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Thirteen

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Thirteen

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Thirteen By RoseFyre Not much to say - sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out, but I wanted to play quite a bit of time before writing this chapter. Plus, I had my apocaversary gift. As always, I’m not going to do a recap - I strongly suggest reading earlier chapters if you want to know what’s going on. --- And, as always, I don't own Joss Whedon or any characters/places from Buffy/Angel.
  2. 2. “Hey, you, pay attention to me.” “Hey, Miss Kitty, how are you doing? I’ve got to finish this homework before I leave for college. Yeah, that’s not til Friday, but I might as well finish it early, right?” “I’m a member of the Pet Corps. Isn’t that exciting?” “I’ll play with you when I’m done writing, kay?” Miss Kitty Fantastico turned around and stalked over to her tower.
  3. 3. She climbed to the top of it and surveyed The Hellmouth, keeping an eye on her humans. She wanted to be ready when he was available to play, yes, but she didn’t want to seem too available. --- I seem to be missing any picture of Miss Kitty actually lifting Pet Security, but she did. This means that we can now use higher level beds. Unfortunately, as I have not lifted Athletic, there is nowhere to PUT these beds, and no way to sell the old ones, so…yay useless restriction is lifted?
  4. 4. That afternoon, all three of the younger kids brought home friends from school, including their cousin Harmony. Friendships were made as the kids played with water balloons. However, there were a couple other events due to happen that day.
  5. 5. Tara and Lilah became lovely teens, with clothing that suits them quite well.
  6. 6. Tara and Lilah were not the only ones with birthdays that day. Their cousin Danny became a teen as well, and their uncle Lester (Anya’s husband), became an Elder.
  7. 7. At Xander’s house, not much happened. He spent some time staring out of windows. At least this one didn’t have a door blocking his view.
  8. 8. Fred and Armando continued to be incredibly cute.
  9. 9. And Harmony decided that Riley, who she’d brought home from school, was going to be her New Best Friend. Riley was a bit nervous about the idea (and especially Harmony’s decree that he WOULD be her best friend), but, as the youngest in his family, and the only one without a built-in best friend, he decided to go with it.
  10. 10. At UC Sunnydale, life continued. “A present? For me?” “Yeah. I thought I would get you something for basically joining the family, and since I’m leaving in a few hours.” “Thanks, Dawn.” “No problem, Sophie.” She bounced a little. “Open it!” Sophie did, a smile on her face. “A cell phone! Thanks!”
  11. 11. After Dawn left, romance seemed to take over, as Charlie and Sophie woohooed for the first time, while Joyce and Toby got engaged.
  12. 12. Meanwhile, Wesley continued to dig for treasure, though he did eventually manage to earn enough money to buy a computer. Which was promptly used for writing his term paper, so that he could ignore his classes and dig for even more treasure. As he still couldn’t afford a stove or a fridge, he had no way of cooking - but he could afford a pizza. Therefore, he ordered one, which Lauren Reeves brought over. “That’ll be $40!” Wesley paid her and she smiled as she handed over the pizza. “Thanks! Call if you need another pizza!”
  13. 13. As she left, Wesley stared after her, completely ignoring the fact that his pizza was getting cold. “Wow,” he said, “she’s really pretty. I wonder if she’ll mind if I call her just to talk, even if I don’t want pizza?”
  14. 14. Wesley, however, was not quite brave enough to call Lauren just to talk. Instead, he called her for pizza, and asked her to hang out after. Sometimes she couldn’t, but as she realized that Wesley consistently asked her to stay, she began delivering his pizza last and staying until she had to return to the pizza place. That meant it was often cold, but he didn’t mind. He also ended up with way too much leftover pizza, so he ate it all the time. At least it meant he didn’t have to buy a fridge or a stove with his meager funds.
  15. 15. Meanwhile, back at the main house, life was fairly boring. Homework was done and skills were learned, and Tara taught Riley how to do his homework.
  16. 16. Xander, however, got to meet his son-in-law-to-be, though he was slightly stymied by the sight of a man wearing a kimono and a llama mask. He rolled with it, however, and found that Boyd was a nice guy once you got to know him. Plus, the fact that his daughter was getting married meant grandbabies. Grandbabies were enough to forgive almost anything, including a kimono and a llama mask.
  17. 17. “What’s going on with you, man?” Charlie asked as he and Wesley studied together. “Anything new going on in your life?” “Nah, not really. Classes, finals, digging for treasure so I can actually have furniture.” He wasn’t sure where things were going with Lauren, and he wasn’t willing to tell anyone about it yet. Not until he knew for sure. Charlie nodded. “Same here, without the digging. Much more making out with Sophie.” He winked lasciviously. Wesley laughed. “Just treat her right. She deserves it.” Charlie nodded solemnly. “I know. And I do.”
  18. 18. Meanwhile, their younger siblings, who had also been invited over, had fun together. “Okay, Tara, stop,” Danny panted. “I’ve got…to…catch my, my breath.” “What, can’t take the heat?” “Not for this long!” “Guess that means I win! Hey, Lilah!” Tara called, spotting her sister talking to their mother. “Wanna pillowfight?”
