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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nineteen
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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nineteen


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nineteen

A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Nineteen

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter NineteenBy RoseFyreHaven‟t got much to say, except YAY for being almost done! This is not my last update, but if things go well…itshould be my second to last. We shall see!Also, a warning: there is some naked butt in this chapter, but nothing more. Just so you know. :D---Still don’t own Joss, the Buffyverse, or anything that comes from that.
  • 2. After Kate left the house and moved to UC Sunnydale, Connor sat down at the computer to search for jobs oncemore.“Hm,” he said, looking at the ads. “Artist would be useful. I wouldn‟t mind a drumset. But…” He paused for amoment, then clicked on another ad. “If I‟m quick, I can get permaplat. Culinary it is.” He frowned at thecomputer. “I hope this happens today. Then maybe I can take that Artist job.”
  • 3. Afterwards, he called up the matchmaker and, now that he was living in a house with money, asked for a date.
  • 4. It went fine, but Connor just wasn‟t that interested, and he wasn‟t that upset when his carpool came and interruptedhis date.
  • 5. And, when he got home, it was to permaplatness.This made both of us happy – as Connor‟s dating life had been less than satisfactory, and he was a Pleasure Sim, theway permaplatness made his wants unnecessary was a wonderful thing.
  • 6. Luckily, the Artist job was still there, though work didn‟t start again until Monday. As it was still Thursday night, thatwas a long time to wait, but Connor didn‟t mind – staying home from work was fun!
  • 7. And it wasn‟t like he was rushing to move out, either. Living at home was perfectly fine, especially now that hisbedroom had been redone with a double bed.
  • 8. The next day, Tara finished her newest novel.She frowned at the computer as she checked her email. The novel was a bestseller, which was great, but she wasworried. She was running low on ideas.Lilah‟s escapades, Tara‟s most common idea source, had toned down since she‟d started having kids, and Tara hadalready written about practically every single lover Lilah had had in college.She was going to need a new source, but she wasn‟t sure what that was.
  • 9. Meanwhile, Connor, who had the day off, asked the matchmaker for another date – a woman this time.It went even worse than the last one had.
  • 10. He ended the date and headed inside, where he found his aunt standing by the television. “What‟s up, Aunt Tara?”She turned to look at him. “I think…whoa.”Then she spun around.
  • 11. “What am I wearing?” she asked. “This needs to change. Now.”
  • 12. Tara wasn‟t the only one to age up that night, and she definitely wasn‟t the only one to age up into horrible clothing.Lilah also looked down at what she‟d aged into and immediately went for a change of clothing.
  • 13. “You look good, sis,” Tara said. “Very much like you, but still appropriate.”“You‟re only as old as you feel,” Lilah said.“And woohoo keeps you young?”“Well, why shouldn‟t it?”Tara shook her head, a wry smile on her face. “I love you, sis.”“Love you too.”
  • 14. The next day was a Saturday, and none of them had to work (or at least didn‟t have work til much later), so Tara,Lilah, and Connor invited the whole family over for a party.
  • 15. There was at least one person there who wasn’t a family member.Connor, still on the hunt for a date who wouldn‟t bore him an hour in, had invited over the gypsy matchmaker oncemore.
  • 16. “Hello,” Tara said hesitantly.“Hello, dearie. Are you looking for love?”Tara immediately started to say no, but then stopped. Thoughts of her novel, of her sister, of her entire life ranthrough her head. “Yes,” she said instead. “Yes I am.”“If you want true love, it‟ll cost you.”“How much?”“Five thousand.”
  • 17. The Fortune Sim in Tara rebelled at the price, but she‟d mellowed with age. It only took a second of hesitationbefore she got out the money. “Here you go.”“Ah, I sense you will find true love indeed,” the gypsy said. She swiftly pocketed the money and got out her crystalball.
  • 18. The gypsy gestured at the man who‟d just dropped from the sky. “This is Phoenix Go. He is your perfect match.”“Thanks,” Tara said. Then she turned to the man.
