Mobilize Video Platform


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Mobilize Video Platform

  1. 1. Mobilize Video Platform Mobilize Control Server Mobilize is an advanced and highly Mobilize takes care of the complete scalable content delivery platform chain of ingesting, adapting and that is developed to enable content publishing content to the variety of providers and content owners to formats and consumer terminals prepare their content for the new where the end user expects to scenarios of content distribution. browse and consume content. The Mobilize platform ensures that all the components are ready integrated to form a complete content delivery platform all the way from ingest, transcoding and publishing the content out to the Web- and Streaming Servers represented in the platform. The Adactus Mobilize platform can be built to form a single-site setup or also to represent a platform where a central site controls Web- and Streaming Servers in different locations outside the central node. The platform is especially designed to integrate directly into an existing workflow to enable cross platform media delivery. The server also offers an extensive API where most of the functions of the Adactus Mobilize server are exposed. This allows for the customer to control content transcoding, streaming, playlisting, publishing etc. from an external system.
  2. 2. The Mobilize platform can be configured using 6 different server components. Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Mobilize Video Live Video Live Video Streaming Live Channel Live Video Transcoder Transcoder Segmenter Server Master Recorder V L L S L L T V V S C V T S M R Standard configuration for Video-On-Demand to mobile Extension for Live iPhone Video Distribution • Mobilize Control Server • Mobilize iPhone TV • Mobilize Video Transcoder (including video segmenter for iPhone 3.0 or later) Extension for Streaming Video On Demand Extension for Recording Live Video into source material for VOD • Mobilize Streaming Server • Mobilize Flash Streaming Server • Mobilize Live Video Recorder (for serving RTMP to Flash Lite Applications) Extension for Live Video and/or Looped Channels Extensions available for mobile content contribution • Mobilize Live Video Transcoder • Mobilize Reporter • Mobilize Channel Master • Mobilize Live Reporter The Control Server is the central component in the Adactus Mobilize platform that connects the various components together into one integrated system. All components can individually be connected to the platform according to the needs of the customer for designing a system that meets requirements for: • Amount of simultaneous device detections • Amount of simultaneous live video or looped channels • Speed of VOD file transcoding • Amount of concurrent connected streaming clients • Redundancy • Load Sharing • Etc Each component handles its specific tasks. Below are a diagram of the integrated system and a description of each component.
  3. 3. Mobilize Workflow Diagram L V S L V Multicast network T L Live Transcoded Video V for iPhone S MPEGoIP MPEGoIP L V T Web Download Servers and live iPhone Servers L V SDI SDI T SDI Live Transcoded Video S S for Mobile and Web Live Video Transcoders S S Video Files Transcoded for Mobile/Web/iPhone Video Files Mobilize V Streaming Servers Server Content API Control T Media Workflow Billing Server Video Files Metrics API V T Video Transcoders
  4. 4. Production Description Mobilize Control Server The Mobilize Control Server is the core these ‘Publish Points’. The system can in this way be built Mobilize node of the Mobilize platform and to form a CDN (Content Delivery Network) of connected Control Server combines all components into one servers. integrated solution. The Control Server performs device detection for mobilephone video For mobile content consumption the Mobilize Control capabilities, it contains an exten- Server handles client detection sive content API for “ Adactus have worked very hard on seamless integration into our complicated workflow and adaptation to optimize the content ingest, transcoding and user experience and maximize processes, enabling us to deliver fantastic “ publishing, and conditional quality video to mobile devices. the usage of a terminal’s specifi- Mark Farrow, Director Wireless at access to content can be cation and functionality. Turner Brodacasting System managed in this component. The Mobilize Control Server allows for control of the All video transcoding jobs and outputs are also control- publishing process through the WebService API, and a led from the Control Server, both for live and VOD video high performance API is offered for building adapted video transcoding. A video transcoding job is a combination of content into Mobile Internet (WAP/XHTML) pages on a outputs that will be created from one input file or from an session-by-session basis. This input live video stream. The Mo- “ The Adactus Mobilize platform AlJazeera API can also be utilized to build bilize Control Server is designed has deliv- content into On Device Portals, ered excellent video quality for to deliver a broad set of outputs Arabic and English mobile portals and Flash Lite Players etc. of video formats to serve the in- has integrated seamlessly with the content workflow of our channels. Adactus have an homogeneous set of handsets in in depth mobile video expertise and have All streaming servers and web the market with an optimal video delivered a strong mobile video offering for “ servers are represented in the AlJazeera quality and to utilize the capabili- Safdar Mustafa, Control Server and referred to Head of Mobile Media Unit, ties of each handset. New Media AlJazeera as ‘Publishing Points’ that con- tent will be transferred to af- This is important in order to be ter ingest and transcoding. The transfer of content to a able to serve all mobile phones that can play video with a ‘Publish Point’ can be an automated or manual operation. video version the handset is able to play, but also espe- The Control Server builds URLs pointing to consumable cially to be able to utilize the video playback capabilities of media files to be presented to the end user from each of the new and modern handsets.
