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  1. 1. Atlas In-Stream Video Watch this: The digital video revolution is here. And it’s about to rock your advertising’s potential. No, it’s not video in a banner ad. (That doesn’t even qualify as a revolution.) It’s pure video, and it runs inside streaming video clips like news stories or sports highlights on websites. Like a movie trailer before the film. An appetizer before the main course. You get the idea. The point is, video is transforming the online advertising environment. And Atlas In-Stream Video makes it easy for you to tap into its power. The impact is strong. The message is targeted. Plus, you’ll be able to track exactly how effective your campaign is. And we’ll take care of the technical stuff. No need to worry about things like converting video to this or that format. From your point of view, it’s all about the big picture. Like how do your in-stream video results compare with your rich media or paid search numbers? How does in-stream video complement the rest of your marketing mix? Stuff like that.
  2. 2. Atlas + In-Stream Video + your online campaign = no-brainer. With In-Stream Video, Atlas gives your marketing message a new, direct route to your target audience. With Atlas, you can introduce pre-roll video to a captive audience. You can deploy Atlas’ industrial strength analytics to measure results across all your digital marketing efforts, so your insights are crisp, clean and true. You can manage your In-Stream Video campaign on its own, or as part of your entire ad program. And with Atlas, you can manage your online video campaigns right alongside your other digital efforts in paid search, banners, rich media and video on demand. From one central place, you can plan and manage all your media buys. From a single toolset, you’ll see precisely how your Atlas In-Stream Video campaigns are performing—in every channel—and what’s really driving your results. Vital Statistics Oh, and did we mention that because managing in-stream ads with Atlas is as easy as working with banners, you’ll be up and running in no time? Well, we should have. Formats & bit rates include: • Flash • Windows Media Oh, come on. It can’t really be this easy. But it is. Atlas In-Stream Video does the detail work, from start to finish. From converting your • Real creative assets into the right video formats, to hosting ads, to real-time ad serving into ad • Quicktime placements, to creating customized post-campaign analysis. • Low to high range Kbps Standard Reporting metrics include: • Total number of ad impressions A four-step process • Conversions • Reach and Frequency 1 Plan & • Brand Exposure Duration Buy Media (BXD)—a report on the length of engagement your audience has with your ad. Track & Manage Advanced Analytics custom 4 Optimize Creative 2 reports include: • Optimal frequency analysis—dis- cover how many times they watch before the ad loses effectiveness Traffic & Deliver • Video drop-off analysis—you’ll 3 find out when and where your viewers stop watching 1 Plan & Buy Media – Plan and buy media just as you would for banner ads, using • In-depth viewer analysis—find out Atlas to search for publishers who accept in-stream video. who it is that’s watching 2 Manage Creative – Atlas digitizes and converts your raw video content to standard player formats. 3 Traffic & Deliver – Assign your ads to publisher placements in one fell swoop. Ads are inserted into video clips on publisher sites seamlessly. 4 Track & Optimize – Get real-time results with Atlas’ powerful reporting and analytics tools, and make informed decisions to optimize your campaigns on the fly.
  3. 3. What’s in it for online advertisers? With Atlas In-Stream Video, marketers get Here’s what you don’t get with Atlas In-Stream Video: to run spots within streaming video content, No heavy lifting—Atlas converts your creative assets, they get the most advanced insertion coordinates with publishers, and rescues you from spreadsheet chaos. process and incredible tracking technology. We’ll save you the time and the headache, so you can get on to the important task of planning Advertiser clients have easy access to pre- your campaign. We’ll digitize your video assets from tape (encode) and upload them into Atlas. rolls, post-rolls and every digital thing Already digital? Just upload video assets to Atlas, and we’ll convert them into industry-standard in between. formats (transcode). Can’t keep publisher requirements straight? Just send your video once to Atlas, and we’ll handle the rest so you don’t have to work with multiple publishers. Finally, Plus, Atlas lets you manage in-stream ads because we host, serve and track all your ads in one place, you can stop patching together a alongside every other online media channel, lot of separate spreadsheets. One report, and you’re done. on one integrated platform. So you can No worries—Atlas’ centralized management tools put you in a have the full, panoramic view from above position of absolute power. your online marketing efforts—over When your ads are ready, you assign your creative to your ad placements. Atlas In-Stream Video banners, rich media, video and paid search. is integrated with the Atlas Media Console, so advertisers and direct marketers can fully manage You’re on top of it all. (No supplemental complete online campaigns—from media planning to ad serving to reporting. oxygen required.) • Media Planning & Buying—You quickly locate the sites that fit your needs, create proposals, and manage insertion orders. • Manage Creative—You assign specific ads to each placement and you make the decisions What’s in it for TV about scheduling, weighting, and frequency capping for each campaign. advertisers? • Traffic & Delivery—Your trafficking instructions are sent to publishers for campaign Want to reach your audience where they implementation with one button click. You specify the sites, and