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An extract of my work

An extract of my work



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Rosalba mele marketing Rosalba mele marketing Presentation Transcript

  • !"#$%&()*+,-.&()•  My Marketing experience & approach: it’s like ripples in the water•  This is my business card!
  • =#"G)3CH%#I%J%)!"HK)(#+LI()"G)(#+LI() Marketing FMCG :545)A3115) /01234)1526)Local& Intern&Traditional Unconvenl /70*87)9:3;70<7) 5=3:>) B7115)*0:>743) 1-C-#D)E+F%.) 0:>80?7@) No Marketing FMCG
  • !D)!"#$%&()"HH#+"JE) /-%##I..")M$F(N),+JI".)M%GI") M$FN)9-..)*+MM-IJ"&+) H."N)7F%#"J&+)"J&OIFD) <F#"F%(IJ)H."N)?+#%J",FN) *"F%(+#D),F#"F%(DN)A%P) M"#$%&(N)!%GI")MIC)N) 7F%#"&+".)M$F() 9#+G-JF)2%O%.+HM%FN9#IJ%) H+,I&+N)=#"G)3Q-IFDN) !-.&JE"%.)+R%#,N)<L+F ) !"#$%F)#%,%"#JEN)<".%,) "".D,I,N)=%JEM"#$I(N) 9#+G-JF)G%O%.+HM%FN)7) ,F+#%)"J&OIFDN)<".%,),-HH+#F
  • S-,F)")T%L)L+#G,)"P+-F)MD)3CH%#I%J%) Evolving with needs Always Evolving… Communication Problem solving Web Mktg Growth with client Traditional Mktg Meet the customer CONNECT Guerrilla Mktg THE DOTSValuation Creation Brand sensitivity Creativity Graphic /.+P".)=#"G),F#"F%(D)) Idea Research packageGeneration&evaluation Price definition Analytical Variety
  • !D)3CH%#I%J%K)A%..")1st experience as trainee ! Market & Sales analysis ! Retailer needs analysis ! Development of communication store material ! Sales material support Tactical Marketing Program B2B marketing approach Market research
  • !D)3CH%#I%J%K)/+.G%)1"GD)2° experience GOLDEN LADY: Tight & underwear - fashion marketDefinition of Marketing tactic sets: ! Market & Sales analysis ! Key market targets ! Retailer needs analysis – Launch a Golden Point ! N.P.D. and launch of seasonal products ! Communication marketing program for retailers ! Sales material support
  • !D)3CH%#I%J%K)/I+JEI)9#%UI+,I)3° GIOCHI PREZIOSI – Toys & School stationery company:MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING TACTIC! Creation of Marketing Plan; ! Sales force training! Market analysis ! Selling aids and materials! Consumer trends: Targeting&Positioning ! Sales promotion elements! Competitive benchmarking ! Advert by print (targeted magazine)! S.W.O.T ! Packaging development! Brand Equity! Product Development! Marketing budget! Pricing and management P&L
  • !D)3CH%#I%J%K)/I+JEI)9#%UI+,I) working with the most important brand for kids – tweens – teens ?3!513) !513)>334<) 5#%")F+) IMH#+O%)>A334<) V72<)
  • !D)3CH%#I%J%K)/I+O"I):"")4° GIOVANNI RANA – FMCG– International Experience ! Develop the brand abroad – align the message to targets’ needs ! MARKETING PLAN ! MARKET RESEARCH & ANALYSIS ! MARKETING BUDGET on an international scale ! Managing the Brand Equity ! Forecast (volume & value) ! Communication media plan (traditional & unconventional) ! Focus on online communications ! PR and Trade shows
  • =-,I%,,)J",%K)!"#$%&(`*+MM-IJ"&+)<F#"F%(D)1.  Category strategy: reinforcing the range in Coop2.  NPD strategy: focus on Italian recipes3.  Brand Awareness: Media mix campaign !  TV Campaign (Italy to Switzerland) !  Website (high penetration Internet users) !  Competition on website !  Google adwords !  Take over/ Banners !  Video ads on zatoo etc !  Promotion in store
