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Today, Wednesday February 29th, Facebook announced that Pages will switch to a Timeline layout on March 30th, 2012. While Timeline brings a new layout for your page, we have been prepared for this and already upgraded your BandPage.

To help you prepare your Page for the new Timeline layout, we’ve created Best Practices for Facebook Timeline Pages.

The slideshow here runs through all of the different changes coming, the new features that have been added, and suggestions for how you can take advantage of Timeline. Timeline creates a lot of new opportunities for BandPage, and we are very excited to bring you new features and additions that will make BandPage even more useful for musicians and fans.

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Timeline for Facebook Pages

  2. FACEBOOK TIMELINE – WHAT IS IT? Facebook Timeline is the new layout for Pages. It will be rolled out to all Pages on March 30th. Timeline is very visual. Fans cannow look through your posts with a few clicks, viewing all of your memorable moments, photos, and events over the years. 2
  3. FACEBOOK TIMELINE FOR PAGES What’s new about Timeline and what can I do with it? Table of Contents: Cover Photo Pg. 4 Facebook Tabs Pg. 5-7 Fan Engagement Pg. 8 Adding Milestones Pg. 9 Highlighting & Pinning Pg. 10 Messaging Pg. 11 BandPage with Timeline Pg. 12 Admin Panel Pg. 13 Activity Log Pg. 14 3
  4. TIMELINE – COVER PHOTO You can prominently display a Cover Photo at the top of the page for all Facebook users. • Size: 851px wide by 315px high • Cover Photos are not linkable banners. They are just static photos. • Your Cover Photo is seen by all fans and will be your first impression to new visitors. • Facebook’s official Cover Photo guidelines: http://on.fb.me/CoverPhotoGuidelin es TIP: Choose a photo that exemplifies your musical personality and style. 4
  5. TIMELINE – TABS Your page tabs are now displayed with boxes below the Cover Photo. Tabs can be reordered by Page Admins. The photo box is set by Facebook and can not be moved. 5
  6. HOW TO: REPOSITION YOUR BOX ORDER 1. Expand the Tabs section to display all tabs 2. Hover over your BandPage tab, click the Pencil icon, then choose the Tab that you’d like BandPage to “swap” position with. BEST PRACTICES: Since Timeline only displays your first 3 Tabs, make sure to arrange your Tabs by priority. 6
  7. TIMELINE – DEFAULT TABS Admins can no longer set a Default Landing Tab. Visitors will land on your Timeline when they go to your Facebook page. So instead, you’ll want to use your short URL that links directly to your BandPage. TIP: Put your Listn.to URL in your page’s About Section, share it on your websites, fliers, etc. To find your short Listn.to URL, go to the BandPage editor  Page you want to edit  Settings  Listn.to 7
  8. TIMELINE: WHAT FANS SEE Status Updates, Photos, Videos, a nd Milestones are displayed on Timeline All Page updates are in chronological order and easily accessible. At the top of every Timeline, fans will see their friends’ activity with your Page, listening activity, and recent mentions. TIP: Ask fans to tag you in posts when they want to spread the word about your music. 8
  9. TIMELINE: TELL YOUR STORY Add past events in your music career to your Timeline: record & single releases, shows and tours, new videos, etc. To add an Event, click on your Timeline and select your update type. TIP: Take advantage of the increased visual space on your Timeline and use Rich Media (pics, videos, etc) in your Timeline posts 9
  10. TIMELINE: CURATE YOUR CONTENT Add, Delete, Highlight, Pin Any story on a Timeline can be Pinned to the top of the Timeline for up to 7 days at a time. To Highlight a post and make it widescreen, click the Star icon on a post. TIP: When you post a new Track, Video, Photo, Tour Date, etc – Highlight that update on your Timeline to make it more prominent. 10
  11. TIMELINE: FAN MESSAGING Fans can now Message you in private Messages are received in the Admin Panel, and you can turn them off in your Page’s Admin Settings. TIP: Exchanging messages with your fans can be a great way to answer questions and strengthen your relationship with them individually. 11
  12. TIMELINE – BANDPAGE Your BandPage will have the ‘Like’ button at the top right of the page. Timeline creates a lot of new opportunities for BandPage, and we are very excited to bring you new features and additions that will make BandPage even more useful for musicians and fans. 12
  13. TIMELINE – ADMIN PANEL Your Page now has an Admin Panel at the top of your Timeline Notifications MessagesNewLikes InsightsTIP: Access Insights from this panel to learn more about how effective your fan engagement is on your Page. 13
  14. EDIT ALL YOUR UPDATES WITH ACTIVITY LOG Activity Log lets you easily see all of your updates without having to scroll through your entire Timeline. Access your Activity Log by clicking ‘Manage’ in your Admin panel. TIP: Delete, highlight, and pin posts quickly using the Activity Log editor 14
  15. THANK YOU FOR READING!To Preview Timeline and for Facebook’s Page documentation, go here: learnfacebookpages.com facebook.com/about/pages Questions, Comments, Ideas, Thoughts? We’d love to hear them! @RootMusic info@rootmusic.com @BandPage http://listn.to/BandPage POWERING MUSICIANS ON FACEBOOK 15