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Dream product LinuxCon Europe Europe

  1. 1. Description What and why OSV vendors should do to keep OEMsand their customers satisfied for a long period? How todevelop a new product which will become trendsetter? Balanced products with polished hardware andoptimized software well fit together are still a rare sensationon the market. There are a few companies who managedto get them on a regular basis and most of them areproprietary vendors possessing and controlling bothhardware and software development. This presentation will provide an overview of missioncritical elements required to successfully cooperate withcomputer OEM companies in order to develop a “Dreamproduct”.
  2. 2. How to Develop a Dream Product:OEM and FOSS OSV Synergy. Dmitry Komissarov ROSA CEO and co-founder LinuxCon Europe, November 2012
  3. 3. What is a Dream Product?It might be unique…The first satellite had been sent to space on October 4th,1957
  4. 4. What is a Dream Product?It might be mass production…
  5. 5. What is a Dream Product?It might be mass production… 70 000 000 pcs had been manufactured over the last 60 years
  6. 6. What is a Dream Product?It might be adored or hated… “…Theres no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. Its a $500 subsidized item…” Steve Balmer, CEO Microsoft
  7. 7. What is a Dream Product?But anyway Dream Products lead to• Economy/Technology/Lifestyle BREAKTHROUGH!• Deeper level of comfort/satisfaction/effectiveness.• Fast growing ADDICTED customer/fan base.• Lot of fun and aspiration for developers.• (Might be …) profit .
  8. 8. Current Environment• Fast pacing electronics development requires ASAP Time to Market.• High RnD budget luxury is concentrated in the largest multinational companies (MS, Google, Apple). This results in a limited software platform choice and thus little chances to differentiate.• Economics issues cause slow market growth.• Evaporating margins for hardware vendors.
  9. 9. Consequences… Lenovo NokiaHP Sharp Samsung DELL ZTE Sony n Apple $600+ B
  10. 10. Common OEM/OSV Issues OSV OEM MarketWhos guilty here and who is right ExpectationsIs not for us to say.But anyway the carts still there today.
  11. 11. Common OEM/OSV IssuesHardware vendor: “I do not care much about software. It should just work perfectly on my new shiny device. By the way …. you got 2 months to develop custom OS for me.”Software vendor: “Why do they use this crappy components with no appropriate drivers? Why that system is not designed for my software?”Developers: “We want fun. Documentation and QA are boring.”Design: “Frankenstein”.Security: Weak and last minute hardware and software integration leaves holes for intrusion.Result: Complaining consumer will try his fortune with another device “designed in California”.
  12. 12. Linux specific OSV/OEMs issues• Linux is free… at least very cheap• Device drivers… Who cares?• “Why it does not look like Windows, (Mac)?”• We’ve heard about KDE. We want it on this 6’’ touch screen.
  13. 13. How Dream Products Evolve?“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”Thomas A. Edison
  14. 14. Product Life Cycle
  15. 15. Concept Creation• Shared vision• Joint research process and ideas pool• Commitment to collaborate• Trust
  16. 16. Concept Development• Joint and mixed design/engineering/marketing teams• Diffusion of hardware and software technologies to achieve balance and synergy
  17. 17. Market Development• Common business incentives• Joint marketing• Seamless services integration
  18. 18. Market Development• Common interests• Clear communication• Highly coordinated execution
  19. 19. A Dream Product. How To Make It Happen?• Early engagement in new product concept development. Make sure OEM and OSV shares a common vision and goals.• Trusted relations. Clear communications.• Executive buy-ins and sponsorship from both sides.• Joint (SW+HW) Design, Engineering, Sales and Marketing teams.• Open standards compliance.
  20. 20. Financial aspectCommon practice today is:$$$ Total OEM2OSV =NRE + Per unit fee * Number of Units sold.…butHigh Non Return Engineering (NRE) payment distracts OSV from business success.Shared risk (higher Per unit fee, less NRE) motivates for better performance.
  21. 21. True Collaboration Example
  22. 22. Open Design Initiative Open Hardware: Open specifications, Early planning stage access+ Open Source Software+ Open and Common Standards Better Products and Happier= Customers!
  23. 23. Summary• Dream Product development requires high OEM and OSV integration from the earliest stage of products development.• Common and open standards foster better and easier collaboration.• In order to achieve higher effectiveness, we need to embrace OSS principles to whole product development.• Open Design Initiative might serve OEMs and OSVs to create Dream Products.
  24. 24. Thank you! Questions?Dmitry Komissarov kd@rosalab.ru