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At RooterMan of Southern Illinois, we are dedicated to Southern Illinois plumbing services. Our Staunton plumber services provide outstanding personalized service from the beginning to end.

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RooterMan Services

  1. 1. RooterMan Assistance
  2. 2. Prevent Burst Pipes in Belleville 1. Check for leaks. Even the smallest leak can turn into a torrential flood if not caught early enough. The resulting damage can cost a pretty penny, therefore it is important to check all pipe lines, especially those areas that lack insulation. Getting in contact with a plumber can also be useful as they can help point out trouble areas and can give you tips on how to maintain your system. 2. Drain and insulate. One of the most important tips for areas that experience harsh winters, draining and insulating pipes prevents any water that gets trapped in those pipes from freezing, expanding, and then cracking, breaking, or bursting said pipes. Without draining and insulating, you risk very expensive and intensive plumbing repairs. 3. Weatherproof trouble areas. It is also important to look out for areas containing exposed plumbing. Doorways, windows, and vent fans should be checked to make sure their seals remain tight. If a seal is loose, you can use caulking to prevent your home plumbing from freezing. 4. Insulate exposed pipes. Again– insulate, insulate, insulate. Insulating your pipes is easy and inexpensive, but does so much to protect your plumbing system. It can be as easy as installing foam tubing or towels around your pipes and can help your water heater retain heat (and therefore lower those pricey energy bills). Pipes near electrical sources should be insulated with electrical heating tape. 5. Keep indoor pipes warm. Just because outdoor insulation is being stressed, don’t forget about your indoor pipes. Indoor pipes can also freeze in cold weather, so doing things such as opening cabinet doors to expose your pipes to your home’s heat can help prevent internal home plumbing issues. If you leave for vacation, don’t turn off your heat completely. Also, by letting indoor faucets drip when temps outside dip below 30 degrees may make your water bill go up slightly, but the cost is minuscule when compared to the high cost of replacing burst pipes and the clean-up that goes along. Using these tips, and consulting a plumber, should prepare any homeowner for potential pipe problems during the winter.
  3. 3. Alton Plumbing Repairs The drain pipes and water system of the house is essential to ensure that there is no water wastage. A water leak on any part of the house can pose a long-term danger since this can cause unnecessary flooding or corrosion on metal pipes, cause fixtures to wear out hastily or weaken the structure of the house in general. Plumbing repairs in Alton involve drain pipes and water system that can criss-cross inside the house. One ought to identify which drain pipe is connected to such as kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, toilet bowls, bath tubs or other fixtures. This is very essential as a mistake in identifying the right drain pipe to be fixed or repaired might worsen the problem. Plumbing repairs can be done by anyone provided that he would gather a whole lot of information on how to address the problem; it is also important that one be familiar with the materials and concepts used. This solution is viable especially if the person is very much acquainted with Alton plumbing repairs or an expert in the field. Should this be the case, one can guarantee savings on time and money. However, if unsuccessful, the problem can only worsen or may lead one to being certain if the leak will not happen again. Sometimes, the problem may not lie on the drain pipe or water system alone. There might be situations that involve other factors in the problem. On this note, it is recommended that one opt to hire a licensed plumber to do the job, should one be familiar yet uncertain with how things should work in Alton plumbing repairs. This will save you from time and, as for costs, think of it this way: you are paying for professional help and peace of mind. A licensed plumber ought to solve the problem efficiently through their knowledge and expertise. Some contractors provide more than repairing; they may offer added benefits such as a follow-up on the repairs done or a free estimate of the damage and a roundabout of the general condition of one’s water piping system. Browsing on the net is advisable as some contractors websites can provide one with a whole lot of information on where to find the best licensed plumbers in town and perhaps an added bonus regarding affordable rates. A simple water leak may not at all just be covered or cemented by simple fixing. There might be more than what can only be perceived by the homeowner. Plumbing repairs can be easy to comprehend yet complicated at some point to execute. At the end of the day, one would always want to settle in a hassle-free, worry-free and leak-free home.
