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  1. 1. The Leading Global Provider of High-Quality ViewCast Niagara Audio and Video Communications Products 6200 Series | 3701 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 300 | Plano, Texas 75075-7840 | 972-488-7200 | 800-540-4119 High-density Streaming System Plug-and-play streaming solutions VIEWCAST NIAGARA STREAMING MEDIA ENCODER SYSTEMS FEATURES 6200 ANALOG SYSTEMS WEBCASTING | TRAINING | INTERNET TV | INTERNET BROADCASTING DISTANCE LEARNING | MOBILE TV | CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Single-Channel Analog Inputs o S-Video The ViewCast Niagara family of streaming media encoders are pre-configured, plug-and-play o Composite BNC Video encoding solutions, enabling you to quickly capture and broadcast premium quality audio and o Balanced XLR Stereo Audio video. These powerful systems are an excellent choice for video capture to file for archiving as o Unbalanced RCA Stereo Audio well as repurposing video for Internet and Intranet distribution. These plug-and-play streaming solutions are ideal for virtually any streaming, archiving, or video production application. Dual-Channel Analog Inputs o (2) Composite BNC Video These streaming media encoders are designed for government agencies, CDN providers, studios, o (2) S-Video broadcasters and enterprise IT professionals. The Niagara Streaming Systems are used for a wide o (2 Pair) Balanced XLR Stereo variety of applications including webcasting, video archiving, and streaming training videos. Audio o (2 Pair) Unbalanced RCA Stereo Built upon the industry-leading technology of Osprey Video capture boards, Niagara Streaming Audio Systems also include ViewCast’s productivity enhancing software modules: Niagara SCX®and Osprey SimulStream®. Moreover, Niagara streaming media encoders can be enhanced with the 6200 ANALOG & DIGITAL SYSTEMS addition of software options to enable video editing, rich-media presentations and video archival and search. Single-Channel Digital/Analog Inputs The result is fully-optimized and tested rack-mount Niagara baseline system platforms. So if o SDI you’re looking for a powerful, reliable, and cost-effective streaming media encoder that is ideal o S-Video for virtually any streaming, archiving, or video production application, look no further. ViewCast’s o Composite BNC Video Niagara platform is a perfect fit. o Embedded SDI Audio o Balanced XLR Stereo Audio o Unbalanced RCA Stereo Audio o AES/EBU Dual-Channel Digital/Analog Input o (2) SDI o (2) S-Video o (2) Composite BNC Video o (2) Embedded SDI Audio o (2 Pair) Balanced XLR Stereo Audio o (2) AES/EBU
  2. 2. Niagara 6200 Streaming Media Encoder Systems Each Niagara system includes other ViewCast components to make it a complete streaming solultion. These software components are powerful configuration, control management and monitoring tools which are Niagara SCX and Osprey SimulStream. Encoder Management and Monitoring Software: Niagara SCXtio Niagara SCX provides you full access to view and set encoding parameters, to start and stop the encoding process, and to receive notifications of identified error conditions. With this powerful encoder management tool, you can monitor and control up to 50 encoders from a single interface running on a client PC. The following scenario clearly demonstrates what Niagara SCX can accomplish for you. In a data center running 15 encoding systems, each connected to different content sources using one or more capture channel in each system, Niagara SCX provides the ability to monitor the encoding status of each channel on each streaming system. In this scenario, Niagara SCX, combined with Osprey SimulStream, can also capture from the same source on each channel at different resolutions or compression formats. For example, each source is captured at 3 different bitrates: QCIF at 148 kbps, CIF at 250 kbps, and CIF at 350 kbps. All are managed and controlled by Niagara SCX! Niagara SCX Client Interface and Cropping Tools Convenient and Remote Access When you manage any array of devices, convenient access to the devices is the foremost consideration — on-site and off-site. You often find an array of encoders located in a server room with several PCs. These server rooms are typically loud from the hum of servers, and do not provide an ideal long-term working environment. Niagara SCX gives you the ability to access the encoders from one or more remote locations via an IP connection, and moves the management controls from an inhospitable environment to an ideal environment. Niagara SCX Encoder nested view allows you to easily see all encoders on the network and their current status. Real-Time Any-Time Monitoring Monitoring provides you the confidence the systems are operating within the expected parameters. It provides you the ability to react and to apply remedies when a system fails to function properly. Niagara SCX provides two categorical sets of components for monitoring: • System Health o CPU performance o Network status and activity • Ingest through Distribution o Ingesting point o Audio and video qualimetrics, which include hue, saturation, gamma, and audio levels o Encoding statistics, which include stream packets and bytes delivered/dropped, stream bit rate, and frame per second Niagara SCX encoder statistics window provides real-time monitoring of encode, system health and connected clients. (fps)
