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REDSTAR Magazine January 2014

  1. 1. OCEAN 冰洋 SWIMMING 2013 韩国料理攻略 冬泳 IN WINTER 年最佳排行榜 悠游 实现新年愿望 KEEPING YOUR 大理 RESOLUTIONS BEST OF KOREAN CUISINE 红星时代广告DM 青岛红星时代文化传播有限公司 8388-2269 青岛市南京路100号3-401 登记证号:青工商广固印登字2012-0014号
  2. 2. Also by REDSTAR The Best of Qingdao - 1/14 CONTENTS目录 Creative Services - Qingdao Education Portal - Korean comfort food in Qingdao p.26 Dali - the kind of place to just 'be' p.34 岛城冬日暖胃韩餐 大理——待着就心满意足 REDSTAR takes a refreshing look at winter ocean swimming. p.41 Smug winners and lonely losers in Chinese cinema 2013 p.43 红星带你走近冰洋冬泳的无畏勇士 2013年中国影院的大赢家和落败者 China’s Live Music Monitor - Sign up for weekly events/ promotions updates at Follow REDSTAR's Official WeChat to keep up to date with Qingdao's daily promotions, upcoming events and other Redstar/ Qingdao related news. Use your Wechat QR scanner to scan this code. 关注红星官方微信账号,知晓岛城最新活动、 促销及其他岛城/红星相关资讯。快来用微信扫 一扫吧! Creative Team 策划团队 Ian Burns, Aaron Bird, Liu Jieling, Apple Tan, Peipei Zhu, Mika Wang, Zoe Zheng, Xueyi Wu, David Chen, Teodora Lazarova, Tomas Engle, Rosanne Goedhart, Monica Pizzato, Sissi Zhang, Preston Bu, Josh Martin, Justin Waulters, Paul Finkbeiner, Nick Manthey, Kan Lee, Mark Lewis. Advertising Enquiries 广告征订 (+86 532) 8097-0521 / 8388-2269 Publication Enquiries 出版物咨询 Creative 100 Industry Park, Room 401 Building 3, 100 Nanjing Lu, Qingdao 266071 青岛市南京路100号 创意100产业园3-401 Cover Art © Guillaume Cheret FEATURES 文章 08 2014 Calendar 2014大事日历 36 Not So Middle Kingdom Never too soon to start planning for next year 中央王国今何样 The Evolution of American Chinatowns 美国唐人街变迁史 一年之计在于春 22 Brain Flossing 头脑冥想 Tomás Engle takes us through a series of unconventional methods for achieving your resolutions - mentally! 46 Colour Me Interested Tomás教你如何通过一系列非常规方法达 成新年愿望——从精神上实现! LISTINGS 地址信息 色谈色趣 Preston Bu discusses the meaning behind colours Preston给你介绍色彩在汉语里的 丰富涵义 52 Travel & Hotels 出行&酒店 59 Cafes & Bars 咖啡酒吧 55 Sights 旅游景点 62 Recreation 休闲娱乐 56 Dining 餐饮美食 63 Shopping 购物
  3. 3. / CITY // 广告 • 城市 广告 • 城市 Numb3rs 71 325,000,000 projected initial investment in dollars needed for China City of America, a proposed real-estate development in upstate New York. Billed as a “Chinese Disneyland” by proponent Sherry Li, the design would include a college, an amusement park, luxury residences and even a Forbidden City laid out like the one in Beijing. The scheme plans to capitalise on a federal program that lets foreigners that invest $500,000 in the US to obtain visas. 在美国建一座中国城的预计初始投资,以美元计。该项 目选址在纽约州北部,由华裔女商人李雪莉牵头发起兴建。 这座巨大的“美国的中国城”包括一所学院、一座游乐园、 豪华住宅区和一座类似北京紫禁城的“纽约紫禁城”建筑。 该项目计划借用美国联邦当局的签证计划,即如果外国人投 资50万美元,便可成为投资移民。 // CITY / 432,000 estimated distance in metres lunar rover Yutu (Jade Rabbit) will travel while studying the moon's surface over a period of three months. If in Qingdao, Yutu would have been able to go over the Jiaozhou Bridge ten times, with enough metres left over to make a quick pit-stop at the Tsingtao Beer Museum. 月球车“玉兔”进行为期三个月的月球表面考察时,预计将在月球上行 进的距离:如果是在青岛,这个距离足以让“玉兔”往返胶州大桥十次,还 可以顺便去趟青岛啤酒博物馆。 91, 17, 7 在最近一次调查中,71%的中国人 承认他们的幸福感依赖于物质财富的多 寡,是世界平均值34%的两倍。这项调 查由广州中山大学社会调查中心实施, 采访了全国30个行政区域的一万户家庭 和一万六千名单身者。全世界66%的人 认为中国给人一种“压力很大,必须成 功,挣很多的钱”的感觉。 根据国际人力资源咨询机构ECA最近 发布的“2013年外籍人士生活成本调查” 报告,青岛在全球、地区和国家排名中分 别位列第91位、第17位和第7位。由于食 品价格上涨,人民币升值和日元贬值,中 国城市生活指标在区域或国际都有所提 高。比如北京和东京的生活成本差距,已 由去年的38%下降到了今年的8%。 percent of Chinese in a recent survey that said their happiness is tied to material possessions, more than twice the global average (34%). Conducted by the Centre for Social Survey at Guangzhou's Sun Yat-sen University, the survey queried over 10,000 households and 16,000 individuals in 30 administrative divisions. Chinese also led the world in feeling “under a lot of pressure to be successful and make money” (66%). Qingdao's global, regional and national rankings, respectively, for ECA International's 2013 Cost of Living survey for expatriate staff. Chinese cities have risen in the index, regionally and globally, due to higher food costs, renminbi appreciation and Japanese yen depreciation. As an example of this, the difference in cost of living between Beijing and Tokyo fell from 38% to 8% over the last 12 months. Spotlight f you are looking for something to do on those ice-cold days and nights, you should check out the slot car racetrack in Darling Harbor. Whether you want to live your fantasy of being a F1 Formula Race car driver or you just want to race your friends it sure is a good pastime for kids of all ages. Slot Car Racing, Darling Harbor 1F 还在为寒冬瑟瑟 不知何处寻乐而发愁 吗?来心海广场试试 这架过山车轨道模型 吧。不管你是曾经怀 揣驾驶方程式赛车的 梦想,抑或只是想跟 朋友比上一把,回温 童年乐趣,来这儿就 对啦! 轨道赛车 心海广场一层 Follow REDSTAR's Official WeChat 04 Keep up to date with Qingdao's daily promotions, upcoming events and other Redstar/ Qingdao related news. Use your Wechat QR scanner to scan this code. 关注红星官方微信账号, 知晓岛城最新活 动、促销及其 他岛城/红星相 关资讯。快来 用微信扫一扫 吧! 岛 I 图说青 Jimmy Kho Fushan in Autumn 浮山金秋 Sony SkyVegaR3 05
  4. 4. / CITY // 广告 • 城市 the 2014 ChiF an aw ards Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V Hot Mom Competition 辣妈比赛 The first “Hot Mom Competition” is a hot topic on Weibo now. Netizens are astonished to see dozens of teenage moms, of which the youngest is just 16! But what really got everyone's attention was 43-year-old mother Christy Chung (Canadian & Hongkongnese actress) posting a photo of her with one of her daughters. 凭借在《甄嬛传》一剧中的出色表现, 中国演员孙俪获得第41届国际艾美奖“最佳女 主角”奖项提名。这部讲述清代后宫嫔妃斗争的中国电视剧在海外取得 的成功,代表了国际影视界对中国国产长篇电视剧的肯定。《甄嬛传》 落地中国台湾、日本后,获得观众的超高呼声,目前,编剪成6集电视电 影的英文版也已推出。这是中国首部登上美国主流电视台的电视作品。 06 January 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 FebRUary 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Akebono 曙日本餐厅 Déjà Vu 法国餐厅 Korona 可罗嘉西餐厅 Luigi's 比萨·体育餐吧 The Diner & Spark Cafebrew 丹尼美式餐厅(五四广场) The Diner22 贰拾贰号咖啡厅 2014年最佳 吃饭大奖 Standing next to a “money desk” and pointing out three “money walls” to his front, left and right, Chinese billionaire and philanthropist Guangbiao Chen said, “I just like the exaggerated look for attention, so more people focus on and participate in China's Third National Economic Census.” The 16 tons of 100 RMB notes took 20 people five hours to build into the small “money room.” Empresses first earned acclaim abroad in Japan and Taiwan, but is now being translated into English for six made-for-TV movies. While Chinese television series are no stranger to the Chinese-language market in the United States, this will be the first one adaptated for the mainstream American market. RESTAURANT Canvas 美式餐厅 Rich hillbilly showing off 土豪炫富 While Empresses in the Palace's Li Sun being nominated for best leading actress at the 41st International Emmy Awards is big national news, the bigger headline is well, bigger. The epic about Qing dynasty palace intrigue – oddly enough in perfect putonghua, not Manchu – is a significant symbol of a mainland Chinese television series that is receiving praise from an international audience. 春节餐馆 Spring fest supper shutdown 休息一览 Thai Me Up 泰国餐厅 微博上发起了首届“辣妈大赛”,没想到,竟有数十位95后辣妈 参赛,最年轻的年仅16岁!不过,最吸引人眼球的,是43岁的辣妈、著 名影星钟丽缇与女儿的合影。她着泳衣坐在池边,女儿也着泳衣可爱出 镜。作为3个孩子的妈妈,43岁的钟丽缇依旧如此性感,网友力挺“这 才是辣妈大赛终结者”。 Imperial House of Cards 纸牌“皇宫” // CITY / Tairyo 大渔铁板烧 In the photo, Christy Chung sits on the edge of the pool while her daughter in the pool floats nearby. The 43-year-old and mother of three, looking more robotic than sexy in a bathing suit, was dubbed “The Terminator” of the Hot Mom Competition by netizens. 中国企业家和慈善家陈光标站在“钱桌”旁,指着身后、左、右的 三面“钱墙”说:“我就是要用这种夸张方式,让更多人关注、并积极 参与第三次全国经济普查。”这16吨的百元人民币是用卡车运来后,20 人“搭建”了5个小时才完工的。 广告 • 城市 The Diner marina 丹拿百丽 Café Asia 亚洲咖啡 Fatema 法蒂玛印度餐厅 Lisa's Chenghai Yi Lu 力萨比萨澄海一路店 Lisa's Ao'men Lu 力萨比萨澳门路店 Luigi's Huangdao 路易基意式餐吧 La Villa 拉维拉法国餐厅 Café Roland 朗园 T he time has come again for the annual REDSTAR Chifan Awards! Restaurants around Qingdao will compete against each other for the top title in the the following categories: • • • • • • • • • • • Best New Restaurant Best to Take a Date Best Decor Best Western Under 100元 Best Western over 100元 Best non-chinese asian Best chinese under 100元 Best chinese over 100元 Best hotel buffet Best wine selection Best all-nighter If you believe your restaurant has what it takes to win the hearts and please the bellies of the Qingdao people head to chifan-awards-2014 for more information. La Description 见闻录 又 到了每年一度的红星 吃饭大奖评选时间! 想跟岛城各家餐厅一 比高下吗?那就赶紧参照以下 评选类别,给您的餐厅报名 吧: • • • • • • • • • • • 最佳新开张餐厅 最佳约会餐厅 最佳装修餐厅 百元以下最佳西餐厅 百元以上最佳西餐厅 最佳亚洲风味餐厅 百元以下最佳中餐厅 百元以上最佳中餐厅 最佳酒店自助餐厅 最佳酒水餐厅 最佳通宵餐厅 若您对自己的餐厅充满 信心,自认为可以满足岛城食 客形形色色的胃口的话,那 么就来 chifan-awards-2014查看如何 参加评选吧。 San Marco Sitting Bull 毅牛烤排馆 Milano 米兰诺意大利西餐厅 Trattoria Verde 北绿岛 HBR 海边人音乐厨房 Haidilao Hotpot 海底捞火锅 Sanbao 三宝粥店 Laozhuancun 老转村 Boilling Fish Township 沸腾渔乡 South Beauty 俏江南 Xiao Ben Jia 小本家 Isari Sushi 渔寿司 Don Korea 东古来 Yue Yu Xuan 越饫轩 *We do not guarantee this table is correct! Opening dates are subject to change and the decision of the selected restaurant. 我们不担保此表格的真实性, 最终解释权归各餐厅所有。 07