  • 19. “Hi,” she said, “I‟m Tara. Whedon. Tara Whedon.”“Pleased to meet you!” he said.
  • 20. While he seemed to find her attractive, Tara still had no idea what she was doing. Was this the right choice? Shouldshe back off, as she always had before?„No,‟ she thought, „not this time.‟ With renewed determination, she began to flirt.
  • 21. Luckily, Phoenix was very good at keeping her calm, and making her feel comfortable, and she found she didn‟t mindthe date at all.
  • 22. Her first kiss wasn‟t even bad at all.
  • 23. As Lilah left for work, she watched her sister and her date. „I hope this breaks her out of her shell a bit,‟ Lilahthought. „She could use that.‟
  • 24. As the sun began to set, Tara put her arm on Phoenix‟s waist. “Do – do you want to come upstairs?”“Are you sure?”Not at all. “Yes.”
  • 25. They went up to her bedroom and got in bed.
  • 26. “Thank you,” Tara said. “That was…that was good.”Phoenix smiled at her. “You‟re welcome.”
  • 27. Then she went downstairs and wrote the prologue of her next novel.
  • 28. The next morning, Lilah cornered her sister. “So, did you finally try woohoo?”“Yeah, I did.”“How was it?”Tara shrugged. “I don‟t get what you see in it. It was fun enough, but I don‟t feel a need to repeat it.”“Not your true love then?”“Not sure anyone is.”
  • 29. Lilah put her hands on Tara‟s shoulder. “If you don‟t want to have more, you don‟t have to.”Tara shook her head. “I hope I‟m not disappointing him.”Lilah shrugged. “He‟ll deal. And if he won‟t, I‟ll make him deal.”Tara burst out laughing. “Thanks.”
  • 30. Soon after, Kate found herself at Graham‟s house, listening as he told her all about what he‟d been doing at schoolsince she‟d moved to UC Sunnydale.“So,” she said, “found a new girlfriend yet?”He shook his head. “Haven‟t wanted to.”“There‟s two years til you get to college.”“I don‟t care.” He looked at her. “What about you?”---JossCordyXanderDawnDarlaGraham
  • 31. “Well, college is great,” Kate said. “I haven‟t done much, but it‟s great.”“Is there anyone? I mean, for you.”For a moment, Kate considered teasing him, but she decided not to. “No,” she said. “There isn‟t. I haven‟t foundanyone I want more than you, but…not now. Not when you‟re this young, and I‟m not.”He nodded. “Date if you want, but I bet I‟ll sweep you off your feet when I get to college.”“You can try.”“Oh I will.”
  • 32. Elsewhere on The Hellmouth, life continued.Glory and Kennedy expressed their playfulness in many ways – some shared, some individual.They were very lucky to have a number of relatives who would indulge them in almost anything they wanted.
  • 33. Of course, sometimes those relatives were quite absorbed in their own lives, but that was okay too.
  • 34. Quite involved in their own lives.
  • 35. “Daddy, who was that lady who came out of your room this morning?”“Her name is Sandy. She was…visiting.”“Is she going to be our new mommy?”“Do you want a new mommy?”Kennedy thought for a moment. “Well, Amanda has a daddy and a mommy. But she doesn‟t have a sister. I‟drather have Glory than a mommy.”“Me too. Then no mommy it is.”Kennedy nodded. “No mommy.”
  • 36. Meanwhile, at UC Sunnydale…not everyone was actually spending their time at the university.Drusilla, who was a bit sick of her housemates (as Amber tended to yell at anyone who disturbed her studying andBen shamelessly flirted everywhere with any woman who breathed), spent an evening in Los Angeles chatting withthe delightful Count Aubrey.It was a nice break from the monotony of college.---JossBuffyFredHarmonyBen
  • 37. “Have a good time in Los Angeles last night?”“Yeah, I had a lot of fun. Met this awesome vampire.”Ben raised an eyebrow. “A vampire?”Drusilla shrugged – as much as she could while playing the guitar, anyway. “He was very polite.” She poked a footat the tip jar. “You going to tip me?”“You‟re my housemate. Anything I put in will come back to the house funds anyway.”“Yeah, but I want to earn $10,000, and tips are the easiest way.” Ben grinned, then put a bill in the jar.
