A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Eighteen


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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Eighteen

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A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Eighteen

  1. 1. A Buffyverse Apocalypse: Chapter Eighteen By RoseFyre Yay update time! A warning: I got a new computer partway through the filming of Chapter Eighteen, and spent much of my time getting used to filming on my new computer. There may be some pictures that are not as good as normal, therefore, as I‟m still figuring things out. In addition, I‟m also figuring out how to sort and write my chapters on this computer. In conclusion? Please ignore any issues.  --- Still don’t own Joss, the Buffyverse, or anything that comes from that.
  2. 2. The next rotation started with a party at Xander‟s Basement and the realization that Lorne was, in fact, pregnant and not sick. While most everyone found it a bit odd, they also shrugged and went with it.
  3. 3. Though some people were more intrigued than others. “Uncle Lorne, what‟s up with your stomach?” “I‟m going to have a baby, Kate.” “Isn‟t that something that only happens to mommies? You‟re not a mommy, are you? Since you‟re a boy and all.” “No, I‟m not a mommy. But aliens can get men pregnant.” “So I‟m gonna have an alien cousin? Cool!”
  4. 4. Kate was quickly distracted by her cousin Graham. “What‟s up?” he asked. “Uncle Lorne is going to have a baby,” Kate said importantly. Graham tilted his head. “How?” She shrugged. “I dunno. He said something about aliens. Anyway, you won‟t be youngest anymore.”
  5. 5. “I‟m not youngest anyway,” Graham said. “Forrest‟s a toddler and Jenny‟s just a baby.” Kate crossed her arms. “You‟re younger than me.” “So?” “…So I dunno.” “Wanna play?” “Mary Mack?” “Sure.”
  6. 6. They sat down on the ground, right where they were, and played together. --- JossCordyXanderDawnDarlaGraham and Jenny JossCordyXanderJoyceFaithForrest
  7. 7. Kate certainly wasn‟t the only one to interrogate Lorne about his pregnancy; as he was older, Richard asked more complicated questions, and Lorne was more willing to give him true answers. “I hope that happens to me one day! Meeting the aliens would be awesome!” Lorne shook his head as he looked at his nephew. “Enjoy it if it ever does happen, but I think I‟ll be staying away from telescopes from now on.”
  8. 8. Later that weekend, after Forrest became a child, Kate got to talk to him for a bit when everyone came over to the main house.
  9. 9. He wasn‟t as fun as Graham, though, who she ended up seeking out for games and hugs.
  10. 10. Robin, meanwhile, spent some time with this walkby girl whose name I forget who may or may not have been a girlfriend of his mother and/or great-grandmother when they were teens. They had fun.
  11. 11. While some people had fun with other people…others did not. “What are you doing, Richard?” “I‟d like to max my skills, Aunt Tara. I‟ve got about ten to go. What are you working on?” “My fourth novel. It‟s going well.” “Awesome.” Around them, the gathering continued, but both of them happily ignored it.
  12. 12. However, it didn‟t last much longer. Both Rupert and Lynne haunted that night, which did manage to scare most of the guests away.
  13. 13. Much of the next two days was spent on studying. While Richard was the only one who really enjoyed studying for its own sake, Robin and Lindsey both wanted to max their skills before university as well – so that they wouldn‟t have to care about them while they were there and could concentrate on other things.
  14. 14. For Lindsey, that “other thing” would hopefully be his girlfriend, Amber Dawn, who he had invited to visit the family for the next three days. She was quite happy to come by.
  15. 15. She was not quite so happy when he noogied her as soon as they were done kissing.
  16. 16. „Ah, young love,‟ Lilah thought as she passed by them on her way to her carpool. „So…sweet.‟
  17. 17. The next morning, while the kids were at school and Tara was at work, Lilah finally managed to convince Remington the maid to join her in bed once he was done with his duties. After they were done, he left, and she called up the maid service and asked for a different maid to be assigned to her house. It wouldn‟t do for Remington to catch her with any of her other lovers, after all.
  18. 18. Then she went outside and played a game of WHAP with Mr. Tinker, who happened to be walking by.
  19. 19. That evening, it was time for Kate to become a teen. She grew up well, and even into decent clothing, but it wasn‟t really her, so she went off to change.
  20. 20. Then she joined Lindsey on the couch. “So,” she said, “have you gotten any scholarships yet?” “Haven‟t called in, but I‟m pretty sure I can get at least a few.” “I want to get them all.”
  21. 21. “You can‟t, though,” he said. “I mean, the skills ones, yeah, and jobs and grades and stuff. Even dancing. But the others are harder. You‟d have to be a zombie or vampire for the undead one, there‟s the abduction one, and Mom and, well, whoever your dad is would have to be dead for the orphan one.” “Well yeah,” Kate said. “I meant the skills. And a job and good grades and dancing.” “Good.”
  22. 22. “Hey,” she said, as she started to stand up, “you want to go out to Los Angeles? I could really use a cell phone.” “Sounds good!” They found their older brothers and dragged them off with them. …It didn‟t take much dragging.
  23. 23. When they got to The Bronze, they immediately bought themselves cell phones.
  24. 24. Then they got coffee and hung out with some of their relatives who happened to be there – their second cousin Darla and their mom‟s cousin Danny. --- JossCordyXanderDawnDarla JossBuffyAnyaDanny
  25. 25. Robin even hit on Darla when he came by. “So, want to dance?” She laughed. “Kid, you‟re my second cousin, I‟m married, and you‟re way, way, way too young. Go find someone your own age.”
