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  1. 1. JON OSBECK – A Web Media Company Santa Monica, Culver City, West LA 310.XXX.XXXX (Email me for my phone #) Web Developer – Graphic Designer – User Interface Professional Summary Web Developer / UI Designer with over 11 years of experience, including:  Analysis, design, development, enhancements and maintainer of web applications.  Various positions as a Web Designer, Webmaster, Graphic Designer, User Interface Developer, Game Graphic Designer, Image/Brand Development, HTML-Coder, Iconography, Email Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and Application Developer.  Front and Backend Development, UI, Graphic Design, Web Site Cross- Browser Creation, Logos & Icons.  Maintained, developed & prototyped websites for Movielink – which was acquired by Blockbuster. This includes working on video streaming, improving the UI & Javascript for eHome on MCE, adding more functionality to CMS & WCA, and many other web development tasks.  Created UI prototypes of Yahoo! Music Engine for Yahoo! Launch.  Worked through agency for Nestlé. (Nestlé Nutrition, PowerBar & Pria)  Maker of Dynamic Content Web Sites & Intranets that utilize Custom Graphics, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, .NET, C#, JSP & SQL.  Producer and Developer of Massive Advertisement Campaigns.  Developed Multi-Advertisement Hosted Co-Registration Engine using JavaScript/DHTML/PHP.  Developed ActiveClick in Visual Basic – Software that Auto Clicks, Drags Content, and makes you Stretch to Prevent Carpal Tunnel.  Created various Graphics, Game Characters & Animations for RPG Games.  Developed various Game Engines in Visual Basic.
  2. 2.  Development experience of new sites with 100+ web pages/templates.  Making changes and new enhancements in web site pages.  Hand-code all HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSS & JavaScript.  Experience of working very near with QA team for ensuring the quality of the web site before displaying it on the web.  Innovative mind and Interest in learning new concepts and languages.  Efficient organizational work ethics, value based effective decision- making, team based cooperation and communication skills. Technology Skill Set Languages: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSL, XPath, MySQL, MS SQL 2000, MS Access, Zentropy CMS, NetAgent eAssist, JSP, JSTL, ATG Dynamo, ANT, Spring, ASP, PHP, .NET, C#, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL, Apache Tomcat Programs: Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat (PDF Creation), Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Visual InterDev, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Ghost Installer 2, ASPack, Coffee Cup FTP Direct, SecureCRT, xmlSPY, IntelliJ, Eclipse Operating Systems: Win98, 2K, XP, Vista, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris Work History Movielink, LLC / Blockbuster – Santa Monica, CA - 07.05-08.07 Web Developer / MCE Developer  Web development on Movielink’s movie download service and their MCE portal.  Worked as a member of a 4-team group to convert the ATG Dynamo pages to the JSTL language – and to redesign CSS, JavaScript and page layout.  Primary worker for Movielink's Media Center Edition Portal - eHome for Microsoft's Online Spotlight.  Developed Movielink’s MCE portal to work for Linksys MCE, Viiv MCE and XBOX 360 MCE.  Worked extensively in Javascript & CSS for both Movielink’s website and their MCE website.  Worked with Movielink’s Content Management System (CMS) which was built in Spring and uses AJAX enabled search queries.  Developed parts of front-end for Movielink’s CMS, CSR, WCA & MCE.  Documented custom JavaScript libraries I created.  Created UI & page layout for beta pages to show new concepts.