  5. 5. Mobilize Video Transcoder V The Mobilize Video Transcoder gives complete In total around 25-30 versions will be created for T control of all aspects of a transcoding job. It delivering both downloadable and streaming versions converts a single file into a large number of of a source file. New mobile phones released from the target formats to optimize the content to all the different manufacturers can have a new output profile allocated, terminals such as mobile phones, web players etc.. and I.e. support for 16x9 video output for a Nokia N97 phone can easily be added. For mobile VOD content the Video Transcoder by default prepares around 15-20 versions for streaming video in These transcoding jobs are built from an XML-template the range from 128x96 (SubQCIF) H.263 video up to and can be edited on the server. This XML- template 480x360 H.264 video for iPhone or other high end allows for very detailed access to control the transcoding terminals. Versions here consist of H.263, H.264 and of content. MPEG-4 SP versions in different resolutions, frame-rates and codecs for audio and video. For downloadable VOD For high volume transcoding jobs, multiple Mobilize clips the Video Transcoder prepares around 10 versions Video Transcoders can be configured as a transcoding of a source file using the same set of codecs and cluster to guarantee faster transcoding for immediate resolutions in a separate combination. publishing. Mobilize Live Video Transcoder L The Mobilize Live Video Transcoder is a video clips prepared for a broad range of outputs. One V T powerful and flexible live video transcoding live stream of video is transcoded simultaneously to server. The server can serve both web and approximately 10 different outputs including resolutions mobile phone content distribution architectures. Input from 128x96 H.263 and up to 480x360 H.264 for iPhone. video can be sourced from either an IP video source or Within this range of outputs content is prepared for all from a video capture card. Video Capture cards known variants supported on mobile phones. The output supported are DVS Centaurus and BlackMagic variants are controlled from an XML-template in the same DeckLink. A source video is in the same way as for way as for video files. Mobilize Live Video Segmenter L The Mobilize Live Video Segmenter is used playlist in a format readable by the iPhone. Depending on V S when delivering live content to iPhone and the setup, the playlist may have a set of different bitrates, iPods with OS version 3.0 or higher. This making it possible to optimize the video quality for the component is responsible for transforming the live video user, depending on the user’s network. stream, delivered by the Live Video Transcoder, into a
  6. 6. Mobilize Streaming Server S The Mobilize Streaming Server is a high This functionality is equally supported for live video S performance video streaming server that distribution and VOD video distribution. By default the delivers on demand and live video for mobile distribution protocol for content to mobile phones is telephones and web video players. Streaming URLs can RTSP. For serving videos for FLASH over RTMP to be encrypted to protect the access to the content, and modern mobile phones a Flash streaming server is content can be offered as open accessible or available connected to the Mobilize platform. in a session-by-session basis for conditional access. Streaming video URLs can in this way be available All traffic and streaming sessions on the streaming server based on authentication e.g. from a phone number or a are logged and statistical data are stored to be made login, and URLs can be created that cannot be shared or available for analysis. that are limited to access given number of times. Mobilize Live Channel Master L Live Channels is a concept for building your Looped Channels or combined with live video streams in C M own Live content based on live input, such as a Live Channel. The Mobilize Live Channel Master a multicast, unicast, DVI or a remote source, in composes Live Channels set up with single live content, addition to single or grouped video files. The Live one or many video clips, one or many Looped Channels, Channels are set up in such a way that you can prioritize or a combination of them all, where all elements may be the different video files and live streams by assigning scheduled individually in the WEB GUI. The same set them to prioritized layers inside a live channel. of output variants of content are offered for both Live Channels and Looped Channels as for regular Live Video Mobilize Live Channel Master also delivers output of Transcoding. Looped Channels for mobile. Input to a Looped Channel is a set of video files in a preferred / random order. The With recommended hardware one Live Video Transcoder Looped Channel is an element in a Live Channel, and can serve up to four Live Streams or four Looped may be set up as a Live Channel consisting of only Channels or a combination of these. Mobilize Live Video Recorder L With Mobilize Live Video Recorder, live video use as on demand content. With Mobilize Live Video V R content can be recorded and stored for VOD Recorder, recordings can be scheduled for automated purposes as it is still streamed live, and behaviour. The created and stored on demand files can recorded live video content can be prepared for later instantly be prepared for publishing.
  7. 7. Content Input: Content Output: File formats (file extensions): File formats (file extensions): 3gp .h263 .ogg 3gp .h263 .mpeg .3g2 .h264 .mxf .3g2 .h264 .ogg .avi .m4v .rm .avi .m4v .mxf .ac3 .m4a .ts .ac3 .m4a .rm .aac .mp3 .vc1 .amr .mp3 .ts .amr .mp4 .wmv .asf .mp4 .wmv .asf .mov .wma .dv .mov .wma .dv .mpa .vob .flv .mpa .vob .flv .mpg .gxf .mpg .gxf .mpeg Audio codecs: Audio codecs: AAC MPEG-1 (mp1, mp2, and mp3) AAC MPEG-1 (mp2, and mp3) AC-3 PCM (16, 24 and 32 bit) AC-3 PCM (16, 24 and 32 bit) AMR-NB Windows Media Audio AMR-NB Windows Media Audio/ AMR-WB Windows Media Audio Pro Windows Media Audio Pro AMR-WB DV Audio Real Audio Real Audio DV Audio Vorbis Theora Video codecs: Video codecs: Cinepack MPEG-2 (PS & ES) Cinepack MPEG-1 DV Video MPEG-4 DV Video MPEG-2 (PS & ES) DVCPro 25 MPEG-4/XVID DVCPro 25 MPEG-4 DVCPro 50 Microsoft MPEG-4 DVCPro 50 MPEG-4/XVID DVCPro 100/HD On2 (VP5, VP6) Flash Video Microsoft MPEG-4 Flash Video Sorenson H.263 Theora, VC-1 H.263 Theora H.264 VC3/DNxHD H.264 VC-1 HuffYUV Windows Media Video (7&8) HuffYUV VC3/DNxHD M-JPEG XVID M-JPEG Windows Media Video (7,8,9) MPEG-1 XVID
  8. 8. Contact Information Business Address Postal Address Email: Adactus AS Adactus AS Phone: 0047 911 76 535 Otto Nielsens vei 4 P.O. Box 4157, Valentinlyst NO-7052 Trondheim NO-7450 Trondheim Norway Norway