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  3. 3. 1. SUMMARY On the third semester, the task for the group was to choose a business, and commit the mandatory projects orienting on the company we have chosen. In the current report, we are intending to present the substantial view for Vinotek a Fynnis. The report consists of the following subtitles: Company overview. On this part of the project, we focus on highlighting the Vinotek. We discuss the current situation of the company, the problems it’s facing. Besides, we try to analyze the current web-site of the company and make an obituary test to have an initial image of the company. In the internal analysis part, we take a look into the company through considering its vision, mission and values. To get a really realistic view, we make an attempt for an external analysis of the company. At this point, we address such matters as Market trends, customers and decision makers, 3 society logics and dream society. The information derived from the above, leads us towards discussing the archetypes which can be applied to the current business. Distilling the basic data, allows us to draw out the internal identity and external image of the business, through the eyes of the owner, as well as the customers. As the next step, we get down to defining the core corporate story of the company. The Laboratory model is the tool we use for this purpose. On the “Users of the web-site” part of the project, we put stress on the market segmentation, target group of the company, and personas. To better cover the matter we present two types of personas, but we do not define as primary or secondary personas. The reason to this decision is, that the needs of one persona can not be put as prior to another persona’s needs. This depends on which angle the matter is viewed from. 3
  4. 4. Further we discuss the design we worked out on the basis of the research and make our conclusions. The project is completed by describing our work flow and indicating the bibliography and presenting the appendix with the relevant data included. 4
  5. 5. 2. COMPANY 2.1 VINOTEK Vinotek a Fynnis is a small wine shop located in the center of Odense. Bruno M. Jensen started the company 5 years ago. He has a great knowledge about wine and he is really dedicated to it. He works in the shop in his spare time. It is a hobby to him, to have this direct contact with his customers and share his knowledge about wine with them. The shop is specialized in selling Italian wine. The shop is very well known in this business, because they offer a very friendly customer service. His main objective is to continue offering a good quality of wine at the same price as the supermarkets, sharing a friendly atmosphere and advanced wine knowledge with the customers at the same time. Vinotek has many loyal customers, partly because the shop has created a wine club that one can join and become a part of a special community. Vinotek, once or two times a month, invites the members to taste and enjoy the wines at the shop. The owner sends e-messages to the customers and invites them to taste a new wine and get a new knowledge about it. Vinotek’s objective is to continue offering a quality service with genuine products in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, to gain more customers and maintain their loyalty.1 2.2 PROBLEM DEFINITION The problem, our group is dealing with, is to create a new web site for the company which will better meet the needs and expectations of the owner, as well as the customers. Vinotek will benefit from an easy and dynamic web page for all the updates, and the customers will benefit with more information, suggestions and tips. The points for the consideration are: a) the current web-site is HTML based and is too plain b) There is almost no interaction possibility for the client 1 Interview with the company owner 5
  6. 6. c) The owner has a need for database d) The owner wants to have a dynamic content, so that it were easier to modify the page. 2.3 COMPANY OVERVIEW In order to draw a clear picture of a company, we shall have to go through internal analysis of a company. In the current situation, as well, we intend to present the detailed analysis of the internal situation of the company, so that to make a ground for the further researches and analysis. Further down, we shall point out the vision, mission and values of the company. 2.3.1 VISION VINOTEK is a cozy and friendly shop that has been in the market for 5 years, selling good quality Italian wine for reasonably prices. The owner of the VINOTEK is proud to have a professional and personal care with his clients and he wants to keep that way. VINOTEK primary goal is to double the percentage of sales, by offering quality and unique products and satisfy his clients with high level service and best prices in this market. Later on the company would like to expand the business by offering an online shop. They want to be the best shop of selling Italian wine in Denmark. 2.3.2 MISSION To achieve the goals with 100% success, the company needs to concentrate on the customers needs, by focusing in offer high quality product for a reasonable price and always approaching clients in a friendly and trustworthy way. Making them feel unique with out service and products. That would help building a strong relationship and maintain their loyalty. 6
  7. 7. 2.3.3 VALUES One of the important characteristics of the VINOTEK is: It offers a unique friendly environment, with high quality products. That increases the trustworthiness of his customers. VINOTEK priorities are: • Sell much more than just Italian wine – a taste of Latin culture • Quality and reasonably price • Friendly and familiar atmosphere • Professional and personal care • Respectful approach • Help the customers to make the best decision The company today, tries to satisfy the customers as much as possible, by customizing the service. 2.4 MARKET OVERVIEW The company, being relatively young, has an opportunity to direct the business in a more trendy manner. Besides, it is a significant advantage, that the company is the only place on Fyn Island, which offers exclusively authentic Italian wine. Activities of the company should be directed towards creating an image of a reliable and trustworthy business. 2.4.1 MARKET TRENDS In the modern business world, it is essential to be able to correctly identify the market trends, and develop further strategies on the basis of the trends. At the time being, there is a significant trend towards Italian culture (art, cuisine, wines) in the Danish society. There are more restaurants offering authentic Italian food, more shops selling Italian wine. 7