  19. 19. The next day, Wesley invited Lauren over again, and, as the weather was so nice, they hung out outside. And he finally worked up the courage to flirt with her. “I, Lauren, I think you’re incredibly beautiful.” “Do you - I mean, this outfit, it’s not-” “The outfit doesn’t matter. You’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing.” “Thank you, Wesley.”
  20. 20. Lauren leaned back a bit. “Well, I think you’re pretty good-looking too.” Wesley blushed a bit and looked down. “Thanks. Do you - will you come back tomorrow?” She smiled. “Sure. Any particular time?” “Any time is good.”
  21. 21. Lauren took him at his word, showing up first thing in the morning, as she had to go into work later. That meant Wesley was still in his pajamas when she came, however. He decided not to care, as she seemed so pleased to see him too.
  22. 22. They flirted through the day, and Lauren even managed to convince Wesley to show off his (in his opinion) meager singing talents. She thought his singing was quite good, actually.
  23. 23. When Lauren had to leave for work, they hugged tightly before saying goodbye. Wesley wanted more, and he suspected Lauren did as well, but he was determined to take this relationship slowly. He didn’t want something quick - he wanted something that would last, and he wasn’t going to ruin it by moving too fast.
  24. 24. Finally, it was Friday, and Lorne made the call for a taxi to take him to college.
  25. 25. As soon as he arrived, he signed up to major in Literature, then joined Wesley in the digging for treasure. While Wesley had managed to finish building the inside walls and had added quite a bit of furniture, the house was nowhere near finished, and Lorne’s $7500 in scholarships only went so far. --- By the way, Wesley is possibly the best digger for treasure in the history of ever. Throughout the course of this chapter, he got me three treasure chests, and he only dug for treasure when I really needed money or I was bored.
  26. 26. “Why is that human asleep down here? I thought the humans slept upstairs.” Miss Kitty shook her head as she walked past the odd human to her toy and batted at it.
  27. 27. “Look,” Riley said, holding up his homework for my benefit. “I got an A plus.” “Aren’t you excited?” I asked. He shrugged. “I suppose. It’s not really that exciting.” “It’s an A plus.” “Yeah. But it’s just school.”
  28. 28. Meanwhile, his sisters hung out with the friends they’d brought home from school. They acted according to their personalities - Tara noogied Opal Raymond a number of times, while Lilah flirted with Dwayne Kim.
  29. 29. The weekend was spent skilling, which wasn’t all that exciting to any of the kids, though some enjoyed it more than others. “Tara, why do we have to study all this stuff? It’s boring.” “Well, it’ll be useful for our futures.” “How?” “So that we can help fix the Apocalypse. And so that we can have good jobs and good lives after it’s over. Be all we can be and all that.” “I’m going to do my part as fast as I can,” Riley said, “and then go on adventures.” Tara smiled fondly at her little brother. “Have fun with that.”
  30. 30. Meanwhile, Lilah got a job as a Playground Monitor, as she’d finally maxed her body skill. She wasn’t particularly interested in having a job, but it meant more scholarship money - and based on what she’d heard from Wesley and Lorne about the state of the house, she wanted more scholarship money.
  31. 31. Lynne also became a Celebrity Chef. While it wasn’t what she ultimately wanted in life, she was quite happy, and she did make a good salary for only three days of work a week, which made it all worth it.
  32. 32. Tara also finally got her ten body points, and, like Lilah, got a job as a playground monitor. She’d been wanting a job since she’d become a teen, and it was nice to finally have one.
  33. 33. “Where are we going, Lilah?” “Out. I’ve been wanting to go out for ages.” “Yeah, but where?” “The Bronze, of course. It’s the only place worth going around here.” “Excited to go out, I see.” “Just as excited as you were about finally getting a job, weirdo.” Tara laughed. “I think you’re the weird one.”
  34. 34. When they got to the Bronze, Tara bought them both cell phones, then spent time in the hot tub and took a picture of herself. She also freestyled for tips for a bit.
  35. 35. Lilah, meanwhile, found Dwayne Kim and spent some time flirting with him.
  36. 36. Lilah knew what she was doing, and got the one thing she really wanted from Dwayne Kim: her first kiss. Becoming best friends with him was secondary.
  37. 37. Back at home, Riley played chess with his friend Chandler, who wasn’t nearly as good at the game as Riley was. After five games (all of which Riley won, and without cheating too), they finally stopped. Cops and Robbers was much more fun, anyway.
  38. 38. Elsewhere on The Hellmouth, life went on. Danny topped his teen career in Law (annoying me with the Family Sim “I’m home!” dance), and got his first kiss from Opal Raymond. They started going steady, but he wasn’t sure she was ultimately the right girl for him.
  39. 39. Will also passed on his hula dancing expertise, and Willow made friends with animals who came by the house. She wasn’t sure she wanted to adopt another pet at her age, but she would always enjoy playing with them.
