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New World of Work | Rosan Gompers | SITEEMEA2012 juni 2012
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New World of Work | Rosan Gompers | SITEEMEA2012 juni 2012


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Workshop #SITEEMEAFORUM 2012 Berlin - The Future of Organisations, Leadership Choices / A New World of Work - Rosan Gompers NewCompanyCreations

Workshop #SITEEMEAFORUM 2012 Berlin - The Future of Organisations, Leadership Choices / A New World of Work - Rosan Gompers NewCompanyCreations

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. The

 A new world of work ! @RosanGompers

  • 2. #The Future!=NOW!
  • 3. #Work!#Organisations!#Leadership!
  • 4. #work!
  • 5. agricultural era!
  • 6. industrial era!
  • 7. the hands!
  • 8. the heads!
  • 9. managers!
  • 10. support!
  • 11. staff!
  • 12. knowledge workers!
  • 13. processing information!
  • 14. A new world of work! mobile workers!
  • 15. technology!
  • 16. Global !World!Local!Community!Personal!brand!
  • 17. values!
  • 18. (making a) living (€)!meaning! #WHY! we
Leverage!challenge! #WHAT! we
anywhere!anytime!anyplace!(self)employed! #HOW!In- or outside ! we
 #the! "Traditional! "organisation!
  • 19. #organisations!
  • 20. Old School Company

  • 21. New School Netwerk!
  • 22. Bureaucracy!
  • 23. From
 no grey today!
  • 24. A day @theoffice!Context | stories | meaning!
  • 25. Labor market!Aging | Diversity | Next Generation | Flexibility!
  • 26. lifelong employment!
  • 27. I do it myself!
  • 28. Today your Tomorrow yourprofessional ! customer!
  • 29. The connected enterprise!
  • 30. #TheRules of the game are changing!
  • 31. INTERACTION!#Connecting!#Conversation!#Engagement!#Listening!
  • 32. Wisdom of the crowd! Co-creation!
  • 33. The principles of social networking!
  • 34. First give then take!
  • 35. #leadership!
  • 36. #Decisions!#Behaviour!
  • 37. Leadership & Direction! Management! Culture! Branding! Organization! Market Social systems &positioning! Innovation structures! wheel! Customer! Context! Professional! Knowledge! NewCompanyCrea1ons™
 Competence & expertise!
  • 38. Closed! Open!Manage! Lead!Control! Trust!Profit! Benefit!Produce! Co-create!Consume! Share!
  • 39. #how to create a movement! hOp:// watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ

  • 40. Have the guts to stand out and look ridiculous! What you do should be simple & instructional!Make sure it is easy to follow! The first follower is the spark!Embrase others like equals & nurture your followers! If there is a crowd, make it public!Be aware that it’s all about he movement, not about you! Use the momentum!Leadership = !showing others how to follow!
  • 41. # some social Networking!!Your inspirations, lessons & challenges ! @The New World of Work!
  • 42. share your message ! give & take!
  • 43.   Never give up – Kris!  I’m a good first follower, where do I find my lone nut? - Simon!  Understanding the needs and skills of the individual to fit them into a team – Luis!  Being creative = 1, being flexible = 2 – Jean Pierre!  Share on LinkedIn Groups – Jean Pierre!  Be part of the company and live the company! – Stephan!  Whatever you do, do it from the heart - Katie!  Cloud computing gives you geographic mobility & flexibility – Marc!  Follow the follower! Not the leader?! – Christophe!  To get information out of the first hand – Anna!  Social Media allows you to connect with new people/players from everywhere, anytime – Marc!  How do events become ‘crowds’ with momentum? – Simon!
  • 44.   Thanks to Facebook we now have clean toilet walls – Hugo!  Flexible worktimes -> costsaving -> more energy, better spirit –> good environment – Raymond!  A manager should act quickly to problems, be very clear about the objectives and unite the team to achieve them!  A better world starts with/ by yourself! – Misoek!  What can we learn and how can we benefit from the next generation? - Antonella & Sara!  Digital diplomacy – Annamaria!  Changes to ‘home-office’ versus traditional ways of life & cultural differences – Milena !  New technologies lead to higher requirements & qualifications; education is becoming more important!  Can a first follower truly lead? – Simon!  All is about persons not corporations – Elisabeth!
  • 45.   Destination Marketing works best when partners share & innovate ideas – Mateja!  Message in a bottle – Message on a wall everybody – Elie!  Don’t be a sheep, follow your gut feeling – Kisa!  Future job will be based on quality life not on quantity!  Stay with your principles – Katie!  Discussions can lead to new requests, ‘out if the box’ – Jean Pierre!  Multi cultural/age groups – Patrick!  Communication is really important – Cristina!  Every challenge is an opportunity – Katie!  The early bird catches the worm – Stephan!  How do we inspire and involve the next generation? - Antonella & Sara!  In various networks you can utilize your abilities on different fields – Merja!
  • 46.   First followers, how to ameliorate? – Patrick!  Never Change a winning team!!  Gray is not the colour for those working in the events industry – Elisabeth!  To cros bounderies between generations – Anna!  Be original, be innovative!  My inspiration: you can’t eat like an eagle and shit like a canary – Bill!  Social networking is the new channel for new contacts and exchange information - Christine!  Senior are not all that bad – Bill!  Trust form an employer is one of the most important motivators!  We believe there is way to much data and very little information. Tip: manager and feel reponsible!!  Tweet like a bear #ovation!  Give instead of take - Kris!
  • 47. look feel taste! talk smell try!
  • 48. Thank you!!@RosanGompers
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