  8. 8. The trend in the wine market in particular, is also noteworthy. Most people drink wine not because they just want to drink wine, but because, they want to experience the taste of the wine, learn something about the origin of a certain wine. In other words, the wine market is a most “sophisticated” and “experience oriented” in comparison to other alcoholic-drink markets. But, one needs to admit the fact that not all the wine sold in Denmark is genuine, and not all the wine sellers care about the real “needs” of the consumers. Vinotek a Fynnis is the business which managed to see and fulfill the gap, thus it does not sell only wine, but it also delivers the “emotional/experience pack” to the consumers2. 2.4.2 CUSTOMERS AND DECISION MAKERS People consume wines. The consumption happens due to different factors. As we have pointed out before, some people buy wines to enjoy a wine and the other out coming experiences. These are the costumers we focus on. The other people consume wine just because it is cheap or tastes good. The prior group, from the viewpoint of the company can be distinguished as “expert” consumers and “amateur” consumers. The experts are the people who are quite experienced and sophisticated about wines, the latter group are the individuals who want to learn more and broaden their experience. 2.4.3 3 LOGIC SOCIETIES According to Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, today all companies to survive in the business need to address at least two needs, “they believe the areas of overlap will be the most interesting for companies and individuals”3. According to the specification of the business we are dealing with, we shall have to treat the matter from twofold viewpoint: a) the viewpoint of the owner b) the viewpoint of the client. 2 Interview with the company owner 3 Communication compendium, media landscapes in the age of the Creative Man 8
  9. 9. As soon as we take a look at the activities of the owner, we shall see, that the business is not the means of existence, but that of self-realization and a sort of hobby activity. On the other hand, the shop, for the clients, is not the place where they just buy some wine, but it is as well, the place where they get good wines, accompanied with cozy and friendly atmosphere, and the knowledge about the wine, provided by the experts. In other words, one could say, that the owner here, belongs to the creative man logic, meanwhile the customers are within dream market. As far as the main focus of any business is the clients, we shall also follow the track and shall build up the further marketing strategies based on the interests of the clients Thus, the next step for us is to define the belongingness of the business within the dream society, i.e. dream market. 2.4.4 DREAM SOCIETY To find out which dream society our company fits, we have researched some of the competitors’ website, have observed the customers and talked with the owner several times, to get a real view of the market and the company. Consequently, we yielded some basic knowledge about the dream market and the identity of the company, emotional needs. Our dream society is “The market for Togetherness, Friendship, and Love”4 , because this dream society adds an emotional value to the products and to the customers. Drinking wine brings an atmosphere of togetherness and mutual friendship between those you share this moment. The factors, on their turn, fulfill the emotional needs 4 Communication Compendium, 3rd semester, Dream Society chapter 2: The market for stories and storytellers 9
  10. 10. of the customers. Accordingly, the wine business is overwhelmingly about providing and receiving general values, friendship and togetherness. 2.6 ARCHETYPES The purpose of using the archetypal theory is to give guidelines to manage the brand in all types of media and communication. The use of archetypes has important solutions which go beyond market communications.5 We have made the test of the 12 archetypes ( to find out what kind of company we were dealing with and to be able to have examples of leading analogous companies. We found out that our company is, “The Lover”6 .The characteristics for this brand type are: • It helps people belong, find friends or partners; • Its function is to help people have a good time; • To become more and more emotionally attractive; Then the identity and the image is very similar for the internal and external view that give the user a sense of togetherness, friendship and love, with an everyday functionality. This is exactly what we will go for in our ideas for the website. 2.7 DISTILLING THE BASIC DATA By following the Gap Model7 we will try to identify the differences and similarities between internal and external data. This analysis will help us to know if there is a big gap between the identity and image of the company. From the owner’s point of view, the company is presented as an establishment where friendship, knowledge and warmness are shared8. That is the identity, the owner thinks, which reveals the company best. 5 12 archetypes – source: 6 See apendix 1 – archetypes questionary 7 The Gap Model at p.76/77 in the book Storytelling – Branding in Pratice by Klaus Fog, Christian Budtz og Baris Yakaboylu 8 The archetypes test. 10
  11. 11. As for the clients, we conducted interviews with9, they see Vinotek as a place where they can find friends, have a good time and feel they belong a special community. The gap from Vinotek’s identity and Vinotek’s image is not very big. The identity of the company is perceived by the clients the way it was intended to be. Accordingly, this is a strong starting point for formulating the core corporate story for the business. 3. THE CORE CORPORATE STORY The Corporate story is a comprehensive narrative about the whole organization and it is a powerful tool to find out the strategic communication platform for our company10. “Much more than just Italian wine – a taste of Latin culture in the center of Odense”11. Vinotek is not just a regular wine shop. It’s a place where people come to have a good time and the owner is good at transmitting the idea (of the above mentioned message) to his clients. It is a common fact, that a person always has emotional needs as an individual. An individual finds different ways and methods to satisfy the needs. One of such emotional needs can be pointed as the need to experience something new, authentic and non-native at the same time. The objective of the business we are dealing with, is to meet the very needs of the consumers, by offering the “package” containing the product itself and the out coming emotional factors. Vinotek is a small wine shop located in the center of Odense. Bruno opens the shop Wednesday and Fridays in the afternoons after 14:00 o’clock and Saturdays 10:00 to 15:00. He always checks if everything is well distributed in the shelves and if the shop looks good for another day for his clients. During the open time, he always is there to bring a warm smile and a cordial welcome for his customers. People who 9 Observation an informal talking to the clients of Vinotek, 24/09 – 3/10 – 28/10 10 Chapter 4 at p. 60 in the book Storytelling – Branding in Pratice by Klaus Fog Christian Budtz og Baris Yakaboylu 11 Bruno M. Jensen. The Vinotek owner 11
  12. 12. appreciate Italian wine know where the shop is located, even though the shop has existed only 5 years. The customers would definitely miss if the shop stopped existing, because it is impossible to forget the warmness of the place. But, there are the competitors who seriously threaten the business. They are many and their advantage is the low prices. Besides, they offer different variety of products. At the same time, their customer area is considerably large. What would be the possible way to survive the harsh battle? It is to offer the unique thing, which the other “grey” supermarkets and shops can not. And here, the creativeness of the owner and his deep knowledge of the task he was dealing with, gave him a hand. The owner is still being active and creative in order to represent his business in a better prospective. In order to be more helpful, the owner has decided to be virtually open. The customers can read the offers, tips on the website, search for some promotion and maybe make pre ordering. One more time you can see how the owners care about his customers, customizing their needs and saving their time. “Italy has come to Odense…!” 4. USERS OF THE WEBSITE 12