  4. 4. Proper Drain Cleaning in Granite City There are a lot of things to consider if you want to know the causes of drainage problems, but the most common cause is a solid object that has been trapped in the drainage pipe and in the other pipes attached to it. These solids may be hair or other small particles that have built-up in your drainage pipe. These solids that get stuck can be become more troublesome if washing and bathing products such as detergents, shampoos, and soaps add to the solid build up happening in your pipes. What is stuck in your pipes becomes denser resulting to the lack of water passageway in your drainage pipe. When water does not go down in your sink or in your tub, it may be the start of clogging and is considered a drainage problem. Once this happens, it is important to call your local plumber or local contractor for Granite City Drain Cleaning. Skilled help instead of DIY or Doing It Yourself is more beneficial to you since it will save you labor, time, and a whole lot of mess! You just need to pay for the service of course. Drainage problems may not only be because of clogging but may be more complicated than that and that is why having Drain Cleaning in Granite City by experts is necessary for your problem. More complicated drainage problems may be because of a sewer problem. Sewer problems that cause drainage problems definitely need experts to deal with them. These experts use water jet systems to clean sewer build up by forcing water through the pipes to lessen solid buildups that cause clogging. Again, experts need to do this because it is complicated to use as well as expensive to buy. There are many local contractors or local sewer services that will get the job done for you. These experts often charge on an hourly rate. When searching for one, inquire about what services they have for the Drain Cleaning they will do. These servicemen will also give you charge approximates for the service that they will offer you. What they will do first is to check whether or not your pipe is working properly and move on from there. Discovering seldom-encountered problems such as a crack in the main sewer line, which people ordinarily wouldn’t be able to find out, is one of the benefits of having experts deal with drain problems. Asking for skilled help may be expensive but it is definitely critical to the welfare of your health, and your home’s cleanliness and hygiene.
  5. 5. Fix Clogs with Water Jetting in O’Fallon It is a safe and effective way of removing clogs in your pipes. It is a process in which pressurized water is used to shoot at the clog causing it to fall down and taking all its debris with it. Water jetting in O’Fallon is also called hydro jetting. This is a really affordable and easy to perform solution for this problem since it does require the person to start taking apart the pipes. The hose and nozzle is placed into the clogged pipe and this sprays the inside with rushing water. Doing so effectively removes all debris without causing damage while leaving the pipe looking almost new. Not only is it safe, effective and affordable, but water jetting is also safe for your pipes and the environment as it is a natural way to unblock clogged drains. The use of water, and not chemical cleaners, helps in keeping the pipes and the environment unharmed. All foreign materials are removed and flushed safely out of the drainage line. Unlike traditional rootering that simply cuts through the clog, this method thoroughly removes the built up dirt, oil, grease, hair and tree roots flushing them away for good. Building up of oil, grease, sludge, dirt, hair, tree roots and other materials can easily be fixed through water jetting. It is the ultimate solution to plumbing and fixing clogs. It is considered a more modern technique for fixing various types of tough clogging of drain lines and sewer lines. Regular hydro jetting helps minimize problems, interruptions and especially frustration. Forget the ancient techniques like smoke, augers and the chemical cleaners. Say good bye to clogs and debris with water jetting, a natural and effective way to fix blocked drains.
  6. 6. Does Your Carbondale Home Plumbing Inspection? If you’re like most Americans, you’d probably received advices about getting your house’s plumbing inspected but had put it off every now and then, arguing about the costs of an inspection. Well, believe it or not, putting off an inspection of your house’s pipes and drains could actually shell out more bucks from your budget in the long run. Take it as your house’s regular trip to the doctor – a Carbondale plumbing inspection is one of those maintenance procedures that will prove, in the long run, to be more cost-effective than you’d actually thought of. Remember whenever they say ‘prevention is better than cure’? So is true for your home: inspection costs are better than repair costs. Doing a regular inspection of your plumbing system lets you know the condition of your pipes, sewer, tanks and other plumbing stuff and allow you to correct problems before they get out of hand. Hence, you’ll save on the costs of repair that an unaddressed problem, like a leaking pipe, could result into. Aside from being an important maintenance procedure, an inspection of a house’s plumbing system is also a must-do if you’re planning to buy a property. Knowing about the condition of the property’s plumbing, including the potential problems that it could develop into, could help you negotiate the selling price into a fair and reasonable one. So, how often should you schedule a plumbing inspection? Well, experts advise that you do it at least once a year. The cost of a visit from a certified plumber plays around $200 – $400. This includes extensive inspection of your plumbing system, particularly a search for burst pipes, leaky septic tanks and other problems that might worsen when not addressed right away. Finding a certified plumber to do the inspection is pretty easy nowadays. Most of these companies have online presence now so you’ll surely find a reputable one through an online search.
