A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Four


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse Chapter Four

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Four

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Four By RoseFyre As always, I suggest you read the earlier chapters before this one, particularly Chapter Three. I once again apologize for all the walls-down pictures: it's pretty much impossible to avoid them in an 8x8 house with smaller rooms within that space. --- And, as always, I don't own Joss Whedon or any characters/places from Buffy/Angel.
  2. 2. Though Sake enjoyed living with the Whedons,
  3. 3. for some reason, he was unable to eat from his food bowl. "I'm hungry!" The family tried to give him treats, and place plates on the floor, and even bought a new food bowl, but by the time they had, it was too late.
  4. 4. The animal protection society had come for Sake, to take him to a better home.
  5. 5. "They took Sake?" "Yes." "They watch for mistreated animals but don't save starving humans? That's absurd." "The social workers watch for starving children, Liam." "But not adults." "No." "I hate this community. And the laws."
  6. 6. In order to get her mind off her somewhat unwanted children and the fact that her cat (who she really had wanted) had been taken away, Buffy found herself back at the Community Center. "Wow, you're hot," she said to Contessa Veronica Evans. "Thank you very much," the Contessa answered. "Would you like to dance?"
  7. 7. Buffy enjoyed the dancing, feeling an attraction to the Contessa that she still didn't feel for Martin, who was actually her lover.
  8. 8. However, she wasn't too disappointed when the Contessa disappeared at dawn.
  9. 9. As she returned to her normal life, she decided that it had been a nice diversion, and had things been different, perhaps she'd have formed a relationship with the Contessa. But Cordy was dead, she was the heiress, and she couldn't ruin the relationship she had with Martin. --- It was suggested by lorinsv60 at boolprop that I include vampires in my plot, as they're so major in Buffy/Angel, and I decided (at that point) that I rather liked the idea. I originally wanted Buffy to be attracted to females, and end up with the Contessa (possibly as a vampire herself), but Cordy died, and that plot had to go.
  10. 10. "Hey everyone, I'm a General again! Hey, Liam!" Martin enjoyed his job, and stayed in it even though he didn't really need to. The family had enough money, and he didn't need the food his job had provided either, since Buffy had lifted Culinary.
  11. 11. Still, he mostly preferred being home with his family, especially his children.
  12. 12. "So, Mister General, ready to woohoo again?" Buffy flirted a bit to cover up her insecurity. "Are you certain, Buffy? I know you didn't enjoy being pregnant." She took a deep breath. "No, I didn't. But..." "But more children is better?" "Exactly."
  13. 13. Later that evening, it was time for the twins to become toddlers. Martin tossed Willow into a tuxedo,
  14. 14. and Buffy had to buy a cake to help Anya grow up. The girls look (and are) very different, but they grew up in the same hairstyle, which I found rather cute.
  15. 15. "Xander, what's wrong?" "Sometimes I still miss Mom." "I know you do," I said quietly. "Also, homework is boring. Can't I do something fun instead?"
  16. 16. Liam kept himself busy, teaching his nieces to walk and talk while Martin went to work, Xander went to school, and Buffy slept and ate her way through her second pregnancy.
  17. 17. On Saturday, Xander grew up well, becoming a very happy teenager.
  18. 18. And Liam became an adult.
  19. 19. And promptly had a breakdown.
  20. 20. "What's wrong, Liam?" I asked as he began to cry outside the house, clearly avoiding the rest of the family. "I'm uneducated!" "You'll still be great, Liam, in life and everywhere." "Why aren't there any high schools or colleges?" "Because they were destroyed in the Apocalypse. And no one has rebuilt them yet. Cordy was working on it, but..." "I'm going to do that. So my nieces and nephews don't have to go through what you've put me through." "Liam," I began to say, then stopped. He wasn't going to accept that my control over the situation was limited. And I didn't really want to argue with him about going into Education, either.
  21. 21. Buffy, meanwhile, found that her second pregnancy was just as hard as her first.
