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  • You’ve done the research. You heard the latest news. You’ve had a great idea. Now it’s time to think about ways to communicate what you know! This tutorial will help you think about some of the ways people communicate and give you tips for picking and using effective communication tools.

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  • 1. Online Reference Academic Senate 2009 Counseling and Library Science Faculty Development Institute February 20-22, 2009 • San Jose Marriott Phyllis Usina Reference & Instruction Librarian Santa Rosa Junior College, CA 95401 Shirleigh Brannon Reference & Instruction Librarian Butte College Library, Oroville CA 95965
  • 2. Online Reference Overviews and Comparisons: BCL and SRJC
    • Why?
    • How?
    • Who?
    • Issues and challenges
    • Is it working?
    • Sample workshop presentation on online reference - Butte
  • 3. Online Reference at BCL: Why?
    • 3 campuses:
      • Main Campus (near Oroville) open 49 hours per week M-F, no late eves or weekend hours; classes 8 am-10 pm and Saturdays
      • Chico Center (Chico) library open 20 hours per week M-Th pm only, CMDL open 8 am-8 pm no librarian: classes from 8 am to 9 pm
      • Glenn Center: classes, no library presence
    • Staffing:
      • 2.5 FT Librarians, 1 ref paraprofessional in budget to cover all 3 locations; maintain web site; schedule BIs;
      • 35 hours additional part time staffing on soft money to help with BIs, ref desk coverage: still not enough for demand for evening & weekend reference & BI
    • Increase in distance ed/online classes
    • Increase in online book and article resources, but not reference & instruction staff
  • 4. Online Reference at SRJC: Why?
    • 2 campuses & 1 center:
      • Santa Rosa Campus (Main) open many hours per week.
      • M-Sa, 4 eves until 10 pm and 5 weekend hours on Saturday
      • Petaluma Campus library open slightly less hours per week
      • Windsor Center: no library presence
    • Staffing:
      • 6 FT Librarians to staff ref desks; provide eReference; maintain web site & Library Guides; collection development; schedule & deliver BIs; etc.
      • 39 hours additional part time staffing for ref desk coverage
    • Increase in distance ed/online classes –four online degrees
    • Increase in online book and article resources
    • Multi-Floor buildings –students unable to leave other floors
  • 5. Online Reference at BCL: How?
    • E-mail (link from Butte College Library web site)
    • 24/7 Ask-A-Librarian chat service (we provide 4 hours per week of service as part of agreement)
    • Referral to additional online reference services
    • Part of overall push for online information competency program: advertised in BIs, on web site, and in all workshops
  • 6. Butte College Library Web Main Page
  • 7. Ask-A-Librarian Page
  • 8. “ Click on this link to launch a chat session”
  • 9. “Ask a Librarian Via E-Mail”
  • 10. Online Reference at SRJC: How?
    • Meebo IM (no E-mail at this time)
      • Meebome - free widget embedded into webpage code appears as chat window to allow real-time interactions; no student account necessary
      • Page design considerations: times, instructions, guidelines
    • Training
      • Essential to establish eReference competencies and provide practice to ensure consistent service
      • Expand skills for example, chatspeak & k eyboard shortcuts
      • Increase knowledge of online resources available
    • Support
      • All work collaboratively using pbwiki to provide technical tips and scripts of common interactions to speed up transactions
  • 11. Santa Rosa Junior College Library
  • 12. Santa Rosa Junior College Library
  • 13. Santa Rosa Junior College Library
  • 14. Santa Rosa Junior College Library
  • 15. Santa Rosa Junior College Library
  • 16. Online Reference at BCL: Who?
    • 1 FT and 1 PT librarian currently share 4 hour per week commitment for AskNow! 24/7
      • Morgan Brynnan (FT) [email_address]
      • Jacquie Foster (PT) [email_address]
    • Time is integrated as part of overall reference desk schedule and counts toward public service hours
    • Librarians check Reference e-mail every morning and periodically throughout the day.
    • FT Librarian tracks and provides follow-up when needed for all of our student requests handled by other libraries.
  • 17. Online Reference at SRJC: Who?
    • All Librarians participate
      • Fosters broader commitment to the service
    • Time is integrated as part of overall reference desk hours.
      • Provide eReference only when have back-up coverage and during slower evening hours
  • 18. Online Reference at BCL: Issues and Challenges
    • Cannot do 24/7 on the reference desk:
      • too busy, so adds another 4 hours to “open” hours from a production hour POV – hard for management to understand
      • Illness of librarians who normally provide 24/7 poses challenges
    • Hours available for coverage do not always mesh with our available service hours
      • OCLC rep has been very flexible
    • Nuances of F2F and “push” technology: requires ongoing skills sets, incl keyboarding skills
      • There are “scripts” that can be imported to help
      • Morgan and Jacquie can tell you more!
  • 19. Online Reference at SRJC: Issues and Challenges
    • Providing eReference while on the reference desk .
      • During the day, librarians feel it is too busy
      • Trying it in the evenings which are slower
      • Illness of eRef librarians results in no eRef service
    • Training
      • Ongoing need but difficult to schedule
      • Meebo ads, dropping connection, interface changes, notification
    • Surviving Budget Cuts
  • 20. Online Reference at BCL: Is It Working??
    • Yes!
    • Yes!
    • And Y E S !!!!
    • Each semester we see an increase in student 24/7 and e-mail use
    • Increase in faculty use
    • Popular response in student and all-campus surveys
    • Librarians continue to promote via BIs, reference desk, faculty, staff & student orientations and workshops
  • 21. Online Reference at SRJC: Is It Working??