  13. 13. 4.1 MARKET SEGMENTATION AND PERSONAS / TARGET GROUP Any business project, no matter what field of activity it may belong to, needs an accurate market segmentation, based on reliable data. The proper orientation on the market can be defined owing to an effective market segmentation. In the group case, as well, we are dealing with a company whose orientation is business to customer. Thus, a proper market segmentation is the very thing which will serve as a ground for our further researches. In order to obtain the data, necessary for the analysis, we made use of such sources as, client interview12 and www.statbank.dk13. As the main criteria, we chose the following: a) Age and sex of the consumers b) Their wine consumption c) Net usage If to put the results, we got through the research, into plain English, we would get the following: Firstly, the target group is represented by both genders, male and female. Secondly, the age range of the consumers is between 25 and 63.(The most active consumer group is males at the age of 30 to 60). Thirdly, all of them consume wine quiet often. (Preference to the Italian wine is given). Fourthly, they have access to the web and all of them possess reasonable web- experience. 12 see appendixes 1, 2 and 3 ( the questionary, questionary answers and results of the questionary) 13 see appendixes 5 and 6 (statistic about internet usage in DK and drinking wine in DK) 13
  14. 14. Fifthly, the top two consumer groups are adult couples without children with the age of below and over 60. (The details are presented on the appendixes 1-2 and 5-6) 4.2 PERSONAS Persona14 – Anne Marie Nielsen Anne Marie is a 50 years old, very busy woman, works as a secretary in Inspiration shop, her office is located in the center of Odense. She has two sons, both are grown up persons who live with their wives, close to Anne Marie’s house. From time to time ,they drop in to have a dinner together with her and their father. She drinks wine almost everyday; because she thinks wine always brings some good taste to the food. She is also knows reasonably well about wines. In her job she works a lot of computer and so she is comfort at use internet and she has a computer at home. Today she woke up with something in mind, to prepare an Italian food for her family after a working day. She googled to find out a special Italian wine shop. What she wanted was to find a shop in Odense, where she could find the specific sort of wine, which she had tried in Toscana last year. Having searched through the pages of diverse shops offering wine, she managed to find the sort of wine she wanted in the wine list provided on the site of the Vinotek in Odense. And she put down the URL on her notebook. What she attracted her in the site were the appealing and warm design. Besides, it was easy to navigate and orientate through the site. In addition to all of this, the site was offering interactivity, which would enable her to contact the shop online, or purchase and order wines via web. Persona – Peter Andersen Peter is a 33 year old busy doctor. He loves to drink wine, he drinks wine very often and he prefers Italian wines. To have an experience when he will present the wine for other is the most relevant for him. He has a computer and he is very familiar with internet, this being a part of his everyday life. 14 Communication Compendium, 3 rd semester – Personas: Setting the stage for building usable information sites. and from 14
  15. 15. As a young man, the aspect which was most important for him was just the taste of a good wine. But, advancing in years, he began realize, that wine is much more than only taste. Thus, he began to research, read and learn more about wine. Unfortunately, books and google search did not fully satisfy his demands. He needed something more behind the dry text and info. He wanted a more lively process of sophistication. This led him towards searching wine communities and clubs within Odense. One day he incidentally ran into the newly launched web-site of Vinotek a Fynnis. The content, design and functionality was good. It was really warm and inviting. There was the thing he had been searching for! The offer of a special club membership. Peter found this site quite promising and he made a notice of the address of the Vinotek. Outcome As is seen, both of the personas come from different backgrounds. They have different needs, they have different motivations and goals regarding wine. On the other hand, there is something which makes the two persons similar. Both of them are searching for the unique thing. In case of Anne Marie, she wants to purchase a specific wine which is hardly findable in many shops of Odense. Accordingly, she begins her search for the shop, who deals exclusively with Italian wine. In case of Peter, the complex of outcomes accompanying wine consumption is desired. Obviously, hardly findable at any single wine shop. 15
  16. 16. 4. E-business We decided to make an easy and dynamic website for Vinotek a Fynnis for all the updates, so that the customers would benefit from more information, suggestions, tips and experience through the website. As the current website of Vinotek a Fynnis is based on HTML and is too plain, there is almost no interaction possibility for the client, the owner has a need for database and he wants to have a dynamic content, so that it were easier to modify the page. 4.1. Level of E-business 4.1.1 The 4 stages of e-commerce To analyse an e-commerce we need to follow a four-stage model 15, which means the first stage is Contact, the second stage is Interact, the third stage is Transact and the fourth stage is the two-way customer’s Relationship. To see on what level is our website. Regarding to this model, our website will have the three stages (contact, interact, relate). The website will have the contact that will promote the corporate image of the company with a description of the company and information of the products. The website will interact with the customers with some information exchange, like sending a direct e-mail message to the owner, viewing the information about the wines and send their orders as an e-mail message to the shop. As the site doesn’t actually contain an online shop, we will not have the transact stage. But on the fourth stage, that is two-way customer’s relationship we will maintain more active uploads and newsletters for the club members of Vinotek. 4.1.2 The 4 stages of Strategic Development of e-business The goals and objectives of our e-business strategy will be achieved by increasing the community dependence. 15 E-business, fig1.1, pg 4 by Rowley, Jennifer 16