  26. 26. He pouted, but left her alone.
  27. 27. They left soon after, heading home and to bed. It had been a good day out.
  28. 28. Over at The Hyperion Hotel, Lorne found himself with an intense craving for cheesecake all throughout his pregnancy. It was the only thing that seemed to soothe his often-upset stomach.
  29. 29. “So how are you dealing with being pregnant?” Lilah asked. The sight of the distended belly on her brother still looked odd, no matter how many times she saw him. “Fairly well. I‟m just glad I‟m too old to get pregnant again. Or, well, I will be once I give birth.” “So you don‟t have to go through it more than once? Lucky.” “I thought you didn‟t mind pregnancy.” “Not really, no. Giving birth, on the other hand…” “Painful?” “A bit.”
  30. 30. “Don‟t worry, though,” she said. “It‟ll be over before you know it. Besides, I bet you‟ll be a great dad. Don‟t let anyone ever tell you you can‟t keep Romancing even after you have the kid. Just be discreet.” “Thanks, sis.” He pulled her into a hug. “You‟re the best.” “Of course I am.”
  31. 31. Though Riley continued to stargaze, hoping to meet the aliens as his brother had, he was not successful in his quest for abduction. I was rather happy – what with Lorne having cheesecake and Wesley‟s son Andrew‟s wife also pregnant, there were already going to be quite enough children in that house at once.
  32. 32. Meanwhile, Drusilla made friends with her new sister-in-law, who, while somewhat creeped out by Drusilla‟s smiles, was naturally a friendly person and quite willing to get along with anyone.
  33. 33. Any time that was not spent with her family – or the cat – Drusilla used to try and make money. She wanted $5000 rather desperately, and at least she had Uncle Lorne‟s guitar to use to earn it. Her family was very good about tipping her so that she could get her want.
  34. 34. Soon after, Lorne found himself ready to give birth. “Owwwwwwwwwwww,” he moaned. “I hope this is over soon.” Drusilla took one look at him, then snuck behind him and out the front door. She needed to get to school, and didn‟t particularly want to witness her uncle giving birth.
  35. 35. Luckily, there were others willing to help. “Okay,” Lauren said, “just keep calm. You can do this.” Riley, who had watched his sister‟s pregnancies, also tried to be supportive.
  36. 36. The baby was a little green girl with his nose. “I think I‟ll call you Glory,” he said.
  37. 37. He suddenly felt more pain in his stomach, and put his daughter on the floor (despite the presence of various family members). “Shit,” he said succinctly.
  38. 38. The second little girl was also green, but this one had his mouth instead. “And you‟ll be Kennedy,” he said.
  39. 39. Everyone in the house took care of the infants, not just Lorne – he had a job, and a life, and needed things like sleep and food too. Luckily, everyone else was happy to help. Andrew and Patty, who were expecting a child of their own, viewed it as good practice, Wesley and Lauren were every inch Family Sims and in love with infants, and Riley and Drusilla didn‟t mind, as long as they also got time without the babies as well.
  40. 40. And soon after the twins were born, it was time for the first main sim of Generation 4 to age to Elder.
  41. 41. Wesley grew up well, changed clothing, put some glasses on, and promptly grabbed his wife for a makeout. Lauren giggled as Wesley nuzzled her neck. “What are you doing?” “Don‟t you want to kiss me now that I‟m old?” He pouted. She smiled. “Just as much as always.”
  42. 42. Upon his arrival to UC Sunnydale, Connor promptly decorated his new house in very very very bright colors. They were fun, after all. Then he declared his major in Art – useful both for his LTW of being a Celebrity Chef and the possibility of lifting either Artist or Journalism in only one day.
  43. 43. Then he bought a bird cage and stocked it with a bird who he named Principal Snyder.
  44. 44. Later that evening, he invited a bunch of his friends – including his cousin Warren and Warren‟s girlfriend Lilly – on an outing. --- JossBuffyAnyaDannyWarren
  45. 45. They had a good time playing poker, and Connor was glad for the chance to catch up with his cousin. Warren was also at UC Sunnydale, also a freshman, but living in a different house. Lowell House was, after all, limited to the main line kids, so the cousins all lived at Porter Hall.
  46. 46. He was very happy to win most of the games, leaving with more money than he‟d put into the pot.
  47. 47. Much of his first year at college was spent hanging out with the walkbys, trying to make friends and go on dates. No one was particularly interesting to Connor, male or female, but they were all ways to pass the time and get his aspiration up, at least a bit.
  48. 48. He even asked me on a date. We kept it friendly.
  49. 49. Other dates went farther, but no one really appealed to Connor all that much, so he kept the dates low-key. Besides, this way he could also get his dates to write his term papers and such, so he didn‟t even have to bother with those.
  50. 50. He was much more interested in the usual ADD distractions of a Pleasure Sim. All in all, his freshman year went well, though nothing all that interesting happened.
  51. 51. Elsewhere, life was at least slightly more interesting. “Mom, what are you doing?” “Washing the dishes.” “Can you please not do that in here?” “Why not?” “Because I‟m using the bathroom.” Luckily for Kate, Lilah left the bathroom soon after.
  52. 52. That day was a Tuesday, so I came by to collect taxes.
  53. 53. And, as it was a Tuesday, the kids had school, so Lilah managed to convince Gilbert Jacquet that sharing her bed would be an excellent idea.
