Recounts of Athletics at Tawhai School & Nothern Zone.


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Recounts of Athletics at Tawhai School & Nothern Zone.

  1. 1. In shot put I was not scared because I havebig muscles. High jump was my least favouritebecause I am not that good at it. In sprints Ifelt scared because when the hooter went offeveryone started running. I came last but Iwas okay with it.By Nic, Year 3 Room 4  .
  2. 2. On Tuesday it was athletics day. I was excited at firstbut then when it was time for me to do the sprints I wasnervous. Luckily my sister and her friend cheered forme and I came first. I was in the finals and I camesecond because Killarney beat me. After that it wasmorning tea time, then we did the long jump and thevortex. After lunch I did the high jump and shot put. Ididn’t really like shot put and long jump because in shotput I kept getting a no throw and in long jump I got a nojump. I will just have to keep on practicing. By Cassidy Yr 2 Room4
  3. 3. It was athletics day at Tawhai School. Right after theroll we had to line up and head outside. I thought itwould be weird being outside all day because wehad to do no work ALL DAY!! We went to the fieldand sat down on the grass. We were the first groupto do sprints, I was very nervous. Just when she said“On your marks, get set” I felt like I couldn’t do it but Ihad to. I came 4th in the sprints, better than I thought.After morning tea it was long jump. In the lineRebecca and I made origami with the grass. I’m nota very good jumper but it was really good fun.By Marlena, Year 3, Room 4
  4. 4. Hi, my name is Ruby. I’m a year 5 and I am in Room 15. I’m going to be talkingabout the Tawhai School’s Athletics Day.First the year fives participated in the sprints. I came second to last but I don’tcare, as long as I had fun!Next I did the high jump. I jumped over the bar twice. Then they moved it up andthat was when I went wrong…I jumped onto the bar instead of jumping over it but Mrs Wheeler gave meanother try. When I tried again I ended up taking the whole bar off! So I got onepoint.After that I went to shot put and that was pretty good. The first try I threwand I got one point. The second try I threw I got a two so in the end I got twopoints.Next I went to long jump and I kept getting disqualified for jumping over theboard so I ended up getting one point.Next I went to vortex. We got two chances to throw. The first time I got a one,the second time I got two points, so I got two points in the end.Finally we did the relays and our team came second, when it was my turn to run, Iwas sprinting my heart out!It was the best athletics day ever!By Ruby
  5. 5. My name is Amelia and yesterday the 15th of November I competed in school Northen zone Athletics. We were competing with 4 other schools, Pomare, Tui Glen, Koronui and Tiata Central. Next it was year four girls shotput but I didn’t take part in that. Then it was sprints and I competed in that but very sadly I didn’t get a placing in that. After it was long jump, I competed in that, with long jump I came nothing but I did get quite a lot of sand in my shoes. Next it was vortex, I did not take part in that. After was highjump I didn’t take part in that also. Now it was time to eat then to go. I think I did my best with everything I did but I didn’t get in for the best of the best to go in the next zone it was a wonderful day and maybe I could get in next year again. First I took part in relay races and I was second runner with the year four girls race. We came third with that.Amelia Myatt Room 2
  6. 6. Hi my name is Alysha Brownie. I’m year 4 and I’m also in Rm2.On Tuesday 15th of November, some kids from our schoolwent to the Northern Zone Athletics. I took part in theyear 4 Relays Sprints Vortex Shot put and Discus.I came 5th in Shot put, 7th in Vortex, 3rd in Sprints and 9thin Discus.I thought that day was fun and exciting. It was also a greatday to cheer for your friends and school. I also liked itbecause it was sooo sunny. I would like say to that myfriends did quite well!!!!!!!!!!!By Alysha, Room 2
