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Torrent CE Demo Instructions
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Torrent CE Demo Instructions



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  • 1. Torrent CE Client Installations 1. Preface 2. Obtaining proper media players a. QuickTime b. Windows Media c. Real One 3. Setting up the players a. QuickTime b. Windows Media c. Real One 4. Firewall Requirements Preface The Torrent CE is a powerful solution for streaming and archiving H.323 video conferences. In order to experience the benefits of the Torrent CE certain preparations must be made to ensure media player and firewall compatibility. The latest version of the Torrent CE supports industry standard media players including Apple’s QuickTime, Microsoft Windows Media Player, and Real Networks’ Real One players. Only one of these players is required to watch a live or archived stream. This document assumes the viewer is using Microsoft Internet Explorer as the web browser. While other browsers are supported, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher is recommended.
  • 2. Obtaining Proper Media Players QuickTime The Apple QuickTime player is available from Apple’s web site for free. The latest version is 5. A visit to http://www.apple.com/quicktime will tell you whether or not you have QuickTime installed. If you do not, you will be prompted to install an activeX plugin. To download the QuickTime 5 player manually, go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ and follow the instructions for downloading the free player. After the player is installed quit the browser and follow the setup instructions in the Setting Up Players section of this document. Windows Media The Torrent CE requires Windows Media Player version 6.4. The current version available for download from Microsoft is 7.0. Version 6.4 is available with most versions of Windows in two ways. It is the default embedded player in a browser. Therefore, there are no special requirements for downloading version 6.4. However, if the system does not have version 6.4 it can be downloaded from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/def ault.asp. To access the external player, go to Start-> Run-> type ‘mplayer2’ at the run line. The reason Windows Media Player 6.4 is required to view Torrent CE streams is that the video codec that is used by Torrent CE streams is H.263. Windows Media Player 6.4 supports this codec, however, version 7 does not. See Setting Up Players for further information. Real One The Real One player is available from Real Networks’ web site http://www.real.com. Look for the “Free RealOne Player” link and proceed with the download instructions. When installing the Real One player, be sure that you look carefully at each setting as you install it. The player, by default, takes over many mime types on your computer unless you tell it not to. See the Setting Up Players for more information.
  • 3. Setting Up Players QuickTime The QuickTime player, by default, is set to stream using HTTP, port ID 80. The Torrent CE requires that the video be streamed over UDP, RTSP port ID 554. There are two ways to change these settings. From the external player go to, Edit-> Preferences-> QuickTime Preferences… On the top pull down menu select Streaming Transport. Check Use UDP, RTSP port ID 554. Close the window and player. From the QuickTime browser plugin click on the down arrow at the bottom right. Select Plugin Settings. On the top pull down menu select Streaming Transport. Check Use UDP, RTSP port ID 554. Close the window and all instances of the browser. The QuickTime player is now set up to receive UDP streaming video. To ensure UDP firewall compatibility see the Firewall Requirements section of this document. Windows Media There are no setup requirements for Windows Media Player 6.4. The first time a stream is watched it will download the appropriate H.263 codec for decompression. The viewer may notice a little bit of a delay while the player downloads the codec for the first time. This is normal. Real One The only currently supported player from Real Networks is their newest player, Real One. Real One setup requires manual download of the H.263 codec. To get the codec, open the Real One external player. Select Tools- > Preferences… Then select AutoUpdate at the bottom of the list on the left hand side. Click on Check for Update Now. Wait while the Real player contacts the server. A new windows titled “AutoUpdate” will open. Scroll down towards the bottom and check the box for H.263 Video Plug-in then click on the Install button. This will install the H.263 codec as well as the Real Audio 2.0 plugin. After the codec is installed, quit the Real One player.
  • 4. Firewall Requirements The biggest limiting factor to watching streaming content within the enterprise is firewall implementation. In order to view streaming content from the Torrent CE, the following ports assignments must be followed for any client behind a firewall. Function Port Application Torrent CE Access* 80 TCP In/Out Web Interface 3215 TCP In/Out Realtime Status Updates QuickTime Streaming 554 RTSP over TCP Player Controls In/Out 6970-6999 RTP over Video/Audio Transports UDP In/Out Windows Media** 1755 TCP In/Out Player Controls 1755 UDP In/Out 1024-5000 Video/Audio Transports Real Streaming*** 554 RTSP over TCP Player Controls In/Out Chat Applet 6667 TCP In/Out Chat Input and Output * Note: on Torrent CE versions higher than 2.0.302 port 3215 will need to be opened for TCP as well. Previous versions use a randomly generated port for the Call Center Java app and cannot make it through a firewall unless all ports are opened. ** You can adjust individual clients’ players to only use certain ports within this range to save for too many open ports on the firewall. For example: Under Tools-> Options within the Windows Media Player the client can select the “Network” tab to limit the ports being used to ports 1050-1051. *** Real One player lets the client define ports within a certain range under Tools-> Preferences-> Connection-> Network Preferences. Real One negotiates within available ports to stream.
  • 5. © Copyright 2001, STARBAK Communications Inc. All Rights Reserved. Version 011002-2.1 This paper is for information purposes only. STARBAK COMMUNICATIONS MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT. For more information visit www.starbak.net or email info@starbak.net Headquarters 757 Brooksedge Plaza Dr. Columbus, OH 43081 Phone: (614) 865 - 9150 Fax: (614) 865 - 9149 Toll Free: (866) STARBAK