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Intro to iEarn

Intro to iEarn

Published in: Education

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  • 1. International Education and Resource Network Learning with the world, not just about it
  • 2. The Pulse of iEARN 2,000,000 Students 40,000 Educators 130 Countries 200 Projects 30 Languages Learning with the world, not just about it
  • 3.
    • A safe, secure environment for teaching & learning
  • 4.
    • Projects in all Curriculum Areas
    • Arts & Literature
    • Social Studies
    • Math & Science
    • Languages & ESL
    • Adaptable to meet national (state) standards
  • 5. Collaboration Centre for communication and sharing
  • 6.
    • Increased communications and analytical skills
    • Enhanced cross-cultural awareness
    • Changed attitudes; enthusiasm for going to school, on int’l exchanges
    “ I felt the [iEARN/Global Nomads Project Voice: After the War US-Iraq school] video-conference was very successful and it gave me an insight on how students, all the way across the globe, felt about the war. It was amazing to hear their thoughts. I enjoyed the conference and can’t wait to do the next one.”  - -Alicia, high school student, Connecticut
  • 7.
    • Increased interest in other cultures’ educational systems
    • Improved technology skills
    • Greater teacher morale
    • Increased interest in int’l exchange programs
    … through iEARN, my students collaborated with students from Orman School in Cairo, Egypt, in a media literacy unit …. As US troops closed in on Baghdad, students from both countries shared articles, photos and news clips from their respective regions. They found a much wider spectrum of viewpoints and coverage than they had anticipated. Being pushed to verify facts as reported by news sources, students on both sides of the ocean experienced first hand the need for critical thinking and active inquiry. One and all changed from strictly passive consumers of media to more active, discerning students of electronic and print information. -- Sarah, high school teacher, Spokane, Washington
  • 8. Membership Resources include:
    • Access to 200 online curriculum-based projects
    • School partners in 130+ countries
    • Native speakers of 30 languages
    • Searchable online database of partners and projects
    • Videoconferencing and chat opportunities
    • Project description booklet & other teachers resources
    • Newsletters and twice monthly online newsflashes
    • Online and professional staff support
    • Face-to-face & online professional dev. opportunities
    • Annual Int’l Teachers' Meeting & Youth Summit
    Learning with the world, not just about it
  • 9.
    • How can iEARN help Scotch Plains-Fanwood incorporate global perspectives in schools?
    • Projects aligned to the the curriculum with global participation
    • Native speakers for world language students
    • Projects where students learn about other cultures while sharing their own
    • Authentic global audience for student work
    • Utilizing technology while learning with global partners around the world
    • Global teacher network for professional development
  • 10. iEARN is… The largest project-based K-12 network in the world! 25,000 schools and youth organizations in over 130 countries.
  • 11. iEARN-USA 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 450 New York, NY 10115 212 870-2693 Twitter: @iearnusa [email_address]