  3. 3.  Developed pages that did video streaming for Microsoft Media Player and RealPlayer.  Converted web pages on Movielink's website that were only viewable in IE 6 because of DRM - to now be cross-browser compatible in IE 7, Firefox, Safari, etc.  Helped QA Movielink Manager - the Windows-based application for the movies you download - on Windows 2000, XP & Vista. Tools & Technologies used: JSP, JSTL, ATG Dynamo, Apache Tomcat, ANT, Spring, MCE SDK on Dynamo, XSS, Javascript, CSS, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Photoshop O’Grady Meyers (Nestlé, PowerBar) – Torrance, CA - 12.04-05.05 Web Developer / Web Production  Worked on web sites, promotions and email newsletters for Nestlé Nutrition, PowerBar, Pria and other sites.  Created websites using CSS / HTML / JavaScript. All coding done in Visual Studio along with using Visual Source Safe. (All coding done by hand – not “design mode”)  Integrated front-end work with C# (.NET).  Created Email Newsletters, Promotions and Web Sites to work in all browsers from IE 5 Mac to Netscape 7.  Edited UI or created UI images for various projects using Photoshop. Tools & Technologies used: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, HTML 3.0, HTML 4.0, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, .NET, C#, PhotoShop, JEdit Yahoo! Launch – Santa Monica, CA - 06.04-10.04 User Interface Developer / UI Tester for Yahoo! Music Engine  Created 70+ original working User Interface Mock-Ups using DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, XHTML, XML, XPath & XSL for each section of Yahoo! Music Engine.  Collaborated with User Testing Groups on what works and what doesn’t from the mockups that I designed.  Designed Mock-Up UI icons & graphics in PhotoShop.  Worked on a part of the live application using DHTML and then optimized the JavaScript by such methods as: Reverse Looping, Look up tables, Loop Unrolling, Minimizing repeated expressions & removing unnecessary variables. Tools & Technologies used: DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, XSL, XPath, XML, xmlSPY, ASP, VSS, Microsoft Visual Studio, Naviscope - Encino, CA - 01.04-04.04 Web Developer / Webmaster
  4. 4.  Customization of their beta web-site using Zentrophy CMS.  Integration online live chat agent called NetAgent eAssist with their web- site to increase sales.  Designed Video-loading page to detect each video plug-in from either Real, QuickTime or Microsoft, which then loaded the correct Travel Video for the user.  Created Ads and Pop-ups for travel-related material on there live site.  Fixed typos, errors, and outdated brochures.  Updated database with price changes, new cruise ship information and new data using Microsoft SQL Server 2000.  Designed DHTML Interactive Maps, Food Menus and Ship Deck Plans for their Interactive Online Brochure. Tools & Technologies used: Zentrophy CMS, NetAgent eAssist, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, SQL Analyzer, Terminal Services, PhotoShop, Illustrator - Los Angeles, CA - 12.02-09.03 Web Developer / Banner Ad Graphic Designer  Creation of numerous original advertisement Pop-Ups & Pop-Unders.  Designed various mini-game ads where you have to shoot something to get your “prize”.  Worked on Graphics, Layout and backend programming using PHP & mySQL for,, and  Developed huge multi-advertisement co-registration layout engine that was cross-browser compatible. It logs the user’s info into a database and it has an Administration section for testing, debugging and adding/deleting of new ads.  Creation of Visio mockups of diagrams of how internal advertisement user interface would work.  Lots of work using JavaScript to do Form Validation and Auto Submitting data. Tools & Technologies used: DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash MX, SecureCRT, Visio, PHP Manager, CoffeeCup FTP Direct Manatt Entertainment Law firm - Santa Monica, CA - 04.02-12.02 Head Intranet Developer / Graphic Designer  Developed the whole Intranet from graphics, icons and UI to fetching data from the database using ASP & SQL.  Developed DHTML Web templates that would load data without refreshing the whole page.  Create a very unique corporate logo that included an animated day & night cycle for the main header of the site. This included twinkling stars,
  5. 5. lights going on & off for the buildings at night, and the Manatt logo glowing.  Development of database layout & data flow using Visio mock-ups. Tools & Technologies used: DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, ASP, SQL, Visual InterDev, SQL Query Analyzer, Visio – Newport Beach, CA - 04.01-04.02 President / UI Designer / Visual Basic Programmer  Developed the concepts & ideas on software that automatically clicks & drags the mouse. Also the program reminds you to take stretch breaks to prevent carpal tunnel & RSI.  Programmed the whole project in both VB 5.0 & VB 6.0. Also created the graphics, icons, user interface & layout.  Implemented custom banner ad rotation within the product that would show advertisements till the user registered. Until then it would pull new ads from the Internet.  Used Ghost Installer as the installation program for ActiveClick, which utilized XML.  Worked at my own marketing campaign to promote ActiveClick with,, and various other sites. Used banner ads, affiliate programs, print media and search engine optimization to achieve my goal. Tools & Technologies used: Visual Basic 5, Visual Basic 6, XML, Ghost Installer, ASPack, PhotoShop, HTML, JavaScript, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP - Sunnyvale, CA - 11.00-04.01 User Interface Application Developer  Completely revamped the UI for their main products – Open Deploy & Teamsite.  Created Application Layout, User Interface and the Interactive of the Web Application with DHTML, JavaScript and JSP.  Responsible for 100% cross-browser compliance of IE 4+, Netscape 3, 4 & 6 on PC, MAC and Solaris. Tools & Technologies used: DreamWeaver, HTML, JavaScript, PhotoShop, FireWorks, Icon Editor, Teamsite, Open Deploy, JSP, Win2000, MAC, Solaris - San Francisco, CA - 09.00-11.00 Web Developer / Iconography  Created all custom icons & logos utilizing both PhotoShop & FireWorks.  Developed 150+ pages of DHTML & JavaScript for various web portals within
  6. 6.  Created custom style sheets for cross-browser compatibility for Internet Explorer & Netscape Navigator.  Designed DHTML templates with ASP code.  Collaborated with other team members using Visual InterDev & Visual Source Safe. Tools & Technologies used: DreamWeaver, HTML, DHTML, PhotoShop, FireWorks, JavaScript, Icon Editor, Microsoft’s Visual InterDev, Visual Source Safe, ASP, Windows NT - San Francisco, CA - 06.00-09.00 Web Production Artist / HTML Debugger  Created 75+ HTML page layouts for the new Toys-R-Us web site.  Created HTML page layouts for Mattel’s Barbie web site.  Verified & tested HTML code using HomeSite & BBEdit to be cross-browser compatible on Mac & PC modern & legacy browsers.  Coded various JavaScript functions into project.  Taught other member’s in my work group how to program in JavaScript.  Optimized & sliced up web graphics for Toys-R-Us using PhotoShop. Tools & Technologies used: BBEdit, HomeSite, HTML, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Windows NT, MAC, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator – San Francisco, CA - 04.00-06.00 Web Production Artist  Created web templates for Wells Fargo, Aria, MBNA, Discover Card and Visa.  Utilized Fireworks for creation of images and web-site layout.  Created various banner ads & campaign materiel for affiliated banks.  Designed HTML Email Marketing campaign for & partnered banks.  Wrote Graphic Optimization Tutorial & taught others in my team how to optimize graphics in Fireworks.  Updated internal database with new graphics & content for online shoppers.  Used both the Mac & PC for developing web templates.  Created grayscale icons for’s web site portal for the Palm Pilot. Tools & Technologies used: HTML, JavaScript, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, PhotoShop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Windows NT, Mac, Unix Integration Technologies - Irvine, CA - 01.99-04.00 Webmaster / Graphic Designer
  7. 7.  Revamped companies’ two major web sites with new layout, graphics, scripting & ideas utilizing DreamWeaver, FrontPage, PhotoShop & Flash for 160+ pages.  Designed Print Media including posters, postcards & t-shirts created in Illustrator.  Increased sales for various products by 450% for the Las Vegas tradeshow through my print media.  Recreated company’s outdated site – into a newer-looking HTML & Flash Portal.  Integrated new HTML & Graphics layout with back-end ASP for GIS online application.  Preformed SQL queries utilizing ASP technology for various reporting applications to help out marketing.  Creator & Administrator for all web sites, graphics & print media.  Worked directly with Marketing & GIS Programming Team.  Used & MapBasic to produce Mapping Vector images for Print Media.  Created complex user forms with JavaScript User Input Validation.  Utilized ASP, SQL & Access to create internal administration tools & database-drive partner sites for the marketing team and also for Citrix, CompUSA & the Thompson Associates. Tools & Technologies used: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, SQL, Access, Word, MapBasic, Code Warrior, PDF Creation, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, Illustrator, PowerPoint, Ulead SmartSaver Pro Paul Morrell Technology, Inc - Newport Beach, CA - 11.98-01.99 Web Designer  Responsible for layout, graphics & ideas for corporate web site.  Created graphics in PhotoShop & Ray Dream Studio 3D, HTML in Microsoft’s FrontPage.  Created JavaScript animation & navigation features on intro screen.  Marketed web site through search engine submissions.  Tweaked meta-tags for higher ranking on search engines. Tools & Technologies used: Notepad, FrontPage, PhotoShop, HTML, JavaScript, Ray Dream Studio 3D AIR LINK International - Anaheim, CA - 08.98-11.98 Web Designer  Created the concepts and layout of the web site.  All JavaScript coded in Programmer’s File Editor.  The main graphical concept on the site was a spinning globe, which I created in Ray Dream Studio 3D, then optimized in Ulead GIF Animator.  All graphics besides 3D elements where produced in PhotoShop. Tools & Technologies used:
  8. 8. Notepad, FrontPage, PhotoShop, HTML, JavaScript, Ray Dream Studio 3D - Dana Point, CA - 06.98-08.98 Web Designer  Created homepage for Mark Rierson including layout, navigation & graphics.  All graphics created in PhotoShop and optimized in Ulead SmartSaver.  All HTML done in FrontPage.  All JavaScript created in Notepad. Tools & Technologies used: Notepad, FrontPage, PhotoShop, HTML, JavaScript, Ray Dream Studio 3D So. Cal Veterinary Surgical Group - Newport Beach, CA - 04.98-06.98 Web Designer  Responsible for scanning in animal anatomy diagrams then retouching them up with the correct text to explain the skeleton of the creature.  Created all graphics, HTML & JavaScript.  Marketed company via submitting site to main search engines. Tools & Technologies used: Notepad, FrontPage, PhotoShop, HTML, JavaScript FXtra - Dana Point, CA - 03.98-04.98 Web Designer  Converted their existing site, into a AOL-style graphical portal.  Created all HTML in FrontPage.  Created all graphics, buttons & icons in PhotoShop. Tools & Technologies used: FrontPage, PhotoShop, Notepad Redwood Designs - Newport Beach, CA - 01.98-03.98 Web Designer  Created e-commerce web site for customer’s to be able to purchase wooden crafts.  Scanned in product photos and optimized them for the web.  Created 3D imagery of wind chimes in Ray Dream Studio 3D.  Marketed web site using main search engines.  Added meta-tags for marketing purposes.  Created graphics in PhotoShop.  Created HTML in FrontPage. Tools & Technologies used: PhotoShop, RayDream Studio 3D, FrontPage, HTML
  9. 9. RE/MAX First Place Realtors - Orange County, CA - 12.97-01.98 Web Designer  Created graphics in PhotoShop.  Created HTML in FrontPage.  Added remotely hosted counter CGI script. Tools & Technologies used: PhotoShop, FrontPage, HTML, CGI CrossWinds Productions - Orange County, CA - 10.97-12.97 Web Designer & CGI Programmer  Configured RealAudio Web Store using extensive CGI programming.  Imagery created in PhotoShop.  Page layout designed in FrontPage.  CGI/Perl programmed in Notepad. Tools & Technologies used: PhotoShop, FrontPage, Notepad, HTML, CGI Vein Center of Orange County - Orange County, CA - 08.97-10.97 Web Designer  Responsible for layout of graphics & content.  Converted patient’s VHS video into web animation using VHS to PC hardware converter.  Created Graphics using PhotoShop.  HTML designed in FrontPage.  Converted sound-bytes into RealAudio. Tools & Technologies used: PhotoShop, FrontPage, Notepad, HTML, VHS to PC hardware converter AdventureWare Games - Orange County, CA - 06.97-08.97 Web Designer  Created all game graphics & game icons using NeoPaint, Windows Paint, Icon Editor & PhotoShop.  Created various game engines such as a tile-based Ultima & Zelda style engine, text adventure engine and a 3rd person Graphic Adventure in Visual Basic.  Captured various game design graphics & game ideas that I created over a period of 5 years. Tools & Technologies used: Visual Basic, PhotoShop, Icon Editor, NeoPaint, Windows Paint, FrontPage
  10. 10. Hobbies & Interests Snowboarding, Ping-Pong, Pool, Running, Drawing Pixel-Artwork, Watching The Simpsons, South Park & Family Guy, Keeping my job, Playing boxing on the Wii & Halo 2 online, and traveling around Europe.