  5. 5. / CITY // 广告 • 城市 2014 is finally here! Already feeling lost about what will happen this year? Never fear, as Xueyi Wu helps you shine a spotlight on 2014 with her timeline, so you don't miss out on any big events! 27 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Ties between China & France 30 Chinese New Year's Eve / Traditional Culture Fair at Tianhou Palace (till 14 Feb) 14 Valentine's Day/ Chinese Lantern Festival 15 Qingdao Tanghulu Fair (till 17th) 16 First competition of 2014 FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Australia 01 International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao opens 17 Saint Patrick's Day 20 FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Shanghai 20 Easter Mid-March Plum Blossom Festival at Plum Garden (Chengyang) 31 Spring Festival 1日 新年 16日 世界一级方程 27日 中法建交四十 式锦标赛(F1)揭 幕战, 澳大利亚 周年纪念日 30日 除夕/天后宫 新正民俗文化庙会 (至正月十五) 31日 春节 17 圣派翠克节 14 日 情人节/元 宵节 15 日 青岛海云庵糖 球会(至17日) International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao Open to the public from April to October, this year's theme is “From the earth, for the Earth." This will be the first international horticultural exposition featured in a mountainous coastal area. As Qingdao is adjacent to Mount Lao and the East Sea, the horticultural exposition will build plenty of viewing platforms on the mountain so that visitors can appreciate a beautiful 08 20 复活节 三月中旬 青岛十梅 庵梅花节(城阳, 青岛梅园) Mid-April Cherry Blossom Festival at Zhongshan Park 01 Extreme Sailing Series, Qingdao 6-8 Temple Fair at the Zhanshan Temple 12 Tournament play at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil begins 2014我们来了! 13 Tournament play at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil ends 01 Autumn school semester begins 01 China’s National Day 11-18 Sailing World Cup, Qingdao Mid-August Qingdao International Beer Festival 31 International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao closes 23 last competition of FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Abu Dhabi 25 Christmas Day 27 Thanksgiving 1日 极限帆船系列 赛事 青岛站 20日 一级方程式赛 16-28 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games 30 China (Qingdao) International Boat Show (till 1st June) 1日 2014世界园艺 博览会(至十月) // CITY / 2014 年终 于 来了, 今年有啥 重 大节日活 动?雪逸帮你画一 条 2014的大事件时间轴, 这样你就不会错过啦! The end of the month Cherry Festival in Beizhai 22 Earth Day 广告 • 城市 6-8日 湛山寺庙会 车世界锦标赛上海站 四月中旬 中山公园 樱花会 22日 地球日 view of all the plant life, mountains and the ocean. Featuring various exhibits of different gardening techniques and kinds of plants, the main focus of IHE, however, will be on Qingdao's endemic crops. High latitude green tea (Mount Lao Green Tea), high latitude flowers (Chrysanthemum, Chinese peony, etc.) and beer agriculture (hops, wheat, barley, etc.), to name just a few. Read more in REDSTAR's next issue... 1日 国庆节 五月底 北宅樱桃节 16日 南京青年奥运 30日 第十二届中 国(青岛)国际船 艇博览会(至6月 1日) 11日 帆船世界杯, 会 (至8月28日) 12日 巴西世界杯 (至七月13日) 2014 FIA Formula 1 World Championship Starting March 16 in Australia, and ending November 23 in Abu Dhabi, the FIA Formula 1 World Championship is the highest level of competition for open-wheel racing. Each stop in the racing series is called a “grand prix,” and although there will be a winner at each grand prix, only the player with the highest total score at the end of the year will be named World Drivers' Champion. A grand prix in this series since 2004, Shanghai will be the fourth stop in this annual series on April 20. 2014年青岛世界园艺博览会 2014年世界一级方程式锦标赛 (F1) 2014年世界园艺博览会将于4 月-10月在岛城举行。这是首次在中国 临海城市举办的具有山地型特色的世界 性园艺展会,本届展会的主题为“让生 活走进自然”。青岛依山傍海,世园会 在山上设置观景平台,在观景塔上即可 欣赏植物山海的自然风光。 展览将主要 以园艺花卉为主,特色是青岛本土特有 作物,高纬度绿茶(崂山绿茶),高纬 度花卉(菊花,芍药等)及特色农耕, 啤酒种植等。更多详情请关注下月刊。 2014年世界一级方程式锦标赛(F1) 将在3月16日于澳大利亚举行揭幕战,收官 战则为阿布扎比,比赛时间为11月23日。F1 是当今最高水平的赛车比赛,可以说是高 科技、团队精神、车手智慧与勇气的集合 体。F1比赛每个分站产生一名分站冠军,全 年各分站成绩总积分最高的赛手,将成为当 年度的F1世界冠军。自2004年起,世界一级 方程式锦标赛增加上海站的比赛后,上海将 连续11年举办F1大奖赛,比赛时间为4月20 日(第四站)。 13 巴西世界杯 (至13日) 八月中旬 青岛国际 啤酒节 青岛(至18日) 学校秋季学期开学季 31日 2014世界园艺 博览会结束 23日 世界一级方程 式锦标赛(F1)收 官战,阿布扎比 27日 感恩节 25日 圣诞节 2014 FIFA World Cup From June 12 to July 13, 32 teams from 6 continents will participate in football's global competition. Five-time World Cup champions, Brazil last hosted the World Cup in 1950. The official Adidas match ball for this year's tournament is called “brazuca,” which is a Brazilian Portuguese term used to describe pride in the Brazilian way of life. 2014年巴西世界杯 2014年世界杯足球赛于6月12 日至7月13日在巴西举行,届时将 有来自六大洲的32支参赛队伍参 赛。曾五夺世界杯冠军的巴西在 1950年曾承办过世界杯,足球在 巴西早已上升到国球的位置,巴 西的足球运动员把它演化成了桑 巴足球和艺术足球,2014巴西世 界杯的比赛用球被称为“桑巴荣 耀”(BRAZUCA),国际足联表 示,“BRAZUCA”在巴西足球中 象征着“热情、骄傲和善意”,让 我们期待今年桑巴风情,热情如火 的夏天吧。 09
  6. 6. / CITY // 广告 • 城市 广告 • 城市 Restaurant Eiffel, the food is prepared with so much love and passion. The owners are really nice and kind. I call the chef the Chinese version of Jamie Oliver – passionate, simple and humble. ...and what to look forward to in 2014. We asked a few of the people who have contributed to the Qingdao community the most in 2013, what were the high points of last year. 埃菲尔法式餐厅,喜欢那里饱 含爱意并热情洋溢的食物。店主人很 好,我觉得他就像中国的Jamie Oliver,富有激情却又简单谦逊。 Freeman, the place to hang out in Qingdao. 在期待2014年更加精彩的同时,我们 Dutch National Day in May and the Dutch Sinterklaas event last November. We had a blast. 五月的荷兰国庆日活动和去年十 一月的荷兰圣尼古拉斯节,场面很轰 动! 鲁商凯悦酒店东海88风味餐厅 的烤鸭,青岛最好的烤鸭! SHOP 商店 DISH 佳肴 DRINK 美酒 NEWS STORY 新鲜事 SPORTSMAN 运动员 Kiwi Cafe. Danny will cook whatever you want. He will willingly make changes to his recipes to accommodate your tastes. Everything is cooked fresh. I love the cosy southern hemisphere atmosphere. Feels like I'm not too far from my home in Australia. 奇异咖啡,Danny什么都会做,他还会根据 你的口味做一些适当的改变,所有的食材都很新 鲜,我很喜欢这种温和的南半球氛围,让我感觉 跟家乡澳大利亚的距离拉近了。 Old Jack's. This is the hub of the universe. Anything you need to know can be found out here. There is good conversation, good music, good friends and Old Jack. 老杰克酒吧简直是宇宙的中心,无论你想知 道些什么,在那里都可以打听得到。你会遇到很 好的朋友,可以听放松自在的音乐,还可以见到 老杰克。 7-Eleven near Kiwi Cafe. Where would the world be without this joint? It has everything a foreigner could need. 奇异咖啡隔壁的的7/11便利店。如果没有它,这 个世界将会很不一样,每个外国人都可以在那里 找到他们想要的一切,比方说新鲜有机食品、新 鲜牛奶等等,那里的服务也很棒。 Leo Corcoran Australian Science teacher & Sailing extraordinaire 来自澳洲的科学老师及水手 10 'Sexy' Gala at Lennon Bar. This is one of the special dishes that this excellent restaurant produces, and is famous throughout Qingdao. I love to meet my friends there. Warm service and many happy times spent struggling with my chopsticks trying to pick up those tricky little shells... 列侬酒吧的辣炒小蛤蜊岛城闻名,是这家 餐厅的特色,我跟朋友经常去那里,他们服务热 情,大多时候都很愉快,还记得我自己笨拙地用 筷子夹蛤蜊的熊样… EVENT 活动 PERFORMER 艺人 ARTWORK 艺术 我特别喜欢优衣库和无印良品这 两个日本品牌连锁店,已经买了很多 东西,应该算是金卡会员了。 处。 顾2013年的林林总总。 IMPROVEMENT 城市设施改善 I really love the Japanese chains Uniqlo and Muji, I buy so much there, I should be a gold member. Peking duck at Donghai 88, it is the best duck in Qingdao! 社区有所建树的朋友们,和他们一起回 BAR 酒吧 一个青岛人打破了40英尺级帆 船单人不间断环球航海世界纪录,很 振奋人心。 自由人,在青岛是个消遣的好去 也采访了为岛城文化、教育以及商务等 RESTAURANT 餐厅 // CITY / 2014 Steven Gao keeps my Australian sailors rum on hand. It's impossible to get Bundaberg rum in China. So if you’re coming back from Oz please grab a bottle at duty free. Heh.... 老高家(列侬酒吧)的朗姆酒,让我这个水 手心里安安稳稳的,在中国很难找到班达伯格朗 姆酒,所以要是你刚从澳大利亚回来,记得在免 税店带一瓶啊,嘿嘿… Xu Jinkun for sailing single-handed as a disabled young man around the seas of China. In an old j/24, he fixed up himself with the help of sailing associates. Amazing... 徐京坤,作为一个残疾人运动员,他单手完 成了环中国海挑战之旅。驾驶的只是一条二手的 24英尺小帆船。在一些帆船前辈的帮助下,他自 己一个人完成了这趟航程,简直太不可思议了… Jacky and Amelia at Lennon Bar, what amazing performers! His guitar-playing will be famous throughout the world, and she has some of the best vocals in China; rich, vibrant and dynamic. All this talent is guided by Joseph, go and listen sometime, they give other bands inspiration. 列侬酒吧的首席吉他手Jacky,惊为天人! 他以后一定会非常有名的。还有歌手Amelia,她 的嗓音非常独特。嗓音丰富、洪亮,有活力。他 们杰出的表演才华,加上领队Joseph丰富的舞 台经验…去听一听吧!别的乐队肯定能从他们身 上学到些东西。 Something I look forward to in 2014 will be sailing with the children from Shandong Sailing Association. I feel privileged to be a part of the team. 希望可以跟山东航海运动协会的孩子们航 行,很荣幸能成为他们中的一员。 I'm old fashioned, and from the Sex and the City generation, so I stick with my Cosmopolitan. Wei Wei 我来自欲望都市,崇尚古典,所 以钟爱大都会鸡尾酒。 