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Video Streaming with Microsoft Media Services
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Video Streaming with Microsoft Media Services


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  • 1. Video Streaming with Microsoft Media Services
  • 2. Introduction the pre-allocated time-slot to watch Recommended Software: your television programme, or you Windows 95/98/2000 T he purpose of this report is to make a trip to a video shop and rent Windows Media Encoder (freely provide information on the a video tape or video CD. However, available from Microsoft Website) technical requirements and steps with a video streaming system, you Windows Media Player (freely to set up a Microsoft system-based can virtually access all the videos in available from Microsoft Website) video streaming service on the the VOD library systems from Ulead MediaStudio Pro (bundled Internet. Previously, those wanting to anywhere at any time you want. with Snazzi Capture Card) watch a video on the Internet would have to do a file transfer of the entire Recommended requirements video file into their local hard drive Requirements for Internet users to watch and will be able to view the video only Basically, if you want to set up a video videos on the Internet after a long period of download time. streaming server, you will require a Minimum hardware requirements: Incidents like running out of disk video and a web server that are always Pentium II 333MHz space, a corrupted file or an connected to the Internet and another 128 MB Ram uncompleted file transfer may render PC that does the video encoding. The 4 MB Video Card the video file useless. video server will store all the video 16 Bit Sound Card files and support concurrent streaming With the introduction of video to the client PC. The video encoding Recommended Software: streaming technology on the Internet, PC should have audiovisual Windows 95/98/2000/Windows we are now able to view videos as equipment, video capture facility and Millennium Edition they are being downloaded. Large the required encoding software. Windows Media Player hard disk space is no longer required, as only a small portion of the digital Recommended requirements video is downloaded. You could Internet Bandwidth for the video server choose to view only the first few Minimum hardware requirements: Apart from getting all the necessary minutes of the video and decide if you Pentium III 500 MHz hardware and software, you will need wish to continue. This is not possible 128 MB Ram a broadband Internet connection, with the old technology, where you 20 Gig SCSI Hard Disk preferably 1Mbps and above. This will would have to wait for the whole 10/100 BaseT Network Card be the bulk of the cost for a video video file to be downloaded before streaming system. The broader the you can start the viewing. Video Recommended Software: broadband pipe, the more users streaming technology also allows you Microsoft NT 4.0 or Windows your video servers can support to fast-forward, re-wind and pause at 2000 concurrently. Other restrictions on the any point of the video, and you can Microsoft Internet Information number of concurrent users will be continue viewing from where you last Services (in NT option pack CD) based on the size of the video, the left off. The only restrictions to the Microsoft Windows Media Services quality of the video and the hardware video quality are the user's video card (freely available from Microsoft configuration. You can create a test and Internet access speed. Website) video of different sizes and qualities and test the streaming from different Generally, there are two methods of Recommended requirements locations. Do not create all the videos delivery for digital video. One is live for the video encoding system first before testing them, because you broadcast and the other is on- Minimum hardware requirements: might have to change and re-encode demand. In this article, we will discuss Pentium II 333MHz all the videos again if they are found the implementation of on-demand 128 MB Ram to be of poor quality. You should video delivery. 4 MB Video Card encode one video at a time and test 6.4Gig Hard Disk each one first. Proceed only if you are Video-On-Demand (VOD) is the term 16 Bit Sound Card satisfied with the output. used for viewing videos over the Snazzi PCI Video Capture Card Internet at the time that you want. In CD-writer (for the ease of the conventional television broad- transferring the video file) casting system, you have to wait for V i d e o