  22. 22. Willow and Anya enjoyed playing with their bunnies, though Willow generally preferred to beat hers up, while Anya was nicer to hers.
  23. 23. That day at lunch, Liam told Martin and Buffy about the attractive woman he'd seen walking by. "I really like her skirt!" "Um, you realize that's Rose, don't you?" Martin asked. "Rose is the voice in the sky." "She's also the woman in the blue shirt and sun skirt with glasses and an updo." Liam recoiled a bit. "Oh. Um. Right." "Anyway, what about Meadow?" Buffy asked. "Weren't you dating her?" "She's a teen now. It would be," he shuddered, "creepy."
  24. 24. To distract her little brother, Buffy took him to the Community Center. She didn't actually spend much time with him, though, choosing instead to play poker with Kennedy Cox and Komei Tellerman.
  25. 25. "Megan is much more attractive than you are," Liam said to me. "Who are you talking to?" "No one. You're very pretty." She blushed and danced a bit closer.
  26. 26. And a flirt quickly sent her into love.
  27. 27. Later, as he handed her a gift (the old cat climbing tree), he fell in love himself. --- While I wasn't sure I wanted Liam to end up with Megan Gilbert (since he has a recessive blond gene, and Martin definitely has black hair, so Buffy's kids can't be recessive - but the job is more important in that case), she's not someone I really had any interest in marrying in either, since she's an Employee, without a real job. Still, the want to fall in love got Liam out of the red, so I wasn't objecting to that.
  28. 28. However, he hadn't eaten enough at the Community Center, and so he got up to get a snack. His mother's ghost promptly scared him. Twice. --- And thus, a fourth sim dies before their time, the second who hadn't even had a chance to lift a restriction. In fact, Liam hadn't even gotten a job in his chosen field.
  29. 29. "Buffy, what are you doing meditating on the roof?" "I'm not dying before my time. And not when I'm pregnant." "Fine, but you realize that downstairs you have two daughters?" "Yes."
  30. 30. "And they're about to grow up."
  31. 31. Both Willow and Anya became very cute children, keeping their beaded hairdos.
  32. 32. "Hey, look at my hands!" "Go Anya!" Xander clapped for his half-sisters. While he was sometimes sad about his mother's death, he liked having sisters. They were great to play with. And his dad always made time for him.
  33. 33. The next morning, Buffy got up to go to the bathroom, and found herself too busy to even think of using the toilet. Her third child was on its way.
  34. 34. "Hey, this one has brown hair!" she said, lifting the baby up. "What are you going to name her?" "Winifred Burkle Whedon. Fred for short, I think."
  35. 35. As night fell, Xander found himself avoiding the screaming baby by going outside, where he met Tosha Go walking down the street. "So I have another half-sister now." "Cool."
  36. 36. And he quickly found himself having a pretty big crush on her. --- I didn't remember until later that Tosha had sort of dated Buffy when she was a teenager, but I decided to ignore it. There are only a limited number of teens in the game, after all, and even less of those walk by the house.
  37. 37. "Ah, this tastes good." "Um, why are you taking Elixir?" "More kids. We've got space for two more people in the house, and the more things we can do, the better. And I'm five days away from getting old. Martin's going to take some, too." "This doesn't have anything to do with Martin wanting to marry off six of them, does it?" Buffy looked straight at me. "Do you really think he's going to live to see most of them married? Xander, sure, and maybe even the twins, but Fred or anyone younger than her? It's a nice bonus for him, but I doubt it'll make a difference. And we can't take Elixir forever. No, this is so I can get pregnant. Again."
  38. 38. Buffy made good on her word, and she and Martin promptly went to work on kid number four. Or five, in his case.
  39. 39. The next morning, Buffy made an early breakfast for the kids, before they had to go to school.
  40. 40. Which she promptly threw right back up.