Dutch (born in Beijing, but moved to the Netherlands at the age of 8) 荷兰人(生于北京,8岁时搬迁至荷兰的阿姆斯特丹) Different people like different styles. The one I like the best may not be the one for you, but it has its own style Chuanwaichuan Sichuan Restaurant. 我想说的可能不是最好吃的,因为每 个人的口味不一样,但是那家店我认为是 最有特色的,叫做“川外川”。 Liberum of course, haha, the environment is awesome and it's mine. 离岸酒吧,哈哈,因为环境好,而且 是自己的心血。 'Lonely Shredded Potatoes' from Chuanwaichuan, you will never forget that special taste! Yummy! “川外川”的“寂寞土豆丝”,那味 道绝对是让人难以忘怀,够滋味! Hoegaarden, I like its texture and aroma. The new world record holder for first Chinese solo non-stop circumnavigation in a class 40 yacht is from Qingdao, a very positive way to be in the news. The opening of the Qingdao International Horticulture Expo 2014. There will be a beautiful Dutch garden with tulips from the Netherlands and some other beautiful things, I guess you need to see that for yourself. 2014年青岛世界园艺博览会。 届时,荷兰展览厅将布满来自荷兰的 美丽郁金香,还有很多其他的迷人之 处,我想大家都应该去看看。 抚顺路批发市场,因为价格便宜东西 多。 REDSTAR’s Ten Year Anniversary. Everything was great, the food, the drink and the gig. 红星杂志十周年庆,哈哈,不要以为 我在拍马屁啊,因为吃得开心喝得开心玩 得开心。 Xia Yu… I especially like his performance in his first movie In the Heat of the Sun. 夏雨,喜欢他在《阳光灿烂的日子》 里面的表演。 Those middle-aged men playing volleyball on the beach. really healthy with their tan skin. 在海边散步看到的打沙滩排球的几 位不知名大叔,那黝黑的皮肤,啧啧,很 健康。 福佳白啤酒,因为喜欢它的口感和香 气。 A cute and lovely baby. The wholesale market in Fushun Lu, because you can get different things for low price there. 一个聪明可爱的孩子。 Lu Hongwei Owner of Liberum 27 years old From Zibo, Shandong 离岸酒吧老板 27岁 来自山东淄博 11
  7. 7. / CITY // 广告 • 城市 广告 • 城市 national enterprises for a gorgeous evening overlooking the Yellow Sea. France, Russia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Britain, the US and friends from all over the world; it was really a priceless evening. Also, QAIS hosted the Missouri State University Chamber Orchestra on the first performance of their China tour. It was the first 'guest' ensemble to play in our auditorium, and the music was absolutely transporting, just enveloping everyone in the room. One of their violinists is Qingdaonese, as was the composer of one of the pieces. MSU has a very active connection with Qing Da, so it felt like the performers were almost familiar, but their performance was out of this world. To welcome them to the city, and to share the experience with all of our students, from ages 3-18, was precious. Eric Blocher Communications Director, QAIS 青岛美亚国际学校公关总监 Qingdao International Business Association is a dynamic group to be a part of, with informative monthly meetings and great networking opportunities to make business sustainable in Qingdao. In September, we christened the Chairman Suite on the top floor of Hyatt Regency with an Interchamber Mixer, bringing in all of the representative offices and chambers of commerce and several inter- Trattoria Verde for every special occasion. We take the kids; my son (age 3) loves the potato and parmesan pancake, and all of the seafood. We are just always satisfied and happy when we're there, and the food really is wonderful. Honourable mention for Market Cafe at the Hyatt though – delicious buffet, amazing desserts, right on the water, five minutes from school! 青岛国际商会是个很有活力的组织,每 个月都会有定期会面和精彩交流,让青岛的商 务人士们更好地在此拓展他们的业务。9月份 的时候,我们在青岛鲁商凯悦酒店顶层的总统 套房举办了一场别开生面的商务鸡尾酒会,商 界、政界、以及来自世界各个国家不同地区的 朋友都来了。当晚我们从酒店俯瞰黄海,畅谈 工作和生活,太让人难忘了! As we near authorisation to become the first International Baccalaureate World School in Shandong Province, and the first school in Asia to be accredited by the American Montessori Society, this is shaping up to be quite a year! We've been working toward these goals since 2011, building the programmes, bringing in the staff and engaging with our community. This year, Qingdao will officially be able to provide the highest standard of education to international residents. 青岛美亚国际学校承办了密苏里州立大学 室内管弦乐团中国巡演的第一场,这是我们礼 堂第一次有“客人”来演奏,音乐超级震撼, 嗨翻了全场!他们的一个小提琴手是青岛人, 也是个作曲家。密苏里州立大学和青岛大学一 直有往来,所以看到他们感觉很亲切,而且他 们的表演实在是太棒了!欢迎他们来到青岛, 与我们分享他们的经历,这些经历非常可贵。 我们很快就会得到国际文凭组识(IBO)的正 式授权,成为山东第一家IB世界学校;同时, 我们也是亚洲第一家得到美国蒙台梭利协会认 可的学校,所以这一年非同寻常!自2011年我 们就开始往这方面努力,比方说完成计划、招 聘新的员工和社区互动等等。从今年开始,青 岛正式有能力给外籍人士子女提供最卓越的教 育了。 From an artistic point of view, the concerts of Lo’Jo, Abaji or Santa Macairo Orkestar, were very poetic and powerful. You could go to those concerts a little sad, but then afterwards, you end up with a stupid smile on your face, just because you feel the pleasure and mystery of being alive here and now! From a more anecdotic point of view, the musical drama of Notre Dame de Paris in the Grand Theatre was a great moment to watch and listen such a classic here, more than 10 years after the creation of the show in Paris! 12 Angers, France Cultural Events Manager of Alliance Francaise 来自法国昂热市 法语联盟文化活动负责人 Strong Ale Works. Maybe technically not a bar but it's perfect to get fresh beer. 强麦啤酒。严格来讲这不算是酒吧,但是 可以在那里喝到很新鲜的啤酒。 每到特别的日子,我们都会去北绿岛。我 三岁的儿子特别喜欢那里的奶酪土豆饼,还有 那些海鲜,每次在那里吃饭都很开心,他们的 饭菜做的非常好吃。凯悦酒店咖啡厅也相当不 错,自助餐丰盛美味、甜点鲜香诱人,而且就 在海边,从学校出发,五分钟就到。 From what I remember amongst all the great concerts last year, it was the last concert for the Dama Llamas at Downtown Bar. It was very touching, for all the people who knew former Editor Neil Bhullar. It was the end of an era in Qingdao history, but a new one's begun, for the best I hope. Yann Carpentier 我一直都很喜欢Thai Me Up泰国餐厅,自 从搬到老城区,我也喜欢上了路过花园,两家 店的老板都非常不错,营造的氛围也很好。路 过花园有个很大的花园,尤其在夏天的时候, 非常漂亮。 鱼酷 (Yu Ku) Fish. Had it a few times this year and I enjoy the variety of things you can add to the fish. 鱼酷。今年去过好几次,他们家的特色是 在鱼里放很多不同的佐料… Christopher Liptau aka Straydog GM of the Qingdao Hash House Harriers and a key member of the Home Brew Club Bonn, Germany 青岛Hash俱乐部发起人兼青岛自酿啤酒俱 乐部重要成员 来自德国波恩市 I always enjoy Thai Me Up, and since moving to the old town area, also enjoy the food at Luka Garden a lot. Both have great hosts that create a relaxing atmosphere. Luka Garden also has a great garden which will be nice in summer. 意,并且很有力量。有时候心情不太好,看了 他们的演出后,你会发现自己傻笑着走出来, 因为感觉自己此时此刻还活着,是一件很愉悦 也很神奇的事!另外,从一个趣闻的角度来 看,曾在青岛大剧院登台的、十年前诞生在法 国巴黎的经典音乐剧《巴黎圣母院》也非常值 得一看! Freeman has beautiful lights and soft music – except on Saturdays – and a fastlike-the-Qingdao-winter-wind service, so what else do I need? Oh yeah, the cat! That lazy thing sleeping on customers legs all nights. I used to like this little guy a lot, then one evening he threw up on my cellphone, so since then we don't talk much any more. Anyway he had nothing much to say, so no loss! 印象最深刻的是大妈辣妈乐队在Downtown吧 最后的一场演出。对于所有认识红星前主编Neil的 人来说,那晚真让人感慨良多,可以说是给岛城画 上了一个时代的句号。不过一个新的时代又开始 了,而且我希望会往最好的方向发展。 A coffee-bar that I am enjoying more and more is 138 ART Coffee & Flowers, behind Mykal. It is warm and comfortable, with a real artistic touch. I am fed up with the Starbucks imitators, real style is not so common in the world of “copy-paste” coffee bars! 从艺术的角度来讲,Lo’ Jo乐队、Abaji乐队或 者Santa Macairo Orkestar乐队的演出都非常有诗 自由人酒吧的灯光很漂亮,音乐也很柔 和,除了星期六之外…他们的服务也很到位, 非常完美!还有什么呢?对了,还有那只猫! Maybe the one about the plan to open movie studios here and when all the famous movie people came to town. Curious if they ever come back... 可能是那个万达投资建造的影视城的新闻 吧,那些好莱坞名人都来了。纳闷他们还会不 会再来… I buy most of my things on Taobao or the local street market, but otherwise Hisense Plaza Supermarket is good for me. Even if it's a bit expensive, it's always a good place for me to find some nice imported food or drinks. 一般我都在淘宝或者本地的街市上购物, 有时候也会去海信广场的精品超市,虽然有点 贵,不过在那里可以买到一些很好的进口食品 或酒水。 整晚躺在客人的腿上睡觉…以前我也很喜欢这 个小家伙,直到有天晚上,它吐在了我的手机 上,从那以后我们就没有什么共同语言了…无 所谓,反正它也没有什么要说的,所以不算什 么损失! 我现在非常喜欢麦凯乐后面的138花神咖 啡,里面非常舒服、温暖,很有艺术气息,不 太喜欢统一风格的星巴克,因为真正的风格不 是简单的“复制+粘贴”就可以实现的! The jiaozi at Chuanggeyu Shuijiao (船 歌鱼水饺) are the best in Qingdao and maybe the world! Delicious, healthy, but a bit expensive. You can even watch the ayis making the jiaozi in front of you, just to prove to the sceptics that they really are fresh. 船歌鱼水饺里面的水饺是岛城最棒的,可 能也是世界最棒的!美味、健康,但是有点小 贵。如果觉得不放心,你甚至还可以看着那些 阿姨包水饺,真的很新鲜。 I am still amazed by my friend Hassa’s (杨 光) photos, he takes his Leica everywhere then he grasps the forms, the lights and a figure's most elusive appearances. A form of // CITY / For personal reasons, it's the Ten Year Anniversary of the Qingdao Hash House Harriers in August 2013. I'm happy to see the Hashers run and drink for so many years, bringing all sorts of people together and surviving good times and bad. 出于个人原因,我认为是青岛Hash去年8 月举行的10周年纪念跑。看到青岛Hash的跑友 们在一起跑步喝酒这么多年,带来了天南地北 的朋友,不论人多人少也都风雨无阻,我挺高 兴。 My friends that competed in the Nanjing Triathlon and the Great Wall Marathon in Beijing this year. Impressive performance! 我的那些参加了今年南京铁人三项和长城 马拉松的朋友们,他们实在太棒了! More beer brewing with the Qingdao Homebrew Society. A great way to learn about beer and how to make many different styles at home. 希望青岛自酿啤酒俱乐部可以举办更多的 啤酒酿造活动,让大家学习关于啤酒的知识, 学会酿造啤酒,回家自己玩不同口味的。 (I know it probably won't happen in 2014, but I can still dream) Having the tunnel below Donghai Lu between Jusco and Hisense Plaza finally open! 我知道这不太可能在2014年发生,不过我 还是梦想奇迹会出现:希望连接佳世客和海信 广场的东海路地下通道能够开通! classical beauty just shines from his photos, as if everything was at the right place, at the right time. Another artist I really like is You Liang Cheng (尤良诚), more modern, with objects and colourful patterns on layers. Though I still do not understand his point, his artwork attracts people's attention, like a magnet. 我朋友杨光的摄影作品。无论走到哪里, 他都会带着他的莱卡照相机,以便随时随地捕 捉到最精彩的瞬间。另一个我很喜欢的艺术家 是尤良诚,他的作品更现代,色彩和层次感丰 富。他的作品就像电磁场一样,引人瞩目。虽 然迄今为止我还不明白他想表达什么… A lot shall happen in 2014! Maybe the new subway, new buildings, such as the HNA tour with a special area on the third floor dedicated to French products and French culture. And also more concerts, such as Mars en Folie, on March 7. 2014年会发生很多事!新地铁、新建筑, 比如在海航万邦中心将要开张的法国时尚馆, 届时三楼还会有一个展示法国产品和文化的专 区;还有更多的音乐会,像3月7日的“三月香 颂饕餮”音乐盛会等等。 13