    • Yes
    • In pilot stage no marketing has been done
    • Use has been low but is increasing
    • Future funding for staffing is unsure
  • 22. Questions/more info about Butte:
    • Shirleigh Brannon (FT) [email_address]
      • Coordinator, reference, instruction & information competency programs
      • Instruction, LIS 11, LIS 126 and via BlackBoard
      • SLOs
    • Morgan Brynnan (FT) [email_address]
      • Web page and online database management
      • 24/7 – primary contact point for OCLC western
    • Jacquie Foster (PT) [email_address]
      • Background in various aspects of distance education and online reference
      • 24/7
      • Camtasia-based Flash and video workshop components [email_address]
    • Louise Lee (PT) [email_address]
      • Chico Center Library services
  • 23. For more info: QuestionPoint http://www.questionpoint.org
  • 24. Questions/more info about SRJC:
    • Phyllis Usina (FT) [email_address]
      • Co-coordinator of reference
      • Instruction, LIR 10 Online via SRJC Course Management System
    • Nancy Persons (FT) [email_address]
      • Department Chair & Co-coordinator of reference
      • Instruction, LIR 10
  • 25. For More Info: Meebo http://www.meebo.com/
  • 26. For More Info:
    • ALA-RUSA: Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining Virtual Reference Services
      • http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/rusa/archive/protools/referenceguide/virtrefguidelines.cfm
    • Luo Lili. “Chat Reference Competencies.” Reference Services Review 35.2 (2007): 195-209.
      • Competencies set standards and provided a foundation for training
  • 27. BCL Workshop: Online Reference
    • Recently revised to reflect BCL web makeover
      • Currently 13 slides, presentational only. Goal is to incorporate assessments and offer as part of ½ unit online course
    • Will be available in multiple formats:
      • F2F drop-in workshop and televised workshops (ready now)
      • Video streaming online (end of Spring 09)
      • PPT and Flash Online (end of Spring 09)
      • Video recorded workshops available for check-out via Media Services (end of Spr 09)
      • BlackBoard unit with quizzes & assessments (end of Spr. 09)
    • Recently revised to reflect BCL web makeover
      • Currently 13 slides, presentational only. Goal is to incorporate assessments and offer as part of ½ unit online course
    • Will be available in multiple formats:
      • F2F drop-in workshop and televised workshops (ready now)
      • Video streaming online (end of Spring 09)
      • PPT and Flash Online (end of Spring 09)
      • Video recorded workshops available for check-out via Media Services (end of Spr 09)
      • BlackBoard unit with quizzes & assessments (end of Spr. 09)
  • 28. Online Reference Help Getting research help from home or after regular Library hours
  • 29. E-Mail (Butte College Library)
    • Answered by Butte College Librarians
    • Access from Butte College home page
    • http:// www.butte.edu /library/
  • 30. Live Chat - 24/7 Ask Now
    • Answered by librarians throughout the U.S.
    • Can be followed up by Butte College Librarians.
    • http:// www.butte.edu /library/
  • 31. Live Chat - 24/7 Ask Now
    • Can also be accessed via other library web sites, such as
    • Butte County Library http:// www.buttecounty.net/BCLibrary /
    • California State University, Chico – Meriam Library http:// www.csuchico.edu /library/
  • 32. Live Chat – Research Help Now
    • Virtual reference service for research questions.
    • Priority given to users of participating libraries. (Butte College is not a participating library)
    • http:// researchhelpnow.org /
  • 33. E-Mail – Internet Public Library
    • Service is free to all—questions from around the world and people of all ages
    • Questions answered by trained graduate students in library schools and professional volunteers (mostly librarians)
    • Use free sites and sometimes refer to print or subscription sources (local resources when possible)
    • Access from Internet Public Library home page http:// www.ipl.org /
    • Use other resources if answer is needed within 3 days
  • 34. What Is the IPL?
    • A website ( http:// www.ipl.org / ) containing:
      • Collections of nearly 45,000 links
      • E-mail reference service
    • An educational and research laboratory for librarians
      • Majority of work is student-driven
  • 35. Collections at the IPL
    • Link to free online sites
    • All links selected and reviewed by library science graduate students—must meet our collection policies
    • Sites indexed and abstracted
    • Subject collections as well as special features and exhibits
  • 36. Online Reference Sites
    • Reference sites recommended by Butte College Library: Home Page  Reference Links
    • http:// www.butte.edu /library/
    • Internet Public Library Ready Reference: http://www.ipl.org/div/subject/browse/ref00.00.00
    • Best Free Reference Sites (Recommended by American Library Association): http://www.ala.org/ala/rusa/rusaourassoc/rusasections/mars/marspubs/MARSBESTIndex.htm
    • Best Online Reference Sites: http:// www.rcls.org/deskref /
  • 37. Handy Reference Sites
    • Wikipedia http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
    • Dictionary & Subject Dictionaries http:// www.yourdictionary.com /
    • Statistics – Statistical Abstract http:// www.census.gov/compendia/statab
    • AllRefer.com http:// www.allrefer.com (Online directory of resources by subject.)
    • Bartleby.com http:// www.bartleby.com (Online literature and reference including biographies, quotes, encyclopedias and other reference books.)
  • 38. Library Databases
    • Collections of the electronic version of scholarly journals, magazines, and resources provided by database providers, such as GALE, H.W. Wilson.
    • Users access the Library databases via the Internet but most resources found in these research databases cannot be found on the World Wide Web. The Library pays subscription fees to access the databases.
    Home Butte College Library Database Providers
  • 39. Off-Campus Access
  • 40. Off-Campus Access