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  • 1. Task 8-Summary of questionnaire results- Audience Research Rosanna Todd
  • 2. Here are the first two pages of my questionnaire that I distributed out to 12 people-6 male and 6 female all of which were aged 16-24 and interested in the genre of indie/rock music.
  • 3. Target audience
    • The genre of music I have chosen for my music magazine is indie/rock music.
    • The target audience is therefore males and females aged 16-24 because this is the age group who are interested in this type of music.
    • I think that this will be a good target audience because I will be able to relate to it and also be able to find out more about them.
    • The following slides show the results from the questionnaire I conducted to find out more about the target audience.
  • 4. Graphs Number of people A graph to show the results of how many people are attracted to indie/rock music because of the reasons specified. Question 2 Reason of attraction
  • 5. Number of people A graph to show how much money people are willing to spend on a music magazine Question 3 Amount of money
  • 6. Number of people Response to question Question 4 A graph to show the number of people who read/buy music magazines out of twelve people asked.
  • 7. A pie chart to show what would encourage people to buy a music magazine Question 7
  • 8. Question 8 A pie chart to show which magazine front covers people found the most eye-catching/appealing A B C D
  • 9. Evaluation of results
    • By putting my results in graphs it gives a clearer and more visual view of the answers people gave from the questionnaire.
    • I have found conducting the questionnaire a useful approach to finding out more about the target audience for my music magazine.
    • I hope that these results will help me to understand more about what content and images to include in my magazine. Also, the knowledge provided will influence my final product because I now have a clearer understanding of what appeals to the target audience my music magazine will be aimed at.