Rorotika SON (Self-Organising Networks) Suite


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High-level description of Rorotika's SON (Self-Organising Networks) Suite including NetCM, NetPM, NetTrax and NetRevenue, and the NPM managed service.

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Rorotika SON (Self-Organising Networks) Suite

  1. 1. Rorotika’s Self-Organizing Networksolution, with all the intelligence neededto automate a radio network environment,reduce faults and increase revenues.
  2. 2. Rorotika’s SON Self-Organising Network Solution Operators need to analyse data from several different network interfaces, systems and departments in order to optimise their network infrastructure and expenditure, while growing ARPU, profitability and market share. Such systems include Performance Management, Configuration Management, Fault Management, Customer ExperienceSON Features Management and the Charging System. Operators face the following challenges: Isolation of network subsystems thwarts data analysisMulti: Vendor, Technology, Node, Handset Fault reporting is dispersed across systems, resulting in low visibility and accountabilityExpert-driven inference engine Root cause analysis requires manual data correlation efforts across multiple systemsRevenue-driven fault costing and ranking Isolated systems have ineffective methods of prioritising faults and alarmsDiscrepancy resolution or recommendationreporting Lack of revenue data correlation hides valuable information about the cost of faults and hinders effective prioritisation.Correlation of network-based (PM) vshandset-based (CEM) fault information Lack of CEM data correlation hides valuable information about the problems being experienced on the ground, and their exact locations.Geo-accurate fault detection and root-causeanalysis Rorotika’s SON is a centralised analytics and data correlation engine with the following key components.Route tracing, B-number analysis, policymanagement, site value and upgrade /downgrade reportingSeamless integration between SON productsCost-effective technologies NetcmStrategy-based BI & reporting (Revenue vs KPI) In a complex multi-vendor and multi-technology environment, NetCM provides a brand new, automated, repeatable and independent review of the status of network parameters.GIS interface for easy navigation This web-based product is unique in its ability to manage core parameters, analyse B-numbers, identify routing problems, and determine BSS parameter faults. NetCMConfiguration of new and existing sites and automatically processes the parameter information, highlights inconsistencies andNodeBs pinpoints key areas where settings do not conform to OEM best practice or toSimultaneous node command execution operator-specific policies. MML scripts are generated to fix inconsistencies, as well as manage planned activities. NetCM works toward consolidating all vendor technologies on one platform.
  3. 3. WWW MSC GGSN STP SGSN HANDSET HLR MGW BSC RNC Netcm CM Event Data Data SON SON Components PM Data CDR Data Key components of Rorotika’s SON, a centralised analytics and data correlation engine BSC RNC Netpm Netrevenue OMC IN MSC NetpmNetPM is Rorotika’s multi-vendor, multi-technology performance management solution. Built on proven mission-critical ETL technology, NetPMprovides a powerful, web-based interface to your network performance. Built on a PostgreSQL database and OLAP processing engine, NetPM aims tokeep unnecessary costs down while providing an attractive web-based interface for effective reporting and analysis. NetPM leverages off Rorotika’swealth of knowledge and experience in the MNO performance and optimisation arena to bring expert driven reports and content to the user. NetrevenueThe NetTrax CEM tool from RanWorx fully integrates with the Rorotika NetRevenue is a bulk revenue data acquisition, summarisation andSON solution to provide a comprehensive view of handset-based reporting, recurring network faults and problematic routes withpinpoint accuracy. NetTrax provides a feature-rich web-based NetRevenue is built on technology which has been vigorouslyinterface with powerful reporting, drill-down capabilities and load-tested and commercially proven in tier-1 networks in populoussubscriber event-tracking capabilities. NetTrax also supports Network environments such as Nigeria and Bangladesh.Initiated Logging (NIL) which allows an operator to analyse custom NetRevenue provides an extremely robust interface to the IN CDRtest routes and interval reports for target handsets in a specified area. platform, extracting valuable information about site value and revenueHandset software resides on standard commercially available smart trends at site level. This information allows for fault costing andphones, running Windows Mobile OS, Android, Blackberry and cost-priority fault management.Symbian.