Formal proposal task 10
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Formal proposal task 10






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Formal proposal task 10 Formal proposal task 10 Presentation Transcript

  • Formal Proposal Rosanna Todd
  • Title of magazine you wish to produce
    • I have decided to call my magazine “Exclusive”. I chose this name because it relates to the genre of indie/rock music. This is because exclusive defines itself as a limited favoured source, therefore suggesting that it’s only for a certain amount of stereotyped people. This could be considered a niche market as the magazine would not be to everyone taste and only certain people would buy the magazine who you’d stereotype as “indie” people.
  • Explanation of choice of genre
    • I have chosen the genre of indie/rock music for my magazine because I enjoy listening to this type of music so I therefore have an existing wider knowledge of this type of music already.
    • I also think that it is good genre to do because there is a gap in the market for it as there are not many indie/rock magazines already existing.
  • Target audience
    • The target audience for my music magazine is males and females aged 16-24.
    • I decided to choose this target audience because these are the people who would typically listen to indie/rock music.
    • The target audience like to go out to gigs and festivals and finding more out about their favourite artists/bands. I therefore will include articles on these in my music magazine.
  • Initial ideas about front page
    • On the front page I will use one main image which will take up the majority of the cover.
    • The masthead will also be in a large font and take up the top line of the page so that it stands out and catches the reader’s attention.
    • I will divide my front page into three so that it is well structured and is showing the use of the “rule of thirds”.
    • The mise-en-scene will relate to the genre of music and will appeal to the target audience. I will do this by using mainly darker colours and a font that would suggest maturity.
  • Initial ideas about contents page
    • On the contents page I will include 3-4 images all of which are different sizes. This will show variation and will keep the audience interested. There will be one larger image on the page and this should relate to the front cover to show a link between the two pages and to show that it is from the same magazine. This connection is important as it shows that I have understood the codes and conventions of making a front cover, contents page and double page spread.
    • I will also include an editorial on the contents page as this is what features on other contents pages that I have seen. This will help to make it look as realistic as possible.
    • Another feature that will be included on the contents page is page numbers. These should be clear to see so that the reader can find what they want to read about easily and quickly.
  • Initial ideas about double page spread
    • For the double page spread I will also include an interview based article with a popular artist/band. This is because from my research I can see that this is what the target audience would like to read within the magazine.
    • Also on my double page spread I will include a headline which will follow the same house style as the rest of the magazine to show consistency.
    • A stand first will also be featured on it to introduce the article for the reader
    • I will also use a “drop caps” as this is what many similar double page spreads include that I have seen from doing my research.
  • Initial ideas about photographs
    • The images will include males and females and they will also be aged 16-24 so that the target audience can relate to them.
    • I will ensure that the images are eye-catching and of a band/artist as this is what the target audience wants from a music magazine. I know this from the questionnaire I conducted in my audience research task.
    • On the front cover I will include one main image and on the contents page I will include several images. On the double page spread I will also include lots of images so that it appeals to the reader.