  • 3. Video Streaming Network for Busy Website Video Streaming Digital Video Production WEB SERVER VIDEO SERVER DIGITAL VIDEO DATABASE DIGITAL VIDEO OUTPUT PC WITH VIDEO CAPTURE/FIREWIRE CARD ANALOG VIDEO INPUT INTERNET TAPE TAPE VIDEO PLAYER VIDEO PLAYER VIDEO PLAYER VIDEO PLAYER TELEVISION CAMCORDER VCR Video Streaming configurations below and you can start encoding video into Microsoft video Network format (AVI). The above network design is for a web server with a lot of video and web traffic. If you do not expect a lot of Video Format Capture Size Frames Per Audio Format Second web traffic, you can run both the video and web server on a single machine. 1 NTSC 352x240 (Full Size) 29.97 CD Quality: 2 NTSC 176x120 (Quarter Size) PCM 44, 100HZ, 3 PAL 352x288 (Full Size) 16Bit, Stereo, Digitizing Video 25.00 172KB/s A capture card is required to convert 4 PAL 176x144 (Quarter Size) analog video signals into digital format to be stored in the hard drive. Place Ulead MediaStudio Pro is being used Converting From AVI the Snazzi video capture card into an here as it is capable of capturing AVI empty PCI slot in the video encoding Format to ASF Format videos and it is bundled with the video system. Snazzi capture card has both capture card. We can only convert Using Windows Media Encoder, you S-VIDEO and Composite video inputs video in AVI format video to Advanced can convert AVI format files into for connecting to a video cassette Streaming .ormat (AS.) for streaming Advanced Streaming .ormat (AS.) recorder, CD or DVD player, at the time of publication. files. You have to decide on the video television, or camcorder. Typically, size and bit rate of the AS. file for using S-VIDEO as the input source To start capturing the video, you need optimum viewing. The bit rate specifies will produce better quality videos. to play the video. Click on the capture the number of bit transferred in a function to start capturing the video at second. .or 56Kbps modem users, Next, install Snazzi drivers before you any point in time. Don't worry if you you can specify a bit rate of 56kbps or install Ulead MediaStudio Pro. Once capture more than what is required, lower. Generally, the larger the video you have installed MediaStudio, you as you can always use video editing size and the higher frame per second have to set up your video source software to trim away the excess speed, the higher the bit rate that is and your video format (NTSC/PAL) portions. generated. With a higher bit rate, correctly. Use one of the following the video will be clearer, but this will configurations for better results. Other than capturing a video into require a bigger network bandwidth Select the video format NTSC or PAL AVI format, you can also capture in for the video server and your clients. according to your video source. As for MPEG1 VCD format or MPEG2 DVD the capture size, the bigger the size, format, depending on your require- the clearer it is but it will also require ment. However, we are not going to more bandwidth. Choose one of the touch on the other video formats here. S t r e a m i n g w i t h M i c r o s o f t
  • 4. .or a single bit rate video encoding, all the users will be viewing the same video using different bandwidth. If the video is encoded for 64kbps, ISDN users will have no problem viewing it. Dial-up modems users with 56kbps or less will experience delays during the buffering of the video clip, resulting in a jerky video presentation. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Windows Media Encoder Encoding Sample.Avi file You can also select multiple bit rate video. If a video file is encoded in three separate bit rate formats, eg., 33.6kbps, 56kbps and 64kbps, then users with 33.6kbps modem, 56kpbs modem and 64kbps ISDN line will be able to view the video encoded in the respective order. The selection of bit rate will be done automatically, with no user intervention required. Although all the three users will be seeing the same video, the ISDN user will be able to see a better quality video than the other two. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Single Bit Rate Encoding Multiple Bit Rate Encoding Lower bit rate video will also be streamed automatically to the Internet users when network congestion occurs. This will not interrupt the stream of video, unlike the single bit rate video. ISDN users will be able to view at 64kbps normally. When there is congestion, ISDN users will be viewing at a lower bite rate, 56kbps or 33.6kbps bit rate. There is only degrading of video quality but delays are reduced. .or best encoding results, please make sure that the AS. size is the same as the video capture size. M e d i a S e r v i c e s