  8. 8. / FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 广告 • 特辑 // FEATURES / Antonello Perrucci Italian General Manager, Pentagon Enterprise Co., Ltd. 来自意大利 派达格进出口有限公司总经理 Trattoria Verde. Hiro is very meticulous in preparing the many Italian dishes that are always impeccable. You can really feel his passion in the way he prepares and selects the food. It has also been the unofficial headquarters of the Italian Solidarity Committee for many years, nice atmosphere, good service, good wines, prepared staff. 北绿岛。Hiro做菜时全神贯注、小心细 致,做出的菜没有任何瑕疵,从他准备和挑选 食物的方式,你就可以感觉到他对美食的专一 和热情。这里也是意大利互助团体多年来交流 运作的“非官方”总部,餐馆的气氛、服务、 酒水都是一流的,员工的素质也很高。 Freeman. Whereas I don't go so often to bars, when I decide for an evening out that's one of the few places I ever consider going out and bringing customers to for a drink. 自由人吧,我自己不怎么去酒吧,一般 去的话就去自由人酒吧,带我的熟客们去喝一 杯,那里气氛很好,音乐也让人感觉很舒服。 Milano's restaurant. In my opinion, Claudio at Milano's has really been improving his restaurant day-by-day, whether it's his management or traditional Italian cuisine. His continuous research in reproducing and bringing some of the most traditional hand-made dishes to Milano's really makes you feel comfortable and at home. 米兰诺西餐厅,感觉Claudio每天都在进 步,无论是管理上,还是传统意大利菜的制作 上。为了能够呈现最特别的、手工烹制的意大 利菜肴,他一直在潜心钻研,让客人感觉很舒 服,有种宾至如归的感觉。 Taidong. For Chinese and foreigners alike, this is the best place for shopping with a huge selection of high and lower quality products. If you don't want to spend a fortune in clothing that's out of style by a couple years, and you're not looking for brandnames, it's the place where you should spend some time looking (preferably not during rush hour). 台东,那里啥玩意儿都有,便宜的、贵的 都有,不管中国人还是外国人,去那里肯定都 会有收获…如果不想在衣服上花很多钱,也不 14 想买品牌服装的话,就可以到那里转转(尽量 别高峰期去)。 Black Winter Truffle with Egg (Italiano Doc). Stefano at Italiano Doc is really concentrating on the highest and most sophisticated Italian cuisine, only a few restaurants in China can offer fresh high-class products imported daily from Italy. If you want to treat yourself like a king, this is the best place to go in Qingdao. (海情意大利西餐厅)的冬季黑松露炒鸡 蛋。这家餐厅的老板Stefano是一个专注于高品 质意大利菜的人,在中国,很少有餐厅能够提 供当日意大利进口食材制作的菜肴,如果想好 好款待自己,那就来试试吧。 CRU Italian wines. I admit to be a part of this answer. Sincerely, our wines were recently awarded in one of the most prestigious world contests and are really worth their value (our prices are very reasonable compared to what you can find in the market). Not having a long historic tradition, Southern Italian wines are being appreciated more and more by both wine lovers and specialists. 我们家的意大利红酒,是不是感觉有点自 卖自夸?…说实话,我们家的红酒刚刚在意大 利和世界级的知名比赛上获了奖,可以说名副 其实(同市场上的其他酒商相比,我们的价格 非常公道)。虽然意大利南部的红酒历史传统 不是很长,不过也正在吸引越来越多的红酒爱 好者和世界酒类专家。 Fortune Magazine. Qingdao secured its position at the top of the Tier 2 China cities. 福布斯杂志上报道说:青岛成功跻身于中 国“二线强”城市名单中。 Opening of Qingdao's metro. Really, for those like me that prefer to use public transport, it’s getting more and more difficult to move freely in Qingdao, even when it's not rush hour. Taxi services are degrading more and more I think, so... look forward the new Qingdao metro. 青岛地铁的开通。说真的,现在坐公交车 越来越难了,即便不是上下班高峰期,也非常 堵。计程车司机的态度也越来越差了,所以希 望地铁能够尽快开通。 So You Want a Resolution 你说你想许个新年愿望 T here's a pop science meme going around that it takes three weeks to form a habit, but only three days to break it, good or bad. Whether that holds any scientific merit according to addiction specialists is another matter, but it has led to January 17 becoming Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day. expectations this year by following seven participants in their quest for self-improvement. We here at REDSTAR have faith in you, our dear readers, that you are not so easily taken in by such Negative Nellies (or bogus science “facts” found on the Internet for that matter). That's why we've decided to help you burst through your So what are you waiting for? Read on and feel inspired – or guilty – the choice is yours! Over the next six months REDSTAR will assist and document these brave souls with a monthly report and a final wrap-up in June as they build better habits well into 2014. 普 遍认为,养成一个习惯需要三周,打破它只需要三 天,不管这个习惯是好是坏。对研究成瘾性的专家 来说,这一理念有无科学价值是另一回事;不过, 相关调查结果却表明,在许下新年愿望17天左右的 时候,许多人就会坚持不下去而选择放弃。 红星一直对读者们非常有信心,相信你们绝不会被一些懦 夫(或者网上的一些虚假科学“事实”)的负面影响所左右, 因此本次我们挑选了七位真正的勇士,通过追随他们改善提高 自我的历程,大家或许可以更好地实现自己新一年的目标。 在接下来的6个月,红星会每月对他们的进展作追踪报 道,并在六月份就他们各自的新年愿望完成情况,给大家作终 点汇报。 还在等什么?继续往下看,你会觉得激情澎湃,还是想临 阵脱逃——自己选择吧! 15
  9. 9. / FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 广告 • 特辑 // FEATURES / Jieling Liu Resolution: Live a greener life. (for three months) To be more specific: I’ll only use the stairs, no elevators (there are four floors in my company's building and 17 floors in my apartment building to climb), I’ll only take taxis if there's no way I can take a bus and I'll also stick to a vegetarian diet. Current level I currently take taxis whenever it's convenient, use the elevator everyday and eat meat often, but not everyday. I don’t know what’s my staircase-climbing level, but I did some similar training before I joined the Great Wall Marathon last May. Why is it important to you? Good for the earth, good for my future generation (joking) and good for my health. This is more about setting a realistic goal and trying to achieve it, hence why it's only for three months and not six. What are your measurable goals over the next three months to achieve this? To make it measurable, I think I can collect receipts every time I take the bus; as for the staircase, I haven’t thought of a good way, maybe for now just use the honour system. As for going vegetarian, I’ll try to collect receipts from vegetable vendors, and you can of course go check with my neighbour - the pork rib woman! Chris Noseworthy Resolution: Quit smoking (and improve overall cardiovascular health) Current level I’ve recently been smoking about one pack per day. Sometimes (if I’m stressed or drinking), I’ll smoke up to a pack and a half. Why is your resolution important to you? So many reasons! First, I get out of breath very easily and always smell like an ashtray, it’s gross! Second, my mother is a Respiratory Therapist. She works with people slowly dying from smoking-related diseases, and I refuse to become one of them. Third, my father quit when I was young because I begged him to. Finally, it’s expensive. 16 What will be your biggest challenge? Being a vegetarian means no meat, even during Chinese New Year, something my mum would definitely kill me for. But for changing to buses and stairs over taxis and elevators just means I have to get up half an hour earlier everyday! What are your measurable goals over the next six months to achieve this? Right now, I’m putting a mark on my hand for every cigarette I smoke each day. On the following day, I can smoke the same amount or less (to cut down). Since Christmas, I have stopped buying cigarettes and roll them when I feel I really need one. I’ll also stop drinking alcohol and coffee for a few weeks, as they’re my biggest “triggers.” By the first day of the New Year, I’ll have hopefully smoked the last cigarette of my life! Daily exercise should also help keep my cravings to a minimum. What will be your biggest challenge? I’ve been smoking for 13 years and am super-addicted. Heavy smokers all develop a kind of “smoking schedule” (different times/situations that trigger an urge to smoke). Filling those times will be an extremely daunting task. 新年愿望:戒烟(同时改善心血管机能) 目前的烟瘾程度 我现在大概每天抽一包烟的量。如果心情烦躁或者喝了 点儿酒,会比平时多抽半包。 为什么觉得戒烟对你很重要? 有很多原因!首先,吸烟很容易会有口气,一张口满 是烟味,自己闻了都难受。其次,我的妈妈是一名呼吸治疗 师,经常和濒临死亡的病人打交道,这些病人的慢性呼吸疾 病通常都与抽烟有关,我可不想成为他们其中的一个。再有 就是,我年轻的时候,爸爸曾为了我戒烟,既然他都戒了, 我有什么理由不呢。最后吧,吸烟的花销也蛮大的。 在接下来的六个月里,打算如何一步一步把烟戒掉? 现在我每抽一根烟都会在手上做一个记号,第二天的量 最多和前一天持平。圣诞节以后,我不打算再买烟了,要是 特别想抽的时候就自己卷几根。同时我也打算停几个星期酒 和咖啡,这样能让我不再那么想抽烟。希望元旦把最后几根 抽完后,能彻底与烟绝缘!还有就是进行日常锻炼,这样可 以帮我把烟瘾降到最低。 你觉得戒烟最大的障碍是什么? 我烟龄已经13年了,烟瘾特别大。老烟枪们一般都有习 惯性的抽烟时间或者特定的情况,如果不抽烟的话,真不知 道这些时间和情况应该如何打发和应对。 新年愿望:过更环保健康的生活(为期3个月) 具体一点吧:我会之爬楼梯,不用电梯(本人公司 的大楼有4层楼梯,公寓则有17层楼梯要爬);只有在 没公交车可坐的时候才搭计程车;还有,我会坚持三个 月吃素。 目前生活的环保程度? 现在出门基本上都搭计程车,电梯每天都用,也经 常吃肉,不过不是每天都吃。 不知道我的爬楼梯水平怎么样,不过去年五月份参 加长城马拉松之前,我有坚持了一段时间类似的训练。 为什么环保的生活对你很重要? 有益于保护地球,对我的下一代也有好处(开玩笑 啦哈哈!),当然也有益于我自己的身心健康。这其实 更像是设定一个可行的目标,然后想办法达到。这也是 为什么我只给自己设定三个月而非六个月的原因。 接下来三个月,你具体打算怎么做呢? 为了让这个愿望实现得更精确,每次坐公交车我会 收集小票;至于爬楼梯的话,我还没想到什么好办法, 暂时先靠人品吧。至于吃素的话,我也会尝试跟菜贩收 集发票的,当然了,你也可以跟我的好邻居——那个卖 排骨的女人求证! 最大的挑战是? 吃素的话,就意味着碰不到肉了,即使春节也不 行,我老妈肯定会杀了我的。坐公交车和爬楼梯我就得 每天早起半个小时! 17