  7. 7. Harrisburg Plumbers in Your Community Any structure, be it a small house or a big building, must have adequate plumbing in place before it can be occupied by anyone. Harrisburg Plumbing is among the primary responsibilities of whoever the contractor is and any problems that arise after the structure has been built will be for them to solve, but contractors will not always be available to attend to such matters because they may be preoccupied with other construction projects of their own. Problems often come to surface just when people need water indoors the most and therefore require immediate fixing, but whom can the people turn to if the contractors are busy elsewhere? The structure’s occupants may perform some maintenance by themselves but even those who have been doing amateur plumbing work for quite some time will be hamstrung by a lack of experience and equipment, especially in the face of extensive maintenance that requires professional attention. If your contractor is unavailable, as is often the case, you could do just as well by availing of the services of any plumber in your community. A qualified plumber may not be the same person who put in the pipes and other things that deliver the water you need for use in your home or office, but that person still possesses more skills and knowledge that most people do regarding those things and how they are laid out. Considering the number of specialists available in any community, it won’t take you long to call for one to look over your situation and determine the best course of action. Like most service providers, a plumber will provide a free estimate of how much the required maintenance will cost you instead of merely getting to work on your problem right away and revealing to you only later that it will cost you an arm and a leg. Finding a plumber is easy because many of them promote their services through telephone directories and even online. It’s choosing a good Harrisburg plumber that’s the hard part because there could be dozens of them in a given area and going through them one by one might not be practical, especially if your plumbing problems need to be fixed as soon as possible. Compounding the dilemma is the fact that not all of them will deliver the same quality of service even if they charge the same as the next one. The best way to look around is to narrow your search down to those who have garnered favorable feedback from their customers. You could ask your relatives, friends, and neighbors who have requested for them in the past and find out which are the ones worth calling.
  8. 8. Mount Vernon Expert Plumber Services The quality of plumbing services you get, for obvious reasons, should not be compromised in any way – would you rather save money on professional fees and suffer from a nasty mold infestation in your basement because of a haphazardly cleaned up ground water leak? Although there are simple jobs that you do not have to pay a professional for, the more complicated plumbing jobs like re-piping and fixture installations should be relegated to the more capable hands of plumbing experts. You need to make sure that the plumber in Mount Vernon you hire to do your plumbing services have the right professional credentials and a considerable amount of experience in jobs that are more complicated than fixing a leaky faucet or unclogging a sink drain. When looking for a plumbing contractor, pay attention to: 1. Credentials – All Mount Vernon plumbing contractors have to be licensed and should be able to provide their license number for verification with the appropriate state or federal regulatory office. Ask also for information on relevant education, training, and experience the contractor might have to show his level of knowledge, competence, and expertise in his trade. You can also include a background check with the Better Business Bureau in your screening procedure to see whether there are complaints filed against the contractor by previous customers. 2. Pricing – Most contractors would be able to provide you with a quote that you can review prior to signing a service agreement. It is recommended that you get quotes from at least three contractors so you can compare them and negotiate for the appropriate adjustments in the quote of the contractor you are leaning towards hiring. Keep in mind that these quotes are often subject to adjustments depending on actual conditions and material costs as the job is on-going. This notwithstanding, the need to stick as close to your budget as possible should be clearly stated and made understandable in all discussions with the plumbing contractor. 3. Scope of Work and Warranties – For your peace of mind, you should ask your plumbing contractor to draw up a service agreement detailing all the specifications of the job at hand. A warranty that provides for no-charge servicing on necessary repairs and replacement of parts involved in the job should be included in this service agreement. A plumber who refuses to take accountability for the quality of his work by agreeing to come back for unexpected repairs is not worthy of being considered for the project at all.