  • 38. That evening, Count Aubrey stopped by.Drusilla had a blast talking to him, and learned quite a lot about vampires.
  • 39. She even tried flirting with him, but it didn‟t quite feel right.So, when the sun came up and he had to head for his coffin, she didn‟t protest.
  • 40. “So,” Drusilla said the next morning, “I see you don‟t have a girl here today.”Ben grinned. “I hit twenty woohoos last night.”“Your lifetime want?”“Yup.”“So what do you want now?”“I‟d like to be a Celebrity Chef.”“Suits you, Mr. Outgoing.”
  • 41. Ben laughed. “I come by it honestly.”“True enough. I cannot count the number of times I‟ve seen both your parents naked in the hot tub.” Drusillapaused for a moment. “So you‟re not sleeping around anymore?”He shrugged. “If I find someone I want to sleep with, I will. If I don‟t, I won‟t. But there‟s not that burning needanymore, you know?”“Not really. I‟m not permaplat.”“What do you want?”“To be a Hall of Famer.” Drusilla bit her lip, thinking. Then she decided to go for it.
  • 42. “And,” she said, reaching up to caress his face, “I want you.”He grabbed her wrist. “Are you sure of this, Dru?”“I am.”“You were never interested before.”She shrugged. “I didn‟t want anyone back in high school. And, I mean, I noticed you were a boy, but…it‟s justobvious, with all those girls you‟ve always had around. I like you, and I think I want more.”He nodded. “I may not always be able to be faithful.”“I hope you‟ll try.”
  • 43. He pulled back, grinning. “Let‟s try dating first, before we make anything permanent.”“Of course. I don‟t even know if I‟ll like kissing.”He thought back over what he knew of Drusilla and her history. “You‟ve never kissed anyone.”“No.”“Well, we‟d better fix that.”She grinned. “You‟ve got all that experience, so you‟d better make it good.”“Oh, I will.”
  • 44. He pulled her close and kissed her.When they pulled apart, he smiled. “Good enough?”“Oh yeah.”They dove back into the kiss, somehow managing to stumble upstairs, still hanging onto each other. Ben tried tolead Drusilla to his bedroom.“No,” she said. “Not where you‟ve been with everyone. We‟ll use mine.”
  • 45. When they managed to find their way to the bed, Drusilla stopped Ben from kissing her immediately. “There‟s onemore thing I want, Ben. Out of life.”“What?”“I‟d like to be a vampire. Is that going to be a deal breaker?”“I don‟t have to be one too, do I?”“Nope. Just me.”“Then go for it, and well see if we can deal.”She nodded. “Thanks.”
  • 46. He pulled her into a cuddle. “Shall I ravish you now?”She laughed. “You‟d better put that experience to good use, mister.”“Oh, trust me. It‟ll be the best woohoo you‟ve never had.”Drusilla was quite pleased to learn that he wasn‟t exaggerating at all.
  • 47. And that night, Drusilla invited Count Aubrey over once more and convinced him to turn her into a vampire.
  • 48. “You‟d better not bite me with those fangs,” Ben said afterwards.“Don‟t worry, I have no plans to. I do, however, have plans to kiss you for the next couple of hours.”“I like those plans.”
  • 49. As it neared dawn, Ben called the matchmaker and asked her to come over, but this time not for a date.Instead, he bought five bottles of vamprocillin, just in case Drusilla ever bit him or anyone else – and just in caseshe ever wanted to be cured.
  • 50. And, at the same time, Drusilla went to bed in her new coffin.
  • 51. When Kate arrived at UC Sunnydale, the first thing she did (after changing into better clothing) was check out theroom that Connor had lived in – the room that would be hers.It wasn‟t her style at all.
  • 52. “There,” she said to herself, once it was redone, “much better.”