  17. 17. Create new features for the members to encourage them to use the website more often for all kind of information, as a search for tips, offers, pre-order, open hours, locations. The website is a very good promotional tool open 24 hours a day. According to our research16, many of the potential customers use the internet every day and they find it very useful to have the possibility to look for a wine shop products, news, offers and tips online. This possibility helps them to spare time and even make them buy more often. Our website could have possibly been on another level, if we had had the time to develop a system to sell online. To do this a company must install a type of store, implement a security and privacy features and be able to take credit cards on the website. For this project in our website the customers can make pre-order by choosing from the database which wine and the quantity, our system will be able to calculate the total price. This order will be sent to Bruno’s (Vinotek owner) email 4.1.3 Level of interactivity Interactivity is a reciprocal communication between a user and a digital media system17 The level of interactivity of our website by following Bordewijk and Kaan’s Matrix for the four communication patterns18 will be two way communication: conversation, consultation and registration, by cross these aspects we have these communication patterns, where the consumers have a huge influence on production of messages by email, visible in our website, mailing lists, newsgroups and a part of registration where the centre (owner from Vinotek) collects information from or about the users. 16 Target group and personas - Interviews 17 18 Interactivity, by Jensen, Jens F , pg 65 17
  18. 18. 4.2. Value Chain and network of delivery of the company In all businesses, a company can increase their potential customers by development of competitive advantage. The chain involves a series of activities that create and build values. By following the model of the generic value chain19, which consists of primary activities and support activities, we shall describe the delivery system of Vinotek a fynnis. Regarding to the primary activities all the best Italian wines are delivered to Vinotek directly from the wine yards (producer) in Italy; the producer’s supply the demands of Vinotek’s customers daily. Bruno the owner of Vinotek can deliver the wines all over Denmark; Vinotek wines are promoted through specific events; like Fynitalia in the end of each year where Vinotek promoted more then 180 types of wine to be tasted for their club members and also some events where Vinotek invited some of the suppliers to come to Odense and described about their own wines. The whole experience is based in high quality, professional service at every stage. In the support activities, Vinotek has a series of contracts with suppliers of wine in all over Italy. To improve the values and the network delivery that already exists we could have had a possibility to create transaction online. Be more into the e-business concept like Vinotek will be able to enter into supplier’s systems and customers are able to enter order and paid into Vinotek’s system. Hopefully Vinotek business will move toward the e-business stage for the next project. Today to supply the demand of our customers, Vinotek has storage certain amount of wines in their warehouse. If customers would like a specific wine, Vinotek just make the order from the suppliers if they have certain amount of request. 19 Chapter3 – building customer satisfaction, value and retention, by Kotler, Philip, pg 70 18
  19. 19. 4.3. Process and stakeholders Today to have a High Performance Business20, the companies must define and focusing the needs of their stakeholders. The stakeholders are those ,who have an interest in a particular decision or products. This includes people who influence a decision, as well as those affected by it – like customers, employees, suppliers, distributors. According to Kotler, there is a dynamic relationship connecting the stakeholders groups. They are reengineering the work flows and building cross-functional teams responsible for each process. In Vinotek Company we can not focus in building a high level of employee satisfaction, because the company has just the owner. But we can focus in building a high customers and suppliers satisfaction. The stakeholders will feel more this, is the customers. We need to define the different groups of customers and identify of their needs. After that, build an effective communication through the service and the product, which can supply their expectations. Regarding to our project we will try to give two different views through the website, one is the product oriented where the customers can search for all the information regarding a prices, open times, tips and so on and the other is experience oriented, where the customers can have a virtual travel around Italy through the website and get some history for the regions, soil, grapes. That means we will give a significant contribution for the customers to expand their knowledge and be a part of a specific group. Sub conclusion Vinotek a Fynnis is rather new and small shop on the Danish market. But if Vinotek follows the idea to create an e-business website they have a possibility to make the company increase their sales. The primary goal of the website is to attract new customers and the secondary goal is to improve current customer service, which is our goal. 20 Marketing management, chapter 3, by Kotler, Philip, pg 66 19
  20. 20. Throughout the development of the website we had to keep in mind the customers’ needs and focus on the characteristics of our target group and personas21. We are trying to solve most of the problems and created an effective website. 5. Design 21 Personas appendix number 20
  21. 21. 5.1 Star Analysis The Star Analysis is a model created by Elisabeth Agerbæk. It is used to find important factors in how a visual design is created. We choose this tool because is part of our curriculum this semester and also we found it very helpful in analyzing and finding reasons and solutions for the design. In the Star Analysis we describe both the host and the guest. The host: is the company who will use the product. The guest: is the user of the product. The Star Analysis is formulated of two triangles which together for the six sided star. The one triangle is the foundation and focuses on the goal and reasons for the product. The other one explain the visual context for the product. 5.1.1 The Host Host Purpose The purpose, in our case, is a mix of information, experience and e-commerce. 21
  22. 22. There will be information regarding to the shop, as about the company, prices, tips, products and we shall give a pleasant experience to the viewer by bringing emotions and a strong feeling of Italy and Italian wine. Host Goal Vinotek’s intentions are to improve the customer service and to gain new customers. Our role here is to make an attractive website so that the customers would like to return. Host Resources Vinotek wants a simple website, with an easy, friendly and dynamic navigation for all the updates. By doing this we provide the possibility for the owner to update the website. He will not have to pay for maintenance. The budget suggested is around 30.000kr, considering the fact we are students22. To make sure that we succeeded in fulfilling the host’s demands, we tested the website in presence of the owner. The owner was satisfied with the design and the functionality of the site. 5.1.2.The Guest Guest Purpose The guest purpose for entering the website could be informational search and saving time by preordering online. Guest Goal The guest’s goal for entering the website can be several things. It can be for informational search. On the other hand, it can also be a search for something special offered by the wine shop. The goals are very individual, but as designers, our role is to fulfill this specific needs, by giving the guests a reasons for returning to the website. Guest Resources Economic resources: in our case, our chosen target group has a steady job having enough money to buy the things they want. 22 See estimated costs, pg 22