  10. 10. / FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 广告 • 特辑 Hao Mengjie “Dreamy” I t's one of the most common New Year's resolutions. After a season of way too many cookies, candies and holiday parties, it's only natural that a vow to lose weight and get fit would follow. Ian and Dreamy have both sworn to spend the next six months doing just that. Since this is also one of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions - to aid them along the way - we have enlisted the help of new fitness center iGYM to keep them focused and on track with their expert advice. Ian Haynes 新年愿望:增重健美 Ian将成为银座健身中心6个月的免 费会员,并将得到专业教练的指导。Ian 希望到7月1日可以达到自己的目标—— 增重13公斤肌肉甚至更多,并且以后能 够一直保持。 目前水准 年龄:24岁;身高:192公分;体 重:72.4公斤;脂肪含量:11.2%;肌 肉质量:60.2%;身体质量指数:19.6, 偏低 这是最平凡不过的一个新年愿望了。经过一个充满 曲奇饼、糖果和富足的节日派对的冬天之后,你是否也 想停下脚步,把囤积在身上的脂肪抖一抖下来,再向前 拥抱2014年呢?来看看Ian和Dreamy这两位勇士吧!他 们俩都许下了在六个月之内练出魔鬼身材的愿望。为了 支持他们,红星找来了岛城新开的银座健身中心,希望 能藉其专业建议,帮助他们达成新年愿望。 为什么这个愿望对你非常重要? 当我不注意自己的身体健康和身体 力量的时候,一切都没什么,比方说,我 的饮食习惯一直就不健康,吃饭也不规 律。连同其他原因,现在我的身体精力越 来越差,而且很难集中注意力。我知道高 强度训练可以让身体更健康,整体状态也 会更好。而且,距离上次我在海滩上秀性 感健美的身材,已经很长时间了… Resolution: Lose weight With the help of a free six-month membership, and trainer to guide her, from new fitness center iGYM, Mengjie wants to lose 15kg by July 1 in a healthy way. Ian Haynes Resolution: Gain muscle Current level Age: 24, Height: 160cm, Weight: 72.6kg, Body fat: 37.6%, BMI: 28.4 Why is your resolution important to you? When I went to the hospital the doctor told me that my health could be better if I lost some weight, and since I want to be healthy, I decided I needed to lose some weight. Dreamy's plan from her trainer at iGYM for the next six months: • 70% diet, 30% exercise • Small meals, multiple times a day • Light food with less oil, salt and sugar, less carbonated drinks • More vitamins, more vegetables Eating • Drinking a cup of honey water before any meal • Breakfast: Oatmeal with skim milk or whole wheat bread with black coffee • Don't eat until you feel full, stop eating at 70% of your meal. • Lunch: Meat or fish and vegetables with little oil. • Snack: Fruits & vegetables like apples, cucumbers, tomatoes and pineapple. • Dinner: light and small portion of rice with vegetables. Exercising • Hot water on feet to increase circulation • Workout every day for two hours with sessions of cardio, stretches and strength training. What will be your biggest challenge? I think the biggest challenge for me will be exercising five days a week, because prior to this I have never exercised! 18 With the help of a free six-month membership, and specialised trainer to guide him, from iGYM, Ian wants to gain about 13kg or more in muscle mass by July 1 and maintain that level in the future. 郝梦婕“Dreamy” • • 新年愿望:减肥 Dreamy将成为银座健身中心6个 月的免费会员,并将得到专业教练的指 导。Dreamy希望通过一种健康的方式,到 7月1日达到自己的目标——减肥15公斤。 目前水准 年龄:24岁;身高:160公分;身体脂 肪含量:37.6%;身体质量指数:28.4 • 午餐:肉或鱼,少油的蔬菜 零食:水果和蔬菜,如苹果、黄瓜、 西红柿和菠萝 晚餐:清淡、少量的米饭和蔬菜 锻炼 - 热水泡脚,促进血液循环 - 每天两小时有氧运动、拉伸和力量训练 最大的挑战是什么? 我觉得最大的挑战是每周得锻炼五 天,因为之前我从来都没有锻炼过。 为什么这个愿望对你非常重要? 去医院体检的时候,医生跟我说,如 果我能够瘦一些的话,会更健 康,所以我要减肥,让自己更健 康。 • Why is your resolution important to you? When I don't focus on my overall fitness and strength, it negatively affects the rest of my health. For example, I don't maintain a healthy diet and eating schedule. Along with other factors, this results in low dayto-day energy levels and focus. I know from experience that a high intensity work out regimen will lead to better all-around health and general well-being. Plus, it's been awhile since I looked that good at the beach. Eating • 4 meals a day • eat a banana or something sweet half an hour before each training session • have a protein shake and a banana 20 minutes after working out • protein either before or after every workout. 饮食 饭前一杯蜂蜜水 早餐:脱脂牛奶燕麦粥, 或者全麦面包和咖啡 吃饭7成饱即可 Current level Age: 24, Height: 192cm, Weight: 72.4kg, Body fat: 11.2%, Muscle mass: 60.2%, BMI: 19.6 and fairly low strength. Ian's plan from his trainer at iGYM for the next six months: 根据银座健身的教练的建 议,Dreamy未来6个月的计划 如下: • 70%通过饮食,30%通过 运动 • 少食多餐 • 吃清淡的,少油、盐和糖 的食品,少喝碳酸饮料 • 多吃维他命和蔬菜 • • // FEATURES / Is getting fit your resolution too? Contact iGYM at 你的新年愿望是强身健体吗?是的话就拨打05 0532-8279-4444 Suggested Meal Schedule • 8:30am – Breakfast of milk and tablespoon of protein powder • 10:30am – another meal • 12:30am – another meal • • 3:30-4pm – another meal (skip if you're not hungry) 6:30pm – another meal Exercising • 4-5 times a week • 15 minutes of warm-ups • 45 minutes of muscle training on beginner machines • 7 minutes of stretching • 10 minutes of cardio (running or climbing/steps) Ian said: The gym is going to become a major part of my daily life. I plan on participating in a structured work-out routine, aided by on-site coaches, four days a week for the next six months (at least). The trainer also gave me some good advice about my diet which will include a large increase in daily calories, around four meals a day, along with effectively timed protein powder shakes to help build muscle. I want to gain about 3kg of muscle per month for the first four months and then maintain, or continue to slowly increase, for the last two. What will be your biggest challenge? Some people will say the biggest challenge to this kind of resolution is getting started. Although I would normally agree, however, since I have the REDSTAR Resolution Challenge pushing me, this won't be a problem for me this year. I think a much larger obstacle will be maintaining the drive and finishing strong through the six month mark. I'm counting on a few reliable gym partners to help keep me motivated, as well as avoid potential embarrassment of letting down the REDSTAR Resolution Challenge, to keep me going. Also, imagining myself looking ripped on the beach helps. 根据银座健身的教练的建议, Ian未来6个月的计划: 饮食 • • • • 一日四餐 每次训练前半小时,吃根香蕉或者其他甜食 训练20分钟后,食用蛋白奶昔或吃根香蕉 训练前后都需食用蛋白质 建议进餐时间表 • 上午8点:早餐要喝牛奶,一大勺蛋白质粉 • 上午10点:进餐 • 中午12点:进餐 • 下午3点半至4点:进餐(如果不饿可跳过) • 晚上6点:进餐 锻炼 • • • • • 每周4到5次 15分钟热身 在给初学者准备的器械上进行肌肉训练45分钟 7分钟肌肉拉伸 10分钟有氧运动(跑步、攀爬或者上下楼梯) IAN说: 健身将成为我日常生活中很重要的一部分,我 打算一切按计划来,在教练的帮助下,以后6个月每 周都锻炼4次(至少)。在饮食方面,教练也给了我 一些建议,比如说要加大每天卡路里的摄取量,一 天四餐,每天都及时补充蛋白质粉从而长肌肉。希 望在前4个月,每月可以增重3公斤,在最后两个月 继续保持,或者有所减缓。 最大的挑战是什么? 有人会觉得如何开始最难。一般情况下我也赞 同,但是这次不同,有红星的督促,这次绝对没有 问题。如何在接下来的6个月一直保持这种劲头,并 完成这个目标,这才是更难的。希望到时候一起去 的健身伙伴能够时刻激励我,同时,为了不让自己 在红星的伙伴们面前太难看,自己也要坚持下去。 想象着自己健身成功后在沙滩上摄走所有少女眼球 的情景,应该也会是一种动力。 32 8279-4444联系银座健身中心吧。 19
  11. 11. / FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 广告 • 特辑 Maria Andrea Marques Pizzato Resolution: Communicate in English without further help. For that, I will study three hours per week with my teacher. Also, since we are living here and I don’t speak Chinese, I will try to communicate with foreigners as much as I can (without my daughters or my husband helping me). I will try to learn 150 English words per month. Current level Only what I learned by myself, since I came to China. I can understand some words, but can’t speak or write. Why is it important to you? I wish I could learn Chinese first. I had Chinese classes in 2012 and 2013, so I know some basic daily sentences. However, it’s easier if I learn English first. Well, English is a basic language these days, so it’s time to learn. 20 What are your measurable goals over the next six months to achieve this? I will have private lessons regularly. Will try to talk with our foreigner friends without asking for any help. Practice daily sentences everywhere I go, even during “happy hour.” For me in this case, every moment is a moment to study, and I will try my best to learn. What will be your biggest challenge? No knowledge of a foreign language, which means only those who can speak Portuguese can help me sometimes. Of course, in the beginning I will need some help. If I don’t have my family around, I will have some difficulties to communicate (and that’s when I practice my Chinese). Basically, I’m learning two languages at the same time. Not easy. 