  • 53. She found the rest of the house rather jarring as well – her mother and aunt had decorated their house in muchmore neutral tones – but decided she could live with it. It was college, after all.
  • 54. As it was rather late at night, Richard and Lindsey were both asleep, but Robin, fresh from a date, was wide awake.He happily sat and talked with her, about his classes and other such things.He skipped over any discussion of his string of girlfriends.No matter that she was dating, no matter that their mother often had random men and women in the house – hewasn‟t ready to tell his baby sister about such things.When they were done, they both headed to bed, though only for a few hours. Neither was tired enough to sleep forlonger.
  • 55. In the morning, Richard and Lindsey greeted their sister, and then all four headed out to class.
  • 56. Kate settled in quickly, choosing to major in Mathematics. Whenher brothers offered help she told them quite firmly that shedidn‟t need any, and took over the computer to write her termpaper immediately.This left them time to pursue their own interests.
  • 57. Not listening to them did have some consequences, however, such as being totally unprepared when the SecretSociety came for her.Luckily for the Secret Society, Kate decided to be happy about that.
  • 58. The boys‟ interests also had problems, sometimes, such as the time Roberta Connor caught Robin with Cathy Eliot.It wasn‟t pleasant.
  • 59. However, despite such insanity, life was fairly calm at Lowell House.They often found themselves inviting their cousins over, which included the newly-vamped Drusilla.
  • 60. “So how do you like being a vampire?” Richard asked. He was very curious about it.“I love it!” Drusilla smiled happily. “It‟s great.”“No problems with classes so far?”“None at all. Why? Are you thinking of becoming a vampire?”Richard shrugged. “It sounds like fun.”“You should probably lift a restriction first.”“Unfortunately, yeah.”
  • 61. Now that they had some cash again, Richard invited over the matchmaker once more.“I do hope you give me someone better this time,” he said. “Preferably someone who‟s not in love with anyone inmy immediate family.”“I‟ll try, dearie, but I cannot predict the course of true love.”Richard rolled his eyes. “It‟s not true love if he‟s in love with Mom. Just no.”
  • 62. Unluckily for Richard, the date drop was, once more, Kate‟s father.“No,” he said. “Absolutely not.”“But he is perfect for you!”“He‟s my sister‟s father. No.”Damon left, leaving Richard alone with the matchmaker. “Alright,” he said. “One last try.”
  • 63. Fifth time lucky – the matchmaker finally managed to drop someone suitable.“Thank you,” Richard said. “Now go.”And, as the matchmaker left, he settled in to enjoy his date with Ramin Centowski.
  • 64. They both had a very good time.
  • 65. When Richard had to end the date to go to class, Ramin joined Kate at the table for some jello.“So you‟re Richard‟s new boyfriend?” she asked.Ramin shrugged. “It hasn‟t gotten that far.”“Well, if it does, be warned – if you hurt him, I will hurt you.”He looked at her. “I‟m a police officer, you know.”Kate grinned. “Doesn‟t matter. Hurt him, I hurt you. End of story. Oh, wait. Not end of story. Hurt him, I hurtyou, and then Connor, Robin, and Lindsey will hurt you more.”Ramin nodded slowly. “Understood.”
  • 66. While Richard and Ramin may not have been officially dating, Lindsey and Amber were clearly a couple and just asclearly planning on remaining so.
  • 67. And Robin continued dating many many girls.No one ever bothered threatening any of them. They wouldn‟tbe around long enough to merit it.By the end of the year, Robin hadn‟t quite reached his lifetimewant, but he was very close.
  • 68. Soon after, at the main house, there was a family party, and Lilah took it upon herself to spend some time getting toknow her children‟s significant others.Amber didn‟t mind too much, though Lindsey was quite embarrassed by his mother.
  • 69. Graham and Kate escaped the embarrassment by hanging out in the hot tub, though, due to the age difference,nothing happened.
  • 70. Everyone had a good time, whether with their siblings, cousins, or various other relatives.And then, it was night, and everyone left – they all had work in the morning, after all.
  • 71. Luckily, work the next day went well – while Connor went to work as a Conceptual Artist, he returned home as aVisionary.
