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Microsoft PowerPoint - StreamingVideoF03
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Microsoft PowerPoint - StreamingVideoF03

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  • 1. Objectives Streaming Video with History Real Real – File conversion – File creation Copyright © 2003 Deb Murphy – Live broadcast History History Who was the first to offer video on the Who was the first to offer video on the web? web? – VDOLive History History VDOLive While VDOLive was providing video, – Was not streamed Real released RealAudio. – Was ‘painful’ to watch over a 14.4 internet connection – Is no longer available 1
  • 2. Real Real Real was started by Rob Glaser in RealPlayer 1.0 was available in 1994 1994 RealPlayer 4.0 was available in 1997 RealPlayer is installed in 80% of – Supported video Internet-capable computers Internet- Current version 85% of all streaming media is distributed by RealSystem – RealOne Player 350,000 hours of live materials are produced weekly Real Real 1998 RealNetworks introduced RealVideo 8.0 RealSystem 6.0 – Better image quality at all bandwidths – aka G2 – Improved loss protection – Supported SMIL and SureStream – Variable bitrate encoding – Used a new codec – Two-pass encoding Two- The RealPlayer decides the acceptable frame rate Real Real Loss protection Variable Bit Rate – If a packet is missing, the loss is – VBR uses a different bandwidth each compensated for second – Disadvantage: can increase buffering 2
  • 3. Real Real 2-pass encoding RealVideo 9 – Encoder ‘looks’ at the video before – Support of broadband encoding it – Support of HDTV and interlaced video – Support of RealAudio Surround Real Real Real can support audio from 5 Kbps to Creating RealMedia Content 1500 Kbps – On-demand On- – Live content Real Creating a RealMedia file from an already existing file 3
  • 4. Real AVI AIF DV MP* Use if you are MOV, QT AU creating a real file from an already WM* WAV existing file Available File Formats Real Audiences allows you to choose the bandwidth of your viewers Real Video filters allows you to do some advanced video production 4
  • 5. Real Clip information is where you enter information about the clip Real Creating a live RealMedia file Encode allows you to make the Real file Choose the appropriate audio/video source and adjust settings Choose a file name and destination 5
  • 6. Choose the bandwidth of your viewers Click encode when ready Real Live broadcast – When creating a live broadcast you will need to add the server information Server destination Real Real Account Based Push Broadcast – The encoder must authenticate Password-only Push Broadcast Password- – No authentication except password Multicast Push – Push live broadcast to several Real servers Pull Broadcast – The server requests from the encoder more data 6
  • 7. Real End 7