  • 5. Installing Windows Linking Video To Web Page You can link the video to the web page by creating a ASX file. ASX can be created Media Services using any text editor like Windows Notepad. After downloading Windows Media Services from Microsoft website, you can double-click on the program to install it <ASX version = "3.0"><TITLE>Grameen - Small Loans, Big Leaps</TITLE> to a video server. Please follow the setup <LOGO HREF="" instructions to complete the installation. Style="ICON" /> Once installed, all the video streaming <Entry> services will be started automatically by <TITLE>1 of 1</TITLE> windows services whenever the machine <AUTHOR>International Development Research Centre</AUTHOR> boots up. <COPYRIGHT>(c) International Development Research Centre</COPYRIGHT> <Ref href = "mms://" /> In order to administer the Windows <LOGO HREF="" Media Services, you can run Windows Style="ICON" /> Media Administrator from NT Start <ABSTRACT>Rural Bangladesh - it seems a million miles away from the menu. It will open the administrator page Information Superhighway...</ABSTRACT> in Internet Explorer. If the page is </Entry> unreadable, it is most likely due to the </ASX> fact that you have an incompatible browser version. You need Internet A sample ASX file, and what users will see, Explorer version 5.0 and above to view. as shown below When you start Windows Media Adminis- trator for the first time, click on "Add Server" button to create a video server to administer. Make sure that the name of this video server is the same as the machine name. Then proceed to "Configure Server - Unicast Publishing Point" and add a directory to the home alias. Make sure that the directory added is created after that. Upload all AS. videos to this directory. To test the video using Windows Media Player, go to the ".ile" menu and select the "Open" menu. Enter the following syntax: Video-On Video Demand Icon Title mms://vod_machine_name/ test_video_name.asf Organization Move Icon cursor Example over this mms:// region to Video Status view Total Video Length abstract A sample video file
  • 6. Pan Asia Networking is an Adding ASX File Type To Web Server initiative of the International Make sure you add the ASX file type to the Web Server MIME type. Otherwise, you Development Research Centre (IDRC), a public corporation may be prompted to save the unknown file type to the hard disc instead of spawning created by the Parliament of the Windows Media Player. Canada to help researchers and communities in the developing Example world find solutions to their social, economic and environmental problems. type=video/x-ms-asf exts=asf,asx A sample of the ASX type in Netscape Web Server configuration file Contact Ms Maria Ng Lee Hoon Calling Up ASX File In HTML Senior Regional Program Officer <a href="filename.asx">Clickable Link Description</a> International Development Research Centre Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia Example Tanglin PO Box 101 <a href="idrc_grameen.asx">Grameen - Small Loans, Big Leaps</a> Singapore 912404 Include this code in the body of a HTML page, and you have created the first video- Tel: 65-235 1344 on-demand service on the Internet! .ax: 65-235 1849 E-mail: Summary With the right equipment and facility, anyone can create digital video streams for Mr Renald Lafond viewing on the Internet from conventional VHS tapes. You can substitute the video Senior Program Specialist capture card and software with the products of your preferred choice. However, do be International Development Research Centre careful about copyright and other legal issues. Head Office PO Box 8500, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1G 3H9 Pan Asia Networking Video-on-Demand Library Tel: 1-613-236 6163 Visit the Pan Asia Networking Video-On-Demand Library at .ax: 1-613-567 7749 to view streamed videos on a wide range E-mail: of development topics contributed by our research partners in Asia Pacific. Author: Dominic Soh, Systems Development Architect, Pan Asia Networking Program, International Development Research Centre, Reviewers: the technical team of GetIT, Singapore, and Les Cuff of Collaborative Network Technologies, Newfoundland, Canada, © Pan Asia Networking, December 2001. This publication may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes. Acknowledgement to Pan Asia Networking and the author References must be retained. Windows Media Home Tour of Microsoft Windows Media Tools Windows Media Services FAQ Dazzle Multimedia, the video capture card manufacturer Ulead, the video editor software provider