新年愿望:能独立用英语交流 我打算每周上三个小时的英语课。我们一家常住在这儿, 而且我又不会汉语,所以我打算尽可能地多用英语和别的外国 人交流(不靠女儿和丈夫的帮助)。我会试着每月记住150个 英语单词。 目前的英语水平 我现在知道的内容,都只是来中国后自学的一些东西。我 能听懂一些词,但是不会说也不会写。 为什么要把英语学好? 我其实希望能先把汉语学好。今年和去年我都上过汉语 课,一些基本的句子也都会说。不过,我觉得先把英语学好会 相对更容易些。现在英语变得越来越普及,不学就跟不上时代 了。 接下来六个月里,有没有明确的计划和目标? 我会有固定的一对一英语课。也会试着独立用英语跟外籍 朋友交流。无论到哪儿都练习日常用语,哪怕是和朋友喝酒的 时候。对于我来说,任何学习的机会都不能错过,我会尽自己 最大努力去学。 你觉得学习英语最大的挑战是什么? 我以前从没学过外语,也就是说,只有会说葡萄牙语的人 能帮我翻译。当然,刚开始肯定需要一些帮助,如果家人不在 身边的话,有时真的不知道该怎么办(通常这时我会尝试用汉 语交流)。总之,我基本上是同时在学两门语言,不容易啊! Geraldo Pizzato Resolution: Learn as much of the Chinese language as I can. Will try to organize my (hopefully) weekly studies and do my best to continue my classes with my Chinese teacher. Sometimes it’s hard to keep them, for example, on a Saturday morning and I’ll do my best to not call her on Friday and reschedule. It’s a huge challenge, but I will try my best to memorise 100 Chinese words per month. Current level Only some basic words, since I don’t have a lot of time to study and I’m having problems with my memorisation skills. It’s important to say that I’m only learning pinyin as I want to know how to speak. Why is it important to you? I’m living here in China with my family, and learning Chinese is necessary for daily communication. It’s important to try to speak the local language, plus it's a huge advantage for those who can speak well (especially if they work here). What are your measurable goals over the next six months to achieve this? Discipline myself to study regularly. Maybe during the mornings, before going to work. Also, will try my best to talk to Chinese people. Even if they speak English with me, I will try to answer in Chinese. What will be your biggest challenge? Finding the time to conciliate work and family with this goal. We have a very special social life here with a lot of foreigner friends and different events to go to. It'll be important to have these “breaks” during our days, but it’s time to work more on my Chinese. // FEATURES / 新年愿望:把自己的汉语学习潜能发挥到最大 我会制定每周的学习计划,按时上汉语课,尽量不缺课。说 起来容易做起来难,就比方说周六上午的课吧,有时候真的没法 按时去,不过我会约束自己,尽量不跟老师改周五的上课时间。 每月记住100个汉语单词,对我来说是一个不小的挑战,不过我 会尽我所能把它完成。 目前的汉语水平 现在只知道一些简单的词汇,一来是因为没有时间,二来是 没有掌握有效的记忆方法。我想提高自己的口语水平,所以基本 上不学习汉字,只是拼音。 为什么觉得学习汉语很重要? 我现在和家人一起常住在中国,所以能进行一些日常交流, 对我来说十分有必要。当然,也应该试着学说一些当地的方言, 如果能把方言说得很溜会有不少优势(尤其是那些在这儿工作的 外国人)。 接下来的六个月,有没有具体的汉语学习目标? 对自己严格要求,安排一些固定的学习时间,比如早上上班 前。尽最大可能用汉语和中国人交流。甚至当他们和我说英语的 时候,我用汉语回答。 你觉得学习汉语对你来说,最大的挑战是什么? 如何让学习汉语/工作和家庭三者之间达到均衡。除了工作 以外,难免会有这样那样的社交活动,虽然和朋友聚聚,可以缓 解一下生活的压力,但也应该多分配一些时间到学习汉语上。 21
  12. 12. / FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 广告 • 特辑 Self-Realizing 新年愿望,自我催眠步骤 自我实现 Steps to Self-Hypnosis Your New Year's Resolution 想甩掉节日期间养成的坏习惯, 干净顺利踏入 新的一年, Tomás给你介绍几个好方法, 无需 劳累筋骨, 只要用脑就可以了 。 当下正是欢度假期的好时光,戒除不良习惯(如 抽烟、喝酒或吃不健康的食品等)这样健康的话题, 很多人都不感冒。不过,自我改善,其实也不是那么 痛苦的事儿。事实上,如果坚持一周,一个月,甚至 一年,它甚至会变成一件你想做的事情。 在心理学上,这种想纠正生活中的坏习惯、或 者开始一种好习惯的想法,是实施自我催眠的第一 步。“催眠”这个词,往往让人联想到了一幅幅伪科 学和舞台秀的画面,然而事实并非如此。 Whether you need to kick some of the bad habits you developed over the holidays, or just want to start the new year off right, Tomás Engle takes you through a seemingly unconventional method that's all in your head. W hile going through the usual rituals of denial for some of our favourite vices (smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy foods, etc.) at this time doesn't sound appealing, self-improvement doesn't have to feel like torture. In fact, for it to actually stick past a week, a month or even a year, it should be something you want to do. This motivation to fix something negative – or start something positive – in your life is actually the first step in a psychological process called self-hypnosis. Although the word “hypnosis” conjures up images of pseudoscience and stage shows, the reality is much different. Hypnosis as a form of psychological therapy has been accepted as a legitimate medical practice by the British Medical Association (1892), the British Medical Journal (1955), the American Medical Association (1958), the United States' National Institute for Health (1995) and the British Psychological Society (2001), to name a few. In 1999, a clinical review from the British Medical Journal found that hypnosis, along with decreasing chronic pain in many cancer patients, also aided therapy concerning phobias, obesity and anxiety. The other misconception is that hypnosis is some kind of mind control, whereby a malevolent magician or sinister psychologist 22 can make hypnotised people do whatever they say. In truth, when someone is hypnotised they are really just in a state of extreme relaxation, much like a deep meditative state. This increase in suggestibility is more similar to being in a good mood versus a bad one. Of course you're going to be more receptive to ideas if you're relaxed and in a good mood, but you don't suddenly lose control of all free will, you just become more receptive to ideas. This receptivity is at the heart of why selfhypnosis can be so powerful: you're convincing your brain what to stop doing and/or start doing. The thinking is that by being in this super-relaxed and receptive state, one can begin to imprint positive thoughts, actions and behaviour. This can be done by imagining yourself going through the motions of completing it, all while in this hypnotic state. This method is known as creative visualisation. Heavily utilised in sports psychology, the idea is to visualise yourself completing the goal you want to accomplish, the more in-depth the better. Picturing yourself completing your goal everyday is supposed to 'trick' your brain into interpreting these images as the event itself, increasing your likelihood of successfully completing it in real life. A real-life example of creative visualisation benefiting performance happened during the 1982 Super Bowl, when Miami Dolphins // FEATURES / Combined with his physical training, Walker's use of creative visualisation enabled his brain to push his body to its limits 运动员Walker将创意想象疗 法和身体训练结合起来,达 到了身体极限。 defensive back Fulton Walker set two new Super Bowl records. According to American psychology professor Bill Lucht, in the days leading up to the game Walker had been visualising himself breaking the records for most kick-off return yards and highest single game yards per return average. Combined with his physical training, Walker's creative visualisations enabled his brain to push his body to its limits, as the goal became more achievable. While there are numerous books on selfhypnosis on the market, with many of them available via Amazon, they all follow the same steps for the most part. Many differ only by the scripts they offer to say or imagine yourself doing while in a hypnotic state. 作为一种心理疗法,催眠已被世界各大医疗机构 认可,包括英国医药协会(1892)、《英国医学杂 志》(1955)、美国医药协会(1958)、美国国家 健康研究所(1995)和英国心理学学会(2001)等 等。1999年,由《英国医学杂志》开展的一项临床检 验发现,催眠除了能够减轻癌症患者的慢性疼痛外, 还可辅助治疗恐慌症、肥胖症和焦虑症。 另一种观点错误地认为,催眠是一种精神控制 (洗脑),居心不良的魔术师或心理医生可以借此对 他们的病人为所欲为。事实上,催眠过程中,被催眠 者处于一种完全放松的状态,更像一种沉思冥想。在 这种情况下,人体本身更愿意接纳他人,就好像心情 好的时候比心情糟的时候更乐观开朗一样,但这不代 表你会突然失去自我。 自我催眠作用强大,主要表现在它所产生的接收 性:说服自己停止做某事或者开始做某事。当精神处 在超级放松的状态、也就是接收的状态时,人体本身 就会产生积极的思想、行动和习惯。在催眠过程中, 想象自己正在完成目标,这种方法就是创意想象疗 法。 运动心理学经常运用创意想象疗法,方法是:在 大脑中想象你一直想做的事情,越深入越详细越好。 通过这种方式,可以“欺骗”大脑,让大脑相信这 些想象是真实存在的,从而增加在现实生活成功的几 率。 通过创意想象疗法影响比赛发挥的真实案例, 发生在1982年的美国橄榄球超级杯大赛,当时迈阿 密海豚队的后卫Fulton Walker打破了两次大赛的记 录。美国心理学教授Bill Lucht介绍说,在比赛前的 那些天,Walker一直在头脑中想象自己在比赛中打 破记录,挥出最多的开球回攻码数和最高的平均单场 传球码数。通过积极的创意想象疗法,配合体能训 练,Walker达到了身体极限,因此更可能实现目标。 市场上有很多关于自我催眠的书,一些在亚马逊 网站上就可以找到,但内容大部分都是相同的,只是 在措辞上稍有差别。 Step 1: Motivation Write out a list of what you want to improve upon. By getting it all out on paper you may even find a common denominator among them, helping you focus your attention even more when in a hypnotic state. 步骤1:动机 Step 2: Relaxation Get into a comfortable position, eliminate distractions like excess light or noise, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. A popular method for getting into a deeper state of relaxation is to imagine a pleasant physical sensation (e.g. cooling, warming, tingling, etc.) going through your body. 步骤2:放松 Step 3: Concentration Now in a fully relaxed state, you need to take creative visualisation a step further and focus all your attention on a single point. Some people picture this as a white “1” on a black background, but whatever you choose make it easy and simple. Step 4: Direction Used when people want a more specific goal than just clearing their mind and essentially meditating (Step 3). This involves you visualising completion of your specific goal with as many details as possible. Remember when your teacher told you to stop daydreaming? This is the moment to do the exact opposite and use your imagination to its fullest extent. 