  40. 40. “Congratulations on becoming a teen, dear. You look beautiful.” “Thanks, Mom. I even got good clothing!” “I can see that.” They hugged, then Harmony pulled back. “Mom, thanks for congratulating me, but could you not walk around the house in your underwear?” Fred arched an eyebrow. “You have a problem with me being in underwear? You’re fully outgoing.” “Yeah, but you’re old. It’s embarrassing.” Fred laughed. “Sorry, dear, but you’ll just have to live.”
  41. 41. Harmony wasn’t the only one to grow up. A day later, her father became an Elder, in a rather ugly outfit. --- Armando was the last of my gen 3 to elderify. How life goes on, no?
  42. 42. Dawn became the first member of generation 4 to get married, which made her father very very happy. Xander is very much a closet Family Sim, and it has become even more obvious as he’s aged - not only does he stalk babies, he gets aspiration points for family events as well! Dawn, meanwhile, was just happy that Boyd chose to wear his pajamas rather than the llama mask and kimono for the wedding.
  43. 43. Wesley’s sophomore year, and Lorne’s freshman year, went fairly well. Though Lorne did go to classes when necessary, he preferred to do other things, including talking to family members and playing darts. Wesley, on the other hand, generally completed his term papers immediately, then had time to do what he wanted.
  44. 44. Such as talking to his girlfriend on the phone.
  45. 45. And inviting his cousins and soon-to-be-cousins over. “Is that a ring, Sophie? Did Charlie finally propose?” “He did!” “Was it a good proposal?” “Very.”
  46. 46. After they’d finished talking, Wesley cooked lunch and invited his cousins to join him. Joyce was not impressed that he burned the chili, but no one else seemed to care. “So I hear you proposed to Sophie,” Wesley said. “Yeah, we went on vacation, and I proposed.” “It was very romantic,” Sophie said. “We played on the pirate ship, then he proposed on the beach, outside, at night.” “Good vacation, then?” “Very good,” Charlie said smugly. “So tell me all about it. How was the proposal? How was the pirate ship? Is Lihue fun?”
  47. 47. That year, Wesley and Lauren also kissed for the first time.
  48. 48. And then fell in love.
  49. 49. When the semester was over, both boys had aced their finals, and were ready to move on to the next year.
  50. 50. Not much happened on The Hellmouth. Tara and Lilah got enough skill points for all of those scholarships, and already had the grades necessary. And while they had jobs, there was still one more scholarship they had a chance of earning. Therefore, they spent quite a lot of time smustling. Rupert and Lynne, on the other hand, spent quite a lot of time in bed.
  51. 51. Neither Rupert nor Lynne were the type of people to neglect their children, however. Riley quite enjoyed dancing with his father.
  52. 52. “Lilah, what are you doing?” “Don’t do that again. I don’t think they’d appreciate it if you knew.” “I’m busy, Riley.” “Oh.” “Yeah, but why are you touching that girl? I thought girls only touched boys? Mommy only touches Daddy.” “And why were you spying anyway?” Lilah turned to face her brother. “When did you see Mom and “Cause I was playing International Sim of Mystery, of Dad touching?” course.” “I was spying on them last night.” “Right. Of course.”
  53. 53. “Tara, I’m bored.” “School was bad today?” “I already knew everything! Why do I have to be there if I already know everything?” “I doubt you know everything, Riley, but it’ll get more interesting when you’re older.” “I hope so.” “Want to play red hands with me? Maybe it’ll make you less bored.” “Okay!”
  54. 54. Both girls also topped their teen careers, becoming Substitute Teachers at the local public school.
  55. 55. And Riley finally had his birthday.
  56. 56. He became a good-looking teen, and I was struck by his resemblance to his father. --- As far as I can tell, the only differences between Rupert and Riley, looks-wise, are eye color (Rupert has brown, Riley has gray) and superficial stuff like hairstyle and clothing. I’m not an expert at telling sims apart, but I really don’t see any other differences.
  57. 57. “Who’s a cute little kitty?” Lynne cooed as she played with the family cat. They could have given Miss Kitty away after she’d topped her career, but none of the Whedons had even thought of doing so. Miss Kitty’s eyes narrowed. “You may be Mine, but that does not mean you can lift me up like this. Put. Me. Down.” Lynne, meanwhile, snuggled the cat. “You’re a cute little kitty, yes you are.” As Lynne bounced her, Miss Kitty meowed loudly. “Put me down! This is incredibly undignified!”
  58. 58. As the teens got their ten body points, they began inviting their cousins over, who they’d met at school and followed home on the bus, and began to really get to know each other.
  59. 59. At UC Sunnydale, Joyce finally got her degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology. While she waited for the taxi to pick her up, she avoided going upstairs - but even downstairs she could feel the ceiling shaking. Charlie and Sophie were definitely woohooing again. The cheerleader cheering them on, though? Well, that was new.
