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  1. 1. Implementation Plan © 2007, Glow Page 1 of 14 Reference:
  2. 2. Implementation Plan Establishment: University of Aberdeen Implementation Plan (Draft 21 June 2007) Establishment Terry Allan Key Contact Glow Educationalist Ref: © 2007, Glow Page 2 of 14 Reference:
  3. 3. Implementation Plan Background Glow will provide a coherent set of ICT tools and services for Scottish education and will act as a vehicle for important national initiatives such as A Curriculum for Excellence. Glow will link every school in a safe and secure network giving teachers and learners instant, anytime-anywhere access to resources; and the young people of Scotland the very best personalised learning opportunities. Glow will transform the way education is delivered across Scotland by offering the unparalleled ability for learners and teachers to communicate and work together. Testing / piloting of Glow Phase 1 pilot May 2006 Portal, National Directory, online support, Helpdesk Phase 2 pilot March 2007 Glow Meet (web conferencing), Glow Chat (chat), video streaming, Web hosting, Secure File Transfer Glow Learn (Virtual Learning Environment), Glow Mail (email), Mailing Lists, Glow May 2007 Messenger (instant messenger), Implementation across all Scottish Schools completed December 2008 © 2007, Glow Page 3 of 14 Reference:
  4. 4. Implementation Plan Introduction This Implementation Plan is based on the consultancy process. It will be agreed by the project team and the Glow co-ordinator and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis according to your evolving needs. An organisation may wish to use its own existing forms to build an Implementation Plan. The following pro-formas provide a suggested structure for an Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan may comprise: • Summary of the priorities for Glow • Plan for implementation of Glow • Key milestones • Roles and responsibilities • Training Plan • Signatories • Meeting register You may wish to add to this plan anything that suits your local situation, for example: • Technical readiness Glow/SSDN toolkit documents can be found at: • Communications Strategy © 2007, Glow Page 4 of 14 Reference:
  5. 5. Implementation Plan • Content Evaluation and Implementation © 2007, Glow Page 5 of 14 Reference:
  6. 6. Implementation Plan Summary of the priorities for Glow To facilitate successful implementation of Glow in the School of Education context the following priorities have been identified. 1 Raise awareness of staff to the potential of Glow and the need for involvement of the School of Education in the process 2 Raise awareness of programme directors for Glow-related input to programmes 3 Set up groups to plan for implementation and development of the potential of Glow in the local context 4 Obtain University management agreement for involvement with the Glow project 5 Identify mentors to be involved in the process of training staff and students 6 Produce technical and academic plans for the implementation of Glow in the local context 7 Implement technical and educational plans at a local level at the earliest possible and available time consistent with roll-out at a national level 8 Maintain a high level of enthusiasm and information availability in the School of Education to engage fully with the Glow initiative 9 Evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation plan and its subsequent delivery (July 2008) and revise plans accordingly © 2007, Glow Page 6 of 14 Reference:
  7. 7. Implementation Plan School of Education, University of Aberdeen, Glow Implementation Groups Group Name Purpose and Role Glow Implementation • to ensure effective and efficient local planning and implementation mechanisms are in place as Glow Steering Group (ISG) facilities and services are rolled-out nationally • to ensure appropriate involvement and engagement of staff, students and programmes • to ensure appropriate systems are in place to enable training of staff and students Glow Technical • to ensure wherever possible that all Glow facilities, services and capabilities pertinent to the School of Planning and Education can be and are implemented locally Implementation Group (TPIG) Glow Academic • to ensure issues of education, training and practical implementation in professional contexts related to Planning Group (APG) staff and students are dealt with timeously, effectively and efficiently • to produce detailed plans for the implementation process of training and education of staff and students • to implement the training and education process of staff and students • to attend mentor training courses and other available information providing sessions © 2007, Glow Page 7 of 14 Reference:
  8. 8. Implementation Plan Glow Implementation Groups Membership (Indicative) Name Primary Role and Responsibilities Terry Allan, Head of Computer • UoA Glow Coordinator, Convenor of ISG and APG, and Member TPIG Education, School of Education • School of Education designated contact for Glow • Liaise with Glow Team, other agencies and institutions, members of ISG, APG, TPIG and others as necessary and appropriate • Provision and management of School of Education ICT facilities and services required by Glow-related activities • Glow mentor with associated responsibilities for staff training • Link with School Strategic Committee Brian Robertson, Head of • Convenor of TPIG and member of ISG Infrastructure, Directorate of Information • Responsible for ensuring technical readiness as agreed by ISG Technology Representatives of Glow as best • Membership of ISG, APG and TPIG matches needs. Membership to be • Provide timeous and necessary information to the School of Education advised. • Act as technical and academic consultants as appropriate • Support as appropriate and possible the plans set by ISG, APG and TPIG Liz Clark, Director of Learning and • Member of ISG Teaching, School of Education • Link with School Strategic Committee, Learning and Teaching Committee and School Executive • Link with undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes and CPD activity teams • Authorise Glow-related activity in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate programmes and in CDP areas Rob Grant, Lecturer, School of • Member of ISG and APG Education • Glow mentor with associated responsibilities for staff training • Planning and management of Glow-related activity in BEd, PGDE, and BMus programmes © 2007, Glow Page 8 of 14 Reference:
  9. 9. Implementation Plan Linda Stephen, ICT Learning Support • Member ISG, APG and TPIG Assistant, School of Education • Glow mentor with associated responsibilities for staff training • Glow Learning Support for staff and students with associated regular and scheduled workshops • School of Education technical support back-up contact • Link with School Administration and Support Staff Wilf Howie, Programmer, School of • Member TPIG Education • School of Education technical support primary contact Representatives of School of • Member of ISG (1) Education as best matches needs. • Member APG (1) Membership to be advised. Representatives of DIT as best • Member TPIG matches needs. Membership to be • MIS-related issues (students records) advised. • Infrastructure issues • Server issues • Software issues © 2007, Glow Page 9 of 14 Reference:
  10. 10. Implementation Plan Activities Activity Date Status1 Raise Academic Staff Awareness 13 Sept 2006 C Briefing 1 – to staff of School of Education and Managers of University Directorate of Information by Ronning Rossvoll and Jan Pollok (Glow) Raise Progamme Directors Awareness 26 Jan 2007 C Briefing 2 – to Programme Directors (BEd, PGDES, PGDEP) and staff of School of Education by Derek Robertson and Jim Buchan (Glow) Pilot of Marratech video conferencing system Feb 2007 C Pilot of Marratech video conferencing system with distance learning participants from PG Diploma in Pastoral Care, Guidance and Pupil Support Programme. Tutor: Sandra Paterson (Lecturer, School of Education, UoA). Technical Support: Wilf Howie (Programmer), School of Education, UoA); Linda Stephen (Learning Support, School of Education, UoA); Stuart Oliphant (Glow) Raise Technical Staff Awareness 2 April 2007 C Preliminary meeting to discuss technical issues including staff and student membership of Glow, transfer of necessary information from MIS systems in UoA to Glow, and firewalls. In attendance: Jim Buchan (Glow); Tom Gregory (Glow); Terry Allan (Head of Computer Education, School of Education, UoA); Brian Robertson (Head of Infrastructure, DIT, UoA); Alan Benson (Server Infrastucture Manager, UoA), John Thom (Applications Support Manager, UoA); Martin Maclachlan, (Systems Administration Manager, DIT, UoA) Establish Planning Groups 20 June 2007 P Set up ISG, APG and TPIG. Membership as listed above with co-option and involvement of others as required (eg for TPIG through Head of Infrastructure). 1 C – Completed P – Planned but not confirmed © 2007, Glow Page 10 of 14 Reference:
  11. 11. Implementation Plan Publish Schedule of Meetings 20 June 2007 P Detailed meeting schedules based on enclosed outline proposal set up for: ISG (July 2007, September 2007, December 2007, May 2008, August 2008, December 2008 – 3 meetings per year); APG (monthly meetings starting June 2007); TPIG (June, July, August, September 2007 – thereafter as required). Identify Mentors 20 June 2007 P Agreement that the members of the APG will be the designated Glow Mentors for the School of Education. Any additional designated Mentors will automatically become members of the APG. Mentors will participate in formal Glow mentor training events. Mentors will be key individuals in the Implementation Plan. Implementation Plan Finalised and Signed-Off Internally 20 June 2007 P Agreement reached with all stakeholders (Glow, Programme Directors, School Executive, DIT) and signed-off by Head of School of Education, UoA Update about September National Launch of Glow 4 July 2007 C Briefing 3 - Proposed update for all School of Education staff Presentations to School of Education 11-12.00 staff by Glow Launch of School of Education Glow Pages in ICT Area of School Website 4 July 2007 P Details published of: • online School of Education Glow discussion/information area for staff and post graduate students • schedule of Glow specific seminars and workshops for staff • formalised School Glow support facility managed by dedicated School of Education ICT Learning Support staff • enhanced desktop and room-based video conferencing capability • programme of Glow-related events for 2007-2008, presentation, seminars, workshops for students for all undergraduate students to raise awareness and to provide required information and training © 2007, Glow Page 11 of 14 Reference:
  12. 12. Implementation Plan 2007-2008 Academic Implementation Plan 5 Sept 2007 P • Produced by the APG it will cover staff, undergraduate, postgraduate, research and CPD areas • The implementation plan will be organised by the APG and by the ICT Team • Roll out of Glow to staff and students will be implemented, wherever possible, in response to the pace set by the Glow Team at national level. • The implemention process will include: • weekly and ongoing local Glow-related seminars and/or by information published on the website • presentations, seminars and workshops run by mentors and the Learning Support Assistant • a schedule of Glow-related seminars which will be available within programmes to provide additional information about Glow and to prepare students for a potential initial contact with Glow in the School context Technical – School of Education “Glow Enabled” 26 Sept 2007 P All technical problems and issues overtaken to enable membership of Glow by all staff and students Staff and PGDE Students - Glow Membership 26 Sept 2007 P Data supplied to Glow to enable full membership for staff and PGDE students on 3 October. Glow Day for Staff 3 Oct 2007 P • ‘Staff Glow Day’ in the MacRobert Building. • Staff informed of their full membership. Presentations throughout the day by members of the Glow Team to staff of the School of Education. Between presentations drop-in sessions will be available for staff to discuss Glow with members of the Glow Team. PGDE Students - Glow Members 3 Oct 2007 P All PGDE students become members of Glow. Data supplied by University of Aberdeen to Glow on previous week. © 2007, Glow Page 12 of 14 Reference:
  13. 13. Implementation Plan Glow Day for PGDE Students 3 Oct 2007 P ‘Students Glow Day’ in the MacRobert Building - Presentations throughout the day by members of the Glow Team to students of the School of Education. All students will be expected to attend one presentation. BEd and BMus (Education) Students - Glow Members 17 Oct 2007 P All BEd and BMus (Education) students become members of Glow. Data supplied by University of Aberdeen to Glow on previous week. Glow Day for BEd and BMus Students 17 Oct 2007 P ‘Students Glow Day’ in the MacRobert Building - Presentations throughout the day by members of the Glow Team to students of the School of Education. All students will be expected to attend one presentation. Evaluation 18 June 2008 P Evaluation of 2007-2008 implementation to inform planning for 2008-2009 © 2007, Glow Page 13 of 14 Reference:
  14. 14. Implementation Plan Proposed Schedule of Meetings (Venue Room MR123 – always Wednesdays) Detailed meeting schedules based on enclosed outline proposal set up for: ISG (1.30-2.30 July 4, 1.30-2.30 September 12, 1.30-2.30 December 12 2007, 1.30-2.30 May 7 2008); TPIG (2.30-3.30 June 27 2007 and same time last Wednesday of each month until further notice). APG (3.30-4.30 June 27 2007 and same time last Wednesday of each month, July 2007 excepting, until further notice); © 2007, Glow Page 14 of 14 Reference: