A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Ten


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Ten

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Ten

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Ten By RoseFyre As always, I suggest you read earlier chapters before reading this one - I’m not going to go over everything that happened before! --- Still don’t own Joss Whedon or any characters/places from Buffy/Angel.
  2. 2. On Monday morning, Kobe woke up to find a toddler sitting on the floor by her bed. “So this is a toddler,” Kobe said as she watched the newly toddlerified Wesley playing with his talking rabbit head. “I don’t think I want it touching me like it’s touching the rabbit head.” Though Wesley wasn’t beating the rabbit head into the ground, he wasn’t exactly being gentle with it either. Kobe, wisely, didn’t let herself get grabbed.
  3. 3. “Hey, you. Sorry I wasn’t here to play with you - I had to eat.” Wesley just held onto his father’s neck. He liked being hugged. Then his stomach gurgled.
  4. 4. “Hungry?” “Food!” “I guess that means you’re hungry,” Rupert said to his son. “Not a problem.”
  5. 5. Downstairs, Lynne found herself with both a promotion and her second baby bump.
  6. 6. As Lynne headed upstairs to take a nap - work had left her exhausted - Rupert finished teaching Wesley how to walk.
  7. 7. “Who’s a good walker?” Rupert asked as he cuddled his son. “No walk! Fwy!” Rupert laughed and lifted Wesley up, making airplane noises all the while. “Yay! Fwy!” Then he yawned. “I think it’s time for all good airplanes to take a nap.” Wesley fussed a little, but he didn’t protest as Rupert laid him in his crib.
  8. 8. “Have a good nap?” Rupert asked as he came downstairs and found his wife at the stove. “Short, but yes. I woke up with a rumbling stomach and a serious craving for burgers.” “If you don’t mind, I’ll join you.” “Not at all.” Lynne turned from the stove to flash Rupert a quick smile and kiss him on the cheek as he came over, then returned to the burgers before they got too well-done.
  9. 9. “So how is work going?” “Good! I got a promotion to Minor Leaguer today.” “That’s great!”
  10. 10. Lynne hesitated a moment, then decided to just ask the question. “How is the job search going for you?” “It…isn’t, really. With only one job in the paper…” “Yeah.” “Plus, well, Will and Fred can’t move out until they top careers, so I’m trying to give them first choice.” “Fred’s doing well in Medical, though.”
  11. 11. “She is, but I know that Will’s not happy being an Artist.” “Are you sure you’re okay?” Rupert shrugged. “Writing novels will do until I find something better.” Lynne nodded. “Alright. If you’re sure.” Rupert smiled. “I’m sure, but thanks for worrying.” Lynne grinned. “It’s what I do best.”
  12. 12. Meanwhile, upstairs, Wesley had woken from his nap, and he was not happy about being stuck in his crib. “Want out!” he yelled as he rattled the bars. Unfortunately, his parents didn’t hear him.
  13. 13. Then he discovered, that if he rattled the crib enough, the bar went down! He managed to push it down far enough that he could get his leg over it, then he dropped easily to the floor. This was great! Needless to say, when his parents came upstairs half an hour later and found him on the floor, they were very surprised.
  14. 14. On Tuesday, Will’s job didn’t start until late. Therefore, he slept in, and by the time he woke up, it was already noon, and the computers were working. “Slacker - useless until Law is lifted, Science - done, Journalism - useless, Medical - Fred’s already a General Practitioner - and…oh! Nice. Definitely taking that one.” “What is it?” I asked. “Someone’s looking for an Exorcist!” “Take it!” “Don’t worry, I definitely am.”
  15. 15. Will then headed upstairs, where he maxed his Charisma - the last skill he needed for a promotion in the Paranormal field.
  16. 16. Meanwhile, downstairs, Lynne had started feeling pains in her abdomen. “Yoo-hoo! Going into labor here!” Rupert rushed into the room to help her, and found that he really wasn’t much help at all.
  17. 17. Luckily, Lynne didn’t need much help. Lorne Whedon was born without a problem. He got black hair, like both of his parents, but, unlike Wesley, he got his mother’s gray eyes.
  18. 18. Then she passed Lorne off to Dawn, who had been walking by, and invited everyone over for a family gathering to meet their newest member.
  19. 19. “Where are you going? I thought you guys were having people over.” “We are, but Will’s not the only one who found a job today.” “Oh? Nothing else on the computer seemed useful.” “No, but the paper had an ad for a Trash Talker.” “Ooh, that sounds great.” “Yes.”
  20. 20. While Lynne hosted everyone, and they all cooed over Lorne, Will took care of Wesley. Though he’d taken a new job, he had the night off.
  21. 21. Therefore, he taught Wesley how to talk. “Tank you for talking, Unca Will!” “No problem, kiddo.”
  22. 22. The next night, before Will left for work, he took the time to take Lorne to his birthday cake. Xander had stopped by - drawn to his baby nephew, as he was to Wesley when he was a baby - and various other walkbys stopped to participate in the birthday celebration.
  23. 23. “Hey, you look a lot like me.” “Hi!” Lorne giggled a bit as Will tickled his sides. Luckily, while Lorne does have similar hair to Will, he did not get Will’s mouth.
  24. 24. When Will had to leave for work, he brought Lorne up to the nursery and set him down to play with his brother.
  25. 25. Then he put on his skullcap, painted his body, and got dressed for his first - and hopefully only - night as an Exorcist.
  26. 26. “Dat bruder?” Wesley asked, looking at Lorne. “Yes,” I said. “You two are brothers.” Wesley patted Lorne on the head. “I like bruder.” Lorne smiled up at him. “Hi!”
  27. 27. “Night?” “Yes, goodnight, Lorne,” Fred said as she kissed her youngest nephew on the forehead. Then she picked Wesley up (he was wandering toward the toilet) and placed him in his own crib. By then, Lorne was asleep. As Fred walked upstairs to her own bed, she found Rupert working on another novel and Lynne exercising. She smiled at them, told them the boys were asleep, and went to bed herself.
  28. 28. A few hours later, at three in the morning, Will came home to a silent house - Rupert and Lynne had both gone to bed themselves. “Is everything good, sir?” the driver asked. “Yeah, thanks,” Will said as he exited the car. “Very good.” As the car drove off, Will boggled at the fact that, after only one day of work, he was already a Cult Leader, with a personal driver and his own followers. As he walked upstairs, he avoided the ghosts, vowing to do something about them soon.
  29. 29. In the morning, Will woke up and took out a special gift that he’d received at work. There’d been instructions, as well, but he still wasn’t sure about using it. Instead, he decided to relax and wait for Rupert to come upstairs after breakfast.
  30. 30. “Will, hey.” “Hey.” “Um, what is this?” Will got up from the bed. “I wanted to talk to you about that.”
  31. 31. “Well, you know I started my new job last night.” Rupert nodded. “I got promoted to Cult Leader almost immediately.” “Congratulations.” “Thanks. And everyone at work, they gave me that thing - they called it a bone phone - as a gift.” “And you wanted to talk to me about it?” “Right.” “Um, why?”
  32. 32. “Because, according to the instructions they also gave me, it can resurrect people who have died.” Rupert blinked. Then he blinked again. “Wait, what?” “Apparently it can bring the dead back to life.” Rupert’s mind raced. “You’re thinking about Mom and Dad.” “I’m thinking about Aunt Cordy and Uncle Liam.” “Oh. Oh!”
  33. 33. “What I’m worried about is, if we do resurrect them, are we forcing them into this life again? Should we let the dead remain dead?” Rupert nodded slowly. “I don’t know. I don’t think we can decide this ourselves.” “You want to include everyone?” “I want to include everyone, yes, but I especially want to include Xander. He’s the only one who really remembers Uncle Liam-” “And Aunt Cordy was his mother,” Will said.
  34. 34. “I’ll try and reach everyone,” Rupert said, then sighed. “Chances are you won’t be able to.” “I know. But we still have to try.” Then he looked at the bone phone. “Keep this in your Inventory for now? I don’t want the boys coming across it.” “They’re still in the nursery.” “Not for long.” Will nodded, and did as Rupert asked.
  35. 35. “We're sorry, this line is busy. Please try calling back later.” “Stupid phones!” Rupert growled, then slammed the phone down. He wasn’t going to be able to get a line out until Tuesday, he knew, but he had to try. Unfortunately, he also had to go to work. Therefore, he put down the phone, got dressed, and headed out.
  36. 36. While Rupert, Lynne, and Fred went to work, Will fed both boys and taught Lorne how to walk.
  37. 37. Then he left the boys with their rabbits once more.
  38. 38. And he moved the graves outside, as far away from the house as possible.
  39. 39. Fred had been steadily getting promotions all week, and she began work on Thursday morning as a Surgeon. When she got home at four, she was a Medical Researcher. However, Medical Researchers end work at six, so Fred got in the car and went straight back to work. And when she returned at six, she was Chief of Staff!
  40. 40. Fred immediately sold the sinks on the second and third floors, replacing one with a shower and one with a shower/bath combo. She also brought a changing table to the nursery. It was also decided that the third floor needed a bit of remodeling. While Fred and Will both planned to move out as soon as possible, that option wouldn’t be available for five more days - until Tuesday. And, as Wesley was due to grow up, they would need another bed. And while they couldn’t move the bed, they could - and did - move the wall. --- In case you’re wondering, the two outside beds are the originals, and have been there since Buffy and Cordy became children. The wall, however, used to be on the outside of the bed on the right, and has been moved, and the middle bed has been added.
  41. 41. The remodeling hadn’t been done a moment too soon - Wesley grew up into a child that night, with his mother and brother looking on.
  42. 42. He immediately headed downstairs to play chess, while his mother took advantage of the new changing table to change Lorne.
  43. 43. And his father took advantage of the new shower. “Ah, this is the life. I actually feel clean!”
  44. 44. “So they moved the graves, huh? Too bad.” “Can’t go inside?” “Nah, I can, but…meh, they’ve earned some freedom.” I sighed in relief. “I doubt Joss will agree, though.”
  45. 45. Meanwhile, at Xander’s house, Joyce was discovering that sitting in a kimono wasn’t as easy as it looked.
  46. 46. Marisa was discovering the wonderfulness that is showers.
  47. 47. And Xander was discovering what it felt like to be permaplat. --- First permaplat sim since Eloise! …And it only took changing his lifetime want and Elixiring him to get him to do it during his adulthood.
  48. 48. And, on Wednesday, Dawn greeted Headmaster Vince Walter for the first private school meet and greet of the Apocalypse. She didn’t particularly care about getting in to Hemery High School, but her mother wanted her and her sister to, and Joyce said it sounded like fun.
  49. 49. While Dawn gave Headmaster Walter a tour, Joyce cooked some salmon, as she had the most cooking points of anyone in the house, despite being the youngest. Then she went to finish her homework, while Marisa regaled the Headmaster with tales of the family’s work to fix the Apocalypse, despite the fact that none of the members of their house had actually been able to lift restrictions themselves.
  50. 50. “Thank you for having me over, Mrs. Whedon. It was a lovely dinner.” Marisa smiled. “It was no trouble.” “And I would be very pleased to accept Dawn and Joyce to Hemery High School.” “Thank you very much.” “Of course.”
  51. 51. “Excited about Hemery?” “Definitely! I can’t wait!”
  52. 52. “Glad the girls are in private school?” “It makes me happy.” “I know.” Xander smiled at his wife, then lifted her hand up and twirled under it. Marisa giggled. “Do you know what else Fred invented, aside from the showers and baths and hot tubs and changing tables and litter boxes?” “What else?” “Birth control.” Marisa giggled as Xander dipped her; then, they headed upstairs.
  53. 53. After their fun, Xander headed downstairs to cook some chili. Unfortunately, he managed to burn it. Luckily, he’s had plenty of experience putting out fires, so he managed quite well.
  54. 54. That night, Dawn took some Elixir, so that she would be able to go to college the next week. --- Dawn actually started life about two weeks younger than Rupert and Will. However, in order to make generation four closer in age, I have decided to give her and Joyce each an extra week or so as teens.
  55. 55. “Okay, I’ve found the bad side of showers and baths.” “Oh?” “Fixing them when they break.” “It’s no worse than broken sinks.” “I guess.”
  56. 56. Over at Willow and Anya’s house, Anya continued to work on her skills.
  57. 57. And with little fanfare, Kim became an Elder - though she really didn’t look much different than she had as an adult.
  58. 58. “Huh, so this is what a potty is,” Willow said as she tried to teach Charlie how to use it. “Potty?” “Yeah, potty.”
  59. 59. “Okay, this thing is gross,” Willow said, as she realized that she had to empty the potty after Charlie used it.
  60. 60. “Your potty stinks, you know.” “Stinky!” Charlie giggled as Willow blew raspberries into his stomach. “Yeah, you stinky little kid, you.”
  61. 61. Willow, however, was not the one who finished teaching Charlie how to use the potty. That was Lester.
  62. 62. “Kitty!” Kim had decided to wander through the nursery, much to her detriment, as Charlie happily strangled her. Turns out she’s not as smart as Kobe after all.
  63. 63. Willow, meanwhile, discovered that their brand new hot tub was incredibly fun.
  64. 64. Even if some of her relatives didn’t know when to leave her alone.
  65. 65. After she finished with her lovers, while Anya skilled and Lester stargazed, Willow taught Charlie to walk.
  66. 66. “Willow, it’s great that you’re doing so well on your lifetime want, but I really really really don’t need to hear about every single one of your lovers.” Rupert had come home from work with Anya that evening. Willow pouted, then she smirked. “It’s funny to see you react.” Rupert put his head in his hands. “Great to know I’m good for entertainment.”
  67. 67. By Thursday morning, Charlie had maxed his Charisma. Therefore, he started working on building his Logic skill.
  68. 68. However, when the pieces didn’t fit, he got fairly violent.
  69. 69. And, on Thursday evening, by the toddler toys, Charlie became a child.
  70. 70. A very cute child.
  71. 71. He immediately went downstairs, and was much nicer to Kim than he had been as a toddler. “I guess I’ll let him be nice for now. But if he strangles me again, he’s toast!”
  72. 72. As Lester and Anya were home to watch Charlie, Willow headed out and worked quite a bit on her lifetime want, woohooing 20 sims. She didn’t complete it, but after a few days at the Bronze, she was significantly closer.
  73. 73. Back at the main house, Will taught Lorne how to use their brand new potty, and didn’t find cleaning it out all that arduous. Then again, he has far fewer Neat points than anyone else in the family. “Good boy!” “I good?” “Very good.” Lorne grinned. “Yay!”
  74. 74. And, as Will was the most available of all the adults in the house, when Wesley came home from his first day of school on Friday, Will was the one he asked to help him with his homework.
  75. 75. Lynne, meanwhile, worked on the skill points she needed to top Athletic and achieve her lifetime want. She was getting steady promotions, but she still needed some skills.
  76. 76. However, while Will was often the main child-watcher, he wasn’t the only one. On Saturday, Rupert became best friends with his younger son.
  77. 77. “What are you reading, Aunt Fred?” “Just a book,” Fred said, as she made sure the cover of the romance novel was hidden. “What are you reading?” “A book on Charisma.” “Sounds interesting.”
  78. 78. When Fred finished her novel and Wesley went to bed, she headed downstairs and taught Lorne how to talk.
  79. 79. And, on Sunday night, Lorne became a child, growing up in the same pajamas as his older brother.
  80. 80. After Lorne went to bed, Lynne pulled Rupert into the bedroom. “I thought you wanted to wait until you were doing better in your career.” Lynne smiled. “I am doing better. And I’ve got all the skill points, and the friends, so all I need is the promotions.” “Are you sure you’re okay with having more kids?” Lynne smiled. “Yes. Okay, so pregnancy isn’t fun, but you know what? The kids are worth it.”
  81. 81. Rupert didn’t need any more convincing.
  82. 82. When he wasn’t working, Rupert spent most of his time writing novels. He always wanted to sell them, and, as he ultimately wanted to earn $100,000, each novel sold brought him that much closer to his goal.
  83. 83. “Hey, Wesley!” “Hey, Lorne! Ready for school?” “I think so!”
  84. 84. “So that’s how you study.” “Thanks, Aunt Fred!” Lorne said as he finished his homework. “I think I get it now!” Wesley grinned. He already knew how to do homework.