  54. 54. When the kids – or, rather, teens – got home, they all sat down on the lawn together to do their homework. Homework done earlier rather than later left more time for fun – or for skilling.
  55. 55. Or for hanging out with various walkbys, of whom Bridget was one. This led to some conflict. Tara and Bridget had never gotten along, and they didn‟t get along any better now. --- JossBuffyAnyaDanny – married to Bridget
  56. 56. David Ottomas also stopped by, and immediately decided to flirt with Kate. “So, baby, want to go on a date?” “Excuse me?” “Wanna date me?” “Um, how about NO.” He pouted. “Why not?” “Because you‟re annoying, and stupid, and boring.” Kate never had been once for tact.
  57. 57. Just then, Robin joined them with his dinner. “So dude,” David Ottomas said, “can I date your sister?” “Excuse me?” Kate asked angrily. “I can make my own choices about who to date, thank you very much, and I don‟t want to date you.” Robin shrugged. “Up to her. If she says stay away, then stay away.” “Thank you.”
  58. 58. Finally David Ottomas seemed to get the hint, choosing to leave the siblings alone. Kate glared after him. “Idiot.” Robin smiled at his sister. “Hey, if you don‟t want to date, then don‟t date.”
  59. 59. Kate turned to look at him. “This isn‟t you being a stupidly overprotective big brother, is it?” “Of course not,” Robin lied. “Just saying, it‟s up to you.” “Yeah it is. And I‟m definitely not dating David Ottomas.”
  60. 60. That evening, Tara also got good news: her fourth novel was a critical success! She‟d also achieved a fifth LTW, topping the Business career, that same day, making her extra happy. She immediately started a fifth novel.
  61. 61. Lilah spent the next morning (also a schoolday) with Malcolm Landgraab by the hot tub. She never did join him in the hot tub, not that day, but they did come close.
  62. 62. However, before they had a chance, it was time for the kids to get home from school and work. That day, Kate topped her teen career, becoming a Pickpocket.
  63. 63. She didn‟t care much for Eileen Hart, who‟d come home from work with her, but her brother certainly did.
  64. 64. Over at the Hyperion, two very cute babies were being cared for by their aunt and uncle. “Wesley!” “What, Lauren?” “The baby is naked!” He laughed. “Please tell me that‟s sarcasm.” She grinned at him. “Oh yes.”
  65. 65. Soon enough, however, there were no longer two infants in the house. Surrounded by a crowd of friends, relatives, and random walkbys, Patty went into labor.
  66. 66. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl who was named Amanda. Her grandfather was very excited to meet her.
  67. 67. And her grandmother took a quick break from the party to join her husband in Elderhood.
  68. 68. Amanda was swiftly placed in her crib, and her cousins (first cousins once removed, technically, but we shall call them cousins) were picked up. “You ready for toddlers, Lorne?” Wesley asked. “Barely. How did you manage yours?” “Lots and lots of help. Also, mine came one at a time.” Lorne laughed. “Well, that’s not happening here.”
  69. 69. They brought the girls to the cakes and blew out the candles, then spun the twins into toddlerhood.
  70. 70. Kennedy grew up quite adorable, albeit into the Hair of Doom™.
  71. 71. And Glory also grew up adorable.
  72. 72. After a change of clothing and hairstyles, they were placed on the floor. Kennedy smiled happily. “Nom!” she said, as she chewed on her hand. Glory crawled over to her. “Twin?” “Twin!”
  73. 73. Then it was time for potty training, in which Lorne did not participate. Generally, taking care of the twins – and Amanda – was a team sport. Everyone in the house, from Drusilla on up, participated.
  74. 74. The twins quickly formed individual personalities. Glory was NOT happy when she was ignored. Or when she was paid attention to. Or most of the time. Generally, she was one very grumpy little girl.
  75. 75. Kennedy was a much more placid child, quite willing to sit and play happily, or sit in her crib, or snuggle with anyone.
  76. 76. But time moves swiftly, and soon there were three toddlers in the house.
  77. 77. For all that she was willing to help out with her niece and cousins, Drusilla sometimes needed some time with her friends.
  78. 78. “Can you come over? Great! No, Mom and Dad won‟t mind. Neither will anyone else unless we‟re stupid and bother the kids. We‟ll just stay in the living room. Cool.” However, before Drusilla could spend much time with her friends, she had to go to work – or, really, she wanted to go to work. So she headed out, letting her friends hang out with her family.
  79. 79. This also allowed the living room to become a toddler training room. What with the lack of space in the nursery, it was easier to teach the kids to walk and talk elsewhere.
  80. 80. That session was interrupted by another birthday.
  81. 81. Lorne grew up and promptly changed his clothes and hair. He was now an Elder with twin daughters who were only halfway through toddlerhood.
  82. 82. Then he went back to teaching Kennedy to walk.
  83. 83. By the time Drusilla got home from work, the toddlers had been put to bed, and the living room was empty. She found her cousin Ben by the rock guitar, and pulled him into a game of red hands. --- JossBuffyFredHarmonyBen
  84. 84. Then they sat down on the ground to hang out. Robin and Richard swiftly joined them.
  85. 85. “So,” Drusilla said, “can you believe we‟re about to start college?” “I know,” Ben said. “I can‟t wait for the woohoo.” Robin nodded. “Hot girls. All about the hot girls.” Richard and Drusilla exchanged an eyeroll.