  7. 7. Hi my name is Kayla Faitele and yesterday I went to theNorthern Zone Athletics. I’m a year 4 and I’m also in Room 2.The events I did were shot pot , sprints, vortex, high jump,discuss, and relays we came 3rd in relays because someonewas in my lane and tripped me up and someone fell over me. Invortex and high jump I came 1st and in discuss I came 6th, insprints I came 5th and Medow came 6th and in shot pot Ididn’t come anything but Neve came 1st. I think Tawhai Schooldid good and I think I did good and other people did amazingstuff too. I think yesterday was so unbelievable because theweather was very nice, it was sunny too and I loved it.By Kayla Faitele
  8. 8. A Lot of people trying their hardest.T here were six schools.H eaps of kids were there.L ots of people were trying their best so their school win.E veryone of the things, some people did or didn’t do them.T he day we did it was on Tuesday 15 November. It was hard. It was from 9.30am-2.00pm.I had two things, sprints and high jump.C ongratulations to the school that came first.S prints, high jump, long jump, vortex are the best. By Medow, Year 4 Room 3
  9. 9. A ll the athletes were trying their hardest.T awhai School came third out of all the other schools.H eaps of kids were at the Northern Zone Athletics.L ots of people were trying their hardest.E veryone was trying their hardest so their school could win.T hat day was really sunny.I nterzone is the next one and I’m in it.C ongratulations to Tawhai because we came third.S prints, high jump, vortex, long jump, shotput, discus and relays were all the events. By Simon year 4 Room 3
  10. 10. Hi my name is Kerenza . I’m in room 15 and I Am a year 5. I’m going to tell youabout the Northern Zone Athletics Day, we had on the 15th of November2011.Yesterday all the kids who got a placing(1st, 2nd or 3rd)In the Tawhai SchoolAthletics had a go at competing Against other Schools.I had a go at the vortex, shot put, discus and sprints, But didn’t get a placing inany of them. However it was Well worth the try.Overall Tawhai School came third with about 41 points, Koraunui 2nd with about61 points and Pomare won with About 81 points.I thought the day went really well and I enjoyed Competing against otherschools.We were all quite pleased with our efforts.By Kerenza, Room 15
  11. 11. Hi my name is Mary. I am in Room 14 and I’m aYear 5. The events I took part in were high jump,sprints and relays. I thought I was very very goodat the activities and I tried my hardest to win. Ithought that the day went very well. Tawhai Schoolcame 3rd out of the whole Northern Zone with 41points.
  12. 12. Hi my name is Ryan and I am a year 6 in Room14.On Tuesday 15th November I took part in the NorthernZone Athletics at Naenae Park. My events were thediscus, shotput, vortex, sprints and relays.My first event of the day was relays and my team came4th. Then I had vortex and I came 6th, after that I haddiscus and I came 5th, this was my favourite event ofthe day.Next I had shot put and I came 5th again. Lastly was thesprints and in the heats, I came 2nd and in the semi finalI came 5th. It was an awesome day.By Ryan
  13. 13. Hi my name is Cooper and I am a year 5 and inRoom 14. On Tuesday the 15th I was in the NorthernZone Athletics. I was in the relay team and we came4th. Next I had sprints and in my heat I came 1st, thenIn my semi final I came 4th.For my next activity I had long jump and I came 2nd.Then I had vortex and I didn’t do well because I hadA broken thumb.Then I had high jump and I came 4th, after that I didDiscus and didn’t know how I did in that.I was supposed to do shotput but I didn’t end upDoing it.I had an awesome day.By Cooper
  14. 14. Hello, my name is Lydia. I’m in Room 14 and I am a year5.On Tuesday the 15th November, I participated in 6 eventsin the Northern Zone Athletics. They were sprints, longjump, high jump, shot put, discus and relay.I got a first in the long jump, 2nd in the relay team whichincluded Mary, Nikita and Bree. The only other placing I gotwas a 5th in the sprints. I tried really hard in everything!Before it started I was nervous, but in the end it was anamazing day.Tawhai School came 3rd out of the whole Northern Zonewith 41 points.By Lydia