  85. 85. And that evening, Lynne discovered that she was, in fact, pregnant again.
  86. 86. At Xander’s house, Dawn and Joyce continued working on their skills, and Joyce finally maxed her Body skill.
  87. 87. She immediately found the newspaper and got a job as a File Clerk in a nearby Law office.
  88. 88. And, when Marisa got home from work, she, like her husband, was permaplat.
  89. 89. On Friday afternoon, Dawn brought Herman Mann home from school and decided that he would do for her first kiss.
  90. 90. However, he refused. “Fine. Refuse. But you will kiss me.” “Will I?” Dawn smiled. “You will. After I get home from work.” She flounced out of the room and down the stairs. Herman was a bit unnerved, but he still chose not to leave.
  91. 91. “Hey, Fred, what’s up?” “I was just exercising, and, um, do you mind if I come in?” “No problem.”
  92. 92. As they entered the house, Marisa exchanged a look with Xander. Fred seemed unsettled - maybe they could help her. “Is something wrong?” Marisa asked.
  93. 93. Fred twisted her lips. “Well, you guys know I topped Medical, right?” They both nodded. “I’m trying to figure out what I want to do now. Oh, I know I want to be a Journalist, and to marry Armando, but…” “But?” Xander asked. “But,” and Fred blushed, though she tried to hide it, “I’m nervous about living on my own.”
  94. 94. “What do mean?” Marisa asked. “I’ve always lived with family members, you know? Everyone, then Rupert and Will, then both of them and Lynne and the kids. I’m worried about being lonely.”
  95. 95. “Not about leaving the ghosts?” Xander joked. Fred rolled her eyes. “No. Besides, Rupert and Lynne are making plans to buy and build a cemetery. They can’t reach the real estate office yet, though.”
  96. 96. Xander and Marisa exchanged a glance. Then Marisa spoke up. “If you want, you and Armando can move in with us.” “Really?” “You’re not planning on having huge amounts of kids, are you?” “Hell no. One, maybe two at the most.” “Then it’s fine. We’ve got all that space on the third floor - we can put another bedroom up there for you two.”
  97. 97. “You sure?” Xander nodded. “We’re sure.” Fred grinned. “Thanks. You don’t know how happy that makes me.”
  98. 98. Then she stood up and grabbed Xander into a hug. “I should probably go - I told Lynne I would help her with the cleaning while she’s pregnant. But thanks.” “No problem. You’ve always been my favorite sibling. We singletons have to stick together.” “Definitely.”
  99. 99. When Fred got home, she found that Lynne was taking a nap, so she decided to make and eat dinner. “Hey.” “Hey, what’s up?” “Not much, just stopped by Xander and Marisa’s.”
  100. 100. “Cool. So, I was thinking, we’ve both topped our careers - you want to move out together when the housing listings are available on Tuesday?”
  101. 101. Fred winced. “Um, actually, I was talking to Xander and Marisa about that. They invited me to move in with them.” Will crushed his burger. “Oh.”
  102. 102. “I’m sorry?” “It’s fine. I’ll figure something out.” “I didn’t, I mean, I’m sure you can stay here if you want, Rupert won’t mind.” “I might.” “What?” “Fred, I can’t date while I live here.”
  103. 103. “Oh. Right.” “Whatever. I’ll find something.” “I’m sorry.” “Don’t. I’ll be fine.” “Are you-” “Yes.” And with that, Fred decided that being quiet was probably the smarter choice, since Will seemed to want her to be.
  104. 104. While Fred went upstairs, Will found himself imagining her face on the dartboard. Oh, he wasn’t really mad at her, specifically, but he was annoyed that she hadn’t really thought about the fact that he wasn’t sure about what he was going to do, either, and that she hadn’t even considered moving in with him. And now he had nowhere to live starting on Tuesday.
  105. 105. When he came home from work, Rupert found that the dartboard had some new holes in it, and so did the wall around the dartboard. “What’s up?” “Fred’s moving in with Xander on Tuesday.” “Oh.” Rupert watched Will throw another dart. “Is something wrong with that?” “I asked her to move out with me.” “Ah.”
