PowerDVD 8 Outline for Datasheet


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PowerDVD 8 Outline for Datasheet

  1. 1. CyberLink Live is CyberLink's vision of tomorrow's digital lifestyle, bringing digital home entertainment outside the home to anywhere in the world. CyberLink Live gives users a private and secure way to remotely access and share their media content by place-shifting it from their home PCs. Users can remotely access live TV programming, recorded TV shows, webcams, videos, photos, music, and documents from any web-enabled device outside the home. New support for Windows Mobile 6 ensures a wider range of supported devices. Aside from personal access, CyberLink Live is a great way to share media with friends and family without lengthy Internet file uploads and downloads, creating one’s own personal online community. CyberLink Live is the first step in the creation of a complete web-based media entertainment platform. Getting started is as simple as downloading the free trial software from CyberLink Live – www.cyberlinklive.com. KEY FEATURES Creating a Digital Media Center with Remote Access CyberLink Live software can be downloaded from the CyberLink Live website. The application allows users to transform their PCs into a Home Server: a media center that can be accessed remotely via the web. Users will then be able to access all of their media files (videos, photos, and audio), documents and webcams, and even enjoy high-quality video streaming of their local TV programming through any web-enabled device.
  2. 2. Live and recorded TV, photos, videos, audio files, webcams and data folders: all accessible from anywhere in the world and on the go, with CyberLink Live! Users can also share their content with others, and have complete control as to which files they want to share and with whom. There is no need for lengthy file uploads or downloads. Regardless of the media type, CyberLink Live optimizes media streaming quality to give users the best experience on the Internet. Enjoying Digital Media Anytime, Anywhere With CyberLink Live, users can easily access the digital media on their Home Server PC from any web-enabled device. This device—a notebook, another computer, etc.—can be anywhere in the world, as long as it is connected to the Internet. Supporting access to webcams, videos, photos, music and data, CyberLink Live also allows users to access their home TV programs, giving them the power to watch or record their favorite shows even when they are out of town. Users can record and watch their favorite TV programs, or enjoy streaming TV live Access on Windows Mobile 6 Devices & PDAs CyberLink Live now comes with support for mobile devices running Windows Mobile 6 and above. Which means all music, photos, live TV and even webcam streaming can now be accessed from PDAs, phones etc. Media streamed to mobile devices using CyberLink Live (photos, music, live TV) is optimized to give the best possible experience.
  3. 3. Taking the Digital Home Concept One Step Further With the goal of greater interoperability and connectivity between all devices in the home, more and more of the world’s leading consumer electronics, PC and mobile companies are collaborating with DLNA (www.dlna.org) to ensure their products are DLNA Certified™. What this means for the end user is even though devices around the house may be manufactured by different companies, they can still work together. This is where CyberLink Live fits into the picture. With remote access capability plus DLNA support, users are now able to remotely connect to all the DLNA Certified™ products in the home via the home network (be it wired or wireless) and the home PC with CyberLink Live software installed. By simply logging into www.cyberlinklive.com, users are able to connect to and view all stored media in their home PC plus other DLNA Certified™ products around the home from just one unified intuitive interface. This support for DLNA devices finally gives users the freedom to share and enjoy all personal digital content anytime and anywhere, at home or on the road, by himself/herself or among friends. With CyberLink Live, the concept of the Digital Home is now taken one step further. All personal media stored across multiple devices in the home, can now all be accessed from outside your home, easily and securely via a single interface, with just a web browser.
  4. 4. Managing and Organizing Digital Media CyberLink Live features a friendly and intuitive user interface, allowing the management of media by type and the sorting of media files by name, date, or a user-defined 5-star rating system. Users can also add their descriptions to their photos and videos. New browsing features List view as well as photo and video thumbnails, makes browsing and accessing the desired data easier than ever before. CyberLink Live features an intuitive user interface, for fast access to all media content and documents Digital Media Everywhere, the Easy Way CyberLink Live is designed with novice PC users in mind, with a highly interactive user interface and intuitive functionality. A fully dedicated Hosted Relay Service ensures a stable bandwidth of 384kbps, delivering smooth streaming of high quality media at all times. CyberLink Live provides the best media entertainment experience possible on the Internet.