  9. 9. Centralia Tankless Water Heater Basics Whole-house tankless units can range in price from $199 to $4000. Storage water heaters usually last 10 to 15 years; tankless units last 20 years or more. Tankless water heaters in Centralia are 8% to 50% more energy-efficient depending on the amount of hot water used in a day and placement of the unit(s). Tankless heaters can reduce your water heating cost by as much as 60%. Tankless water heaters heat 2-5 gallons of water per minute. There are two main types of tankless water heating units: electric powered and gas-fired. Gas-fired units are able to generate a higher flow than electric units. Tankless water heaters produce hot water by heating an element which heats the water as it passes across the element on its way to the tap. Because no water is actually stored in a tank and constantly heated to keep it at a standard temperature a significant energy savings is achieved by changing to tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters do not cause leaks and flooding due to cracking of the storage tank or a leak in a key pipe because no water is being stored. Because tankless heaters only process 2 to 5 gallons of water per minute, they can reach capacity at times of heavy use, such as running the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time or running an appliance while showering. This can be avoided by installing a booster unit or by installing separate units for certain appliances. Tankless water heaters are small and self- contained. They are ideal for such uses as: • Garage sink • Gardening or potting shed • Outdoor barbeque or cooking area • Pool Shower • Pool House • Garage or workshop bathroom • Hot Tub • Soaking Bathtubs • Auxiliary bathrooms • Second or third bathrooms some distance from the hot water heater • Pet bathing area • Hobby room • Guest bathroom • Guest house • Vacation house • Beach house exterior shower Tankless water heaters make a great deal of sense in low-use areas of your home or detached structures. They also make a great deal of sense in structures that are not monitored constantly, such as a vacation house, in which a broken storage tank could cause a great deal of damage.
  10. 10. A Short Guide in Choosing Plumbing Fixtures in Belleville Faucets and sinks used in kitchens are now available in many styles. Some are modern, classic, elegant styles, and there are some that are user-friendly and functional. Select a style that matches the overall design of the bathroom or kitchen. Be sure to know the specific function and features of each Belleville plumbing fixtures. Choose a faucet or a sink suits the needs of its users. For example, if there are children in the house be sure to choose a shower faucet that has temperature and pressure control features perfect for their bath. When shopping for these things, check the durability and quality of these fixtures. Make sure they last longer and can stand with thorough dirt or everyday cleaning. It should be easy to install and easy to replace so that it will not be a problem if it needs a few fixing. Of course, the cost of these fixtures varies too. Compare prices and features before deciding what to buy. However, an expensive Belleville plumbing fixture does not always mean that they are better and high-quality. Carefully search for other options in several stores and compare prices – one may find a good fixture at a lower price. A person should also take note of the manufacturer of these fixtures because reputable manufacturers are credible and are already known in the industry for their high-quality fixtures and better after sales service. This will guarantee that those fixtures will last for decades. When planning to buy a bathtub, consider first the size of the bathroom. Make sure there will be sufficient space for the tub. There are several styles to choose from. There are old-type enamel cast-iron bathtubs, molded plastic bathtubs, enamel steel bathtubs and fiberglass bathtubs. It comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit every bathroom designs. These range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the style, so check the budget too. Toilets, on the other hand do not necessarily need to be too classy. It should be practical and comfortable. Newly available toilets have higher capabilities of water used per flush. Some even have a toilet system with two flush buttons, one for removal of solid waste and the other for liquids. Other plumbing fixtures like bathroom faucets must be rust-free and durable and should last for many years without dripping. These parts – faucets, tubs, sinks, and toilets are just a small part of kitchens and bathrooms. But giving attention to these parts of the house for a home improvement project will definitely produce better and satisfying results – a quality and comfortable home.