  41. 41. "I am so not in the mood for school today." "You came up here too?" "Why not? School's fun!" "Mom's still vomiting. And you stink." Willow raised an eyebrow at her sister. "If you say so." Anya shrugged. "So?" Then she smiled deviously. "If you want, you can do my homework tonight." Willow shuddered. "You need to care more about being "Thanks, but no. Besides, Xander'll do it if you ask nice neat, Anya." enough." "Six Neat points should be enough for anyone." Anya "True." craned her head to the side. "I think I hear the bus."
  42. 42. Xander, meanwhile, decided it was time to learn to cook - it certainly looked interesting - and made some grilled cheese for his aunt. It wasn't the best meal ever, but it was what he could manage.
  43. 43. After she finished vomiting for the day, Buffy convinced Xander to join her in trying his own cooking. She took a few bites, making sure they'd stay down, before speaking. "Xander, I think your father should be having this conversation with you, but he's at work." He looked up at her, curious.
  44. 44. "You know, your mother can't...we can't resurrect her." "Yeah," he said, biting his lip as he tried not to cry. "And so your father and I have decided to have more kids." "Yeah, Aunt Buffy, I know all that." She hesitated for a moment. "It's, um." She took another bite of her sandwich. "This is very good." Xander looked at her, a bit more perceptively than she had expected. "I'm going to have to have this conversation, whatever it is, with Dad, aren't I?" "I'm sorry?" She sounded apologetic, but relieved. "Don't be. It's cool."
  45. 45. "I'll talk to Dad later."
  46. 46. "Dancing, Xander?" "It's lots of fun! And anything for Aspiration points." I heartily agreed with him.
  47. 47. After Martin got home, however, he didn't really have time to speak to Xander. He needed to Encourage Willow to be more Serious, since Buffy wasn't able to. --- Apparently, it's the birth personality that lets you Encourage, since Buffy began life with 5 Playful points, but now has 4 due to her father's Encouragement.
  48. 48. Willow escaped as quickly as she could. She liked being Playful. And Anya also enjoyed Mary Mack. I found it a bit upsetting that they played so easily by their aunt's urn, but they'd grown up with urns in the house, and didn't know any differently.
  49. 49. The next morning, Martin helped Fred become a toddler.
  50. 50. A very cute toddler.
  51. 51. And later that night, Buffy popped into her third trimester.
  52. 52. As he had the most time to spare, Xander taught Fred to talk, forming a very close bond with her in the process.
  53. 53. Buffy made the time to teach her daughter to walk, however.
  54. 54. And then she went up to the roof to exercise. "They let pregnant women exercise by the radio but not do yoga?" "Hey, I think it's fun!" "You would." "You wouldn't?" "I have three Active points. You have ten." "Oh."
  55. 55. Buffy found that the exercise had been a good idea, as this birth went much more smoothly. Xander was the only there to watch - and help - as Martin was at work, the twins were asleep, and Fred was too little to care. Still, Buffy was glad for the help as she gave birth to Rupert Giles Whedon.
  56. 56. And to William Spike Whedon.
  57. 57. The next morning, Martin discovered that the bed problem had become even more acute since the birth of his last two children. There wasn't really space to place another crib or bed, and they had two babies and one toddler sharing two cribs. In addition, five adults/teens/children were sharing one double bed and two singles. Luckily, Xander kept very irregular hours, often sleeping during the day, and babies are fine just lying on the floor, as long as they're fed and changed regularly.
  58. 58. Though William, or Will as he came to be known, tended to cry rather loudly whenever he was left on the floor.
  59. 59. The next night, Liam made his first appearance as a ghost, waking Anya before scaring her. "This is actually kind of cool!" Everyone else in the house thought she was a bit crazy, but they were quite willing to leave the scaring to her.
  60. 60. And the ghosts were quite willing to oblige.
  61. 61. "So, what do you think of the other twins?" Willow asked her sister, trying to remain neutral about them.
  62. 62. "I think it's kind of cool!" "I guess," Willow said. "We're still the older twins." "Yeah. And that means we can be the bosses." "Xander's even older." "He's not Mean enough to be a good boss."
