Gin & genever in egypt to 2016 databook


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2016 || Databook || Gin & Genever in Egypt to 2016: Databook ||

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Gin & genever in egypt to 2016 databook

  1. 1. announces, The Latest market research report is available inits vast collection:Gin & Genever in Egypt to 2016: Databook Link of Canedean :’s, Gin & Genever in Egypt to 2016: Databook contains detailed historicand forecast Gin & Genever consumption analysis, segmented at a category level. Itprovides year on year growth figures for the different types of Gin & Geneveravailable in Egypt , as well as volume data based on price segments and alcoholicstrength. This report reviews the latest industry trends both for overall products aswell as leading market players, which makes it an essential tool for companiesactive across the Egypt alcoholic drinks value chain and for new players consideringentering the market.SummaryThis report is the result of Canadean’s extensive market research covering the Gin &Genever category in Egypt . It provides detailed historic and forecast consumptionvolume and values, at channel level. Gin & Genever in Egypt to 2016: Databookprovides a top-level overview and detailed insight into the operating environmentof the Gin & Genever category in EgyptScope- Overview of the Gin & Genever category in Egypt- Analysis on consumption of the Gin & Genever category in Egypt, by volume, value,brands and channels- Provides detailed historic and forecast data on the off-premise and on-premiseconsumption of the Gin & Genever category in Egypt- Historic and forecast consumption value of the Gin & Genever category in Egypt by
  2. 2. alcoholic strength and by price segmentsTable of contents:1 Introduction1.1 What is this Report About?1.2 Definitions1.2.1 This report provides 2011 actual sales; while forecasts are provided for 2012 -2016.1.3 Summary Methodology2 Egypt Gin & Genever Market Analysis2.1 Gin & Genever Market Consumption Analysis, 2006-162.1.1 Gin & Genever Market Volume Analysis, 2006-162.2 Gin & Genever Consumption by Channels2.2.1 Gin & Genever Consumption by Channel, 2006-162.2.2 Gin & Genever Off-premise Consumption, 2006-162.2.3 Gin & Genever On-premise Consumption, 2006-162.3 Gin & Genever Consumption by Price Segment, 2006-162.4 Gin & Genever Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2006-163 Appendix3.1 Methodology3.2 About Canadean3.3 DisclaimerList of FiguresList of Tables are also include.For more related Reports Plz follow The link:Databook
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