  106. 106. Rupert let Will keep using the dartboard and just watched. “You could stay here.” “I could. I don’t want to. I want dates, Rupert. I can’t have them here.” “Right.” Rupert watched his brother. “Let me have a turn?”
  107. 107. Rupert grabbed some of the darts as Will stood, lost. He had no idea what he was going to do. “I’ve got an idea,” Rupert said. “Oh?” “Let me check it out first?” Will nodded, slowly. “Alright.”
  108. 108. When Dawn returned from her job, after Fred left, she continued flirting with Herman and did, in fact, convince him to kiss her. Dawn is very nice, but she’s also very persistent.
  109. 109. At Willow and Anya’s, Willow continued to really enjoy the hot tub. In fact, she quit her job in order to work on her lifetime want.
  110. 110. However, even when she went to The Bronze to find women, she also spent time catching up with family members and various friends.
  111. 111. Lester also started a new job in Journalism, his lifetime want.
  112. 112. “Help me with homework, Aunt Willow?” “Sure thing, but only if you stop calling me aunt. It makes me feel old. Why aren’t you asking your mother, anyway? She was a teacher for a long time.” “She’s working on her novel, and I want to do it now.” Willow shrugged. “Okay. I can deal with that.”
  113. 113. After finishing her novel and maxing her Creativity, Anya became the third sim in a very short time to make her lifetime want.
  114. 114. And Lester kept stargazing. He did, however, learn that stargazing during a thunderstorm was not always a good idea. Luckily, he survived.
  115. 115. And, on Sunday night, Anya realized how old she was getting. Lester hadn’t managed to get abducted, and while he still had some time, the house sometimes seemed empty with only one child in it. Therefore, they tried for another.
  116. 116. Xander’s house wasn’t the only one with a fire that week; Willow had to put one out herself. Luckily, the only thing that stayed burned was the pancakes.
  117. 117. Charlie got his A plus on Monday, but unfortunately was unable to actually reach his parents before he got the urge to cheer.
  118. 118. And that evening, Anya discovered that she was, in fact, pregnant.
  119. 119. On Tuesday, Wesley came home to the family gathering with his own A plus, which his mother and uncle cheered for.
  120. 120. And one of the animals, though I don’t know if it was Kobe or a visiting one, destroyed Jumbok. I was not happy.
  121. 121. Meanwhile, Fred - and Armando - moved in with Xander and Marisa and their children.
  122. 122. And they immediately got started on their first - and probably only - child.
  123. 123. Anya also stopped by, and Xander admired her pregnant belly.
  124. 124. And Dawn started college at UC Sunnydale. She actually grew up into a good outfit, too!
  125. 125. “Yeah, Dad, I’m here. Safe and all. I’ve got a house and everything.” “Good, good. You’ll be fine, call us if you need anything?” “I promise.”
  126. 126. As Joyce got into bed that night, she found that it felt odd not having Dawn there. They’d always shared a room. Soon, though, they’d be sharing a house at college.
  127. 127. At Willow and Anya’s, Charlie happily showed his outgoing points, talking to anyone who called and the few people he already knew on the phone all evening, while his parents and aunt entertained their friends and family. Rupert also managed to get the word out that there was going to be a meeting at their house that night, and that all of the adults should come. Joyce volunteered to stay and watch Charlie, much to everyone’s relief.
  128. 128. In order to make it possible for all ten adults to talk, Rupert and Will moved a lot of the furniture - the chess table, bookcase, and lamp, primarily - and dragged chairs up the stairs. Lynne volunteered to help, but neither of them let her, as she was pregnant and probably shouldn’t be lifting heavy things. Even Wesley and Lorne helped carry the chairs, though they weren’t allowed to stay for the meeting. After saying hello to everyone, they changed into pajamas and went to bed. And thus, all of the adults sat down to talk.
  129. 129. “Thanks for coming, everyone,” Rupert said to the gathering. “I - we - asked you all here in order to talk about something that Will brought home from work on Thursday morning. As you all know by now, he became a Cult Leader on Thursday.” He turned to his brother. “Will?”
  130. 130. “See, the thing is, the people at work gave me a thing they called a bone phone,” he said, taking it out of his Inventory and placing it in the middle of the gathering. “It’s supposedly able to bring back the dead.” Will waited for the uproar to die down. “And what me and Rupert were wondering, is whether we should bring anyone back.”
