Task 9


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Task 9

  1. 1. Task 9- Section B Qualitative Audience ResearchThe target audience for my music magazine is male andfemales aged 16-24 who are interested in the genre ofindie/rock music.The stereotypical audience profileGender:typically seen as malesAge: 16-24Social class: middle classInterests: Going out to gigs and festivals, listening tomusic on their iPods or mp3’s.Why they listen to indie/rock music: because they enjoythe instruments/vocals and may feel like they can relateto the lyrics that they are hearing.What they would like in magazines: interviews withbands/artists that they admire or like listening to. Lots ofimages of recent gigs or festivals.Dress sense: Quite fashionable and wear casualclothing. Shoe brands such as converse or vans andmay also wear trousers such as chinos. Like darkclothing if they are into more rock music.
  2. 2. My focus groupFor this task I asked 5 people with an interest within the genre what theywould like in an indie/rock magazine. I then summarised there results tosee what would be best suited for my target audience in the magazine.I asked them 12 questions (see below) and wrote down their mainresponses:Summary of resultsThe front cover:What images would you like?On the front cover there should be one main eye-catching image of a band/artist thattakes up the majority of the page. It should include male and females in the picture toshow that the magazine appeals to both genders. The image should also be strikingand stand out from the rest of the page and background so that it catches thereader’s attention.What would like to see on the front cover e.g. sell lines?On the front cover there should be cover lines that would interest the targetaudience. This could include names of famous/well-known artists or bands that thetarget audience would recognise. These should also be both male and femalenames so that it reaches out to both sets of audience. There could be gig reviews ortour dates advertised on the cover as this would appeal to the target audience.What colours would be appropriate? Darker colours would be more appropriate for this genre of music and style of musicmagazine. Other music magazines for example Kerrang and NME also use darkercolours as these appeal to the target audience. However there should be somecolour on the page so that the magazine is eye-catching and stands out.The contents page:What type of images would you like and how many?On the contents page there should be a few images to make the page moreappealing to the -reader. There should aim to be 3-4 images on the contents pageand these could be of instruments, backstage images, and artists/bands.
  3. 3. What would you want to be contained within the magazine?Within the magazine there should be a variety of articles that the reader would findinteresting to read. This could include interviews with popular artists/bands and theseshould be categorised and clearly numbered to be able to find. Gossip, latest newsand fashion could also be included within the magazine.How much images and text would you expect?On the contents page there should be an editorial and page numbers but thereshould still be a main image and several images on the page. There should be avariety of images to keep readers interested and to show them what else will beincluded in the magazine.The double page spread:Double page – what choice of images would you want? The images should portray a similar attitude to that of the target audience. This means that they should be striking images which stand out and capture attention, particularly in rock music as a rebellious attitude is presented here. There should also be a lot of images on the page or one very large image leading the page.What would you prefer the article to be about?The article could be an interview with a well-known and popular artist/band so that itappeals to the target audience. It could also have information on latest gigs andfestivals and it could also include music reviews.Would you prefer more image or text based articles?The double page needs to be balanced between images and text. There should notbe too much text as this would bore the reader and the images need to be fun andexciting so that the page is more eye-catching. The text itself should also be straightto the point and easy to read, interviews would therefore be a good article to do asthe answers could be kept short and well structured.