  86. 86. “I can‟t wait for the schoolwork,” Richard said. Robin rolled his eyes. “That‟s a necessary thing that has to be done, but I bet I get through college without having to write a single one of my own term papers. Connor says influencing other people to write them for you is easy. And I‟ve heard if you woo the professors…even that isn‟t necessary.” He grinned. Richard shook his head. “I will never ever get you.” “The feeling‟s mutual.”
  87. 87. Drusilla shrugged. “We‟re all different, guys. No need to argue over it.” Then she turned to Ben. “Are you living in Porter Hall? I know those two will be at Lowell House, but…”
  88. 88. Ben nodded. “Yeah, I‟m at Porter. You too?” She nodded. “Awesome. Can‟t wait for it. Next year is gonna be awesome.” “Definitely,” Richard agreed. He might not have agreed with his brother or his cousin on the primary goals of college, but he could definitely agree on the awesomeness of it. Robin and Drusilla both nodded as well. “Agreed,” Drusilla said. “We‟ll all have to hang out when we‟re there.” “Of course,” Robin said.
  89. 89. Just then, Lindsey came over. “Hey, what are you guys talking about?” “College next year,” Richard said. “Cool. Mind if I join you?” Robin shrugged. “Go for it.”
  90. 90. They were swiftly joined by Kate as well, and the six teens settled in to chat about high school, college, and many other topics.
  91. 91. Meanwhile, Kennedy had somehow managed to escape from her crib, and had immediately headed for Miss Edith. Miss Edith was not pleased with her attentions.
  92. 92. Luckily for Miss Edith, Drusilla was willing to take a moment away from her friends to rescue her cat. Besides, it was fairly late, and they all had to go home for school and such in the morning.
  93. 93. Meanwhile, at UC Sunnydale, another set of cousins were meeting up. “Hey, my man! How you doing?” “Great! Is this your house?” Warren glanced behind him. “Yup, Porter Hall. I‟m pretty broke at the moment, though – you might notice the lack of windows.” Connor shrugged. “Windows aren‟t necessary.”
  94. 94. They chatted for a while, then played a very enjoyable game of WHAP – unsurprising with their combined two nice points.
  95. 95. Then Connor returned home so that he could pay his taxes.
  96. 96. He also held a group party, inviting over all of his family, friends, and some interesting characters – such as the streaker.
  97. 97. “So, Faith, want to go on a date?” “We‟re cousins.” “Second. I don‟t want anything serious, anyway.” “Alright. Just casual, though. I‟ve got a kid, and he‟s most important.” “Just casual. Of course.” --- JossCordyXanderJoyceFaith
  98. 98. The date didn‟t last very long that night; instead, Connor headed off to juggle some bottles, one of his favorite pastimes.
  99. 99. It had been a pretty good date, though.
  100. 100. Connor certainly wasn‟t exclusive when it came to dating, which suited Faith just fine. He would date anyone – male, female, walkby, distant cousin, friend of a friend – as long as they were willing to have fun.
  101. 101. Fun was his keyword, though sometimes what he found fun was quite annoying to other people.
  102. 102. And sometimes it was just as much fun to everyone else. All in all, the year went well, and he easily maintained his 4.0 GPA…with the help of others.
  103. 103. And then it was time for a new year, and for the next group of teens to start college.
  104. 104. As the sun rose and their brothers left, Kate pulled Lindsey into a game of red hands. “Just us left,” she said. He grinned. “And not even for long. I‟ve got three days to go, and you only have six.” “I can‟t wait for college.” “Me either.”
  105. 105. “So, uh,” he said, looking behind her, “do you think any of Robin‟s girlfriends know he isn‟t a teen anymore?”
  106. 106. All four teens grew up into fairly horrendous outfits, though Robin and Richard were luckier than their cousins. Luckily, makeovers could be had, and everyone immediately availed themselves of that opportunity.
  107. 107. Once Drusilla had moved out, it was time once more for a mass skilling session at the Hyperion Hotel – this time, teaching the girls to talk. Lorne took Kennedy, Riley took Glory, and Andrew took Amanda.
  108. 108. Glory was a fast learner. “Can you say Uncle Riley?” “Unca Wiwey!” “Close enough,” Riley said, smiling.
  109. 109. Kennedy and Amanda were both slightly slower to say “Daddy,” but they both managed it eventually.
  110. 110. Once the teaching was done and the kids were safely playing with their toys in the nursery, Lorne found another townie to date. She was quite receptive to the idea.
  111. 111. But in the morning, when the kids were awake, his attention went to them, not his girlfriends.
  112. 112. And just in time, too.
  113. 113. “Daddy!” “Kennedy! You‟re all big now!” “I growed up.” “Grew up, kiddo.” “Oh. I grew up.” “And I see you got new hair, too.” She nodded. “I like the pigtails.”
  114. 114. After Lorne hugged Kennedy, he got Glory out of her crib. “You‟re about to be big, kiddo.” “Big?” “But you‟ll snuggle your old dad once first, right?” Glory put her hand on his chest. “Daddy.”
  115. 115. Then he put her down on the ground and watched her become a child.
  116. 116. And after a quick change of pajamas, she also gave him a hug.
  117. 117. As there were now two kids and only one toddler in the house, Miss Edith and her various paraphernalia were moved into the nursery, while the kids‟ room was adjusted to fit three beds. After all, Amanda would be a kid, too, in only a day.
  118. 118. Unfortunately, as soon as the kids aged up, it was time to start skilling. 10 body points were necessary to go pretty much anywhere in the hood, and they were determined to get them.