  131. 131. Rupert took up the narrative. “Specifically, we were thinking about Aunt Cordy and Uncle Liam. Though Uncle Liam did discover Alien Technology, he never got to the top of a job field. In fact, he never even got a job. And Aunt Cordy was working on Education when she died, but she didn’t finish it, and Anya later did that.” He took a breath. “So we were wondering whether we should bring them back, to help fix the world, and whether we should bring everyone else back, for better lives - Mom, and Dad, and Grandma, and Grandpa, and that random guy who died.”
  132. 132. “And if we choose not to,” Lynne added, “I bought a community lot to use as a cemetery.”
  133. 133. Rupert turned to the rest of the family. “So we wanted all of your opinions. Especially yours, Xander, since you’re the only one of us who really remembers either of them.”
  134. 134. Xander shrugged. “I, um, you’re asking me? I…I don’t know.”
  135. 135. Fred looked down. “Well,, I don’t know if I would want to be resurrected to help with fixing the world and all that.” “What do you mean?” Armando asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I was willing to do my part, but aren’t the dead at rest? Should we really wake them up to bring them back here to help?”
  136. 136. Armando nodded. “You mean, are we forcing them to help fix things?” Fred nodded. “Yeah.”
  137. 137. Lester raised his hand shyly, and Anya nudged him to speak. “Weren’t, weren’t L-Liam and Cordy both F-Family Sims? Would th-they be willing to, to live here and h-help without dating or m-marriage or children?” “That’s…a good question,” Anya said.
  138. 138. Willow nodded. “Yeah, they were both Family Sims.” She looked around the group. “And we’re three Fortune Sims, two Pleasure Sims, two Popularity Sims, two Knowledge Sims, and me, and I can definitely say that I do NOT understand Family Sims. Do any of you?”
  139. 139. “Well, I didn’t like having to wait until I finished my career to get married,” Fred said, “and I’m not a Family Sim.”
  140. 140. “And, well, Aunt Cordy was married - and Dad is dead, too, and old. A lot older than she was.”
  141. 141. Marisa put her hands in her lap. “The whole thing is a bit, well, unbelievable.” Xander nodded. “I don’t know if any of you realize this, but Mom and Liam were both younger than any of us when they died. I can’t imagine being older than my mother. And while I didn’t know her all that well - I was still a baby when she died - I did know Liam. He…he never liked living in an Apocalypse.”
  142. 142. He turned to his siblings. “I can’t put them through this. Maybe, after we finish the Apocalypse, we can resurrect everyone - them, and Aunt Buffy, and Dad, and even us, if we’re dead by then. But not now.”
  143. 143. “You know what?” Anya asked. “We can fix this ourselves. We have the ability to make this Apocalypse better, and we will. We don’t need to bring them back to do that for us.”
  144. 144. “Then we’re decided?” Rupert asked. Everyone nodded. “Alright, no resurrection until the Apocalypse is completely fixed. Thanks for coming, everyone, and I’m glad I didn’t have to make the decision alone. I may be the heir, but that doesn’t make me the only one with a brain.” Most of the group grinned at that. Rupert stood up. “I’m going to check on the boys, but you’re all welcome to stay.”
  145. 145. After he tucked the boys in, Rupert caught Willow and Anya as they were about to leave. “Mind staying for a moment?” They exchanged looks, then shrugged and followed Rupert to the kitchen. “I don’t know if you guys know this, but Fred moved in with Xander and Marisa today.” “What does that have to do with us?” Willow asked.
  146. 146. “Well, Will asked Fred to move out with him, but she had already made plans to move in with Xander. I told him he was welcome to stay here, but he doesn’t want to.” “You’re asking us if he can move in with us, aren’t you?” Anya asked. “Yes.” “We don’t have space for another bedroom,” Willow said.
  147. 147. “Do we really need another room, though?” Anya asked. “I mean, we’ve got two beds in Charlie’s room, and the baby won’t need a bed for a while.” “I guess Will could share with me, too, if he doesn’t mind sleeping in a bed I’ve woohooed in.” Anya nodded. “We’ll ask him.” Rupert sighed in relief. “Thank you.” Anya smiled at him. “No problem.”