  • 72. He immediately bought an easel and some musical instruments, which were very much enjoyed.
  • 73. Then he spent some time hanging out with his aunt, before packing up his things to move out as soon as hisbrothers got back from college.
  • 74. At the Hyperion Hotel, there were two happy little girls, living their lives without problems…except when Glorydecided that kicking her sister in the head was the perfect ending to a game of cops and robbers.Kennedy, while willing to put up with a lot, did not like being kicked, and promptly stopped that game.
  • 75. However, they weren‟t going to be children for long – that night, it was time for them to spin into teenhood.
  • 76. They promptly gave themselves makeovers (having grown up into rather horrendous hair and clothing) and posedfor a picture – since their dad wanted one.“What‟s with the hair dye, guys?” Jenny, their distant cousin, asked.Glory shrugged. “I like red.”“And I like pigtails! And purple!” Kennedy added.---JossCordyXanderDawnDarlaJenny
  • 77. Then, Glory broke the pose, promptly zeroing in on her sister‟s ribs.“Glory! That tickles!”“It‟s meant to, Kennedy.”Kennedy grinned. “Your turn, then!”
  • 78. “Kennedy?”“Yes, Amanda?”“Can I be big like you soon?”Kennedy grinned at her cousin. “You‟re supposed to grow up tomorrow, remember?”“Oh good!”---JossBuffyRupertWesleyAndrewAmanda
  • 79. Kennedy hadn‟t lied – Amanda was due to grow up the next day.She grew into a very pretty teenager, who was very like her mother.
  • 80. It wasn‟t long after becoming a teen that Glory decided she wanted a date, and she wanted one now.
  • 81. The gypsy matchmaker obliged.
  • 82. Goth Downtownie Boy wasn‟t all that interesting, but he was good enough for a first kiss.
  • 83. But, once she‟d gotten what she wanted out of him, she sent him on his way and took over her father‟s rock guitarinstead.
  • 84. It didn‟t take Kennedy long to follow her twin into her first kiss. She got hers with Dwayne Kim just a few hoursafter Glory got hers.
  • 85. Like daughters, like father: Lorne was quite happy to let his girls do whatever they wanted while he went on a datewith Marie Mazza.
  • 86. All three of them happily continued their romantic lives,sometimes with the same people, sometimes with new ones – itdidn‟t take long for the girls to have more than one love.While Kennedy clearly preferred boys, Glory didn‟t care about herpartner‟s gender, as long as they were up for anything, especiallymakeouts.She constantly wanted more of those.
  • 87. Over at UC Sunnydale, Ben and Drusilla‟s relationship was going well.
  • 88. Very well.“Drusilla,” Ben said one day, after they‟d been dating for about a year, “I think you‟re the one for me. I didn‟t knowI could settle down with one person, but with you, I can. I love you – will you marry me?”She smiled widely. “Of course I will!”
  • 89. Afterwards, they headed to the new love tub, enjoying their time together.
  • 90. Of course, due to Drusilla‟s vampirism, she and Ben kept somewhat different schedules.They spent as much time together as they could, and lived with the time they couldn‟t.
  • 91. There were times Drusilla had to be out during the day – class was unfortunately important – but she managed,retreating to her coffin as soon as possible.
  • 92. And, in the dead of night, when Drusilla was the only one awake (other than visitors who wouldn‟t leave), shedeveloped a new hobby of painting, then selling those paintings.Money, of course, was always good.
  • 93. There were a few awkward moments when Ben‟s old girlfriends realized he wasn‟t available anymore, but they dealtwith those.All in all, senior year went well for the couple, and their relationship remained strong.
  • 94. At Lowell House, the year started much as the last one had ended: with Robin in a bed with some random girl.This was lover number 19, bringing him very close to his goal.
  • 95. Finally, Robin found himself flirting with Zoe Zimmerman.He had a feeling this would go well, and, if it did, his lifetime want would be reached.
  • 96. He was right. As he fell in love with Zoe, he felt a sense of peacefulness that he‟d never felt before, and knew thathe was now happy forever.