  119. 119. As there was only one punching bag in the house, some of the skill points had to be learned via the bookcase. “Hello,” Kennedy said, as she closed her book. “Are you one of Daddy‟s girlfriends?” Diana Barber, unsure of what to say, nodded and stuttered a reply, then hurried out of the house.
  120. 120. The next day, a few of the cousins came over to hang out and meet the newly kiddified Glory and Kennedy. They all had a good time chatting.
  121. 121. They continued talking for a while. Unfortunately for Amanda, she was not able to join them when she aged up that night – she also had to learn her body skill. All three girls managed to max it that night.
  122. 122. The next day, there was a kids‟ party at Xander‟s Basement – the house belonging to Xander‟s descendants. They started with a water balloon fight, including all six kids and both teens. Everyone had a blast.
  123. 123. It was also time for a very important event: Graham‟s teen birthday. He grew up very well.
  124. 124. By the time he headed back outside, all of the kids had gotten tired, as it was almost dark, and so it was just Lindsey and Kate still having a water balloon fight – and Kate suddenly looked incredibly attractive, as she hadn‟t when he was a child. Soon after, Lindsey decided he was hungry, so he headed inside, leaving Graham and Kate alone.
  125. 125. “Kate,” he said, grabbing her hands, “I – I hope you don‟t mind, but you‟re really pretty. I mean, really pretty.” Her jaw dropped. “Are you sure, Graham? I mean, we‟re cousins.” “Pretty distant. Second cousins once removed, you said. No one can say we can‟t date.” He stepped back, suddenly hesitant. “If – I mean – well, if you want to.” Kate thought for a moment. Did she want to date Graham? She‟d turned down David Ottomas – and numerous other boys – without a thought. Graham was different.
  126. 126. She leaned forward and kissed him. “Does that answer your question?” He grinned goofily. “Yeah.”
  127. 127. “Do you want to go steady?” he asked, grabbing her hand again. “Sure.”
  128. 128. They sealed the deal with a hug. “Thank you,” Graham whispered. “Of course.”
  129. 129. He didn‟t stop smiling for the rest of the night, not even once he got to bed.
  130. 130. As it was a weekend and there was no school the next day either, Graham invited all the kids and teens over again. This time, he greeted Kate much more enthusiastically.
  131. 131. “Does that feel better?” “Yeah, thanks, Kate.” Lindsey frowned. His sister was flirting. With a boy. Who was also their distant cousin.
  132. 132. Afterwards, Kate headed over to smustle a bit with the younger kids, and Lindsey cornered Graham.
  133. 133. “Hey dude, what‟s up?” Graham asked.
  134. 134. “You‟re dating my sister.” “Well, yeah.” “You‟re dating my sister.”
  135. 135. “Dude, it‟s her business who she dates, not yours. I asked, she said yes, it‟s not like I forced her into it or anything.” Lindsey crossed his arms. “If you hurt her, no one will ever find your body.”
  136. 136. “Hey, I‟m not gonna hurt her. Besides, if I did, she’d hurt me way more than anything you could do.” “I‟m her older brother. As the other three are at college and not witnessing it, I get to make the threats for them as well. And they will come after you if you do anything wrong.” Graham shuddered a bit, but hid it well. He didn‟t particularly want four angry older brothers coming after him.
  137. 137. “Message received and understood,” he said instead. “Now can we go hang out with everyone else?”
  138. 138. Lindsey ended up staying outside, choosing to sit at the bubble blower with Amanda and Kennedy. Bubbles were always calming.
  139. 139. Graham, meanwhile, went inside and took a shower, then found his girlfriend on the upstairs dance sphere. “Hey,” he said. Then he told her about what her brother had said. Kate sighed. “Brothers are stupid. If they come after you at all, tell me, and I will end them.”
  140. 140. “That‟s one of the things I love about you. You can take care of yourself and aren‟t afraid to let your brothers know it.” Kate smiled. “You love me?” “I do.” “I love you too.”
  141. 141. The next morning, before school, Lindsey cornered Kate for a conversation. “Kate, this is going to sound awkward.” “What?” “I think you should be careful about dating Graham.”
  142. 142. “Excuse me?” she asked. “I will date whomever I please, thank you very much.” “No, I mean, how can you know he‟s a good guy, that he‟s going to treat you right?” “He‟s our cousin. If I can‟t trust him, who can I trust?” “That‟s exactly what I mean. You can‟t trust any boy.”
  143. 143. “You mean, like YOU?” “I‟m just saying, most boys want only one thing, and I‟m a boy, I should know.” Kate placed her hands on her hips. “Do you want me to tell Amber that? Because I will. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, Lindsey. I have ten body points. I can beat up anyone who annoys me, and I will. Graham isn‟t annoying. I like him. And I will date him.”
  144. 144. Lindsey crossed his arms. “So you‟re not going to listen to me.” “Hell no.”
  145. 145. Both of them were clearly ready to take this to a full-blown fight, but the school bus came just then, interrupting them. „This isn‟t over,‟ they both thought, as they boarded the bus.
  146. 146. Soon after, Lindsey‟s girlfriend Amber stopped by the house. “So you must be Amber. Lindsey‟s at school at the moment, but you‟re welcome to hang around the house until he gets back.” “Thanks, Mrs. Whedon.” “Oh God, don‟t call me Mrs. I‟m just Lilah.”
  147. 147. Amber was quite happy to do just that.