  • 4%L)*E"..%(%K)P#"G)"-FE%&JIFD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"#$%&#!(&&)*!+,#-*!!&.!!/#*!,01,2#,3,!#!42,*/!566,.!1&*7&!+#%,! 8$-!*$9,!,:!12$.-37*!7/&7!&2,!*1,3#&6!4$2;! ) a )):%IT+#JI()FE%)#"(%) a ))/IOI()-IQ-%%,,)I)F",F%)"G)b"O+-#,) a )<E+LI()#%".)IF".I")"-FE%&JIFD) a 1"-JE)FE%)7F".I")#%JIH%)) a )2I,&(-I,E)/:)",)FE%)7F".I")H#+G-J%#))+T)"-FE%&J)7F".I")?#%,E)9",F") !<66!7/,*,!=!4$2!&!.#*/!7/&7)*!,&*8!&.!>-#3?!7$!7&*7,!
  • !D)3CH%#I%J%K)0#FE+cC)5° ORTHOFIX : Medical Device market – Multinational ExperienceMARKETING STRATEGY!  Elaboration of new strategies plan to reach out to end consumers more effectively;!  Elaboration of STRATEGIC PLAN!  Working on two KEY BUSINESS CASE!  Market research ->giving a strategy interpretation in line with the company mission!  5 years FORECAST!  5 years MARKETING!  Organize exhibitions and road shows and sponsor an event:WEBMARKETING!  On-line benchmarking!  Development of the company’s new website: Orthofix International!  E-learning/Webinar – On-line training for both clients and partners!  Organisation of events with communication via web
  • =-,I%,,)J",%K)%C%J-&O%),-MM"#D)1.  Market Background/ Market Trends2.  Competitive analysis3.  Image analysis, positioning of Orthofix in specific sector;4.  Orthofix’s Strategy !  Entry Strategy: Orthofix’ growth leverage !  Product Strategy : process of the development of the product !  Emphasize the competitive advantages !  Target definition: funnel approach in the launch phase !  Price posizioning: value the hospital & patients benefits for competing !  Initial view of Communication Strategy
  • Business case: Market&Competitors breakdownMillenium Reseearch Group data 2013
  • Business case: Factors Impacting New Device Adoption 9d<874/)?5*>0:<) 17!7>74/)?5*>0:<)!I..%I-M):%,%"#JE):%H+#F)]YYW)
  • Business case: working on product&target PRODUCT TARGET Residents & Measurable Benefits for Normal Surgeons Hospital&Patients Early adopters Orthofi x Experts, Chief A system solution i.e. KOL comprehensiveOrthofix must move towards these two concepts Hospital administratorsto position strategically in the segment IM nail
  • Business case: Brand Geographical Strategy1.  Going where Orthofix has a strong brand positioning2.  Going where the market accepts a high level of price3.  At the beginning not through distributors TIMING FOR THE LAUNCH IN THE MARKET 2012: Selection of special market Working on the brand 2013: Reinforce the presence, with communication strategy. Add another country (complication in regulatory affairs) 2015: Start with distributors
  • My case as a Marketing Consultant: Villa Cortine! Hotel Group of Northern Italy! Revenue: 1.2 bl Euro!  Luxury image!  Faithful clientele (old and especially from Germany)!  Very traditional company !  No kind of previous communication !  Old style !  No special offers&products !  Old logo
  • Benchmarking and Position map
  • Goals for the Communication strategy plan!  Update of the logo!  Graphic guide!  Platform for the communication concept!  Communication plan!  Social media plan!  SEM
  • Goals for the Marketing strategy plan*0!!d47*5>704)9154)!  Pull communication Plan: starting from Website……..and then!  Social media mktg (FB and Twitter as a start)!  Newsletter!  Virtual Tour on the web!  Discover and keep a piece of its wonder!  Use promotion on the web!  Icatalogue with Partner (comktg)!  Mini agenda with all round activity!  New Social Media!  SEM!  On line Social ClubSERVICE DEVELOPMENT!  Development of special offers!  DifferentiationPR ACTIVITY