  23. 23. Computer resources, Internet and computer skills: Our target group uses the computer a lot and has an advanced and intermediate23 internet experience. They have a computer both at work and at home and a fast internet connection. This gives us a possibility, of using the latest technology for the website. We tried to keep the navigation and interface as clean and simple24as possible. We tested the website with several customers just to make sure they understand the navigation. The outcome was that they didn’t have any problem to navigated trough the website. 5.1.3 Host and Guest Visual context Traditions Host and Guest After researching and examining other wine shop websites we could conclude on a strong and dominant tradition both of the host and invited. Almost every page is busy and overloaded with pictures, text and information all competing with each other for attention. These websites are usually represented through warm colors, since wines are perceived as warm themselves. The most used colors are red, yellow, and green . The technical level in most of the site is quite high, using databases and html. But hardly ever using Flash technology. The screen dumps of sample sites: 23 See appendix n3 – Statistic based on the results of the questionary 24 See appendix n3 – Statistic based on the results of the questionary 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. Trends Host and Guest When it comes to trends concerning websites in general and websites focused on wine shop, tendencies are huge and vary a lot. Websites have been in constant mutation following trends and segments from time to time. What we are able to notice nowadays is that more and more flash development are being used in order to engage the audience with interaction and 25
  26. 26. making the website more dynamic. Although Choice of colors is very much dependant on the corporate identity of the client, we can still see designers preferences for contrast colors either going to the neutral edge or more powerful color scheme. You also notice this contrast with typography; it took place as a graphical item instead of just a font. Therefore, you can also have a very over loaded layout or a very clean one. The fonts used today are mainly _sans serifs, since they are more legible on the screen than _serif fonts which are also more old fashioned. We recognized several other trends such as: rounded, drop down menus and closely cropped images. The screen dumps of sample sites: 26
  27. 27. 5.2 THE GENRE OF THE WEBSITE We think that our website is a combination of three genres, e-commerce, Information and experience. Most relation to information and experience oriented then e-commerce. Information – People used the internet to search for all kinds of information. On the website we have displayed the Vinotek history, tips, contact information and pre ordering. All this fall into information category. Experience – in the experience part, we try to give to our customers a virtual experience of travel around Italy, by navigated from the map of Italy or in the streaming video. 5.3 THE VISUAL IDENTITY The logo What we have been describing before on page 9. Drinking wine brings an atmosphere of togetherness and mutual friendship between those you share this moment. 27
  28. 28. Therefore, Vinotek intends to appeal for the pleasure of togetherness, friendship and love. In order to transfer these values involving Italian wines to the vinotek’s website, we carefully reviewed all the details, to be able to express it in the best way. Paying attention to our client’s demands and regarding to our knowledge we create a design that describe Italy best and give to the customer a high level of simplicity, quality and warmness. The logo design brings balance in its forms communicating the values of Italy, expresses the landscape of Italy. The used colors are warm, according to the Latin culture the contrast between them was an important factor to create a harmony and the shapes give the logo a modern and trendy look. The font used is redesigned to give a better balance to the logo. The visual identity 28
  29. 29. k nis.d f yn teka vino bmj@ s. dk - f ynni eka inot w .v - ww 61 69 65 97 fax. 0- 76 16 f .6 59 - tl nseC Ode - 5000 vej 31 ter klos B runo M. Jense n kloster v ej 31 - 5000 OdenseC - tl f .65976160 - f ax. 6597616 9 ww w .vinoteka f - bmj@vinoteka f ynnis.d k kloster v ej 31 - 5000 Odense C tl f . 65976160 - f ax. 6597616 9 ww w .vinoteka f ynnis.d k When it comes to the visual identity, it is very important to understand the concept and meaning. Vinotek visual identity will build up a strong relation with its customers by creating a personal communication between the shop, the products, service and clients. 5.4 THE DESIGN Two first phases are presented here in this part of the report and can be seen at 5.4.1 INFORMATION DESIGN Front-end Flowchart URL: 29
  30. 30. Front page Information Experience Red wine Veneto White wine Notheast Trentino Products Rose wine Friuli Dessert wine Northwest Company Profile The shop Central Italy Wine club South and Islands Evaluating wine Aromatic taste Tips sensations Storing wine Contact Red wine White wine Ordering Rose wine Dessert wine Video 30
  31. 31. Back-end Flowchart Backend Insert new item Delete item Insert news Delete news Insert picture Delete picture 5.4.2 INTERACTIVITY DESIGN Storyboard Index page Italy has come to Odense ITALY Pro duct The s ho p Tips Contac t us Ordering Video History History History Fossil vine , 6 s 0-m illion- years-ol , are the ea d rliest sc ntific ie Fossil vine , 60 illion- s -m years-ol , a the ea d re rliest scie ntific Fossil vine , 6 s 0-m illion- years-ol , a the ea d re rliest sc ntific ie evidenc eof gra s heea pe .T rliestw rittenac ount of vinic c ulture evidenc eof gra s heea pe .T rliestw rittenac ount of viniculture c eviden eof gra s heea c pe .T rliestw rittenac ount of viniculture c isin the Old Testam nt of the B e ible w h tellsustha N hic t oah isin the O T ld estam nt of the B e iblew hich tellsustha Nt oah isin the O T ld estam nt of the B e ible w h tellsustha N hic t oah plantedavine yardandm adew .Aine scultiva tedfe e rm ntable plantedavine rdandm ya adew .A ultiva ine sc tedfe e rm ntable plantedavine rdandm ya adew .Ascultiva ine tedfe e rm ntable crops hon y and g , e rain a older than g pe , although neither re ra s crops hon y and g , e rain a older than g s althoug neither re rape , h crops hon y and g , e rain a older than g pe , although neither re ra s Products page Italy has come to Odense PRODUCTS Pro duct The s ho p Tips Contac t us Ordering Video Re d wine History History White wine Fossil vine , 60 illion- s -m years-ol , a the ea d re rliest scie ntific Fossil vine , 6 s 0-m illion- years-ol , a the ea d re rliest sc ntific ie Ro s e wine evidenc eof gra s heea pe .T rliestw rittenac ount of viniculture c eviden eof gra s heea c pe .T rliestw rittenac ount of viniculture c De s s ert wine isin the O T ld estam nt of the B e iblew hich tellsustha Nt oah isin the O T ld estam nt of the B e ible w h tellsustha N hic t oah plantedavine rdandm ya adew .A ultiva ine sc tedfe e rm ntable plantedavine rdandm ya adew .Ascultiva ine tedfe e rm ntable crops hon y and g , e rain a older than g s althoug neither re rape , h crops hon y and g , e rain a older than g pe , although neither re ra s 31