  11. 11. Grease Traps Improve The Sanitation Of Homes in Alton There are three classifications of Alton grease traps and each is classified based on its use. These are the Hydro mechanical unit, the Gravity unit and the Automatic Grease Removal Unit. Each type of trap has its own unique features which allows for it to effectively capture grease and all three have been known to be very durable. A Hydro mechanical unit relies on the basics of heat and gravity to separate the water from its contents. These units are typically designed in plastic or carbon steel which allows for easy cleaning. Although this unit requires manual cleaning and the avoidance of food scraps from entering its main unit, this type of trap is still one of the most effective units in terms of reducing grease. These types of units are also known as above ground grease traps. A Gravity unit makes use of two chambers, one of which is the main entrance of the water and the other which serves as its exit. The advantage to having one of these types of traps is that it does not require a lot of manual cleaning and is more effective than the Hydro mechanical unit in terms of trapping grease. These types of units could also be referred to as large underground Alton grease traps. The third unit which is known as the Automatic Grease Removal Unit makes full use of electrical components which removes the grease from the water. These units are much smaller and can eliminate a lot of grease, but are very expensive and cost a lot to maintain. Grease traps are a very effective tool because of the amount of pollution that it is able to reduce. For people looking to improve their home, a gravity unit would be most beneficial because of its effectiveness in removing grease. The Automatic Grease Removal Unit would be ideal, but it is very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance while a Hydro mechanical unit is usually for restaurants.
  12. 12. How To Look For A Plumbing Company in Granite City It’s a fact that plumbing is such a complex field. As such, it makes a lot of sense if you’ll hire a plumbing company that indeed knows what it is doing. How can you possibly know if the company you’re looking at is the one? The first thing that you should check is how long does the company exist. It is a fact that if a company has existed long enough, it is an indication that their services are of the highest quality. Also, it would be best to ask around about the performance of said company. The next step on finding a plumbing company in Granite City is to get to know about their plumbers. Their plumbers must be licensed by the state as this is a requirement. Other than that, it is an assurance that they are legitimate plumbers. It would be an additional advantage if the plumber or plumbing service is covered by insurance. This is for your own protection. Of course, one of the biggest points of contention when selecting a Granite City plumbing company is the price. One of the strategies some plumbing companies employ in order to attract customers is to offer low hourly rates. Some may even offer a low flat rate. But be careful when choosing them, as there are some companies that charge extra during work. Included in these “extra” bills are equipment and travel fees. Before employing a certain company, better ask about the complete rates that they offer. This would ensure that you are getting what you’ve paid for and it would save you from paying some hidden charges. Price quoting can be quite a challenge. But with proper knowledge and negotiating skills, it can be kept at a reasonable price. Variables that affect the price of a plumbing job include the scale of work, the type of plumbing job, the materials needed to get the job done, and the amount of time needed to complete assembly. Also, the timing in which you called in can be a factor in deciding the final price. Emergency work and appointments done during weekends, holidays, and nighttime can cost significantly more. Ask your plumbing company what their rates are for each specific job. Getting a plumbing job done right can be quite tricky. Plumbers are trained to get that job right. Selecting the right plumbing company is the first step to solving your plumbing related problems.
  13. 13. O’Fallon Backflow Preventors and Their Importance In order to understand what type of backflow preventor a person might need, that person must be able to understand the different types of backflow. The two types of backflow are known as backpressure and backsiphonage. Backpressure is the reversal of water flow within a piping system that is caused by an increase in the water used compared to the water supplied. This problem is usually encountered by people who are in fire fighting and is not really a common problem that homeowners face. Backsiphonage is the reversal of water flow caused by an increase in the velocity of water use. This is a typical problem encountered by households that have aged pipelines, leaked sewer connections and crossed over connections. The water flow is redirected into the other connections which causes a huge problem for homeowners because in order to fix the problem, they would have to break down the house and find the pipe that is causing the backflow. This is where backflow preventors are very important because they help prevent this problem. There are many companies that provide people with different kinds of O’Fallon backflow preventors. Some companies provide their customers with preventors that have several valves where they can connect more pipes. Other companies manufacture preventors that are made of rubber elastomers which is a chloramines resistant material. Having effective O’Fallon backflow preventors is very important in home maintenance. The main cause of backflow is an aging of pipes and it is very tough to forecast when these pipes breakdown. That is why effective backflow preventors that are made of high quality material are important. Not only will it have the ability to prevent backflow when it happens, but it also helps prevent any cross connection problems. Another important thing to take note off is the placement of the preventors. These items are effective when they are placed at specific pressure points of the pipe connections inside the house. What this means is that they should be installed at specific places where the pipes may be most vulnerable.
