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How to Download

  1. 1. INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Alleghany County Elementary Schools GET STARTED WITH DISCOVERY EDUCATION STREAMING VIDEO CLIPS TO DOWNLOAD & VIEW VIDEO CLIPS Streaming Video Video streaming is watching video live on the internet. If you have a website such as Discovery Ed open, and you are watching a video clip, you are streaming. Streaming uses up bandwidth on our school network, so we are encouraged to keep it to a minimum. If you need to use streaming video for an extended period, please make arrangements with the Network Administrator (Jeff Alleman). Fortunately, with Discovery Ed streaming, there are some alternatives: Download Discovery Ed ( ) now allows you to briefly preview a video clip to see if it is what you want, and then download it to your computer . 1. A search for English-Language Arts K-2 video clips (segments) has produced a number of results. When you see one that seems to meet your needs, mouse over the image of the video, and you will get a preview: Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 1 Fall 2009
  2. 2. 2. If you decide you want to download this clip to your computer, click on the title: You’ll see a list of the rest of the clips from the Discovering Language Arts full video. The length of each clip is shown next to its title. If you click on one of the other choices, the player will open and it will immediately begin to stream. Unless you are at home, or viewing before or after school hours, click the stop button. You will see a brief description of the video clip below the player. Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 2 Fall 2009
  3. 3. 2. You can download one or more of the video clips to your computer by clicking with the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON (right-click) on the download button next to the video. You’ll see a drop-down menu. Choose (left-click) Save Target As. A box will pop up, allowing you to designate the location on your computer you want the video to be saved to. Click the down arrow to choose a location. 3. You should also change the name that Discovery Ed has given the video to something you’ll be able to find again. Just type over the highlighted text next to File Name. Click Save. Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 3 Fall 2009
  4. 4. This video clip was saved to the Desktop and re- named “Vowel sounds- animals” When it is opened and played from the Desktop (or anywhere else on your computer), it is no longer “streaming”, so you may play it whenever you want. You can also save a video clip (or very short video) to a CD--if you have a CD burner--or to a flash drive. Keep in mind when choosing videos: an entire video can take up a huge amount of disk space and take a long time to view. Video clips or segments are especially useful for augmenting a lesson, previewing, or quickly reviewing a topic. They also take up much less space and downloading/viewing time. Delete the video clip as you would any other file. My Content Another way you can save a video clip for later viewing is to add it to the “My Content” space on Discovery Ed streaming. This keeps your video clips for preview or later viewing on the internet 1. For example, the Exploring a New World video clip looks interesting and is the right grade level, but you can’t stream it right now. Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 4 Fall 2009
  5. 5. 2. Click the Add to My Content button 3. You will get several options: the DE streaming folder is set up for your videos. When you click on the arrows next to the folders, you can view sub-folders you have created. 4. If you haven’t created any Folders, click Add New Folder, and type in a New Folder name, and click the ADD button: Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 5 Fall 2009
  6. 6. When you click the ADD button, the video will be added to the folder that is highlighted. 5. To find it later, log in to Discovery Education, and in the top set of bars, you will see My Content on any Discovery Education page: Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 6 Fall 2009
  7. 7. 6. Click it, and you will be taken to your Content page, where you can view the Folder List, select the folder to which you saved the video, open and view the video when it’s OK to stream. Carol Almarez HowTo Elementary ITRT Page 7 Fall 2009