  32. 32. Ordering page Italy has come to Odense ORDERING Pro ducts The s hop Tips Co ntact us Ordering Vide o Orde ring Orde r wine s online and pic k the m up whe n s uits be st. you R w e ed in Ins tructions W hite w ine -C on p lick roduc , or click in the le sid ts ft e Rose w ein -Choose the w + quatity and then click add cha ine n to rt Desse w rt ine Ordering sub-page Italy has come to Odense Re d wine K på vinenfor m re in lik e fo Produce nt Re gion Pris DonAntonio 02 e d`A ,N ro vola I.G.. T M orga nte Sicilien 189.00 LaS retaR eg osso 04I.G.T , Planeta Sicilien 89.00 "Alm ra" N ro d`A ane e vola 02 I.G.. , T F tasciá a Sicilien 107.00 VinoN obile di M ontepulciano 01 .O . ,D .C.G Poliziano T c os ana 159.00 DeF rra 00 I.G.. e ri , T B c relli os a T c os ana 98.00 VinoN obile di M ontepulciano 99 .O . ,D .C.G B c relli os a T c os ana 139.00 M alem acchie ontescudaio osso 97 .O . M R ,D .C PoggioG agliardo T c os ana 155.00 RovoM ontescudaio osso 97 .O . R ,D .C PoggioG agliardo T c os ana 225.00 G obboA Pi ianacciR osso 98 .O . ,D .C PoggioG agliardo T c os ana 225.00 PlenumT rtius 99( angiovese/ em ranillo) e ,S T pe . Die vole T c os ana 310.00 Rosso diM ontalcino 01,D .C.O . P zo alaz T c os ana 115.00 Brunello di M ontalcino 00 .O . ,D .C.G VillaLeP ta ra T c os ana 255.00 D uccio diS treda 03I.G.TS , (angiovese) StredaB elvede re T c os ana 55.00 "N c nto" C nti C c ise 00 .O . ove e hia lassi oR rva ,D .C.G Die vole T c os ana 289.00 Rosso diM ontepulciano 02 .O . ,D .C Poliziano T c os ana 98.00 RED WINE Chianti Rufina 00 .O . ,D .C.G S opetani c T c os ana 59.00 Chianti C c ise 99 .C.G lassi oR rva ,D.O . Q rcia ue bella T c os ana 249.00 De s cription Quantity Unit Price (DKK) Re mov e ite m Total Brunello diM ontalcino 00 .O . ,D .C.G 1 255.00 225.0 0 Chianti C c ise 99 .O . lassi oR rva ,D .C.G 1 249.00 249.0 0 Total DKK 474.00 Buy more Go to payment Other sub-page Italy has come to Odense NORTHEAS T Product The s hop Tips Contact us Orde ring Vide o Ve neto History History Fossil vine , 60-m s illion- years-ol , a the ea d re rliest scie ntific Fossil vine , 60-m s illion-years-ol , a the ea d re rliest scie ntific Trentino evidenc eof gra s pe .Theea rliestw rittenac ount of viniculture c evidenc eof gra s heea pe .T rliestw rittenac ount of viniculture c Friuli isin the O T ld estam nt of the B e ible w hich tellsustha N t oah isin the O T ld estam nt of the B e ible w hich tellsustha N t oah plantedavine rdandm ya adew .Aine scultiva tedfe erm ntable plantedavine rdandm ya adew .Aine scultiva tedfe erm ntable crops hone and g , y rain a older than g pe , although neither re ra s crops hone and g , y rain a older than g pe , although neither re ra s 32
  33. 33. Back-end page Italy has come to Odense BACK EN D Ins ert new Ite m De lete Item Ins ert News De lete News Ins ert Picture big s c en re De lete Picture Ins ert New Item Name: Picture : Brows e De s cription: Price : Preview Save 5.4.3 THE WEBSITE The concept The idea for the website starts out by understanding and analyzing our customers, their needs, their expectations and to communicate all these with our dream market of togetherness, friendship and love. The layout was created in a very simplicity way, easy to navigate but also following the trend market. The design style showing clear and modern structure, alignment and clean surfaces. It was produced in flash to expect interactivity and dynamism. 6. PROGRAMMING 6.1 ER DIAGRAM and NORMALIZATION 33
  34. 34. The database tables. Message a) The tables related with messageID ordering message name e-mail b) the table related with contact 34
  35. 35. The stored procedures. Stored procedure # 1. The following stored procedure inserts data into the table rows “name”, ”email”, message” , inserted by the clients. CREATE PROCEDURE messageproc ( @name nvarchar(50), @email nvarchar(50), @message nvarchar(300) ) AS /* SET NOCOUNT ON */ insert into dbo.message (name, email, message) values (@name,@email,@message) GO Stored procedure # 2. The following stored procedure shows the information about wines from the database. CREATE PROCEDURE [WINES] AS SELECT* FROM wine GO 6.2 USE CASE SPECIFICATION 35
  36. 36. 6.3 CODE SAMPLES Code fragment # 1. //fill data into combobox This line is a comment var s:String=""; var s1:String=""; On these two lines we are assigning two variables with String value, for the data which be loaded. for (var i=0;i<doc.firstChild.childNodes.length;i++) The loop goes through the XML tree { if (s!=doc.firstChild.childNodes[i].childNodes[3].firstChild.nodeValue) { if (i==0) { 36
  37. 37. s1=doc.firstChild.childNodes[i].childNodes[3].firstChild.nodeValue; } dep_cmb.addItem({label:doc.firstChild.childNodes[i].childNodes[3]. firstChild.nodeValue,data:doc.firstChild.childNodes[i].childNodes[3].firstChild.nodeVa lue}); s=doc.firstChild.childNodes[i].childNodes[3].firstChild.nodeValue; } } The condition is used here in order to check whether the XML is received or not. In case the variable “s” fails to get the data provided by XML, the variable “s1” is assigned to display the data. Later in this function, we are assigning the data to the combo box as the 3rd child node, which in our case, is the region names. grid1.setStyle("fontSize","10"); Here we are controlling the font size of the data displayed on the data grid, through the “setStyle” property. Code fragment # 2. var menuItem:Array=new Array(); We are creating a new variable as an array.; Here, we are assigning the XML data to the variable “menuItem”. for(var i=0; i<menuItem.length; i++) The loop goes through the “menuItem” variable, thus, the XML assigned to it. { //trace(i); var item = this.attachMovie("itemClip_mc", "itemClip"+i+"_mc",i+1); if (i!=0) { item._x = (120*i)+(2*i); item._y = 0; }else { item._x = 0; item._y = 0; } In this fragment of code we are creating a variable and attaching a movie clip to it. Besides we are assigning an increment with the value equal to 1. The condition is placing the movie clips according to the X and Y coordinates, in case the increment is successful. item.itemLabel_txt.text = menuItem[i]; The code provides the movie clips with the text labels. item.myUrl = menuItem[i].attributes.url; 37
  38. 38. Here we say the movie clip to get the URL from the XML. 6.4 WEBSITE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Platform server: Flash comm. Server(FCS) version 1.5 user: Internet explorer 6+, Flash player 7. system: Windows 98+ Expected available bandwidth low bandwith 54 Kb/s (Modem) high bandwith 512Kb/s Bit rates for the flash video High quality: video size - 780x250 length - 58sec bite rate - 512 Kb/s Low quality: video size - 780x250 length - 58sec bite rate - 54 Kb/s Frame rate video:20 fps flash movie: 20fps the web-site : 12 fps Used software and codecs video: Windows media player 9.0 audio codec - Windows media player 9.0 48 kHz, stereo(A/V) 1-pass CBR Software: Adobe premier 1.5 Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Flash 8. Adobe Illustrator 10 Adobe Photoshop 8.0 CS. Windows media Player 9.0 7.THE SYNOPSIS The basic idea 38
  39. 39. The basic idea for our streaming project is to logically continue the core corporate story of the company we are dealing with, thus, the Vinotek in Odense. In the current task, we shall produce the medium which provides not only information related to wine, but also deals with emotional aspect of the business. To be more specific revealing the basic idea of the product expected, we could possibly point out the below. The framework on the basis of which we are intending to construct the product, is the logotype for the company. The logotype consists of four main parts: sun, starlight sky, picturesque landscape and the sea. These are the main four icons which represent Italy best. We shall also use animated pictures, about 20, in such a manner and consequence, that they will logically continue the four iconic representations of Italy. In order to achieve a more effective visualization, we shall widely make use of colors. The video clip’s main idea is to present some nutritious view of Italy. Aims The client for the product is “Vinotek a Fynnis” a wine shop in the center of Odense city. The aim of the client is to broaden the business by means of establishing a new web site. The product will serve as a means in communicating with the consumers in a more consistent manner. The product aims are: a)Express the core story of the company via effective product; b)Use Maximum visualization ; c)Include synchronization elements in order to achieve informative value, as well; d)Use corresponding and appealing audio; e)Produce an experience and information oriented media product; The Message The message we are attempting to communicate through the product is “Italy has come to Odense.” The genre of the product is considered to be “commercial advertisement” as it serves to promotion of a business. The target group The target group is specified on the basis of the following data: a) Age: 30 and above 39
  40. 40. b) Education: mainly high c) Social status: employed/retired d) Income: average or high e) Taste: sophisticated f ) Shopping habits: active consumers g) Lifestyle: they all have constant jobs or hobbies Style and form The following URLs are presented as samples which we could relate to our product. On choosing the links, we paid attention to how relevant they are, due to their genre and content. We would especially like to draw the reader’s attention to the third and fourth links. We would rather say, that these are the sources which inspired us most as: a) They are similar in genre, which is commercial. b) Their contents are informative, as well as experience oriented. c) They are produced in flash technology, the very technology, we are going to implement as well. d) The video flow is consistent, which invokes us to get encouraged . 1) 2) 3) 4) Scope of the content The scope of the content are the followings: 1 minute web casting; About 150 MB for CD Rom About 6 weeks for total project flow. Time schedule 1 day to defined the idea and 1 – 2 days for editing 40
  41. 41. 8. PROCESS AND RESULTS 8.1 PROJECT FLOW 8.1.1 Company It was fine to find a company to work with. After a search for some company, we found Vinotek a Fynnis. The owner Bruno Jensen agreed to cooperate with us to develop a website for his wine shop. We worked very well together, and he was there every time we needed information. Vinotek a Fynnis is a very small and new company, so we didn’t t have enough material, like marketing plans or strategies. We had to make researches through the shop customers in order to find out what they need. Bruno was very nice when we need take pictures of the shop, and very helpful with all the data’s we need to collect. We conducted interviews with customers and made some questionnaires and based on that we defined the personas and based our designed for the website. We were not able to finish connecting the entire database to the flash website. But we will make the requests for the assignment work and maybe in the future finish the all website with the all database information Bruno’ s need. 8.1.2 Group work We were able to work well as a group and complete the task. We had regular meetings to make sure the subject’s requests in the assignment were synchronized. We split the tasks in order to be more efficient and complete the assignment. Iskandar worked with the interaction development programming part, Debora worked with the design and all the materials to implement the website and video and design manual and both worked together with the writing report. Besides, Iskandar edited the final versions of the written reports. 41
  42. 42. 8.2. PROJECT RESOURCES 8.2.1 Time schedule Below you can see the structure of our timetable: August September October November December Meeting, Contact and communication with the company Group meeting Design Video Interaction and development Writing report Print, burn Cd and upload 42
  43. 43. 8.2.2 Who did what? Hours spent Debora Iskandar Introduction 5days X 5hours X 2persons Company Company part Core corporate story Total: 50 hours Users Personas Design 10days X 5hours X 2persons The genre of the website Stars-analysis Visual identity Total: 100 hours The website Programming 15days X 5hours X 2persons Er diagram Normalization SQL and C Total: 150 hours Technical specification Flash Video 5days X 4hours X 2persons Design Implementation Total: 40 hours E-business 5days X 4hours X 2persons Project Process and results Project flow Total: 40 hours Conclusion Design Manual Design manual Total hours 380 hours 8.2.3 Optimisation of the key processes Improve quality and rationalise 43
  44. 44. To improve the quality in this entire process we were to follow some rules regarding to the assignment they give to us. - Core corporate story - to give a better view about the company and also define our users - E-business - to know exactly what to put in the website to make more interactive and supply the e-commerce. - Design - based on the core corporate story and what tools we used to active the goal of the company with e-business - Streaming video - to follow the design and the core corporate story - Programming - and finally to programming properly with all the interactivity and design ready to code. Estimated budget We have spent many hours of hard work to complete the requests of the assignment for the website of Vinotek a Fynnis. We started with the designing and after the programming. To design the website involved field work and research to find out what the users expect from Vinotek website. We have estimated a cost considering what each part of the assignment involves: - Programming: MySQL, C#, Flash and Action Script - Design: web design, database design and graphic design - Streaming video: graphic design, premiere, flash and action script - Work hours: 380 hours - web hosting After an Internet research we came to the conclusion that a website like ours, would cost between 57,000kr to 90.000kr. But the fact we are students and the website is not fully functional yet we would consider a price between 30.300kr to 60.600k 44
  45. 45. 8.3. Conclusion Concluding the overall report, we could draw out the followings: The analysis of the company based on the e-business concepts, indicated the facts, that the project we are about to realize will be an important joint in the value chain of the company. We shall be able to make it easier for the customers to choose the products without going to the shop, also place their orders online. Besides, we shall provide a substantial content. The working process on the project was also an important point for the group members. It was another learning process within which the members learned to optimal distribution of responsibilities according to their competence. It was a key factor in effectiveness of the group. 45