  148. 148. Lilah, meanwhile, went back to her latest conquest. “Guys, can you move out of the way? I‟m trying to serve lunch.”
  149. 149. They did move – straight into the hot tub.
  150. 150. After school, while Kate went to her job, Lindsey took a nap, then invited his brothers over to the house. Luckily for him, he had the day off, while she didn‟t. “What‟s up?” Richard asked.
  151. 151. “How did growing up go?” Lindsey asked. “It went well,” Robin said, “but that‟s not really why you called us over, is it?” “Well, no.” “What‟s up, then?” Lindsey sighed. “Kate is dating.” All three of his brothers immediately turned to look at him. “Tell us,” Connor said. And so Lindsey did – he told them all about Kate‟s relationship with Graham, and how they‟d both refused to break up when he‟d talked to them.
  152. 152. “Clearly we‟re going to have to resort to more drastic measures,” Robin said. “Have you thought about handcuffs?” Lindsey shook his head. “No way is that gonna work. She‟s got to go to school and stuff, and, I mean, I‟m leaving in a day or so for college myself.” “Clearly we‟re all just going to have to go threaten him together,” Connor said. “Kate isn‟t going to listen to us, I‟m sure, but Graham might. Especially if it‟s four of us talking to him.” Richard nodded. “That‟s definitely the best plan. So, how should we do this?”
  153. 153. They began to talk about plans, but did not noticed that, during their conversation, the clock had turned to six, and their little sister had gotten home from work.
  154. 154. She came to a stop in front of the TV, which had been left on at some point. “So, what exactly are you boys talking about?” She crossed her arms. “This had better not be about me dating.” Four boys looked sheepishly away from her.
  155. 155. “Mom!” she yelled, turning around. “Can you come down here?” “Shit,” Robin said quietly.
  156. 156. “What‟s up, honey?” Lilah asked when she got downstairs – she‟d been upstairs taking a shower after her woohoo. “My brothers want to ruin my dating life.” “What?” “It‟s not like that,” Richard cut in. “Just…” “You want me to stay locked up in a freaking convent.” “Well, yes.”
  157. 157. “A convent!” Connor said. “That‟s a good idea!” Kate put her hands on her hips. “I‟m not putting up with this, Mom. And I don‟t want them going after Graham either.” Lilah nodded.
  158. 158. She turned to face her sons. “Alright, boys, this stops now.” “But Mom…” Robin began. “We just want to keep Kate safe,” Lindsey said. “And you‟re doing it by being complete hypocrites,” Kate grumbled. “Now, Kate, let me handle this.” Lilah looked each of her boys in the eyes. “Boys, all four of you have had girlfriends – or boyfriends – and I have never tried to stop you from dating. I‟m not going to stop Kate, either, and in fact I‟m going to support her. The same rules apply to her as did to you: no being loud when someone is trying to sleep, still doing well in school, and nothing that interferes with your future lifting ability. Kate, can you deal with those rules?” “Of course, Mom. Those are reasonable. Unlike the four stooges over there.”
  159. 159. “We were just trying to help,” Lindsey said. “No, you were applying different standards to girls than to boys, and if you thought I was going to stand for that, you were very, very wrong.” “But Mom-” Connor said. “Don‟t „but Mom‟ me. You all know perfectly well that you have four different fathers. I have slept with all of them, and many more men and women besides. If Kate wants to do the same, it‟s her choice. I won‟t stop her, I won‟t stop any of you. Now, you will leave your sister and her boyfriend alone. Am I understood?” “Yes, Mom,” the boys chorused. “And you will leave her alone if she chooses to date other people in the future.” “Yes, Mom.” “Now go do something else.” The boys all sheepishly left the living room. “Thanks, Mom,” Kate said, turning to her mother. “No way were they gonna listen to me. And while I am quite happy to hurt them, I don‟t want them going after Graham either.” “You‟re welcome, honey. If they ever give you trouble again, let me know. We girls have to stick together.” “We do.”
  160. 160. After her mother left, Kate pulled a book on the shelf. “101 Ways to Hurt People. Sounds like a useful book.”
  161. 161. Kate probably should have read a cooking book instead. The next morning, while Kate was trying to make pancakes, she somehow managed to set the stove on fire.
  162. 162. Luckily, there was a fire extinguisher handy, and she was able to put it out.
  163. 163. After school, Kate spent some more time with her boyfriend.
  164. 164. And Lindsey managed to make himself ignore it by spending time with his girlfriend.
  165. 165. Once she arrived at college, Drusilla…didn‟t change much. She still spent as much time as possible talking to the family bird.
  166. 166. And she still loved to dance, especially with her younger cousins.
  167. 167. And, unlike many college students, she wrote all her own term papers, as she always rolled the want. Generally, she had a good time at college, as did all of her housemates, though their definitions of „a good time‟ varied quite a bit.
  168. 168. At Lowell House, I came by for a visit at the beginning of the year. After all, I had to collect taxes at the end of each semester. “So,” I said, over dinner, “have you boys decided what you‟re lifting yet?”
  169. 169. Connor shrugged. “It all depends what‟s available, doesn‟t it? I‟m majoring in Art, but if a Natural Science job comes up, I‟m taking it.” Robin nodded. “Lift fast, have freedom to do what we want. And get this apocalypse over with.” “Sounds like a plan,” I said.
  170. 170. That was also the night that we discovered that Connor had dated enough members of the Secret Society to be inducted. I may have possibly facepalmed and said “oh shit, now everyone is going to get in.”
