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  • 1. United Streaming Video Basics Catawba County Schools Creating a New account for United Streaming Video: • Go to United Streaming: o Enter the eight digit pass code for you school (provided by your instructor). o Fill out the registration form:  You only need to complete fields with an asterisk next to them  You will need a unique username  At the end, choose a question from the drop-down list, and answer it. If you forget your password, they will send it, provided that you answered that question correctly.  Put a check for “I have read the license agreement” after you read it.  Choose to receive their newsletter or not  Click “Continue” o Click on the link to return to the login screen • You may be prompted to enter your username and password to log in. United Streaming Website: (Login using your Username & password) • Keyword Search o Looks for words that fit into the general description of the video o Searches the opening paragraph of the description o Avoid basic words like “Science” or “American History” • Subject/Grade Level o Select a Subject from the drop-down o Select a topic o Select a grade level (optional) o Click “Go” • Curriculum Standard – You can locate videos that align with the NCSOS. • All Titles – Browse the alphabetical listing of all videos. • Learning Tools - Gives you access to the Teacher Feature, Calendar, Quiz Center, Writing Prompts, Lesson Plans, Clip Art Gallery & Image Library. Search Results: • Video Title • Brief Description of Video • Grade Level • Runtime • Available ancillaries o Blackline Masters o Teachers’ Guides o Correlations • Close Captioning (CC) • Publisher Catawba County Schools - Instructional Technology Facilitators Updated Oct. 24, 2005 -1-
  • 2. United Streaming Video Basics Catawba County Schools Video Details Screen: • Available ancillaries • Close Captioning (if available) • Top title is entire video Shown in purple • Video clips shown in blue • Runtimes in parenthesis • “S” = Stream the video: available from any computer inside or outside of school. Presents video for temporary viewing. This is for previewing videos. o Advantages  Can see video without having to wait for major download  Can be viewed from most any computer, in or outside of school  Great for previewing videos o Disadvantages  Lower quality compared to downloaded playback (especially on “slow days”)  Uses network resources during school hours  Very little control on playback (play/pause/stop) • “d” = Download the video: grey button means video has not been downloaded, blue button means video has been downloaded previously and is available for viewing (download button will only function if in blue and from computers at school). Up to 50 people can view the video at one time. • Box with Circle = Download Later: If is is Gray - Click this button to choose to download the video at night. If it is Orange – This means it is waiting to download and once the video has been downloaded. If it is a Green checkmark – This meaning that it is downloaded on your school’s server. • “a” = Add to Playlist: playlists serve as bookmarks allowing you to find your videos without having to search again. You can create any number of new playlists by using the Playlist Manager. Click on Playlist on the top of the screen, click “create new,” type the new playlist name, and click “add.” Playlists provide quick access to your downloaded videos. Catawba County Schools - Instructional Technology Facilitators Updated Oct. 24, 2005 -2-
  • 3. United Streaming Video Basics Catawba County Schools To playback Video that has been saved to the school’s server: If you saved the video to you Playlist, you can click on Playlist at the top of the United Streaming website. If not, then you can go to the Network Manager and view a list of videos that have been downloaded at your school. o Click on the GREEN Checkmark. o It should start playing in Windows Media Player 7.0 – 10.0 with full function playback. If you get an error message, you can close out of Window Media Player and click on the Green Checkmark again. It should start playing in Windows Media Player. To save a video to a cd: • Right click on “d” and select “Save Target As.” Choose the location to save the video. o Rename the video (Video name on XP; Video name.asx on Win 98). Save it to the computer’s hard drive or burn to a CD. • License agreement does not allow users to: o Publish information from United Streaming in any way o Post videos or still images on the internet o Transfer content to VHS or other non-digital formats NOTE: ONCE CATAWBA COUNTY SCHOOLS’ SUBSCRIPTION EXPIRES WITH UNITED STREAMING, NO CONTENT FROM THE UNITED STREAMING SITE CAN BE USED IN ANYWAY. ALL DOWNLOADS WILL HAVE TO BE DESTROYED. Network Manager: Allows you to view the videos that have been downloaded to the server at your school. Learning Tools: • Teacher Feature – A current topic with lesson plans, activities, and video • Calendar – Locate videos relating to commemorative events. Search by date. • Quiz Center – Select quizzes from library or create your own • Image Library – photographs with citations that can be used in publication and presentations. • Writing Prompts – Gives you access to over 50 writing prompts. • Clip Art Gallery – Access a variety of clip art that can be used in publications and presentations. Teacher Center: • Training Options – Interactive Training, Webinars, School-Based Training, FAQ Tutorial, Trainers Tool Kit, and Higher Education • Discovery Educators Network – Explore resources and community tools for educators. • Newsletter - – shows updates, new features and new releases Student Accounts: • Teachers can create a class account • Students do not have access to quiz answers, teaching resources Catawba County Schools - Instructional Technology Facilitators Updated Oct. 24, 2005 -3-
  • 4. United Streaming Video Basics Catawba County Schools • Student availability in the near future, once teachers have become comfortable and skilled with the program. Please do not share teacher access information/passwords with students. Catawba County Schools - Instructional Technology Facilitators Updated Oct. 24, 2005 -4-