THE NEW AUDIOVISUAL AudioVisual in a Web 2.0 World

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  • 1. AudioVisual in a Web 2.0 World THE NEW AUDIOVISUAL Paula Hundley, CTAP Region 5, Santa Clara County Office of Education Email: Phone: 408-453-6589 Presented at Harker Teacher Institute by Lisa Diffenderfer,
  • 2. audiovisual ITUNES @ APPLE Audiobooks Podcasts iTunes U K-12 Section DIRECTIONS: Open iTunes Click on iTunes Store Click on Podcasts Click on Education Click on K-12 Click on iTunes U too
  • 3. THINK: Home-School communication audiovisual Student voices – content, languag Content • Language • Persuasion •Additional content CREATING PODCASTS AT GCAST.COM NOTE: $99/YR BY PHONE, EFFECTIVE 4/1/2009 DIRECTIONS: Go to Create an account Add an episode: - by phone - from computer Publish now or later Give URL to audience > they subscribe
  • 4. audiovisual • Garageband on Mac (Comes with your computer) - Create new podcast episode - Record voice and save - Under Share > Export Song to Disk - Compress using MP3 - Your recording is ready for upload to GCast • Audacity + LameLib Download free at: - Open Audacity for new voice track - Record voice - Save as MP3 (LameLib makes the conversion) - Your recording is ready for upload to GCast
  • 5. audiovisual POWER OF VOICE WITH YACKPACK DIRECTIONS: Go to Create an account Invite participants Start yacking!
  • 6. audiovisual PICNIK FOR ONLINE PHOTO EDITING DIRECTIONS: Go to No registration required to get started Upload photo Use Edit tab to rotate, crop, resize Use the Create tab to add textures, borders, and more Save and share – download and/or publish
  • 7. audiovisual PIXLR FOR ONLINE PHOTO EDITING DIRECTIONS: Go to No registration required to get started Upload photo More detailed controls – like Photoshop Create image from scratch Automatic download to save
  • 8. audiovisual WORDLE FOR WORD CLOUDS DIRECTIONS: Go to No registration required Click on Create button Enter text or a URL or username to use their tags Click submit to see your word cloud Edit fonts, layout, colors Print or save to gallery / Post to web page or blog
  • 9. audiovisual CALISPHERE – A WORLD OF PRIMARY CALIFORNIA RESOURCES DIRECTIONS: Go to Key word search at upper right Drill down through themed collections Browse A-Z Click images to zoom in Some analysis activity tools included
  • 10. audiovisual COOL IRIS – IT’S A 3-D WALL DIRECTIONS: Go to Download the plug-in for your Firefox browser Double square icon at top right when you reboot – click to launch Search by keyword or topic Race through the wall for images and video
  • 11. STREAMING VIDEO: YOUTUBE, DISCOVERY, CA STREAMING DIRECTIONS: Get these YouTube unblocked  Discovery = fee-based CA Streaming = free through Santa Clara County Office of Education (for now)
  • 12. SNAPGENIE – YOUR STORIES PLUS A PHONE DIRECTIONS: Go to Create a free account Upload photos Call 800 number and record narration Save and receive URL for your story
  • 13. VOICETHREAD – REACT TO VIDEOS, DOCUMENTS, IMAGES DIRECTIONS: Go to Sign up for an education account - $10/one time fee or Free - $60/yr for teacher + 100 students Upload docs, images, videos Students comment on them by recording their voices or typing Sample to play with:
  • 14. ICHAT AV OR SKYPE – TALK ON DIRECTIONS: Download Skype (Mac/PC) or use iChatAV (Mac) Add buddies to list, like for IM’ing Contact lists indicate who has cameras Click on camera icon to “call” a buddy
  • 15. ANIMOTO FOR MOVIES ON THE FLY DIRECTIONS: Go to Click on “for education” at bottom Register for free Upload images, select music, presto! Make your movies
  • 16. • Laptops • LCD projectors or HD TV • iPods (or other) • Headsets • Microphones • Flip or HD cameras • Still digital cameras • Cell phones • THE WEB