  3. 3. ViewCast Niagara 6200 Series Complete Encoder Control Niagara SCX is flexible, particularly in applications involving live broad- casting when on-the-fly changes and tweaks are often required. Niagara SCX excels in providing the required controls to ensure the best stream- ing video quality. Niagara SCX controls allow you to feel as if you were physically located next to the encoding system. Basic functions of the encoder such as start and stop are included, but Niagara SCX also provides you controls for: • System CODEC and profile selection o Windows Media®, RealVideo®, Flash®, MPEG-4, and AVI • Modification of capture resolution and attributes • Ability to adjust video pre-processing filters such as de-interlacing Using Niagara SCX, you can set all audio and video properties of each encoder • Adjustment of video resolution through scaling while minimizing on an individual basis. CPU load • Branding and protecting of video content through logo watermarking • Enabling/disabling/configuring Osprey SimulStream Manage and AGGREGATE The array operator manages several different systems, each with different settings and, in most cases, runs different encoding engines. It is critically important the user experiences a single, unified interface which can only be provided using Niagara SCX. Without Niagara SCX, managing so many different devices becomes completely unmanageable. Quickly and Easily CONFIGURE Niagara SCX provides the ability to configure, or perhaps better said, reconfigure, the system quickly and efficiently. This is crucial for live, The Niagara SCX Web Interface for Niagara Appliances provides an spontaneous events when a portable encoder is taken on location by encoder list for encoder creation, editing, and monitoring. broadcast teams skilled in event productions. Although skilled in event productions, these teams may not be up-to-speed on the technicalities of encoder setup and configuration. Niagara SCX allows the user to pre-configure Niagara streaming media appliances. Then, all the on-site user needs to do is press the “start” button on the front panel of the system. This is an appliance solution! At the device driver level, Niagara SCX configures the video pre-processing, scaling, and cropping for each encoding session. Other configuration settings include de-interlacing options, VBI data extraction (used in the United States for Closed Captioning or International use for teletext and other bits of data), gamma controls, color space conversion, and basic video format settings. Optional Upgrade to Niagara SCX Pro All Niagara Streaming Systems Include: All Niagara Streaming Systems are eligible for the Niagara SCX Pro Upgrde. With this upgrade, you will get these Osprey SimulStream additional features: Designed to provide the optimal experience of a streamlined • MPEG-4 compression engine workflow, Osprey SimulStream provides the ability to deliver o H.263/MPEG-4 Part 2 SP/ASP multiple streams at multiple bitrates from a single video source. o H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 Osprey SimulStream is a premium software enhancement which • 3GPP/3GPP2 container support extends the capabilities of a single channel audio and video • MPEG-4 profile settings for most common appliances capture to simultaneous multi-capture. o MPEG-4 Unrestricted o High-Definition for HD-DVD players & set-top boxes Opsrey SimulStream Features: o Home Theater - DVD players, set-top boxes & • Optimized streams for a diverse Internet audience - all gaming consoles streaming in real-time o Portable - portable playback devices such as MP3 • Maximum efficeincey without sacrificing quality players or PDAs • Complete utilization of multi-core processors o Handheld - mobile phones • Maximum channel density for streaming o Apple® Video iPod® portable playback device production o Creative ZEN™ Vision portable video player • Reduced hardware costs o PlayStation® PSP o 3GPP
  4. 4. The Leading Global Provider of High-Quality Audio and Video Communications Products ViewCast Niagara 6200 Series Niagara Product Comparison Chart 6200 Analog 6200 Digital GoStream GoStream PLUS Niagara Pro Form Factor Rack Mount Rack Mount Portable Portable Rack Mount A/V Channels 2 2 1 1 2 Physical Weight 55 lbs. 55 lbs. 8 lbs. 8 lbs. 70 lbs. Dimensions 2RUx19Wx24.5D 2RUx19Wx24.5D 4.5Hx8Wx15.5D 4.5Hx8Wx15.5D 2RUx19Wx23D Category Integrated System Integrated System Appliance Appliance Appliance Composite BNC 2 2 1 1 2 Video Input Test Signal Feed BNC 1 (Channel switchable) S-Video Mini-DIN 2 2 1 1 2 SDI 2 2 Composite RCA 2 Composite BNC 2 Video S-Video Mini-DIN 2 Monitoring Video Presence Indicator 1 1 Built-in Video Monitoring Display 1 (Channel switchable) Unbalanced RCA 2 Pair 2 Pair 2 Pair 2 Pair Unbalanced BNC 2 Pair Audio Input Balanced XLR 2 Pair 2 Pair 2 Pair 2 Pair 2 Pair AES/EBU 2 2 Embedded SDI 2 2 Stereo Headphone Jack (3.5 mm) 1 1 1 (Channel switchable) Audio Montor Unbalanced Stereo Line Level (3.5 mm) 2 Out Unbalanced Stereo Line Level (RCA) 2 Pair 2 Pair NTSC (M/M-J)      Video Formats PAL (B/D/G/H/I)      SECAM (B/D/G/H/K/K1/L/L1)      Deinterlace      Gamma Correction      Video Tuning Utilities (Vectorscope/Waveform)      Preprocessing Cropping      Scaling      Bitmap Overlay      Audio 32,44.1, 48kHz Sampling      Preprocessing HW gain and attenuation      Closed Caption Extraction & Overlay      VBI Closed Caption to Text Output      Windows Media      Real Video      Video Flash (v6)      Formats AVI      MPEG-4 Part 2 (H.263) Option Option    MPEG-4 Part 10 Option Option    Windows Media      Real Audio      Audio AVI      Formats AMR Narrowband Option Option    AAC Option Option    MP3 Option Option    Windows Media      RealMedia      Output Flash (v6)      Types AVI      AMR Option Option    3GPP Option Option    3GPP2 Option Option    Supported Up to CIF Resolution      Resolution Up to Full Resolution     Niagara SCX   Software Niagara SCX Pro    Included Niagara SCX Web Interface    Osprey SimulStream      AC 115-230 VAC 115-230 VAC 100-240 VAC 100-240 VAC 100-240 VAC Power +14VDC (battery power operation)   FCC 47CFR Part 15 Class A      Compliance CE Mark      RoHS      For more information on ViewCast products, visit ViewCast Corporation | 3701 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 300 | Plano, Texas 75075-7840 | 972-488-7200 | 800-540-4119 © 2007 ViewCast Corporation. ViewCast, Niagara, Osprey, SimulStream and Niagara SCX are registered trademarks of ViewCast Corporation or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Product specifications and availability may change without notice.