  14. 14. A Plumbing Company in Carbondale A Carbondale plumbing company should be well-versed in new installations and repairs of existing plumbing. Plumbing here does not only refer to pipes that carry water or waste. Most of these companies are also experts in gas piping and HVAC piping. These two types are delicate to service and are best left to professionals to do as there are federal laws in place that must be followed in handling the contents of these pipes. Leaks to pipes that carry water or waste, although sometimes unseen or simply neglected, threaten to make damages which could have been avoided if the problem was fixed the first time it was noticed. Finding a leak is one of the best things that a plumbing company in Carbondale can do. Rarely does a homeowner locate a leak if he suspects it, so this task can be left to the professional to find and fix. Problems to piping for gas and HVAC can pose danger to the homeowner and his property. Besides calling the gas company, a Carbondale plumbing company takes care of the leak detection and fix to the pipe. Plumbing of this type demands quality service so only a company with years of experience and expertise should handle it. If clogged due to years of use, drain and sewer cleaning are also provided by a company that specializes in plumbing. Septic pumping and septic tank repair are also provided. Although these may not be common issues, they are an important service that these companies provide. Many companies claim to offer quality service and being staffed by professionals in their field of expertise. How does one determine the plumbing company right for a task? First thing to do is know what your project is to be. Is it to detect a leak that has long escaped your detection? Is it to clean your clogged drain? Is it just to fix that pipe in the kitchen? Understanding your needs will enable you to find the right contractor for the job. Next, you should try to compare several companies servicing your area. Look at portfolios of past projects, especially similar to the job you wish to have done. Ask for estimates to determine which one will give you better value for your money. See if they have warranty for their work and for how long. Some companies assure satisfaction or your money back. To look for a plumbing company is not a difficult task to do. With all the advertisements you see around, the only challenge is to find the company offering diverse services that you can go to at any time.
  15. 15. Harrisburg Bathroom Plumbing: Why it is a Necessity If you think you know enough about plumbing, then it is time to apply what you have learned You need to buy the necessary materials first as well as the gadgets that you will used in installing all the bathroom fixtures that you need. You also need to ensure that the pipelines are correctly installed and all the water pipes are sealed tightly to prevent dripping of water and other liquids that could ruin the wood and other surface in your home. If you do not have an idea on how to repair or install additional bathroom plumbing in your home, you can hire a contractor within your area. There are a number of contractors that you can hire to do the plumbing job that you need. Choose a contractor that is offering his service at a price that you can afford. If you do not know anyone, you can look in the yellow pages or online and call a number of them to inquire on their rate. You can ask a colleague at work or a friend in your neighborhood if they know anyone who is an expert in bathroom plumbing in Harrisburg. Set an appointment for the contractor to take a look at your place first before quoting so that they can assess properly the cost of the improvement that you plan of having, the duration of the project as well as the vanities that you want to install. You can also ask them for some suggestion if you need some ideas on what type of materials that will be used. You can ask the contractor to help you pick the right materials that is affordable and durable. Knowing how to install the Harrisburg bathroom plumbing will definitely help you save on the cost of hiring a contractor to do the job. But knowing the intricacies of a plumbing system will confuse you if you do not have any previous background. However, you can observe the contractor during the installation process so that you will have an idea on what to do. Ask them for things that you want to learn. By asking and observing them, you may save on the cost on future repairs if you learn a thing or two in installing the plumbing system of your bathroom.