  171. 171. There were definitely compensations, though, at least for Connor.
  172. 172. The next day, Robin decided to try his luck on the dating scene via the matchmaker. He got this bartender as a date drop.
  173. 173. Unfortunately for him, she caught him flirting with another girl. There was much unhappiness.
  174. 174. Richard, unlike his brothers, spent his time in much calmer pursuits. While Connor dated and Robin flirted, Richard…wrote his term papers. And played SSX3. And cleaned the house. While he thought the interior was a bit bright, his own bedroom was less crazy, and that was good enough for him.
  175. 175. Once the twins had settled in, they threw a party, inviting all of the family.
  176. 176. There was slap dancing inside, hula dancing outside, and plenty of traffic at the bubble blower.
  177. 177. And Robin‟s first woohoo – and first simultaneous love.
  178. 178. „That,‟ he thought, „was awesome,‟ as he strutted through the house afterwards.
  179. 179. As the year continued, Robin kept going with his quest to find 20 lovers. His professor was surprisingly receptive to his advances.
  180. 180. And it certainly didn‟t hurt his grades. Robin and Richard may have chosen very different ways to pass their classes, but they were both doing well. As you can see, Robin chose to major in Biology, while Richard chose to major in Math.
  181. 181. The second semester of the year, dating continued, for both Connor and Robin.
  182. 182. And Richard made it into the Secret Society.
  183. 183. And then it was time for Lindsey and his girlfriend Amber to start college. Lindsey moved into Lowell House, Amber into Porter Hall. Lindsey got much luckier with clothing, but they both got makeovers anyway.
  184. 184. Their new outfits – and Amber‟s new hair – were much nicer.
  185. 185. Connor and Robin weren‟t the only ones dating; their mother was very happily flirting with – and woohooing – anyone she knew.
  186. 186. While Tara continued topping careers and writing novels. She didn‟t need to do either, but she enjoyed both, so why stop her? As long as she rolled career LTWs, she could job-hop with impunity…though when she rolled 5 Top Level Businesses, I may have laughed in her face and left her in Medical.
  187. 187. The house was quiet, with only three sims, and all three female. This let Lilah and Kate have mother/daughter time, which both of them appreciated.
  188. 188. Except for when Kate cheated at chess.
  189. 189. Kate also spent time with her boyfriend, which her mother had no problems approving of.
  190. 190. In fact, she was so distracted by her boyfriend that she didn‟t quite manage to max her skills before she needed to get ready to leave for college. Still, one skill would be easy enough to gain while there, and she‟d be all maxed by the time she returned home to lift. Having her skills maxed before moving home was even more important than it was for the boys, because Kate would be the last one to lift. That meant that she would have to find one exact career, but she wouldn‟t know which one until the very last minute. Maxing her skills would let her lift that much quicker – and prepare her for whatever career she ended up in.
  191. 191. As there were now younger kids in the hood, Riley decided that they – like their older cousins before them – deserved a trip to Yellowstone.
  192. 192. This time, Lorne decided to stay behind – his old bones were too tired, and, besides, part of the point of vacations was to let the parents have a break from their kids. He was now one of those parents, and could use that break. Also, Dagmar Bertino was a lovely hot tub partner, and he was hoping to seduce her a bit more.
  193. 193. And, as adorable as the twins could be, they were also quite a handful.
  194. 194. After arriving in Yellowstone, they immediately headed out. As Riley could take eight guests with him, he chose those guests carefully. Graham, Forrest, Jenny, Glory, Kennedy, and Amanda had never been on vacation before, so they naturally got to go. He chose Johnny, the only other childless adult in the family, to help him chaperone. And, as he had one space left, he invited Kate to join them, as the last teen or child in the family, despite the fact that she‟d been once before. All in all, they had a great trip. --- JossBuffyAnyaCharlieJohnny
  195. 195. The log rolling was particularly popular among the younger girls, despite – or perhaps because of – the fact that they all kept falling into the water.
  196. 196. Forrest, now a teen, quite enjoyed the axe throwing.
  197. 197. Kate and Graham took the extra time to continue their relationship. They both knew, though never really discussed, that Kate would be going to college as soon as they returned home, while Graham still had six more days after that. They made no promises, and no guarantees, but both hoped they‟d be able to renew their relationship once Graham joined Kate at college.
  198. 198. “So,” Riley said, later that afternoon, “are you girls having fun?” Kennedy nodded. “Lots!” Glory shrugged. “It‟s okay.” “Don‟t be such a downer, Glory,” Kennedy said. “‟Sides, you hate everything.” “Do not!” “Do too!” “Girls,” their uncle said calmly. “No arguing.”
  199. 199. They managed to stop fighting long enough to be willing to share a bedroom, though they were both happy not to be sharing a bed.
  200. 200. And when they woke up, they happily joined together in jumping on Uncle Riley‟s bed.
  201. 201. Then, in the early predawn, they all headed off to a special lake that Riley knew about, near the home of the mysterious Bigfoot. Kennedy took the time to get at least a semblance of privacy, fishing far away from everyone else.
  202. 202. “Look, Uncle Riley!” “That‟s quite a big fish, Glory.” “I know, isn‟t it?” He laughed. “Yes, yes it is.”
  203. 203. Bigfoot did eventually come by, and everyone had fun meeting him. All in all, they had an excellent time.
  204. 204. And when they finally returned home, the kids could not stop talking about it.
  205. 205. Over at UC Sunnydale, Lindsey and Amber continued being adorable. Their relationship never really stopped between high school and college, and both of them were happy that way.