找张纸,列出你想解决的问 题。通过这种书面方式,你会 更容易找到这些问题的共同 点,帮助你在催眠过程中更加 集中。 找个让自己舒服的姿势躺着, 集中注意力,不要分心(如灯 光太亮或者声音太大等),闭 上眼睛,专注自己的呼吸。为 了让自己更放松,你可以想象 自己正在经历一种愉快的身体 体验(如清凉、温暖或者轻微 的麻刺感等)。 步骤3:专注 当身体完全放松时,可以更进 一步,集中全部的注意力在一 个点上。有些人会想象在黑色 的背景上有个白色的“1”, 尽量简单、容易些。 步骤4:方向 如果你不只是想清空大脑或者 单纯地冥想(步骤3),而是 有更明确的目标,那就尽情地 想象吧,想象得越细越好。还 记得上学时老师说不要做白日 梦吗?现在正是你做白日梦的 时候! Getting out of a hypnotic state once you're done is fairly simple as you tell yourself that you are feeling fully awake and no longer hypnotised, counting up to (or down from) ten and slowly opening your eyes. 想结束时,只要告诉自 己:“我已完全清醒”,从一 数到十(或者从十数到一), 然后慢慢睁开眼睛即可。 The more you practice self-hypnosis, the easier it becomes. It's also good to bear in mind that these mental exercises only make following through on your goals more attainable, they don't solve all your problems for you. But by getting into your own head and creatively visualising a better you, these mental images can put you back in the driver's seat of your own life. 自我催眠练习得越多, 就越容易成功。需要注意的 是,持续的自我催眠,只会让 你更接近自己的目标,却不能 解决现实中的问题。但是在脑 中想象自己变得越来越出色, 可以让你更好地掌控自己的 生活。 DISCLAIMER: REDSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd. does not endorse this article in lieu of professional medical advice. If seeking help for addiction or any other serious medical problems, please consult a medical professional first. 声明:文中的专业医疗建议不代表红星杂志的观点;如有相关医疗问题,请咨 询专业人士。 23
  13. 13. 广告 • 特辑 // FEATURES / ager at InterContinental Qingdao) and Florian Heiner (General Manager of Crowne Plaza Jinan) are both convinced that this event will continue to challenge and inspire the chefs at IHG and their customers in the future.. Attempting Michelin Star Status 走近米其林星级 T he InterContinental Hotel Group's first Culinary Academy was held in Qingdao from November 21-22, and was coached by Michelin Star Chef Stefan Stiller. Chef Stiller is also the honourable president of one of the world's most renowned cooking competition events, Bocuse d'Or. Held at the InterContinental Qingdao, this two-day coaching session had the purpose of inspiring chefs while educating them in new culinary insights, cooking techniques and methodologies. At this 'Black Box' competition the participating chefs had to create their own dishes using ingredients secretly chosen by judges within a limited time frame. Each dish was then evaluated based on creativity, taste, finesse, quality and presentation. Although this was the first event of its kind there, Alexander Wassermann (General Man- 11月21日到22日,洲际集团山东区酒店 第一届厨师培训学校在青岛成功举办。本次 活动特邀国际知名的米其林三星大厨Stefan Stiller为培训导师,Stefan Stiller是博古斯世界 烹饪大赛中国代表队主席(博古斯世界美食竞 技烹饪大赛,每两年一届,业内公认为是当今 国际法式西餐烹饪界的奥林匹克。各国的顶级 西餐厨师更以参加博古斯大赛视为自己的最高 荣誉)。 为期两天的烹饪活动在青岛海尔洲际酒店 内进行,目的是为厨师们搭建一个交流平台, 鼓励他们学习和强化最新的烹饪技能。 这次活动的亮点在于黑箱操作比赛,所有 学员分组,利用事先确定的主料,在规定的时 间内把作品呈现给眼光最挑剔的米其林大厨。 每一道菜的创新性、味道、刀工、摆盘和品质 都会被详尽地一一评估。 尽管第一次烹饪培训活动已经过去,不 过,洲际集团山东区总经理韦瑞民和济南贵和 皇冠假日酒店总经理海福瑞表示,以后将会定 期组织这个活动,邀请知名大厨进行不同菜系 主题的培训,以鼓励其厨师团队创造出更美味 更有意思的菜品,来满足客人的不同口味。 wine event and wine lovers in Qingdao can certainly expect more in the up and coming future. “We aim to share our passion for wines with the philosophy that quality wines should be accessible for all consumers in China.” said CEO of Greater China, Simon Wang, at Kerry Wines. 好戏压轴, La Paulée Arrives in China 美酒迟来 T he word “La Paulée” comes from the annual celebration banquet held at the end of each harvest in Meursault, Burgundy. Nowdays La Paulée is wide-spread all over the world. It is a unique gathering of Burgundy growers, collectors and aficionados, sharing a moment together, toasting the best wines of the domaine, with cuisines specially arranged and prepared by celebrity chefs, which captures the essence of Burgundy's “joie de vivre”. In his review of La Paulée, Robert Parker noted, "Any Burgundy enthusiast who doesn't jump at the opportunity to attend is crazy as it is a dinner/tasting 24 event of a lifetime." La Paulée finally arrived in China last year! In Early December, Kerry Wines, Pudong Shangrila East Shanghai and Shangri-La Qingdao co-hosted China’s first prestigious wine tasting and dinner “La Paulée de Chine” in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Qingdao. The event consisted of a series of Burgundian celebrations at which was served a range of rare wines from four leading producers: Domaine Méo-Camuzet, Domaine Pierre-Yves Colin, Domaine David Duband and Domaine Géantet Pansiot. “La Paulée de Chine” was Kerry Wines’ fine La Paulée一词来源于法国勃艮第村庄每 年葡萄收获后的庆祝活动。如今,La Paulé e 盛行于全球各地,并逐渐演变为勃艮第酒农、 收藏家、葡萄酒爱好者齐聚一堂,与宾客分享 各酒庄最上乘出品,并由名厨精心搭配及掌厨 的一场美酒与美食的顶级盛典,同时也是勃艮 第地区人们所信仰的“人生的极大乐趣”(joie de vivre)的哲学精华所在。在独立酒评人罗伯 特·帕克看来,“这是一场难能可贵的品味人 生之旅,那些没有抓住机会亲身体验的勃艮第 酒迷必将为之唏嘘。” 享誉全球的葡萄酒盛典La Paulée终于在 2013年年末来到了中国。12月初,该盛典分 别在登陆香港、上海和青岛,由嘉里一酒香、 上海浦东及青岛的香格里拉大酒店携手举办, 首次集聚了多个顶尖勃艮第酒庄,包括凯慕斯 庄园、伊哥伦庄园、大卫·杜邦和简帕索庄 园。La Paul e de Chine是由嘉里一酒香首次 é 为中国大陆葡萄酒爱好者带来的,聚集名庄大 腕的系列名庄酒活动正式开启的第一站。葡萄 酒爱好者们尽可期待以后,在嘉里一酒香的牵 线下,与更多顶尖的勃艮第红酒相遇。“我们 愿借此机会,向中国消费者倡导一种乐享人生 佳酿的生活方式和理念。”嘉里一酒香大中华 区总裁王俊表示。 25
  14. 14. / PLACES // 广告 • 地方 广告 • 地方 Quick Guide to Qingdao's Korean Restaurants I f you are invited out to eat Korean food for dinner in Qingdao, chances are you will end up at one of the thousand or so Korean barbecues found from Hong Kong Gardens to Chengyang. But if you want to level up your barbecue experience, try out Jahamun (자하문, 紫霞门), which is hidden within the Qingdao World Trade Center off of Hong Kong Middle Road. (Look for a small, wooden elevator next to the parking lot and take it to the second floor. Exiting the elevator will give you a feeling somewhat similar to entering the Tardis—the restaurant is impossibly huge.) 2. // PLACES / Most Authentic: Gong 最原汁原味韩国料理馆:宫 I f you’re tired of being out in the cold wind, take cover underground and head down to Gong (宫), which is located on the first basement level of the Taigu shopping centre in Hong Kong Gardens. While most of the “Korean cuisine” in Qingdao is actually of the Korean-Chinese variety, Gong is widely regarded as one of the most authentic South Korean restaurants in the city, with flavours that remind many expat South Koreans of home. 岛城韩国料理攻略 Nick Manthey highlights some of his favourite Korean restaurants in Qingdao and doles out some tips on Korean tippling in the process. Nick Manthey给大家推介他最心仪的几家岛城韩国料理馆, 并贴心 地提供了几条韩国饮酒文化的礼仪提示。 While Jahamun has some of the best BBQ in the city, it carries a price – around 190元 for cuts of marinated beef and pork. If that meat is too rich for your blood, Jahamun luckily offers many other Korean dishes, from tteokbokki to japchae, at a cheap price. With a vast, versatile menu and high-quality barbecue, Jahamun could either be a place to load up and stuff your face, or a place to cash out and earn some face. At many Korean restaurants, complementary drinks (such as sikhye, a sweet rice punch) are served at the end of the meal. But unlike other establishments, Jahamun offers a rarely seen treat: sujeonggwa (sweet cinnamon tea). 1. 当好友邀请你吃韩餐时,十有八九就是吃一顿韩式烤肉,从香港 花园到城阳,遍地的韩式烤肉馆,时常会让你无从选择。还在为去哪 家烤肉馆而头疼吗?不妨去紫霞门坐坐,尝尝高品位的韩国烤肉吧。 紫霞门位于香港西路世贸中心二层(停车场旁有一部木质风格的电 梯,乘至二楼,随着电梯门 的打开,顿时会有一种豁然 开朗的感觉——硕大的餐厅 竟是如此藏于深闺)。 Best BBQ: Jahamun 最佳韩式烤肉馆:紫霞门 26 与其名气相比,紫霞 门的价格还是相对比较亲 民的,一份腌制的牛肉或者 猪肉大约在190元左右。如 果觉得吃肉太油腻的话,紫 霞门也有许多其他菜式供你 选择,从辣炒年糕到韩式炒 粉,应有尽有,价格也都不 贵。丰富齐全的菜单,高品 质的韩式烤肉,紫霞门不仅 是你犒劳自己的好去处,宴 请宾客也相当体面。大多数 韩国饭馆会在餐后送上一小 碗食醯(韩国传统的甜米 酒),而在紫霞门则能喝到 一般饭馆没有的水正果(用 桂皮等原料制成的韩国传统 茶)。 And while Gong offers your typical Korean dishes like bibimbab and bulgogi (which are quite good and reasonably priced), it is their soup that stands out. Main dishes like Pacific saury kimchi stew can feed two (large and starving men) for 110元, or smaller soups like 3. sweet beef and mushroom hotpot (35元) can be split and shared among the table. Another boon about Gong is that they offer bancan (the small side dishes) for sale, making it a great place to stop and stock up on pickled quail eggs, cucumber kimchi and sesame leaves. 顶着寒风去赴宴,有时的确让人挺头疼 的,不过这家名叫“宫”的韩国料理馆可以让 你不再烦恼,因为它位于太古百货的负1层(漳 州路12号味佳乐美食广场门口)。青岛的韩餐 Best Food That Should Be More Common: Dak Galbi 最值得推广的韩国菜:韩式铁板鸡 实际上大多数是朝鲜族口味,如果想品尝最正 宗地道的韩国料理,宫算是不错的选择,甚至 不少韩国人都慕名前来,重温家乡味道。 在这里,你可以品尝到经典的韩式菜肴, 比如韩式拌饭、韩式烤肉等,而且价格也颇为 合理。不过他们家最有名的,要数各式各样 的汤。两个人花110元点上一大份秋刀鱼泡菜 汤,可以吃得很饱,如果还点了别的菜,也可 以点小份的锅仔牛汤(35元),大家分着一起 品尝。还有不少人是奔着他们家的小菜去的, 比如卤鹌鹑蛋、黄瓜泡菜、芝麻叶泡菜等等, 想想就流口水。 E ven if you are fairly acquainted with the art of Korean cuisine, there is one elusive dish you may have missed out on. Though wildly popular in Korea, dak galbi (chili pepper marinated chicken with cabbage, sweet potatoes, onions scallions and rice cake) is not a common sight in Qingdao. Itself once considered a lowly anju, dak galbi has risen from a cheap tavern snack to a dish that deserves restaurants dedicated to its consumption. One of the best locations is out near Beer City on Songling Lu, but another place just opened up on the corner of Datian Lu and Zhangzhou Yi Lu, across from Kiwi Café. When eating dak galbi, you may be offered a giant red bib to shield your clothes from the splattering of slippery, saucy chicken, which is totally worth the inconvenience. Just don’t forget to add extra cheese. 即便你已经尝遍大部分韩国美味料理, 下面这道菜也不一定试过。韩式铁板鸡是一道 在本土非常流行的韩国菜(用辣椒酱腌制的鸡 肉,配上白菜、红薯、洋葱和年糕),在青岛 却不常见。韩式铁板鸡刚开始只是一道难登大 雅之堂的下酒菜,不过随着越来越多人对它的 青睐,如今已是各大饭馆餐桌上的常客。松岭 路啤酒城附近有一家比较不错的韩式铁板鸡饭 馆,此外大田路和漳州一路路口也新开了一家 (奇异咖啡对面)。吃铁板鸡的时候,需要围 上红围裙,避免衣服被汤汁溅到,还有别忘了 额外加一点芝士。 27
