Competency E Gonzalez


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Vportfolio slides from Second Life class with Jeremy Kemp, supporting SJSU LIS Competency E

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Competency E Gonzalez

  1. 1. Micaela Rewell
  2. 2. SL Sistine Chapel Renaissance Island In SL I encountered Immersive Learning Environments as Information Delivery Systems…
  3. 3. Virtual Native Lands Cherokee Syllabary – Virtual Native Lands … where an information artifact is only part of the entire experience. Grief Links – Light Bearer Grief Center
  4. 4. Micaela’s Reference Volunteer Interaction Librarians Patch and Biblio in action Diamond Coronet instructs I learned from many SL veterans how to function in SL and help others…
  5. 5. SJSU Spring 09 LIS 287 Info Kiosks … and was inspired by the outstanding kiosks designed by my classmates
  6. 6. Mourning Chapel kiosk gives notecard of SL grief resources I tried to emulate what I had seen and learned by creating kiosks… SL GRIEF RESOURCES Memorial Sites featuring Grief Support: Asagao Memorial Park Memorial to those who lost their lives by suicide, offers the option of placing memorials to loved ones in the temple Charlton Isle Cancer Memorial At this new sim, visitors may purchase a plaque to remember their loved ones who have been lost to cancer - these are displayed on three walls that surround the entry to the memorial   FairChang Vista Memorial Park Rod Longcloth will create a headstone to remember your loved one, if you write a notecard to him during your visit   Garden of Lost Love Small but beautiful garden spot, grief counselors available, with indicators to let visitors know when they are online  
  7. 7. Career Fair kiosk gives notecards of LIS job listing sites … that seek to deliver useful information in accessible systems JOB POSTING LINKS (updated May 1, 2009) General United States Listings: ALA Jobs - view listings by state: http:// joblist cfm American Association of Law Libraries: www. aallnet .org/hotline ASIS&T: http://www. jobtarget .com/c/search_results. cfm ?site_id=180 CareerJet – listings for the Americas, by country and state: http://www. careerjet .co. uk / wsearch /jobs?s=library&l=North+America&lid=11 The Chronicle of Higher Education: Educause: http://www. educause . edu /jobs/38? tid =16500&&q=node/38&page_id=38 Library Journal: http://jobs. libraryjournal .com Library of Congress Job Listings: http://www.loc. gov /hr/employment/index. php ?action= cMain . showJobs LIS Jobs: http://www. lisjobs .com/jobs/index.asp ? LITA Jobs: mgrps / divs / lita / litaresources / litajobsite / newthisweek / newweek . cfm SLA Job: http:// careercenter . sla .org/search/index. cfm Society of American Archivists: USA Jobs: Federal Government Job Listings – searchable by agency and country as well as U.S. state, choose Job Category “Library and Archives”: http:// jobsearch . usajobs . gov /
  8. 8. Micaela Rewell SJSU LIS 287 Spring 09