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Process of logo and shirt

  1. 1. Process of making the Island School Sports Logo and the House P.E. Shirts
  2. 2. Process of making the Logo The Final Logo:
  3. 3. Step OneI first started making this logo with two different fonts for I and S whichstands for Island School. I chose the colours red and blue because I thinkthat they are the colour of the school and the current logo is made withthese two colours. I also think that these two colours are a good match interms of the colours.
  4. 4. Step TwoI then added stroke under the Blending Options > Stroke, I chose the pixelat 10 as it would look better than at pixel because the stroke would be toosmall. I then afterwards positioned it for a distortion. From Edit > FreeTransform > Distort.
  5. 5. Step ThreeAfter I added the distortion I think that the dynamics are much moreinteresting to the previous logo, however my first attempt of distortiondidn’t look so nice. It felt more like a rotation on the z-axis on a 3Dlayer.
  6. 6. Step FourI then added the “ports” under the S of the logo however I first chose yellow,as shown on the picture, the colour yellow is very hard to see in variousbackground that’s why I changed the colour and used a Gradient Overlayinstead through this. I think that this would look better as I also added a whitestroke like my two other letters in the logo.
  7. 7. Step FiveAfter I added the white stroke and the Gradient Overlay, it looks like thepicture below, however I think that the “ports” layer could also be distorted,this would make it look effective and suit the logo as it is also distorted to oneside.
  8. 8. Step SixAfter distortion, it looked like the picture below on the left, I thought that the“ports” was overstretched, I then kept fiddling around with the distort functionuntil I thought of a better idea. Instead of distortion, I used italics instead, itlooks much better as I think it is less stretched between each individual letter.The final product was also based on the picture on the right, after I italicizedthe picture.
  9. 9. The Process of making the House P.E. ShirtsHere is one of the six house shirts, however they are basically the same exceptFor the colour and the House name on the side of the sleeve:
  10. 10. Step OneI first started with a template white shirt which I found online on Google, Iused it to start the shirt design. After that I opened the template on AdobePhotoshop and started editing, I filled in the colour of the shirts as Yellow tostart with as I’m making a P.E. shirt for Wilberforce.
  11. 11. Step TwoAs shown below, that is the yellow I chose for my shirt as it wasn’t too brightor too dim. I think that this is actually a good bright colour for sports. Afterthat, I added the Island School logo and used the Color Overlay fromBlending Options > Colour Overlay (White) and made the logo white. I thinkthat the logo looks better in white as it goes well with every colour. I thenadded “Island School” in white under the logo with a Cambria font.
  12. 12. Step ThreeThe picture below is shows the logo that I added to the plain T-shirt. HoweverI think that it is a bit hard to read as yellow and white are both pretty sharpcolours. So I added a stroke of 1 pixel with a darker yellow
  13. 13. Step FourAfter I added the stroke, the logo was more defined than the previous logo.This, I think, looks much nicer and easier too see/read. I had to try thedifferent types of yellow and tried different ones, I have also tried a stroke oforange but I thought it would be too different to the colour of the shirts.
  14. 14. Step FiveI then added the name of the house “Wilberforce” to the right sleeve, Ithought it would be better if it was on the opposite side of the logo as it wouldnot all just be on one side and it would be more decorative on one side thanthe other.
  15. 15. Step SixOn the back, I added the Island School Sports Logo that I made previouslybecause I thought that the current Island School P.E. shirts were quite boringso I thought it would be nicer to add a big logo on the back to represent oursportsmanship. It also looks slightly more
  16. 16. Step six (continued)I then lowered the opacity to 70% because the logo looked a bit too sharp tothe shirt, I did this to make the logo blend in nicer to the yellow of thebackground. I think that if the logo was too bright it would make a big contrastto the shirt and my main focus is for the yellow to stand out instead of thelogo. I also tried using a blending mode to blend in, for example, I usedoverlay to try to blend the layer to the yellow but it failed as the colour of thelogo was too dark. I then used screen and lighten but the colour of the logowas too bright so I chose to change the opacity.
  17. 17. Step SevenAs this is a template, I added “[YOUR NAME]” as I was planning on to letpeople order their shirt with a name or nickname printed on, I chose to do thisbecause it makes the owner of the shirt much more unique and makes everyshirt different.
  18. 18. Other Original Starting ideasIn the next few slides, there are other ideas that I didn’tuse because I thought they weren’t very good or effective.
  19. 19. Logo of the School in frontI originally tried to use the logo of the school and put it in front of the shirthowever it looked too bright and too big, I then changed the opacity but itlooked unsightly so I scraped this idea and decided not to use it.
  20. 20. Sports Logo positioningI tried putting the Sports logo in front of the shirt, I thought it looked great butthe back would be too plain, so I decided to move it to the back of the shirt. Ialso put the name of the house on both sides but I when I thought about onlyputting it on one side, it felt and looked much better than having both.
  21. 21. Outer glow on House namesI first added an outer glow on the house names for every house, the glowwould depend on the brother house, e.g. Wilberforce’s glow would beRutherford’s house colour (green) and Da Vinci’s colour would be Einstein’shouse colour (purple). However I thought that it’d be hard to print and doesn’tlook as convincing as a properly designed shirt to have a glow. As shown onthe picture below, I think that the Einstein sleeve would look quite boringwithout the glow but it looks much more serious and the colour just feels rightto me.