  5. 5. Support for Intel® Remote Wake Technology With CyberLink Live's built-in power management you never waste power while always having access to your media. By incorporating Intel® Remote Wake Technology, your Home PC remains in sleep mode until you really need it. During this energy efficient sleep mode state, your Home PC actually powers down key hardware components like the hard drive, monitor, and peripherals, but continues to provide power to memory, so everything you were doing stays active. The cut in power requirements to these key components allows them to generate less heat, hence prolonging your devices' lifespan. The cut in total power requirements of the Home PC also means that your system consumes less power as a whole. CyberLink Live Add-Ons & Plug-Ins CyberLink Live Gadgets The CyberLink Live Gadget allows photos to be displayed in a series of slideshows as well as music to be played from the audio library from a home PC through the Gadget on any desktop. There are 3 versions to choose from. Google Desktop Windows Vista Yahoo! Widgets
  6. 6. Remote Download Browser Plug-In Pack The Remote Download Browser Plug-In pack enables files to be downloaded whilst browsing the Internet on a home PC from anywhere! Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 7 & above, Mozilla Firefox 2.x & above Remote Download Process (Internet Explorer) 1. Select CyberLink Live icon 4. Click download link and authorize 2. Enter email and password 3. Select target server 5. Select CyberLink Live icon to monitor download
  7. 7. CyberLink Live Media Features: TV • Enables remote viewing of high quality live TV shows from your Home Server PC (with installed TV tuner card) over the Internet. • Supports time-shift playback when watching live TV programs. • Features customizable channel list for easy selection. • Supports scheduled recording and EPG • Hosted Relay Service ensures high connectivity through firewalls • Remote viewing using mobile devices and PDAs • Favorite channels listing Webcam • Supports multiple web cameras, easily selected via the CyberLink Live interface. • Supports large screen and full screen sizes. • Endless features including remote recording, scheduled recording, motion- detection recording, email notification upon movement detection, or when recording stops. • Allows remote deletion of files to remove unwanted video recordings. • Remote viewing using mobile devices and PDAs
  8. 8. Photos • Displays photos as animated slideshows. • Allows user customization of the photo display duration. • Supports slideshow playback in full screen mode. • Allows users to watch slideshows while playing background music from their audio library. • Allows for download of photos from Home Server PC. • Digital Photo Frame easily blends with Windows Vista, Yahoo and Google desktops. • Remote viewing using mobile devices and PDAs • List view and photo thumbnails • Zoom in, zoom out and manual resize Videos • Ensures smooth viewing of video files over the Internet with automatic conversion of files into .wmv format. • Videos are streamed with the best image quality and bit-rate depending on the user’s Internet bandwidth. Hosted Relay Service ensures high connectivity (384kbps) at all times. • Allows download of video files from the user’s Home Server PC. • List view and video thumbnails
  9. 9. Audio • CD quality (~192k) audio over the Internet. • No need to sync your home computer with your portable one: just log into CyberLink Live and listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are. • Allows download of audio files from Home Server PC • 5-star rating system allows users to rate their own audio clips. • Music library access using mobile devices and PDAs Data • Allows users to access, download, edit and upload their personal documents when they are away from home. • Supports all common file types, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat PDF, TXT and Zip files. • Supports password protection in Zip files. • Allows users to zip the content of large files while downloading, for even faster results • Users can sort documents by name, type, size, or date • List view and document thumbnail view
  10. 10. CyberLink Live Premium Medium Features Web Host Relay Service (384 kbps) TV Display Quality / Resolution ~1M / ~640 x 480 pixels EPG Live and Scheduled Recording Live TV, Channel Auto Scan Auto-Scan Channel Viewing Live TV (Pause/Resume) Photo Maximum on-screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels Download Animated slideshow Organize, Search, Rate, Comment and Share photos Video Video Quality ~1M Download Videos Organize, Search, Rate, Comment and share videos Audio Audio Quality ~192k (CD quality) Download Music Organize, Search, Rate, Comment and share music Document File Types Support (ALL formats) Upload documents onto home PC Document Browser Webcam Motion Detection - Notify and Record Schedule Record Record Notify Manual Record Viewing live and recorded videos Windows Mobile 6 Provides Support for Mobile Devices & PDAs running Windows Mobile 6 Digital Home Remote access capability & DLNA support CyberLink Live Premium is a subscription service. Rates: US $49.95 per year or US $19.95 per 3 months.
  11. 11. System Requirements Operating System: • Windows Vista • Windows XP (Home or Professional) with Service Pack 2 • Windows XP Media Center Edition (2004 or 2005) Minimum Hardware Requirements: • Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz processor or AMD Athlon 3800+ or equivalent Note: A slower processor may cause excessive buffering, or "choppiness" when streaming videos and TV • 1 GB memory • At least 100 MB disk space. We recommend at least 1 GB disk space for media storage and transfer • TV Tuner card (for tuning in to live TV remotely, or recording live TV) • Webcam (for receiving live webcam feeds remotely) • Please visit www.cyberlinklive.com for the complete list of tested TV tuner and webcam devices for compatibility Internet Connection: • Broadband Software Requirements: • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ for Windows or Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ • Flash Player 9 • Windows Media Player 11 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. For the most up-to-date info, please visit our websites, www.cyberlinklive.com and www.cyberlink.com. © 2008 All rights reserved, CyberLink Corp.