  60. 60. When the taxi came, Joyce left the house, growing up into a lovely yellow dress and messed-up hair, due to her hair being binned as custom. I vowed to replace it when I had the chance. She then headed for her new house, where her sister had already settled, as there wasn’t room for either couple back at their parents’. Harmony would inherit that house instead. She married her fiancé, Toby Pitts, in a lovely lawn ceremony. Luckily, he didn’t mind the messed-up hair.
  61. 61. They certainly weren’t isolated, however. Xander often visited, especially once he had grandbabies. Here he’s holding Darla Aurelius Whedon, Dawn’s daughter. He wasn’t the only one, either. Everyone came by to see the first member of generation 5.
  62. 62. As college went on, Lauren found herself visiting Wesley more and more often, and enjoying it quite a lot. Sometimes, it seemed that she was practically living at Lowell House except when she had to work or sleep - since they weren’t sharing a bed, yet. Not that there was a double bed at Lowell House, though Wesley said he was close to getting the funds for one.
  63. 63. Therefore, it wasn’t much of a surprise to be greeted by a kiss from Wesley.
  64. 64. What was a surprise, however, was the fact that he promptly got down on one knee. “Lauren,” he began, “I love you, and I want-”
  65. 65. Before he could finish, she pulled him to his feet, then stepped back. They stared awkwardly at each other for a minute. “Do you not want to marry me?” Wesley asked, looking down as he tucked the box back into his pocket. “I thought - I thought we were moving in that direction.”
  66. 66. “We are,” Lauren answered. “And I do love you. But there are some things we have to discuss first.” “Like what?” “Let’s go inside and talk there, okay?”
  67. 67. “What did you want to discuss?” Wesley asked once they were sitting on the couch.
  68. 68. “Well, your family is the one that has to fix the Apocalypse, right?” “Yeah, we are. When I graduate, I’m going to have to move back home and help with that.” “And where do I fit in, Wesley?” “What?” “You tried to propose to me without talking about this at all. Are you heir? Am I supposed to help with this? If you’re not, how soon will you be able to move out and marry me?” “Oh. Right. All of that.”
  69. 69. “I haven’t thought about that,” Wesley said with a shrug. “You and school have been more important to me. What do you think about all of that?” “I don’t think I want that kind of pressure. I don’t want to be the one the Apocalypse depends on.” “Would you be willing to wait? I do have to lift a restriction, but then I can move out and marry you.” “Yes. I don’t - I’d rather get married immediately. But if it’s a choice between being the Apocalypse spouse and waiting for you, I’d rather wait.” He nodded. “Right. Look, I’ll talk to my parents soon, figure this out. Then I’ll talk to you again.” “Okay. It doesn’t - do you want to be heir? I don’t want to stand between you and your dreams. I, maybe I can live with it…”
  70. 70. He pulled her into a hug. “You’re more important to me than the heirship. It’s not something I’ve ever felt a need for, either - yeah, I thought about it once or twice as a child, but not seriously.” “Thanks,” she said, leaning back and grabbing his hand. “I do love you.” “I love you too.”
  71. 71. After Lauren left that evening, Wesley sat down with Lorne for a late dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. They ate in silence for a while. “Have you ever thought about the heirship?” “Not really, why?” “Well I tried to propose to Lauren today-” “Congrats!” “Yeah, well, she said no.”
  72. 72. “What?!” “She wanted to know if I’d thought about the heirship, and fixing stuff, and where she would fit in.” “Oh.” “So I said I would talk to Mom and Dad, try and figure it out, and then talk to her about marriage again.” “That makes sense, I guess.” “Have you thought about it? Do you want to be heir?”
  73. 73. “Me?” Lorne asked. “I don’t know. What about you?” Wesley shrugged. “Hadn’t really thought about it. But Lauren doesn’t want to be the spouse…” “And you want to marry Lauren.” “Yeah. So, yeah, you might want to think about it yourself - I’m going to invite Mom and Dad over to talk about it, but it would probably help if we both know what we’re thinking.” “Right.”
  74. 74. The next day, Wesley and Lorne invited Lauren, as well as their family, over for a water balloon fight and some food.
  75. 75. Then, once they’d finished eating, Wesley and Lorne pulled their parents upstairs. “What’s going on, boys?” Rupert asked. “And did we have to sit up here? My back and knees aren’t so good anymore.” “It’s the most private place in the house, Dad,” Lorne said. “And we wanted to discuss heirship.”
  76. 76. “What about heirship?” Rupert asked. “Have you chosen an heir, Dad?” Lorne asked. Rupert shook his head. “I haven’t, no. I figured I would leave that up to you kids, and, well, the girls and Riley are still teens.” “Yeah, but we’re not,” Wesley said. “What Wesley means,” Lorne said bluntly, “is that he tried to propose to his girlfriend yesterday and she wanted to know if he was heir or not before saying yes.”