Atlas quickly and accurately are focused and engaged? Atlas In-Stream delivers ads to those viewers, then captures all the relevant data for your campaign analysis. Thanks to a robust and reliable ad serving technology, you can rest easy that your campaign Video puts your clients’ campaigns into will run smoothly. the media that captures your hard-to-reach audience: internet video. Here you can do MEDIA CONSOLE: Your Digital Control Center what’s never been done before with tradi- tional commercials: track and report. Finally, accurate accountability and relevancy exists in video advertising. In-Stream Rich Paid Banner Video Video Media Search Ads On What’s in it for publishers? Demand Advertisers are demanding accountability in in-stream video placements now. So now’s Optimize Your Entire Digital Marketing Campaign the time to make the most of your video content streams. Making your sites available No question marks—Atlas reporting & analytics make you feel to advertisers through Atlas increases your smarter when you spend your media dollars. visibility, and puts you in contact with our Just exactly how well did your in-stream video campaigns perform? Atlas’ powerhouse analytics media-buying customers. Plus, we save you will tell you. Atlas In-Stream Video lets you combine all your video campaign results and metrics time by doing the hard work of encoding into one big-picture view, across banners, rich media, video on demand, and search. And that & transcoding video assets, as well as sup- means you can optimize your media spend across all of your campaigns. porting the advertisers themselves. We also With Atlas In-Stream Video, you can have standard reporting and tracking as well as industry leading custom analysis. Because we both serve and track your ads, we can offer reports on save you money (honestly, actual dollars and every nook and cranny of ad delivery and performance. You can even order up industrial- cents) by hosting and serving bandwidth-in- strength research through the Atlas Custom Research Group, our crew of dedicated, insightful, tensive video streams. and ridiculously industry-obsessed analysts. And if you’d like an extra pat on the back with that, feel free to ask.
  4. 4. Q&A Time What is in-stream video? Picture a TV commercial, only it’s not on TV. It’s online, and it runs within online video content that websites Rely on trusted, market- About Atlas offer to site visitors free of charge— tested technology. Atlas’ marketing technology solutions make like a streaming TV show, or a news life easier for marketers and agencies. These That’s marketing-speak for clip. An in-stream video could be solutions coexist harmoniously within the At- “Atlas just totally gets it.” las Digital Marketing Suite, which centralizes, placed pre-roll (before the video), mid-roll (during) or post-roll (after). Atlas has a looooong (in digital years) history unifies and integrates everything related to Your users are expecting video con- of delivering the most relevant and effective your digital marketing efforts. With the suite, tent, have their audio turned on, and tools and services in the industry. Our clients you can manage and analyze your online are less likely to be distracted. Also, know and trust the Atlas Digital Marketing advertising, rich media, search marketing, unlike television commercials, most Suite to deliver efficient, effective online website behavior, digital cable and video all video publishers don’t allow users to campaign management. With a dedicated in one place. You get advanced tools, totally skip ads which means fewer wasted team of digital video specialists, Atlas In-Stream integrated on a powerful platform, backed by impressions and more user engage- Video Media now expands the Atlas Suite, the nicest, smartest, most passionate people ment. In addition, every in-stream adding the best in online video and digital you’ve ever engaged in collaboration. It’s video is tracked, so your media cable technologies. Atlas is uniquely poised a unique combination. And it consistently spend is more efficient. to grow with the digital video industry, and to drives dramatic and measurable results for take you right along with us. our clients. Isn’t that the same as in-page video? No, sorry, you have the wrong num- ber. In-page video is video inside a Superior service, banner ad. With in-page video, the reliable support and user can click, and interact. However, it’s very difficult to get a user to click thorough training. on the ad at all; whereas, in-stream The Atlas client service team puts its in-depth To learn how Atlas In-Stream Video can video is part of the video experience. online marketing expertise at your disposal. help revolutionize your digital advertising As part of our ongoing support, we assign campaigns, and reach your video watching How do I know how my in-stream you a team of marketing professionals who audience: ads are performing? understand the challenges you face, and can • Call: 1-866-285-2736 (U.S. and Canada) First of all, Atlas’ Brand Exposure advise you on how to get great results. You or +44 (0) 207 291 1901 (United Kingdom) Duration (BXD) metric will tell you escape the drudgery of process management how long users are watching your • Email: and have more bandwidth for mining your video content. Secondly, Atlas offers true talent: delivering brilliant breakthrough • Visit: the perfect companion for a video strategies and creative and delivering impres- ad—an ad adjacent to your stream- sive, measurable results. (Not to belittle your ing video on the same web page. talent for singing in the shower.) The “companion ad” is available in every format. It offers limitless rich media possibilities. It reinforces your message and—here it comes to save the day—it accurately tracks clicks, interactions and conversions. 315 5th Avenue S, Suite 500 • Seattle, WA 98104 © 2006 Atlas DMT LLC. All rights reserved.