  63. 63. That night, Martin was the only one to witness Fred becoming a child, but he clapped as loud as anyone. Somewhere in all of his time living in the house, he'd gotten fat, and clearly preferred to stay that way.
  64. 64. Though Fred's becoming a child solved the bed problem when it came to the cribs, it just made the actual bed problem more acute. The only space left was in the big bed, next to her mother, as her older sisters were in the single beds in the third floor bedroom.
  65. 65. And Martin only got a bed at all after Anya and Willow woke up to get ready for school.
  66. 66. "So, what's school like, anyway?" Fred asked her big "I can't wait to make a friend!" sisters at breakfast the next morning. "Well, the teachers will be friendly if you're nice enough," "It's fun!" Anya said. "I love math!" Anya said. Willow rolled her eyes. "She actually enjoys school, the Willow rolled her eyes again. "Don't listen to her, Fred. weirdo. Here's a tip: Xander will do your homework for Being mean is way more fun. But not to Anya. Or the you if you ask him nicely. Or, you know, pretend to ask rest of our family." him nicely." Fred smirked. "I'm with you, Willow." Fred perked up at that news. She hadn't really been looking forward to homework. "Are there lots of people at school?" Anya groaned. "Great. There's two of them now." "Yeah."
  67. 67. As the three girls piled down the stairs and ran for the bus, I looked at them. "So, um, is there a reason for the plaid skirt unity?" "Willow and I both had them, and she decided Fred should have one too. Family unity and all. I think the whole thing's kind of silly, but it's kind of nice to match."
  68. 68. After the girls left for school, Buffy and Martin sat down for their own meal, while Xander, Rupert, and Will slept. "So, have you spoken to Xander about the fact that he's been disinherited yet?" "Martin, I think that you need to be the one to do that." "Me?" "Yes. You." "Do you even know how he's going to take it?" "No. But you're his father. I'm just his aunt. I can't do this. I tried. It didn't work." "I don't want to disappoint him." Buffy smiled sadly at him. "I know. But it has to be done sometime."
  69. 69. The next day, Anya finally got her first A plus.
  70. 70. And, with a lot of help from Xander, Willow got hers too.
  71. 71. Just in time for them to become teenagers.
  72. 72. Both girls grew up into great outfits, and even though they look very different, they both got great genetic mixtures. Willow found that she really liked the idea of kissing and dating, and became a Romance Sim, while Anya found that she really wanted to pursue Knowledge.
  73. 73. The same night, the younger twins became toddlers. Here's Rupert, growing up into the family's trademark Hawaiian shirt.
  74. 74. And here's Will, being tossed by his newly-teen sister.
  75. 75. Both boys were very cute, though their personalities were extremely different. Rupert liked to beat up his bunny rabbit, while Will often wandered over toward the toilet. Buffy found them to be a handful, but she had lots of help from Martin, Xander, Willow, Anya, and even Fred. In addition, there was no room for anyone else in the house, and there wouldn't be for over a week, until Xander became an adult and moved out (which would have to wait until he could use the computer to check the housing listings on Tuesday afternoon). Buffy was only five days from Elder, and Martin was only three. They'd decided not to take any more Elixir, and thus their bargain was mostly over. They still had to raise their children, but the woohoo was over, and both of them were secretly pleased with that. And, because of the bed shortage, they didn't have to share a bed anymore - at least, not with each other. One or the other of them often shared the big bed with one of their children.
  76. 76. As always, the teens helped quite a bit with teaching the toddlers their skills. Xander enjoyed it, as he had with Fred.
  77. 77. Willow, on the other hand, wasn't always that happy to help, but she found that Anya spent most of her time doing Fred's homework, which sounded like even less fun that trying to get Will to say the word highchair.
  78. 78. They made time for other pursuits, however. At the beginning of the weekly Tuesday gathering, Xander invited Tosha over and they fell in love. He knew it wasn't a permanent relationship, but he desperately wanted to go on a date with her. He wasn't sure what a date was, but it really sounded like fun.