  15. 15. / PLACES // 广告 • 地方 4. 广告 • 地方 // PLACES / Best Drunk Food: Eohwa Dungdung 最佳小酌饭馆:松味 Drinking etiquette 喝酒礼仪 I f getting trashed on a muddy mix of makgeolli (Korean wheat and rice wine), Soju and Sprite is more of your thing, then try out Dungdung, located on Shanghang Lu (itself surrounded by over a dozen Korean BBQ joints). If you really want to do it right, order up some anju (traditional Korean drinking food), like seafood pancakes and kimchi tofu. To keep this in perspective, anju is drunk food, so don’t expect anything that will blow your mind. Rather, anju is essential at helping sustain drinking sessions with foreign exchange students that often run long into 5. the night. Just make sure to brush up on your Korean drinking etiquette so as not to offend your inebriated elders! 要是想约上三五个好友小酌一回,不妨可 以去上杭路的松味(别找错了,周围可有不少 别的韩国饭馆),喝上几盅浊酒(由小米和麦 芽酿制的传统酒),再来几杯烧酒加雪碧,可 谓人生一大乐事啊。光喝酒怎么行,点上几样 下酒菜才够味,比如海鲜饼、豆腐泡菜,不过 下酒菜毕竟只是帮你垫垫肚子,不见得有多美 味,喝得尽兴才是最重要的。如果和韩国朋友 一起,一定要注意右边几条喝酒礼仪。 A. Always fill your elder’s empty cup! B. Put your offhand on your pouring arm when filling your elder’s cup! (For maximum politeness, shove your empty hand up the armpit of the appendage pouring the drink!) C. When drinking, turn your head away from those older than you! (Nobody wants to see your dirty, juvenile mouth.) D. If you are playing some crazy drinking game involving fingers, wild rabbits or frying pans and the occasion arises where you must kiss a middle-aged Korean man, don’t worry about it! Totally not gay. A. 一定要为长辈斟酒! B.为长辈斟酒时,一手拿着酒瓶,另一只 手要扶着斟酒的那只(最礼貌的方式是, 倒酒的时候把另一只手扶在差不多肩膀的 位置)。 C.喝酒的时候,要侧对着长辈。 D. 韩国人喝酒的时候还会有不少游戏,比 如369游戏、兔子游戏、记名字游戏等等, 惩罚也多种多样,不过即使要你亲一位韩国 大叔也没什么,游戏而已。 Best Korean Food on the Go: Barocook 最佳韩式快餐:巴乐克 F reezing your famished fanny off near Mykal? Grab a 7元 chicken and sweet potato sandwich at Barocook (3元 plus sliced sandwich cheese. Add the cheese. Do it.) If you also happen to be in the mood for wings, Baracook has some of the best fried chicken around. Warning: their hot wings are friggin’ hot. 在麦凯乐附近肚子空空,冻得瑟 瑟发抖?那就去巴乐克买上一份鸡肉 红薯三明治吧,7块钱就可以一解饿意 (建议多加3元,还可以有芝士片), 如果还想再来几根鸡翅的话,去巴乐 克就去对了。温馨提示:他们的炸鸡 翅可是非常火辣。 28 29
  16. 16. EVENTS 活动 La Jeunesse Photography Exhibition Liangyou Books Gallery 10.30am - 7.30pm (every day, till 8th) 一月 January Astrology Salon Yoli’s cafe 7.30pm Dancing Queen (pop rock) Grand Theatre 7.30pm 01 02 03 04 05 “成为占星师”见面会 啡悦时光咖啡 舞蹈皇后 青岛大剧院 摄影展:冯琳的梦游记 良友书坊 MON 一 Relativity (rock) Band Downtown Bar 9pm TUE 二 WED 三 相对论乐队 Wudi’s Saxophone Grand Theatre 7.30pm 萨克斯风王子伍迪 青岛大剧院 THU 四 FRI 五 Wan Xiaoli’s Folk Tour King’s Head Bar 8pm SAT 六 Tech Night Downtown Bar 9pm SUN 日 REDSTAR Movie Night REDSTAR office 4-6pm 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 万晓利民谣 国王头像酒吧 Chicago (musical) Grand Theatre 7.30pm 红星电影夜 红星办公室 Dutch Movie Screening REDSTAR office, 4-6pm 音乐剧《芝加哥》 Bodao Band Folk Tour Downtown Bar 9pm 青岛大剧院 驳倒民谣 红星办公室 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 荷兰电影放映活动 Memephonic Band & Lazy 1st Band Downtown Bar, 9pm 迷因乐队&Lazy 1st乐队 REDSTAR Movie Night S 30 都柏林爱尔兰酒吧 酒水大扫除之夜 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 MON 一 Russian Philharmonic Orchestra Grand Theatre, 7.30pm TUE 二 Movie Synopsis: A gifted rat named Remy dreams of becoming a great French Chef despite his family's wishes and the obvious problem of being a rat in a rodent hating profession. Fate places Remy in the sewers of Paris where he finds himself situated beneath the restaurant made famous by his culinary hero, Auguste Gusteau. When Remy befriends an inexperienced and talentless chef that works in the restaurant's kitchen it sets into motion a hilarious and exciting "Rat Race" that turns the culinary world of Paris upside down. A delicious movie suitable for everyone. Mark Lewis NOTE: Chinese subtitles are shown 周末夜寒风瑟瑟,有什么好地方可去? 来红星办公室看场电影吧!届时还会有来自 Luigi's比萨•体育酒吧的美味小吃和饮料相伴 哦。本次播映的是皮克斯动画工厂出品的最受 欢迎的动画片之一《美食总动员》,票价20 元(已包含饮料零食费用)。座位有限,请 提前到填写在线表格报名,或发送你的 姓名和联系方式到186 6395-5427预约留座, 邮件标题为“红星电影夜”。到时见! 剧情概要: 才华横溢的小老鼠雷米梦想成为一个伟 大的法国厨师,为此,它无视家庭的期望,也 不在意自己作为老鼠这种不受人欢迎的动物的 事实。因缘际会,当“残酷”的命运把它带到 巴黎城市的下水道的时候,小雷米猛然发现自 己正好来到了自己仰慕已久的著名厨师奥古斯 汀•古斯特主灶的一家法国名餐馆的下面。在 那里,它和一个没什么经验,也没什么才华的 厨师成为了朋友。小雷米躲在厨师帽中,帮助 他做出一道又一道精美大餐。之前所有的不得 志,很快就被小雷米变成了一场精彩和激动人 心的老鼠赛跑,他把整个巴黎的美食界搅了个 天翻地覆。跟美食相关的影片,谁能不爱? 注:影片配有中文字幕 WED 三 THU 四 FRI 五 Spring Festival Party Downtown Bar 9pm Spring Festival Party Downtown Bar 9pm 春节狂欢派对 俄罗斯爱乐交响乐团 音乐会 青岛大剧院 SAT 六 SUN 日 春节狂欢派对 27 28 29 30 31 International Stand Up Comedy comes to Qingdao! 21 January // 8pm Dubliner 12 January // 4-6pm Sunday // REDSTAR office tuck for something to do on a cold weekend winter evening? REDSTAR is planning to hold its first in-house movie night of the year. Complete with delicious snack food catered by Qingdao's own Luigi's, it's an opportunity to relax with friends and family in the warm and cozy environment of REDSTAR's lounge while indulging in the pleasure of a good movie on the big screen. The movie that will be screened is one of PIXAR's most popular animated features - Ratatouille. Drinks and snacks are included in the ticket price - 20元. As seating is limited please RSVP by filling in the form on www.myredstar. com/events/redstar-movie-night or send a text with your name and mobile number to 186 6395-5427 with the subject title: “REDSTAR Movie Night”. See you there! 国际脱口秀 Beverage Spring Cleaning-up Night Downtown Bar 9pm 国际脱口秀团队齐 降岛城! 红星电影夜 1月12日 // 下午4点-6点 红星办公室 International Stand Up Comedy Dubliner, 8pm 1月21日 // 都柏林爱尔兰酒吧 Isn’t afraid to pull punches in his observations, yet has a deceptively laid back stage manner that disguises a raw aggression and melting pot of issues even he doesn’t want to explore. ‘Whiplash delivery and relentless pace’ (The List) ‘Compelling...A real breath of fresh air’ -The Independent EDSTAR are delighted to introduce a new, hilarious bi-monthly comedy show at The Dubliner starting Tuesday 21 January. Each event features 3 different stand-up comedians and kicks off at 8pm sharp. This is an un-missable event! GINA YASHERE (UK) Gina is one of the most sought after performers not just on the UK comedy circuit but also Hong Kong to Dubai via Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Holland and back to Nigeria. Her energetic style has gained her a great deal of attention. DWIGHT SLADE Part man, part Ageless boy, comedian and humorist Dwight Slade has the privilege of being a comedy legend in American stand-up. Last year’s winner of the Boston Comedy Festival, Slade combines an intelligent, raging voice of justice with a sense of unpredictability that makes every show unique and tailor made for his audience. Following the huge success of her sell out national tour, sell-out West End debut shows at the New Ambassadors Theatre and her sell-out Edinburgh Fringe debut shows in August, Gina is always in huge demand and is currently recording the voice of a character she’s playing in ‘Streatham Hill’ an animation for Channel 4 which is being hailed as the British version of South Park. She is currently writing and filming for the Lenny Henry Show. “Slade makes his rivals look like boys doing a man’s job... he has that mix of polish and aggression that is the domain of the superior American stand-up... this is a masterclass.” -London Times ‘One of the most dynamic comics in the land’ The Guardian ‘Irresistible’ -The Guardian DAVE FULTON (USA) Seattle based comedian Dave Fulton has played clubs from San Francisco to New York, and notched up many TV credits ranging from Half Hour Comedy Hour (MTV) and An Evening At The Improv (A&E.) Tickets are 150元 in advance from The Dubliner or REDSTAR (info@ redstarworks. com / 83882269) R He’s been called an angry young man. Dave isn’t getting any younger. He’s opinionated, Ian Burns 31