Rorotika Self Organising Network (SON) Solution


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Rorotika Self Organising Network (SON) Solution

  1. 1. Rorotika Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a South African-based company with astrong mobile telecommunications background in both operational andproduct development areas.Rorotika focuses on developing innovative solutions in the mobiletelecommunications arena.Rorotika is leveraging its vast knowledge of the radio environment todesign solutions in the space of radio planning, optimisation andconfiguration management.Rorotika’s Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution has the intelligenceneeded to automate a radio network environment, reduce faults andimprove QoS. Products that are currently offered in the SON suite includeNetCM for network configuration management, NetPM for performancemanagement, NetTrax for Customer Experience Management, andNetRevenue, a revenue reporting solution.About Rorotika
  2. 2. Operators need to analyse data from several different network interfaces,systems and departments in order to optimise their network infrastructureand expenditure, while growing ARPU, profitability and market share.Systems include Performance Management, Configuration Management,Fault Management, Customer Experience Management and the ChargingSystem.Challenges facing operators:Isolation of network subsystems hinders data analysisFault reporting is dispersed across systems, reducingvisibility and accountabilityRoot cause analysis requires manual data correlationefforts across multiple systemsIsolated systems result in ineffective methods ofprioritising faults and alarmsLack of revenue data correlation makes it difficult to assessthe cost of faults and hinders effective prioritisationLack of CEM data correlation prevents consideration ofproblems experienced on the ground, and identificationof their locationsSelf-Organising Network solutionRorotika’s SONMulti: Vendor, Technology, Node, HandsetExpert-driven inference engineRevenue-driven fault costing and rankingDiscrepancy resolution or recommendation reportingCorrelation of network-based (PM) vs handset-based (CEM)fault informationGeo-accurate fault detection and root-cause analysisRoute tracing, B-number analysis, policy management, sitevalue and upgrade / downgrade reportingCost-effective technologiesStrategy-based BI and reporting (Revenue vs KPI)GIS interface for easy navigationConfiguration of new and existing sites and Node BsIdentification of PM-related KPI degradation due tomisconfigurationAuto-discovery of configuration faults and recommended fixesHandset test route analysis with replay and street view analysis
  3. 3. NetTrax CEM from RanWorx integrates with Rorotika’s SON solution to providea comprehensive view of handset-based events, recurring network faults andproblematic routes. A feature-rich web-based interface offers powerfulreporting, drill-down capabilities and subscriber event-tracking. NetTrax alsosupports Network Initiated Logging (NIL), allowing an operator to analysecustom test routes and interval reports for target handsets in specified areas.Handset software resides on standard smart phones, running Windows MobileOS, Android, Blackberry or Symbian.NetCM provides an automated, repeatable and independent review of the statusof network parameters. This unique web-based product manages coreparameters, analyses B-numbers, identifies routing problems, and determinesBSS parameter faults. NetCM processes parameter data, identifiesinconsistencies and highlights key areas where settings do not conform to OEMbest practice or to operator-specific policies. MML scripts are auto-generated toresolve inconsistencies and to manage planned activities. NetCM consolidatesmultiple vendor technologies on one platform.NetcmNetPM, Rorotika’s network performance management solution, provides apowerful, web-based interface to your network performance data.Built on stable, proven ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) technology, NetPMallows you to rapidly navigate critical network performance KPIs via the web ora mobile device. Designed for simplicity, stability, visibility and control, NetPMprovides effective reporting and analysis.NetpmNetRevenue is a revenue data summarisation and reporting solution. Built ontechnology that has been vigorously load-tested and commercially proven intier-1 networks, NetRevenue uses data from the IN CDR platform and extractsvaluable information about cell value and revenue trends.This revenue data can be used by an operator to achieve effective fault costingand to implement cost-based fault management.Netrevenue
  4. 4. SON Components
