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Life is full of uncertainties! But if we collaborate effectively with others, we can avoid a lot of such uncertainties with our collective knowledge. That’s the advantage you get by being a member of the Travel Community. Uncertainties can arise when traveling to a place you have never been to before. Most places are actually fun to visit, but in every place there are certain aspects that differ from one another. Should you take a Taxi instead of a Metro in Paris? Should you tip the room service person in Barcelona? Is it safe to walk in the streets at night? These are the things that many people think about, before they go on holiday.

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Travel Don’ts

  1. 1. Travel Don’ts Real Answers from Real Travelers
  2. 2. By - Eileen Fac Our last trip to Krakow covered the Easter weekend and we found ourselves in a bit of trouble because we needed to change some more money. Kantors are all over the city but on Easter Sunday, everyone of these was closed. My work of warning to other visitors to Krakow is to make sure that you have enough cash on a Saturday night to cover you for Sundays. The alternative is to use an ATM and pay commission an all that you change. (The majority of Kantors are commission free). By - Russell If it’s your first time to Gran Canaria be careful of touts trying to sell you time-shares in poor quality apartments; These touts hang around all shopping centers By - Ian Scott Always pre-book your airport transfers , both ways, as the taxis at Faro airport are expensive otherwise. By - Wendy Johnson Be aware that gypsies are about in Benidorm. Women try to give you a flower and then run off with your handbag. Be very careful at the market as it is known for having pick-pockets. Police do parade up and down. By - Nicola Harrison I would like to inform all you people out there about the cost of living in Spain at the moment please note !!!! take plenty of spare cash as the prices are hellish over there . search round for the best prices. I wont be going back to Spain for some time as it has really put me off and to be quite frank i couldn't afford to go back there with the prices as they stand at the moment. Turkey here we come !!!. Click here to see more answers