  46. 46. 8.4 BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Storytelling – Branding in Practice, by Klaus Fog, Christian Budtz and Baris Yakaboylu 2. Communication compendium – Media Sociology – 3 semester – autumn 2005 3. The 12 archetypes – source: 4. Three Important Benefits of Personas – by Jared M.Spool – personas 5. Field Studies: The Best Tool to Discover User Needs – by Jared M.Spool 6. Designing Products that work the way People work: An interview with Kate Gomoll’ oll_interview 7. Personas- ( example a cooper web-site solution) (Types of goals) 46
  47. 47. 8. Personas: Setting the stage for building usable information sites. 9. 10. The Ethos analysis model is documented in the power point of Erik Østergaard (on blackboard) 11. Interview with the company owner 12. Field research 13. “E-business”, Jennifer Rowley – Palgrave2002 (Compendium E-business, Technology, Organization and Economy) 14. Article by Jens F. Jensen (1998) – “Interactivity: Tracking a New Concept in Media and Communication Studies”. 15. “Marketing Management”, Philip Kotler – Prentice Hall 2003 16. 17. base-driven-prices 18. 19. interactivity.htm 20. 47
  48. 48. 9. APPENDIX APPENDIX 1 THE QUESTIONARY This questionnaire is part of an educational research. We will appreciate your cooperation and answers. Tick a box which is appropriate. 1. Gender: M Male Female 2. Occupation. 48
  49. 49. 3. Age: 4. How often do you drink wine: H O Often R Rarely Never 5. How often do you drink Italian wine: H O Often R Rarely Never 6. What is most important for you when buying wine: W P Price Q Quality Experience 7. Why do you consume wine? 8. If you buy wine, would like to know all the information of the wine? ( (grapes, region, the particular story) Y Yes No 9. How sophisticated are you regarding wine: H E Expert R Reasonable Don’t know anything about wine 10.Do you have a computer ? 49
  50. 50. Y Yes No 11.What are you web-skills? W A Advanced I Intermediate None/beginner 12.How often do you use the internet? H E Everyday O Once in a week Never 13.Would you find it useful, to have a website for the wine shop? W Y Yes No 14.Why? 15.What would be the main purpose for visiting a wine shop website? W C Convenient – time saving S Seek of content (products, offers, news) B Buying wine online Other: 16.What kind of website look do you like? W S Simple M Modern look I Interactive Overloaded with information 50 4
  51. 51. APPENDIX 2 QUESTIONARY ANSWERS Birguitte is a 55 years old vice-consul a.h. She drinks rarely. Quality is the most relevant for her. Birguite has a computer and she is familiar with the internet, she uses the internet everyday. She would find useful to have a website for the wine shop in order to be able to learn more about wine. For her, it will be important to save time when she goes to search for some information. She likes simple looking websites. Hans is a 63 year old chemist who has just retired, but still goes to work from time to time. He drinks wine frequently and also he is an expert about wines. Unfortunately he knows more about French wines, but he is very open to try new quality tasting wine. He has a computer at home and he uses the internet quiet a lot. He thinks it will be useful have a wine shop website, where he can search for all kind of information’s about wine and about the grapes of that specific wine. For him, it is important to gain some experience from the website. He prefers simple and clear looking websites. Troels is a 28 year old busy doctor. He loves to drink wine, he drinks wine very often and he prefers the Italian wines. To have an experience when he will present the wine for other is the most relevant for him. He has a computer and he is very familiar with internet, this being a part of his everyday life. A wine shop website will be very useful for him, because he would like to get more information about the wine, save his time and search for offers, news. He likes the modern looking websites. Eva is a 28 year old student. She likes the taste of the wine and for her, drinking wine adds something too, a good company. The most relevant criterion is the quality. She is very familiar with internet and has a computer at home. She thinks will be very useful have a wine shop website when she can have information about the wine, prices and maybe by online. She would prefer an interactive websites. 51
  52. 52. Anne-Grethe is a 58 years old, very busy woman, works as a secretary. She drinks wine almost everyday; because she thinks wine always brings some good taste to the food. She is also knows reasonably well about wines. She is familiar with internet and has a computer at home. She thinks if there is a wine shop website is ok, but if is not does a matter because she never buys online, gain experience for her is the most important when she drinks wine. She likes simple looking websites. Anne is a 25 year old biologist. She drinks wine very often because she likes the taste and she thinks, it’s perfect to drink wine in a very cold night with a good company for a romantic dinner. She has computer at home and access it every single day, she is very familiar with internet is part of her life. She thinks would be very useful have a wine shop website where then can give tips about wine, news, offers. She prefers a modern looking for websites. Karen is a 30 years old, Phd. Student. She drinks wine very often because she enjoys the taste of the wine. For her will be useful have a wine shop website to buy online. She has computer and she is very familiar with internet. She would like an interactive website. Rasmus is a 55 years old, salesperson. He drinks wine very often. He is not an expert but he knows quiet a lot about wine. He likes to tell stories about the region of some particular wine. He has computer at home and he is familiar with internet. He thinks will be useful have a wine shop website when can get all the information’s about that particularly wine before him buys. He likes a simple looking websites. APPENDIX 3 STATISTIC BASED ON THE RESULTS OF THE QUESTIONARY Male 50% Female 50% Age 25-63 52
  53. 53. Frequency of net usage: often 100% Frequency of Italian wine consumption: often 66,5% Rarely 33,5% Consumption of wine: For quality- 49,5% For experience-33% For price-16,5% Need for information about wine: positive -83,5% Negative-16,5% Level of sophistication about wine: reasonable-83,5% None-16,5% PC Users100% Level of sophistication regarding the web: advanced -50% Intermediate-50% Frequency of net usage: everyday-100% Is an online shop needed?: yes-83,5% 53
  54. 54. No-16,5% The reason to use the web-site: seek of content-66% Convenience-16,5% Online purchase-16,5% Content of the web-site: simple-50% Modern looking-33% Interactive-16,5% APPENDIX 4 ARCHETYPES In order to have a better internal view of the company, we asked the owner to take an archetype test. He kindly agreed , and as result we got the following data: The company is a “Lover”, 10 points. The company is a “Creator”, 8 points. The company is a “Hero”, 4 points. (Due to technical reasons, we were not able to produce the original test table here.) APPENDIX 5 STATISTIC ABOUT INTERNET USAGE IN DENMARK 54
  56. 56. APPENDIX 7 THE DESIGN SKETCHES The index page 56
  57. 57. Regions menu 57
  58. 58. Contact us from the Company menu 58