  77. 77. Lynne turned to her eldest son. “You’re dating a gold-digger?” Wesley rolled his eyes. “It’s not the way it sounds. Lauren isn’t sure she wants the responsibility of being the spouse, and to be honest, I’m not sure I want the responsibility of being the heir either. She wanted to know if I was heir or not because she’d rather I wasn’t.” “Oh,” Lynne said. “That’s fine, I suppose.” “Any girl any of us dates is never going to be good enough for you, are they, Mom?” Lynne smiled. “It’s my job as your mother. Rupert will look at Tara and Lilah’s boyfriends in exactly the same way.” “Yes,” Rupert said, “yes, I will.”
  78. 78. “So yeah,” Wesley said, “I don’t think I want to be heir. It’s never particularly interested me, and Lauren is more important to me.” Rupert nodded. “What about you, Lorne? Do you want to be heir when you’re an adult?” “Me?” Lorne shook his head. “No. I’ll lift a career, I guess. But I don’t want to get married, I don’t want kids, and none of it really interests me. So, no.” “Talk it over with the girls and Riley, Dad,” Wesley said. “Maybe one of them will want it.” Rupert nodded. “I will, when they’re all in college. Speaking of, how are you two doing? How are your classes? Wesley, you’ve mentioned your girlfriend; what’s she like? Lorne, do you have a girlfriend yet? Or a boyfriend?”
  79. 79. Lorne laughed. “No, Neither a boyfriend nor a girlfriend, though when I do, it will be a girlfriend.” They sat, and talked, and caught up on each others’ lives.
  80. 80. And when his parents had left, Wesley found Lauren once more. After a quick kiss, he led her upstairs.
  81. 81. “You were finally able to afford a double bed!” “Yeah, we did some digging last night. But that’s not why I brought you up here.” “It’s not?” “No. Lauren, I spoke to my parents, and I’m not the heir.”
  82. 82. “And I love you, and want to spend my life with you. When I’m done lifting a restriction and can move out of my family’s house, will you marry me?” “Oh, Wesley,” she said, looking at the ring. “Of course I’ll marry you!”
  83. 83. After they kissed, they relaxed on the new bed together. “Were you hoping for some woohoo?” Lauren asked coyly. “No, I would never - I wouldn’t ask you to go faster than you wanted-” “Wesley,” Lauren interrupted him, “I want woohoo. With you. Now.”
  84. 84. “Well,” he said, as they ducked under the covers, “if you’re ready, I’m definitely ready.”
  85. 85. The next day, I was paying attention to Lorne, who was studying for his class, when I heard a lovely lovely boingy noise of doom.
  86. 86. I unfortunately missed the moment, but based on Wesley’s memories and what I did catch… I suspect Miss Cow here flirted with Lauren.
  87. 87. Miss Cow made Wesley cry. We do not like when Wesley cries.
  88. 88. Miss Cow? Is going down.
  89. 89. “GO WESLEY!” Lorne yelled, cheering his brother on as he fought.
  90. 90. “Oh God,” Lauren said, “he doesn’t need to fight over me! I’m not interested in the cow!”
  91. 91. Wesley won, which meant that Miss Cow did not have to die. Unfortunately, Miss Cow was not done causing trouble.
  92. 92. As Wesley and Lauren were trying to talk later that evening, Miss Cow decided to hit on Lauren again. Lauren was not amused. “I’m not interested in you, you heifer. I have a fiancé who I’m very very happy with. In addition, you’re female. I’m not interested in women. So stop trying to flirt with me.”
  93. 93. After Lauren left, Wesley took his own chance to yell at Miss Cow. “If you ever set foot in this house again, I will END you. And I’ll do worse if you EVER flirt with my fiancée again. Do you understand me?” Miss Cow didn’t answer; instead, she simply left the house. And I was left to try and repair everyone’s relationships. --- I’ll admit, I made Lauren selectable to check what her relationship was with Wesley. She was annoyed at Miss Cow, but not at Wesley, which I’m assuming has to do with the fact that I saw what happened before Wesley could slap her and stopped him from doing so. Unfortunately, Wesley’s relationship with Lauren? -100/-100. Lorne’s wasn’t much better. And both of them were furious with her - but at least I could control them and make them play nice.
  94. 94. Therefore, we invited Lauren over every day, starting with interactions and activities that Wesley was willing to do, such as water balloon fights, hanging out in the hot tub, and playing darts. Unfortunately, by the end of his junior year, the relationship still wasn’t fully repaired, though it was at least moving in the right direction.
  95. 95. Back on The Hellmouth, Lynne managed to contract food poisoning. Luckily, a few baths, some relaxing, and a trip to the Energizer cured her quite handily. --- At around this point in time, I realized that all seven of my main sims (Rupert, Lynne, Wesley, Lorne, Tara, Lilah, and Riley) were finally cured of the cold that had been traveling around my hood for a while. Therefore, I cheated to cure the rest of the hood, since I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I wasn’t going to cheat to cure the main sims, since that would be really anti-Apocalypse, but using a hack to cure everyone else? Hell yes.
  96. 96. Riley also began working on his body skill, becoming fit in the process. “Great!” he said, “this means I’ll be more able to go on adventures!”
  97. 97. Tara and Lilah also made another trip to The Bronze. Tara spent time freestyling for tips, while Lilah chose Zachary Erickson as her third victim.