  206. 206. Drusilla continued studying, and always did better than her confused face indicates.
  207. 207. And she eventually got inducted into the Secret Society. With Connor, Richard, and Drusilla all in, it was only a matter of time for the rest.
  208. 208. Life at Porter Hall was always an adventure, and sometimes rather zany – especially watching Ben work his way through his 20 woohoos. Amber found she didn‟t mind life there at all, while Drusilla and Warren simply rolled their eyes and went on with their lives.
  209. 209. Lindsey was the next to get abducted, and he was slightly befuddled by the fact that the officer abducting him seemed to think he was hot. Not that he was interested; he was quite in love with Amber, thank you very much.
  210. 210. None of his brothers even noticed; Connor was continuing his quest for dates (and possibly someone who would keep his interest longer than a kiss – which had not been at all successful so far), while Robin continued his quest for loves, and Richard continued his quest for good grades.
  211. 211. As it was his final year, Connor did buckle down a bit. He wanted maxed skills before he moved home, after all, so that he could spend as little time as possible in whatever career he lifted. He was eventually successful in that endeavor.
  212. 212. A couple of days into their freshman year, Lindsey invited Amber over – and into his bedroom.
  213. 213. “So you want to ravish me, then?” Amber joked as she climbed into bed with him. “Only as long as you want it too. Do you want it?” “Yes. Yes I do.”
  214. 214. The experience was just as good as all of their kisses, and everything else.
  215. 215. As much as Richard liked doing schoolwork, there was only so much he could do. Also, his skills were maxed. Therefore, once they had the money, he bought a makeover chair and began offering makeovers to the townies. Dawn Norris, a tragic victim of a hot tub lightning strike sometime in the past, was his first victim. “Are you sure you know how to do this?” “Of course. I‟m an expert. Trust me, you‟ll look fabulous.”
  216. 216. Luckily, her makeover came out quite well.
  217. 217. Robin was the last of the brothers to get abducted, but not the last sim of the generation – with Kate being friends with them all, it was practically guaranteed that she‟d get in as soon as she started college.
  218. 218. Even with all the other people wandering through the house at all hours of the day and night, the boys still took the time to eat together whenever they could. Sometimes they even had serious conversations. “Do you guys know what you‟re lifting?” Lindsey asked, one evening. Connor shrugged. “Whatever comes up first. Art leads to Journalism or Artist, so one of those might be best, but I‟d start at level 8 in anything else, hopefully.” Lindsey nodded. “I‟d like to be Captain Hero, but that doesn‟t mean I have to lift Law Enforcement.”
  219. 219. “It really depends on what‟s in the paper,” Richard said. “Or on the computer. There‟s not much we can do til we move home.” “True enough.”
  220. 220. Richard continued his makeovers, and even managed to talk me into his chair. I did insist he just change my makeup, though. I liked my hairstyle quite well. Amusingly enough, his primary victims were Robin and Connor‟s dates. They were always at the house, after all, and most of them could use new hairstyles and makeup.
  221. 221. That year, once they had the money, Robin also bought a hot tub, in which he wooed Jessie Pilferson.
  222. 222. As they had a bit of cash, Richard also decided to try his hand at dating.
  223. 223. Date number 1 had a locked want to fall in love with his mother.
  224. 224. Date number 2 had a crush on his aunt.
  225. 225. And date number 3 was his little sister‟s father. Unfortunately, by that point, they were out of money, so Richard decided to ignore dating for a while and possibly try and find someone later, once they had a bit more cash.
  226. 226. Lilah and Kate also came for a visit, allowing the family members to renew their friendships.
  227. 227. And, upon the achievement of his bronze makeover badge, Richard finally had his first disaster. This poor townie underwent six different bad makeovers before he succeeded. I suspect he just didn‟t like her, poor girl.
  228. 228. Eventually, however, he did manage to make her look good, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.
  229. 229. All in all, it was a good but crazy year, with everyone ending with a 4.0.
  230. 230. Finally, college over, Connor spun into adulthood.
  231. 231. His outfit, while decent (and something I‟d have been VERY happy with pre-Show Business, as those are pants, not those stupid shorts) was just not him. Then he headed back to the main house.
  232. 232. He changed clothes, then sat down at the computer to try and find a job.
  233. 233. But before he really had the chance, it was time to say goodbye to his little sister, who headed off to UC Sunnydale to join their brothers.
  234. 234. Kate stood, in her grow up clothes, at the front of the lot. “Oh God,” she said. “Please tell me I can change out of this travesty.”
  235. 235. Luckily, she was able to. Her new clothes suited her much better. --- For more info, turn the page!
  236. 236. So, as you can see, the penguin decided to come out in the middle of summer. …No, that‟s not what I meant. So, as you can see, we didn‟t lift any restrictions this chapter, but we DID manage to get up to the lifting point once more! If I‟m calculating right, there should only be two more chapters left, and those should hopefully not take too long to play/write, as they‟ll be a bit shorter…depending on how easily we find the jobs. So, yes, that should hopefully come soon!
  237. 237. And we shall end with stats…and the face Glory makes when I tell her to hug her twin sister. Kate Lockley Whedon Knowledge (Criminal Mastermind) – this one is especially hilarious as Lindsey rolled Captain Hero Glory Whedon 10/7/0/10/0 (Capricorn) Kennedy Whedon 10/3/2/10/10 (Capricorn) Hope you all enjoyed!