  5. 5. NetcmWith ever-decreasing revenue and escalating operational costs, operators need to automate traditionaloptimisation methods to increase efficiencies. Improving QoS in multi-vendor, multi-technologyenvironments is complex and time consuming. Automation, inter-departmental communication andintegration are required in order to reduce operational costs while improving QoS.Rorotika’s NetCM allows operators to automate network configuration across all vendors, networksubsystems (BSS and NSS) and technologies (GSM, UMTS and LTE). This web-based application allowsradio and core departments to manage parameters, analyse B-numbers, identify routing problems, andpinpoint complex BSS parameter faults. NetCM automatically processes parameter information,identifies inconsistencies and highlights key areas where settings do not conform to OEM best practiceor to operator-specific policies. MML scripts are generated to correct inconsistencies and to manageplanned activities. NetCM consolidates multiple vendors and technologies on one platform. It alsoconsolidates operators, enabling group-level management.Reduce operational and optimisation costs Maximise profitsNetCM is trusted by tier one operators toprovide unique benefits that include:Configuring of CORE and RAN on one platform, and increasinginter-departmental efficienciesMulti-vendor and multi-technology architecture with hundreds ofoff-the-shelf reportsRolling out of new sites and performing cutovers efficiently andcorrectly whilst minimising human errorCentralising of configuration management functions and buildingcentres of excellence within the operatorPolicing of vendors in a managed service environment to ensurethat the correct license sets and features are implementedNetCM enables us to consolidateall BSS / Core Vendors andtechnologies under a singleplatform. Within 3 months ofdeployment, we noticed asignificant improvement in all ourworking practices”Sidney Arnold: GM NetworkOperations MTN SA““NetCore allows for daily NSS tasks to beperformed without forcing changes in ourprocesses as well as enabling seamlessinter-departmental interaction”Adrian Pelsar: Manager DCG MTN SA“NetRan has been an invaluable system toeffectively and efficiently manage configurationsin our network”Ajeeth Rampall: Radio Planning andOptimisation Regional Manager Vodacom SA
  6. 6. NetcmApplicationserver(JBoss)ClientIE, Firefoxetc.Soaptelnet/ssh telnet/sshRDBMStelnet/ssh telnet/sshETLPROCESSDISC dataCOREdataRANdataPMdataRDBMS(Postgres).csv.xls
  7. 7. ComponentsNetdiscoverAsset Discovery ModuleConnects to live network and interrogatesinstalled hardware, returning an asset register with:Node name, cabinets, boards, sub racks, etc.Serial numberPart number etc.Automatically tracks network growthAllows networks to independently verify vendorroll out figuresAPI to asset registerData can be used to populate asset register correctlyTracks movement of parts within the networkTracks and accounts for parts installed or removedOffers procurement departmentsEasy access to information via a web interfaceAccurate data with no human interventionNetcoreNetcmImproves operator efficiency - time taken forB-Number analysis is reduced by 90%Reduces time to diagnose and fix configuration faultsby up to 99%Interfaces to MSC, STP, HLR, MGW, SGSN and GGSNManages and standardises common AXEconfigurationsManages Trigger Table parametersImplements policies and monitors policy violationsOffers scheduled network importingFacilitates B-number analysis using an intelligent userinterfacePerforms route tracing across MSCsAdds B-Numbers with the generation of relevantscriptsRuns commands on numerous nodes simultaneouslyAids in the modernisation process, such as upgradingM2S nodes to blade clustersNetranFacilitates speedy MML response time bygenerating relevant MML from the user interface,and direct connectivity to the nodesCarries out site upgrades and creation of newTRXsDisplays all RADIO, ABIS and IUB related issues aswell as BTS-level alarms, halted cells and alarmsupervision related issuesImports all ABIS and IUB information, andconsolidates different vendor equipment on thesame platformCarries out parameter auditing and policyenforcement on the RAN/BSS managedobjects/nodesConfigures new and existing sites and Node BsAdds / deletes neighbour definitions, includingIRAT neighbours.Supports LTE nodesIntegrates with Google maps, highlighting problemareas
  8. 8. NetRevenue is a complete solution using data from the IN CDRplatform and extracting valuable information about cell valueand revenue trends.NetRevenue loads, processes, summarises andreports on charging data, providing accuraterevenue information for the operator at celllevel.This revenue data enables an operator toachieve effective fault costing and toimplement cost-based faultmanagement. Fault correction can thenbe scheduled based on potential loss ofrevenue, rather than just on traffic.NetRevenue is built on technology thathas been vigorously load-tested andcommercially proven in tier-1 networksin populous environments.NetrevenueNetrevenueChargingSystemCDRMediationASCIIReportingEffective cost-based fault managementEfficient processing of charging data provided in aspecified ASCII formatCustomisation using configuration files, shorteningtime required to implement changesFully automated database maintenance as tables aremanaged within NetRevenueDynamic configuration loader for databasesAuditing and logging of transactionsReportingNetrevenue Benefits
  9. 9. A powerful web-based interface to manage your network performanceNetpm