  98. 98. “Look, I like you as a person, but I’m gay.” “What?” “I was your uncle’s first kiss.” “So?” “So I’m gay.” “I bet I can convince you otherwise.” “Oh yeah?”
  99. 99. “Yeah.”
  100. 100. That afternoon, Tara was very down when she got home from work. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
  101. 101. “I got fired.” “Ouch.” “Yeah. And I lost my Young Entrepreneur's Award too.” “Double ouch.” “And I just lost a whole bunch of aspiration points.” “Triple ouch.” “So yeah, I am not happy.”
  102. 102. As Tara smustled to cheer herself up, Riley skilled some more. “Okay, I maxed my body skill. Can I do something else now?” “Didn’t you enjoy it?” I asked. “You got aspiration points.” Riley shrugged. “Yeah, but it really wasn’t very exciting.”
  103. 103. “Hey, Dad.” “What’s up, Riley?” “So, I maxed my body skill today.” “Yes?” “And I want to do something exciting, have an adventure.” “Like what?”
  104. 104. “I want to see a ghost.” “What?” “Lilah says there used to be ghosts in the house, and now we have a cemetery with the graves. I want to see one.” “Riley, I don’t think you understand how dangerous ghosts are. They killed my grandmother, both of my parents, my aunt, and my uncle.” “The danger is what makes it exciting.”
  105. 105. “Well, alright,” Rupert said. “We’ll go to Restfield Cemetery and look for the ghosts. But we’re only staying for one hour, and if you don’t see a ghost during that time, I’m sorry, but we’re not staying longer. Alright?” “Fine.” Riley, however, knew that he would go back again if he wasn’t successful this time, whether or not his parents wanted him to. He was going to see a ghost, no matter what it took.
  106. 106. Therefore, later that night, the whole family got in the car and went to Restfield Cemetery. They were all quite hungry, so we bought a fridge and they stood around and ate while they waited for a ghost to show up. Unfortunately for Riley and fortunately for everyone else, none of the ghosts came out that night. Riley grumbled, but they returned home anyway.
  107. 107. Time went on. Family gatherings happened.
  108. 108. Harmony made most of her cousins upset by cheating while playing chess.
  109. 109. And I somehow managed to get into a fight with Joe Carr. He caused it. I swear.
  110. 110. Xander knew his time was getting short. Therefore, he spent as much time with his daughters and his granddaughter (and the glitchy birthday cake candles that wouldn’t go away) as he could.
  111. 111. Which meant that he was also there when Joyce gave birth to her daughter, Faith Lehane Whedon.
  112. 112. “Wazzat?” Darla asked her grandfather as he snuggled her that evening. She’d never seen a baby before, and had no idea what the odd thing might be. “That’s your cousin Faith. You get to be the big cousin, Darla. When you’re older, you have to watch over Faith and protect her from the bad things. Can you do this?” Darla didn’t quite understand what her grandfather wanted her to do, but she knew he wanted her to do something, and, well, he was Grandpa. “Okay, Grandpa,” she said, “I do.” “Good girl.”
  113. 113. Meanwhile, Harmony topped her teen career, while Marisa got fired from hers. And Xander got into a fight with Everett Thompson. Luckily, he won. Or Mr. Big there would have been very very unhappy. You don’t hurt my Xander.
  114. 114. Unfortunately, there was one thing I couldn’t save Xander from.
  115. 115. RIP Alexander Lavelle Harris Whedon, eldest sim of generation 3, my first sim ever to die both permaplat and of old age, at 75 days (not counting the large amounts of elixir he took to keep him closer in age to his siblings). You’ll be missed.
  116. 116. After Xander’s death, life went on, as various sims dealt in their own ways. Fred and Armando chose to reaffirm life.
  117. 117. Marisa went a bit loopy. “Uh, Uncle Will, she does realize she’s not facing Aunt Anya even though they’re singing the sea chantey together, right?” Will nodded sadly. “Yes. Yes, she does.”
  118. 118. Harmony and Lilah did their best to ignore it, staying cheerful despite their uncle’s death. Well. Sort of cheerful. Gossipy counts as cheerful, right? Especially for sims who share 3 nice points between them.
  119. 119. And Wesley reaffirmed his relationship with Lauren.
  120. 120. “What are you doing here? My brother and his girlfriend finally made up, and you’ll just ruin things again. Get out, shoo, go home!” Lorne was not always the most patient person when dealing with people who annoyed him, and Miss Cow certainly annoyed him.
  121. 121. “What’re you so happy about?” “Vacation plans are made! Now I just have to convince Wesley to come.” “I don’t think that’ll be too hard.”
  122. 122. Lorne immediately headed upstairs, where he found his brother playing darts. “So, Wesley, remember how Charlie told us about his vacation to Lihue a couple years ago?” “Yeah.” “Want to go on one?” “Just us?” “Yes.” “Sure.” “Good, cause I already made the reservations.”
  123. 123. Therefore, the next day, Wesley and Lorne left for Lihue.
