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Social Media Ins and Outs Seminar
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Social Media Ins and Outs Seminar


Published on

This is the slide deck from the Social Media Seminar held in Quincy, MA on Thursday, June 30, 2011.

This is the slide deck from the Social Media Seminar held in Quincy, MA on Thursday, June 30, 2011.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Traditional media – TV, radio, printTraditional still works, I’m not here to say switch everything to social. Keep up the traditional, just start calling people to the social.
  • Then, the world wide web, the internet comes along. Marketers take the same outbound approach to messaging.Spam emails, pop up ads, flash banner ads
  • People have made lots of money blocking these disruptionsAs these things are going on and being developed, MySpace and Facebook, Google and Yahoo are coming outAllowing people to choose – choose which brands to follow, what websites to visitHere’s where the 180 degree turn takes placeWith search and social online, people have the ability to choose
  • Inbound Marketing is a book by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan.
  • End the slide with this: So how can you start being inbound? A blog is the center of your online marketing universe
  • Misconceptions about blogging – these were my own misconceptions before I started a blogThese are still true, but they aren’t applicable to business blogging
  • Transcript

    • 1.
    • 2. Social Media
      It is everywhere
    • 3. Social Media
      It is everywhere
      Why does it matter
    • 4. Social Media
      It is everywhere
      Why does it matter
      How do you connect
    • 5. Social Media
      It is everywhere
      Why does it matter
      How do you connect
      Making it all work . . .
    • 6.
    • 7. It’s a Revolution
    • 8. Conversations have been multiplied billions of times over
      Information travels at the speed of thought
      Everything has been accelerated
      Business owners are overwhelmed
    • 9. Make sense of it all
      Kate Dobens
      Henry O’Loughlin
      Zlatko Adilovic
      Mark Forrester
    • 10. Fundamentals
    • 11. It’s still all about you andyour customer
    • 12. Fundamentals
      Know, like and trust
      Social media is the great facilitator – or social lubricant that can get the right conversations started with the right people
    • 13. You NEVER get
      a second chance
      to make
      a great
      -Ann Stephens
    • 14. Is your “front door” attracting traffic?
    • 15. What makes a Good Website
      Front End
      Middle End and Back End Programming
      Browser and OS Compatibility
      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      Mobile Device Compatibility
      Social Media Integration/Blog
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18. Marketing Has Taken a 180°
      Marketing has changed from chasing leads
      To attracting leads
      From Outbound to Inbound
    • 19. Traditional Media
    • 23. Traditional Media
    • 27. Traditional Media
    • 28. New Media
    • 32. =
      A TV commercial stops running but a Youtube video lasts foreverA Newspaper ad stops running, but a blog post lasts forever
    • 33. Customers now find YOU
    • 34. Benefits of Social Media
    • 35. Blog
    • 36. Blog
    • 37. Blog
    • 38. Blog
    • 39. Blog
    • 40. What it isn’t
      What it is
      Sloppy writing
      People ranting
      For techies
      Personal diary
      Target searches for Google
      Showcase expertise
      Start social discussions
      Capture leads
    • 41. What to do
      Gather up all of your content
      Host the blog on your website
      Start writing what people want to read
      Write compelling titles
    • 42. How it Works
      • On your website
      • 43. Off your website
    • What you can do Today
      • Check your website title
      • 44. Claim your Google Profile
    • Personal Profile
      • Connect with friends
      • 45. Share media
      • 46. Follow favorite brands
      • 47. Create your own personal news feed
    • Business Fan Page
      Like, comment, and click
    • 48. What you can do Today
      • Set up your page
      • 49. Invite your friends to join
      • 50. Post short questions and blog posts
      • 51. Integrate with your website and blog
      • 52. Download 20pg Facebook tips report –
    • What is it?
      • Personalize the news, connect with people, distribute your content
    • What is it?
      • Personalize the news, connect with people, distribute your content
      • 53. Retweet
      • 54. Tweet
      • 56. Following
    • Personal Profile
      • Upload a picture
      • 57. Fill in your full profile
      • 58. Create a blog feed
      • 59. Who’s viewed you
      • 60. How you’re connected
    • Group
      • Centered around industry keyword
      • 61. Place to share resources and blogs
      • Drive traffic back to your website and blog
    • 62. Blog
      Call to action
    • 63. Sales Funnel
      (Image from Hubspot Blog)
    • 64. View on Youtube:
      Keyword: Power Plumbing Yoularoid
    • 65. View on Youtube:
      Keyword: Dennis Calcagno Yoularoid