  10. 10. ETLPROCESSPhoneTabletVendorNodesRaw PM stats filesFTPNetPM, Rorotika’s performance managementsolution, provides users with a simple yetpowerful web and mobile-based interface totheir total network performance data.NetPM offers the assurance of accurate KPIreporting on complete data sets. Using aninternal dynamic query engine, NetPM isnew-user friendly, allowing even novice usersto navigate reports and build custom queries,without SQL or product-specific knowledge.Working together with Rorotika’s other SONcomponents, NetPM delivers valuablecorrelation data. Operators can rapidlypinpoint faults responsible for KPIdegradation, minimizing the impact thatnetwork faults have on revenue and on thecustomer experience.NetPM comes with lightweight hardware anduses open source database technologyOperators can use the simplicity andreliability of this tool, together with reducedoverhead expenditure, to create acost-effective environment for sustainednetwork visibility and control.Vendor and technology agnosticFully web-based (no desktop installation necessary)Built on stable, proven ETL technologyOffers mobile applications for IOS and AndroidPowerful, easy to navigate reporting interfaceFully interactive statistical analysis for custom data requestsNo SQL or database knowledge requiredUser dashboardsHosted audit optionRapid deployments and remote upgradesPowerful, yet cost effective database technology withPostgreSQLNetpm Benefits
  11. 11. Map ViewEvents GridNetwork Initiated LoggingCustomer Experience Management SolutionNetTrax from Ranworx delivers detailed statistics and failureinformation directly from subscriber handsets, which allows anoperator to monitor true customer experience on their network.Handset-based agentSoftware is loaded onto industry standard smart phones thatharvest information with no user input required.Solution respects customer privacyCustomers are informed of the data that is being harvested fromtheir handsets and can remove the software at any time.No cost to end userWhen commercially deployed, a free data backhaul is implementedto avoid any financial impact on the end user.Solution Overview
  12. 12. ConfigurableThe system can be left in passive mode for automated retrieval offaults and key metrics, or set to active for hands-on fault finding.AccurateUse of on-board GPS allows for location accuracy.SeamlessThe system is effectively invisible to the end user, however, thedata gathered is transparent, and the user is able to “Opt Out” atany time. Off-the-shelf support is available for Android,Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows-Mobile platforms.ScalableOperators decide who and what to monitor and how to deploy. Thesolution can be fully hosted or locally deployed, and allows forintegration with other tools, platforms and data-stores.Solution DesignCost reductionsDramatically reduce the time and costs associated with drivetesting, fault finding and benchmarking.Reduced churnImprove customer experience through proactive fault findingand improved customer service.Workflow optimisationA consolidated view of all customer-related fault informationacross the organisation creates a streamlined resolutionprocess whilst providing the necessary feedback tocustomers.Focused marketingKnowledge of the customer’s perception of the network inspecific areas can be leveraged by marketing or salesdivisions.Solution Benefits
  13. 13. While each network is different, NPM can help maximise your KPIs byidentifying incorrect parameter settings. The following table showspotential improvements that can be gained in KPIs:Network ParameterManaged ServiceNPM Managed Service Benefits* The improvements indicated above have been achieved in an actual operation, howeverimprovements will vary from operator to operator.Coverage areaCall completion & call set-up successDropped call rates and blockingHand over success ratesData throughputSpeech qualityLocation number updatePaging success rateOptimise B-number analysisUp to 5%Up to 1%Up to 0.5%Up to 2%To full potentialIdentify optional features to activateIdentify best strategyUp to 2%Correcting 100’s of routing errorsNPM is a managed services offering from Rorotikagiving the operator the benefit of Rorotika’s SONtechnology, complemented by the expertise of theRorotika team, providing either once-off or periodicreporting on network parameters at summary anddetailed level.The NPM Service is also invaluable in providing anindependent assessment of SLAs in the case ofoutsourced network management.The NPM Service supports and empowers you withan automated, repeatable and independent reviewof your network parameter status.The proactive management of these BSS and NSSparameters can lead to significant improvements inKey Performance Indicators, turnaround customerchurn, and leverage existing assets, resulting inincreased revenues.The NPM Service is available for the followingvendors and technologies:EricssonHuaweiNSNAlcatelNSS, BSS, RANBSS, RANBSS, RANBSSVendor TechnologyKPIExamples of potentialimprovements
  14. 14. “ A network operator in Southern Africa wasable to increase their radio coveragefootprint simply by adjusting some BSSparameters, with no additional investmentin their capital.Case StudyNetwork Operations Use CaseThe CompanyTier 1 Operator, South AfricaApprox. 48 million active subscribers and 58% market sharePart of one of Africa’s largest mobile communications groupThe ChallengeLack of visibility of network problems and long repair timesOperations staff overwhelmed - need to do more with lessIncreasing complexity of new network equipment and technologyThe SolutionNetran - Configuration management for RANRemote connect to operatorvia VPN and collect CM dataOr Operator pushes CM dataOperator cloudMSC-S MGWRNC BSCKPINSSBSSRANReportsSummary reportDetailed reportNetwork Parameter Management ServiceIncrease in revenueImproved customer experienceImproved work flow between the regional engineers and NMGSignificant time reduction in fault identificationThe Benefits