  124. 124. Both boys bought new clothing, and Wesley also changed his hair, though not much. After that, however… Well, they split up. At times, it seemed like two separate vacations were going on on the same lots.
  125. 125. Wesley built a sandcastle.
  126. 126. Went on tours.
  127. 127. Learned to firedance.
  128. 128. Spent time in the sauna.
  129. 129. Played on a hammock.
  130. 130. Ate pineapple surprise.
  131. 131. Went swimming.
  132. 132. In short, he did all the normal vacation things. He also called his fiancée a few times. “Yeah, I’m having a great time, Lauren. Nah, haven’t seen Lorne in a while. I think he’s off with some girl. Yeah, no, you wouldn’t believe what all he’s been up to.”
  133. 133. While Wesley did all the usual vacation stuff… Lorne discovered dating. --- For a long time, I’d been watching Lorne, wondering how much he really fit his aspiration, as he didn’t really roll the usual wants, instead wanting lots of friends, best friends, and for his siblings and cousins to come to college. Oh, and to influence people to do stuff (which, not possible). Dating still isn’t allowed in the main hood, but it’s allowed in vacation hoods. Lorne’s first date? Well, I’m pretty sure it woke him up to all the possibilities that were out there.
  134. 134. There was Tracy.
  135. 135. And Carla.
  136. 136. And Cara.
  137. 137. And Pamela.
  138. 138. Unfortunately, none of his “girlfriends” were happy that he was also sleeping with other girls.
  139. 139. And yet, even after catching him cheating…they still found him hot. Go figure.
  140. 140. “Yeah, uh, we’re ready to check out. My brother managed to render us completely broke by renting those extra rooms to woohoo in. At least he didn’t do it in my bed, right?” “Uh, yes, sir.”
  141. 141. And with that, Wesley and Lorne returned to UC Sunnydale.
  142. 142. When they got back home, woohoo was in the air. Wesley and Lauren had a happy reunion in the hot tub on the roof, while Lorne worked on conquest number 5: Patty Mullins, the cheerleader.
  143. 143. Back on The Hellmouth, it was time for the next set of teens to go to college. Danny, unfortunately, must have had a “family member dies” fear, as he was bright red when I got to him, despite the positive “Xander left me money” memory. Luckily, making best friends with Wesley was enough to get him into the low gold, at which point he was ready to leave.
  144. 144. “My brother is dead, isn’t he?” “Yeah, he is,” I said. “Which means Anya and I are next.” “Well…maybe.” “Maybe?” “I think Anya’s husband may actually be next.” “Oh. Well, I’ll be there for her.” “Good.”
  145. 145. “So, Riley, is there anything special you’d like to do now that it’s just us and your mother in the house?” “Can we go look for the ghosts again?” Rupert was glad he’d just taken a bite, so that he could take the time to chew and not have to answer immediately. “Are you sure you want to? The ghosts are very dangerous. I grew up in fear of them, Riley. We all avoided the kitchen because they might kill us. My father had three mental breakdowns because they kept scaring him, but even that was better than him dying.”
  146. 146. “Dad, I know how to take care of myself. I’ll make sure to eat and sleep and all that before going in, so that even if I get scared they won’t kill me.” Rupert looked at his son worriedly. He couldn’t understand Riley’s obsession with seeing the ghosts, and didn’t particularly want to. It highlighted for him the differences in how he’d grown up from how his children had grown up. All of the things that he and his siblings and Lynne had fixed - they hadn’t even been concerns for his children, whereas, for them, the opportunity to go to college, to have Jumbok, to sell things, to not have to deal with the ghosts, to call people and look for jobs every day, to shower and bathe and have birth control - all of those things were things he hadn’t grown up with. “Alright, Riley,” he said. “We’ll go. But only for an hour at a time, and only after eating.” Riley grinned. “Thanks, Dad!”
  147. 147. At UC Sunnydale, Danny grew up quite well, and into decent clothing too. As he had no clue what sort of job he wanted, he decided not to declare a major immediately.
  148. 148. Tara and Lilah, on the other hand, knew what sort of jobs they would have to have - and Tara, at least, knew what she wanted to do with her life. Therefore, Tara chose to major in literature, while Lilah chose to major in drama. As for their clothing? Both of them were very happy with what they grew up in. After a bit of exercising (neither of them wanted to get fat), they chose to explore the house.
  149. 149. Tara found herself upstairs, where she saw her brother and his fiancée cuddled on the double bed.
  150. 150. “Tara, I love you, it’s great to see you here, but can you get out?” Lauren added her own shooing motions to Wesley’s. Tara rolled her eyes and left the room.
  151. 151. Later that afternoon, all four siblings gathered for a soak in the hot tub. “Lilah, why are you staring at me like that?” “How come you got a bikini while I got this ugly thing?” “I think it looks very nice.” “Great, want to switch?” “If we could, I would.”
  152. 152. “So, what did you guys want to talk about?” Tara asked as she settled herself in the last corner of the hot tub. “Well,” Wesley said, “you guys have seen how small the house is.” Both girls nodded. “And even though I’m leaving in three days, we only have a limited number of beds.” “That means you two get to share,” Lorne said bluntly.
  153. 153. “Wait, I have to share a bed with Lilah?” “Yes,” Lorne said. “Is that a problem?” Wesley asked. “But, she’s going to have guys in the bed! And girls! I don’t want to share a bed with someone who’s going to use it for woohoo!”
  154. 154. Wesley and Lorne exchanged a glance. “Well, uh,” Wesley said. “Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to be able to avoid that here,” Lorne said.
  155. 155. “Wait, what?” Tara asked. “You don’t - please tell me that at least it’s not the same bed I caught you in this morning, Wesley.” No one answered her. “But, you don’t, I mean…Wesley, why are you woohooing someone? Lorne and Lilah don’t surprise me, but you?” “Tara, I’m only woohooing my fiancée. Those two-” he gestured at Lorne and Lilah “may not believe in true love, or marrying the one you love, but I do. And I also have no problem with woohooing the person who I am engaged to and plan to marry.” “But in the only double bed that I have to sleep in?” Wesley blushed a bit, but grinned. “Yeah.”
  156. 156. “We do only have the one double bed,” Lorne said. “Then can’t I have one of the single ones?” “Sorry, no. When I move out, you can have mine, but I want it for now,” Wesley said. “Yeah, I’m not willing to share with any of you,” Lorne added. “But…” Lilah, meanwhile, just smirked. She didn’t get why her twin was such a prude, but such things couldn’t be helped.
  157. 157. “Look, if it’ll make you feel better, I’m sure Lilah won’t woohoo there while you two are actually sharing the bed, right, Lilah?” Wesley asked. Lilah rolled her eyes. “Fine. But the hot tub had better be available.” “The hot tub?” Tara asked, her voice getting much higher on the last word. “Yeah, the hot tub. The one we’re sitting in,” Lilah said. “You can woohoo in these, too, you know.” “Wait, what? Do you mean-” Tara looked at her brothers. Lorne was smirking, while Wesley was blushing and trying to hide a grin. “Oh EW!”
  158. 158. Tara promptly climbed out of the hot tub. “That is just gross!” Then she went back downstairs.
  159. 159. “Think she’ll ever get over that?” Lilah asked once Tara was gone. “I don’t want her moralizing at me.” “She will,” Lorne said. “When she finds the right guy,” Wesley added. “Be nice to her?” “I’m still using the hot tub.” “And we have no problem with that.”
  160. 160. That evening, Tara tried the room with two single beds, hoping she could maybe snag one of them before her brothers went to sleep. Unfortunately, they were both already in their beds.
  161. 161. Therefore, she went to the room with the double bed, where Lilah was already asleep and dreaming of woohoo. She climbed gingerly into the bed, glad that she’d at least had the forethought to change the sheets that afternoon. ‘At least Wesley’s leaving in three days,’ she thought as she finally fell asleep. --- Turn the page for more info!
  162. 162. So, yes, Wesley and Lorne are not heirs, and Wesley is engaged to Lauren Reeves. And yes, the cow was not planned. I was not happy. As for the heir? I’m 99% sure who I’m going with, but I want to see what Wesley lifts before declaring it for sure. I have a goal for him, yes, but I want to make sure it works.
  163. 163. I hope I managed to get everyone’s aspirations across Tara Maclay Whedon during this update, but just in case I didn’t (Dawn, Fortune (Criminal Mastermind) Joyce, and Charlie were already listed in another update, so I’m not going to repost them in this one): Lilah Morgan Whedon Romance (20 Woohoos) Wesley Wyndham-Pryce Whedon Family (Captain Hero) Harmony Kendall Whedon Popularity (Celebrity Chef) Lorne Whedon Romance (Rock God) Riley Finn Whedon Knowledge (Space Pirate) Daniel Osbourne Whedon (Danny) Family (Golden Anniversary)
  164. 164. Unfortunately, I have to start letting the more distant cousins go, which is why you didn’t see more cute pictures of Darla and Faith. And this picture was one I considered using, but I wanted Faith to be visible - and she’s not, here. Xander died this update, at 75 days in simWorld. He’d been in my game for a full year when he died, lived through the insanity that was, well, everyone’s deaths except Joss’s, and had to get passed over for heirship. In many ways, he acted as the family rock - Rupert may have been heir, but Xander was the one everyone asked for opinions. I will miss him.
  165. 165. Lifts that have been lifted! (and a dormie in a crazy Music (Joss) outfit of doom) Science (Eloise) Military (Martin) Hopelessness (Joss) Culinary (Buffy) Alien Tech (Liam) Education (Anya) Adventurer (Willow) Pet Showbiz (Kobe) Business (Lynne) Service (Kim) Paranormal (Will) Security (Miss Kitty Fantastico) Medical (Fred) Gamer (Rupert) Only 10 lifts to go, and we’re about to start on the next set! See you all for that and more in Chapter 14!