  • 97. Once he‟d had very satisfying woohoo with Zoe (no it wasn‟t necessary, but worth it for the fun anyway), Robinwalked to class, an hour late and not caring.Missing the first hour was completely worth it.
  • 98. As the year continued, Richard continued giving people makeovers, eventually acquiring a silver badge in the art.Most makeovers were successful, though occasionally he had a few small mishaps.Luckily, those were easily fixed.
  • 99. Lindsey even tried his hand at giving a makeover once.The result was not good.“How do you manage this?” he asked Richard after. “It‟s not easy.”Richard shrugged. “I like it. And I just know what works.”Lindsey shook his head. “Have fun with it, but it‟s not for me.”
  • 100. Richard did have fun with it, even managing to fix Lindsey‟s mistakes.Kim Pratt was very happy when he was done.
  • 101. Kate, meanwhile, spent her time in less social pursuits.She had no interest in dating and little in friendships, but quite a lot in art.And she was good at it, too, though there were times when her subject matter scared others a bit.
  • 102. While Kate painted and studied, her brothers all enjoyed time with their significant others.Lindsey and Amber were still going strong, Richard and Ramin seemed to be headed in that direction as well, andRobin…well, Robin was still chasing after new girls.He may not have needed to, but he still wanted to. Every inch his mother‟s son, it seemed quite likely that Robinwould never totally settle down.
  • 103. Richard and Ramin were headed in the direction of permanence, as they mutually fell in love while dancing.
  • 104. And, midway through his senior year, Richard proposed.He warned Ramin that they wouldn‟t be able to marry until he‟d lifted a restriction, and that that might take a while,but he wanted to share a sign of commitment anyway, and to marry after.
  • 105. Ramin gladly accepted the proposal, even with the caveats.
  • 106. And Richard‟s bed was finally initiated.
  • 107. Richard wasn‟t the only main house Whedon to propose that semester.“Amber,” Lindsey began, “I‟ve loved you for a long time, and I can‟t imagine life without you. We won‟t be able tomarry for a bit, until I lift a restriction, but I want to marry you. I‟ve always wanted to marry you. Will you marryme?”
  • 108. Amber flung herself at Lindsey, forcing him to jump up and catch her. “Yes!” she said. “Yes, yes, and yes again!”
  • 109. “So, Kate,” Graham said when he visited one day, “I‟m starting college soon.”She smiled. “You‟ll be in Porter Hall?”“I‟ve got a room already set up.”
  • 110. “Well, then,” she said, “look me up when you get here.”He grinned. “I‟ll sweep you off your feet and you know it.”“You can try,” she said, echoing their conversation from years before, when she‟d first started college. He‟d said thesame thing then, and she‟d responded the same way.Not much had changed in almost two years, but that would soon be different, when he joined her at UC Sunnydale.“I‟ll succeed,” he said confidently, and they smiled happily at each other.
  • 111. “So,” Lindsey said to Kate later that night, “still interested in Graham?”“Not when he‟s this young, but when he gets to college, probably.” She turned to look at him. “It‟s my choice,Lindsey, and if you do anything to him, I will hurt you.”He shrugged. “I‟m not going to actually do anything, but he‟s getting threatened.”“But-”He held up a hand. “You threatened Ramin, and probably Amber. If he can‟t deal with that, he‟s not good enoughfor you.”
  • 112. “Fine,” she said. “But don‟t make it too hard, Mr. Recently Engaged.”He shook his head. “I won‟t.”
  • 113. And then the year was over, and it was time for Robin and Richard to return to The Hellmouth.They made the call, spun into their new outfits, and moved home.
  • 114. Neither twin grew up into anything horrendous, but neither grew up into anything good either.
  • 115. When they got home, they quickly changed, then headed inside to try and find jobs, something which was sadly notgoing to happen that morning. Richard did manage to find a job in Science, his lifetime want, but there was nothingliftable at all.
  • 116. And while the two of them moved in, it was also time for Connor to move out.The whole family gathered around to send him off.
  • 117. Then, while their Aunt Tara went to work, the twins joined their mother for a late breakfast. All three of them had agood time.However, at 9, Richard had to leave for work, so he headed out.
  • 118. And when he came back, he was a Mad Scientist.
  • 119. He‟d brought his makeover chair back from college with him, and he saw no reason to stop using it.Besides, now there were his mother‟s dates to make over as well as his brother‟s!
  • 120. And that night, after a bit of stargazing (after all, he wouldn‟t mind an alien baby of his own), Richard went to workas a Mad Scientist, choosing to remain in the field due to a lack of liftable job options.
  • 121. However, even though there weren‟t any newly liftable jobs for the twins, the effects of Connor‟s lift were still beingfelt.Tara was finally able to buy that $5000 painting that she‟d been wanting since she was a teen, something that madeher very very happy.
  • 122. By the time Richard got home from work that night, it was well after two in the morning, which meant that, perhaps,the jobs might‟ve cycled.He looked at the computer, scanning through the listings.There was one thing that was workable…but he was fairly sure it would suit Robin better than him. And, besides, healready had his Mad Scientist job.Therefore, Richard didn‟t take the job, choosing instead to leave a note for Robin.
  • 123. “So,” Lilah said to her second son the next morning, “I hear you‟ve got a new job.”“Yup, Richard left me a note – there‟s an opening for a Dinosaur Cloner available, with work today.”She grinned. “You‟re going to enjoy the fig leaf, aren‟t you?”“Hell yes. Well, once I get to wear it. It is Friday after all.”
  • 124. And, a few hours later, as Lilah got the bills, Robin headed out for work.
  • 125. Then, she went back inside and spent some time with her twin sister and their oldest brother.“So,” Tara said, “do you think Robin will be able to lift today?”“I hope so. And Richard still needs to find a job. Then after them it‟s Lindsey and Kate…”“They‟ll manage,” Wesley said placidly. “We did, after all.”“I know. But I worry.”Tara shook her head. “I never expected you to be so motherly. It proves you were the right choice for heir after all, though.”Lilah nodded. “I‟m still glad I don‟t have to make that decision for my children. Or make them make it.” Both of her siblingsnodded in agreement, understanding her thoughts on the issue.
  • 126. Luckily for all of them, when Robin came home, he was an Ecological Guru…with almost all of the next week off.
  • 127. He promptly celebrated by taking over the rock guitar.As a whole, the family didn‟t really bother with most of the things he‟d lifted. Plants were unnecessary, after all, andno one really had a want to buy one.Still, it was the thought that counted, and at least now they had the option of getting those items.
  • 128. Richard, who still didn‟t have a liftable job, did at least have a boyfriend, and he made sure to invite Ramin over onall his days off.They had a very good time together.Robin, meanwhile, worked on his conquest of Jill Smith, one of the women in town who his mother hadn’t slept with.
  • 129. And Tara, with fairly new sexual experience, continued to write novels.Now she added her nephews‟ escapades into the Chronicles of Morgan Rosenberg, changing gender andcircumstances as necessary.
  • 130. That night, Richard had the night off, but he stayed up until midnight anyway and checked the job listings, once hisaunt had left the computer and gone to bed.“Hm,” he said, looking at one of them, “this one is useful. But it doesn‟t work until Monday, and I‟d need twopromotions. Besides…no. On the other hand…” he moved on to another, “if I can lift that this morning…I can moveout today.” He promptly took the job. Then he yawned. “I can‟t afford to be this tired.”
  • 131. He immediately headed outside to the Energizer, using it to its full capacity, glad that he was already permaplat andcould actually use it.
  • 132. And then he got in the car and drove off to work.
  • 133. And, when he got home in the morning, he was a Criminal Mastermind, lifting Criminal and fulfilling his secondlifetime want.
  • 134. Connor, meanwhile, settled into living with some of his cousins, doing much the same things as he‟d done at home.
  • 135. He even went on another date, with the girl the crystal ball listed as his most compatible match.However, like all of his other dates, it ended when he got bored and stopped showing interest in her or anyone else.
  • 136. However, he did continue to act as a good uncle to Gavin, his cousin Warren‟s son.In many ways, this was better than dating, and more permanent – and that was fine with Connor.---JossBuffyAnyaDannyWarrenGavin
  • 137. Over at the Hyperion Hotel, the pseudo-triplets got along very well – or, at least,Kennedy and Amanda got along well, while both of them tolerated Glory‟stouchiness and noogies, ignoring them and just acting nice to her anyway. Shebehaved herself with them about half of the time, but that was enough for them.Besides, whenever Glory got too mean, Kennedy and Amanda simply ignored hertogether.
  • 138. Romance continued apace, as Glory and Kennedy chased aftervarious teens and Lorne seduced the maid.
  • 139. She certainly didn‟t seem to mind.
  • 140. And, luckily, neither did his daughters.“Guys,” Amanda said, putting her hand over the phone and looking at her cousins, “your dad is woohooing with themaid again.”Glory shrugged. “So?”“Just thought you‟d like to know.”“It‟s not really a big deal.”“Yeah,” Kennedy agreed, “not a big deal at all.”
  • 141. While there were many Romancers in the house, there was one slightly more traditional relationship – Amanda hadstarted going steady with her third cousin Forrest.By mutual consent, Glory and Kennedy both left him alone, as he was clearly Amanda‟s only boyfriend, and likely toremain so.Besides, neither of them was all that attracted to him, so he was easy enough to ignore.---JossCordyXanderJoyceFaithForrest
  • 142. They did, however, share their boyfriends.“Want to make out with me?”“I was kissing your sister the other day.”“And?”“Just pointing it out.”Glory shrugged. “She won‟t care, and neither do I.”“Awesome.”
  • 143. One momentous event did happen in that house that week: it was Riley‟s turn to become an Elder.
  • 144. He grew up into a rather horrendous outfit and dyed hair.
  • 145. Those both got changed immediately.And with that, there were no longer any gen 4 adults, only elders.
  • 146. Elderhood didn‟t change Riley much. He still cleaned constantly and enjoyed stargazing, only now he had to take afew more bathroom breaks while doing so.All in all, life was calm, as the family geared up to lift its last few restrictions and finish the apocalypse.---For more info, turn the page!
  • 147. So, as you can see, we are officially in the home stretch, now that we have lifted Artist, Natural Science, andCriminal!*excited bouncing*We‟ve got two restrictions to go, and I know which one is going to Lindsey and which one is going to Kate…but atthat point, it really depends on length of time to find Kate‟s job.So, we‟ll see how long it takes me to finish the apocalypse!Oh, and, by the way, Drusilla would like to let you know that she and Ben threw me natural twins, making me 5 for 5on generations with natural twins. They‟re not born yet, but once they are, I‟ll show them in my LJ.There will also be a BTS soon, with other stuff that didn‟t fit into the chapter for whatever reason.
  • 148. Time for a couple more stats!GloryRomance (Rock God)KennedyRomance (20 Simultaneous Lovers)I wasn‟t kidding when I said Glory constantly wants more makeouts, by the way. She got one, she wanted three.She got three, she wants five. I suspect it will continue.So, yes, there‟s a reason these two are quite like their dad. 
  • 149. And finally, I shall leave you with two things. First, a picture of Kate having to throw out her autonomous chef saladbecause we hadn‟t yet lifted Natural Science.And second, a list of restrictions lifted:Hopelessness (Joss) Military (Martin) Law (Wesley)Alien Tech (Liam) Culinary (Buffy) Show Business (Lorne) Slacker (Lilah)Pet Showbiz (Kobe) Education (Anya) Politics (Tara)Service (Kim) Adventurer (Willow) Athletic (Riley)Security (Miss Kitty Fantastico) Business (Lynne) Paranormal (Will) Artist (Connor)Music (Joss) Medical (Fred) Natural Science (Robin)Science (Eloise) Gamer (Rupert) Criminal (Richard)