  148. 148. Rupert pulled Willow up into a hug. “No, really, thanks. I wasn’t sure what to do if you said no.” Willow hugged him back. “Yeah, it’s cool.”
  149. 149. As Anya got up, rubbing her back, Rupert waved at her stomach. “Hello in there. You’re going to have a cousin almost the same age as you, you know.” Anya smiled. “Lynne is pregnant, after all.” And when Rupert smiled, he almost glowed.
  150. 150. Lynne had gone downstairs to go to bed and everyone else had left, so Will lounged on the couch, staring at the bone phone.
  151. 151. “I thought you guys were leaving.” “We were, but we needed to speak to you.”
  152. 152. Will sat up. “About what?”
  153. 153. “Well, now that you can move out,” Anya began, “we were wondering if you wanted to move in with us.” “Rupert put you up to this, didn’t he?” “Oh, he asked,” Willow said as she checked herself out. “But we wouldn’t have said yes if we didn’t want to.” Anya glared at her. “I wouldn’t have.”
  154. 154. “The only problem is, we don’t have space for another bedroom for you,” Anya said. “There’s another bed in Charlie’s room, though, if you don’t mind sharing with him.” “Or you could share with me,” Willow said as she adjusted her hair. “If you don’t mind sleeping in a bed I’ve woohooed in.” Will smiled at that. “As long as I can woohoo in the bed, too, sure.” Willow grinned. “Nice. And sure, why not?”
  155. 155. “Alright,” Will said as he stood up. “Just let me grab my things.” --- And that’s it for Chapter Ten! Turn the page for more info.
  156. 156. Will did do a lot of the childcare, especially after he got into Paranormal - since his schedule was fairly open. However, everyone participated, and most of the adults who lived in the house are best friends with both boys. Oddly, Will did seem to finish teaching pretty much every skill, though that wasn’t intentional. None of the adults wanted to, so I didn’t feel like anyone specific had to. Lorne’s personality: 10/7/9/6/3 (Scorpio)
  157. 157. And the most exciting news? Being able to move the ghosts! I have built a community lot for a cemetery, but they couldn’t buy the lot until Tuesday - and Will lifted Paranormal on Thursday. Therefore, the graves were moved as far away from the house as possible. In case you’re curious, the graves are, from left to right, Joss, Eloise, Liam, Buffy, Martin, Cordy, and Bradford Ford (the random townie).
  158. 158. Oddly, the ghosts still appear where they originally died. After they scare someone, however, they end up outside, and pretty much stay out there - and one scare is a small price to pay for not having to deal with the ghosts for a while. After that, they reappear outside every time they come back.
  159. 159. I did consider resurrecting Cordy and Liam, for the reasons stated in this update - they’re still eligible to lift restrictions. However, I also decided against it. As I said, they’re both Family Sims, and they’re now younger than gen three, which would be odd. Cordy would be lost without Martin and children, I think, and Liam…Liam had so much hurt in his life already. I can’t put him through more. After the Apocalypse is over, everyone will be resurrected, but not until it’s done.
  160. 160. Lifetime wants are being worked on, which is making me happy - none of gen two got theirs, after all. But Xander, Marisa, and Anya are all permaplat, Lynne and Lester are in their LTW careers, and Willow and Will are both working on theirs (20 woohoos and 50 first dates, respectively). Yes, I’m letting Will cheat, but he did not cheat while he still lived in the main house. Fred and Armando both need to get into their LTW careers, however, and Rupert is slowly working toward his LTW of earning $100,000, though it is going slowly.
  161. 161. By the way, the cats are still around; they’re just not doing all that much. Hrm. Do I have anything else to say. Oh, right!
  162. 162. Current Restrictions Lifted Music (Joss) Science (Eloise) Hopelessness (Joss) Military (Martin) Alien Tech (Liam) Culinary (Buffy) Education (Anya) Pet Showbiz (Kobe) Adventurer (Willow) Service (Kim) Business (Lynne) Paranormal (Will) Medical (Fred) In case you’re curious, that’s 13 (including the not required Alien Tech) - halfway there!
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