  79. 79. As always, the ghosts picked the gathering to haunt. Eloise was the active one that week.
  80. 80. She hit me while I was playing darts.
  81. 81. And Anya outside. "Yeah. This is definitely cool." "And you are definitely a Knowledge Sim." "Yup!"
  82. 82. However, seeing her grandmother had tired her out, and Anya fell asleep while listening to Trisha Traveller go on about the merits of Hobbes's Leviathan. I didn't blame her.
  83. 83. Later, however, after eating something and sleeping a little, Anya went up to the roof, where she found Trisha Traveller again, watching TV. Willow came up a bit later, and glared at Trisha Traveller. "Something wrong?" I asked. "She's sitting in my seat." "Anya?" "Uh..." Anya wasn't sure what to say. Trisha Traveller wasn't really all that interesting, but she wasn't mean enough to kick her off the couch when she'd been there before Willow.
  84. 84. Xander, meanwhile, tucked an exhausted Fred into bed. "Something's going on, isn't it, Rose?" "I think you're going to have to have that conversation with your father." He shrugged. "It'll happen when it happens."
  85. 85. The next morning, Fred got her first A plus. "Daddy, Daddy, look at me!" "In a minute, sweetie. Daddy is making friends with Mr. Chambers." "Now, Daddy!" "Alright, sweetheart."
  86. 86. After he cheered for Fred's A+, he went upstairs, to find me visiting. "Time to grow old, Rose." "Yup," I said, and watched as he spun. "Hey, nice outfit!" "Thanks."
  87. 87. The first thing Martin did after growing up was to take a spongebath.
  88. 88. Then he sought out Xander for the conversation that they really needed to have, pulling him into one of the most isolated rooms in the house. "Xander, you know you're going to grow up soon."
  89. 89. "Yup. Is this the conversation you're supposed to be having with me?" "Yes. Your mother and I had a conversation-" "Dad," Xander cut him off. "You mean Aunt Buffy, don't you?" Martin hadn't realized he was forgetting that much, even though he was barely an Elder. He quickly tried to cover for his gaffe. "Yes, Buffy and I decided that I had to talk to you about this."
  90. 90. "You see, the Apocalypse can only be stopped by our family, and by people in our family lifting various careers."
  91. 91. "Yeah, Dad, I know that, but what does that have to do with me?"
  92. 92. "Well, your mother is a ghost." "Yes." "So I had more children with your aunt." "Yes."
  93. 93. "Because, of course, no one can tell the future, and the chance of you dying from the ghosts was far too high to risk, since we didn't have anyone to take over if you did." "Yes, I know that, Dad. I overheard Liam talking about that with Meadow when I was a kid - they thought I was already asleep, so they talked about it near me. I didn't really understand it, back then, but he was upset about you having kids with Aunt Buffy. I get it more now."
  94. 94. "So...um...in order for any of Buffy's kids to lift restrictions, you're, um, ineligible." "Ineligible?" "You can't inherit, and you can't lift a career restriction, either."
  95. 95. "I can't lift a career restriction?" Xander noticed that his father was starting to look even more worried than he had been when this conversation had started. He quickly decided not to leave his father in suspense for too long. "Dad. I have no interest in lifting a career restriction. Or even having a job, for that matter." "You don't?" "Dad, I'm a Pleasure Sim. I want to have 50 first dates. I have no idea what a date is, but I want 50 of them. With different people." "You do?" "Yeah. I have since I became a teen." "Oh."
  96. 96. "And kissing sounds really nice, though I haven't actually done it with Tosha yet." Martin laughed. There had been no need to worry. Xander had no interest in having a job, inheriting the house, or lifting a career. Instead, he wanted dates. While those weren't possible yet, he rather suspected that I would help Xander in any way I could. He was right.
  97. 97. "Now, is that all? I think the younger twins are ready to grow up." "Oh, yes. That is tonight, isn't it? Then let's go."
  98. 98. Impulsively, Xander pulled his father into a hug. Then they went downstairs to the nursery.
  99. 99. Where first Rupert,
  100. 100. and then Will, grew up very well. As Will examined his hands, Martin exchanged a glance and a smile with Buffy. Everything had gone well with Xander. He could only hope that his younger children would be as happy about having to lift their careers as Xander was about not being able to lift one. --- Turn the page for more info on my plans (and their downfalls).
  101. 101. While it wasn't the way I wanted Liam to go, his end was...somehow fitting for him. I wasn't sure if I was going to make him a villain or not, but I knew it was a possibility, with the way he was constantly angry at me and the situation, and somewhat angry with Buffy and Martin. On the other hand, as a Family Sim, he seemed unlikely to try to destroy the family. I didn't want him to die, but it worked, and it's one of those things that you really can't change in the Apocalypse. Sadly, this also disappointed my plans to cheat Liam an alien baby, and I don't think Xander will take nearly so well to that idea. I will be resurrecting him (and everyone else who's died) once the Apocalypse is over, I think, but not until then.
  102. 102. Xander is, and always has been, a Pleasure Sim, which made me laugh a lot when people asked if he would be a villain. I know that being a Pleasure Sim doesn't eliminate someone from villainhood (Julia Caesar from Ten Caesars, for example), but, really, he never seemed the type. His lifetime want sealed the deal for me - I might have made him a villain if he'd gotten a career-related LTW, but I knew that he wouldn't be if he got one of the dating ones, which he did. No, I definitely won't be giving him 50 first dates. So not going to happen. However, as it was hard to keep him in the green during his teen years (I managed by letting him play chess at least twice a day and make espresso at least once), I will be letting him date...after he finds a spouse without breaking the rules of the Apocalypse, and moves out of the main house. And, at that point, he will only be dating his spouse. I may also limit those dates to when he's in the red, or low green. That seems like a fair compromise to me.
  103. 103. By the way, this is the original Fred. I realized right after her birth that she was a Willow-clone, and replayed the birth without saving. Yes, this is technically cheating, but I honestly didn't change anything that had happened from my last save (which was about three hours before Fred's birth) - Martin got up, made omelets, and went to work, Willow and Anya got up, ate the omelets, and went to school, and Xander slept through the whole thing. And, actually, Willow and Fred still have pretty similar personalities.
  104. 104. Speaking of personalities: Xander (in case you forgot): Virgo, 10/3/4/4/8, Pleasure with LTW of 50 1st dates Willow: Scorpio, 10/3/9/9/1, though she's been Encouraged down to 7 Playful, Romance with LTW of woohoo with 20 different sims (and why does my game keep throwing me impossible LTWs under Apocalypse rules?) Anya: Cancer, 6/3/6/4/6, Knowledge with LTW of becoming a Game Designer (which might actually happen, as that's on my list of careers to lift soon)
  105. 105. Fred: Scorpio, 10/8/10/4/1 Rupert: Scorpio, 10/3/10/4/2 Will: Aquarius, 2/3/5/9/6 I do roll for Aspirations at toddlerhood, but these three you'll find out in another update. All of the kids (except Fred) have black hair and brown eyes, like their father, while Fred has brown hair. Their skintones cover all of the ranges - Anya and Will are 1, Fred and Rupert are 2, Xander is 3, and Willow is 4. I'm honestly not sure where half of those personality points came from. Xander, as a blend of Cordy and Martin, makes sense. Anya has her father's exact personality. But don't ask me how Willow and Will got 9 Playful, how Willow and Fred got 1 Nice (and Rupert got 2), how Fred got 8 Outgoing, or how Will got 2 Neat. Based on personality, gender, and aspiration, I've decided on an heir (I have a planned spouse already), but I'm not going to tell you who it is yet.
  106. 106. I should hopefully have a chance to play a bit more before I start school again on the 20th, and I'd love to get out another chapter by then, but don't count on it.
  107. 107. And, as always, thanks to everyone at the boolprop forums, who encouraged me through the (massive amount of) deaths, and the craziness of real life.